Monday, May 23, 2016

Suum Cuique

The realities of the world are intuited by at least some people in it.  The more that is true about the world that someone learns, the more that they have claim to knowledge, wisdom, and Truth Eternal. They are closer to such things, and in that order, the broader and deeper is their knowledge. But just broad or deep in one kind or dimension, but in all of them, or else he is by that degree diminished in his capacity to express his True Nature.

It turns out that the big question really the "hard problem" of ethics and aesthetics, and really all of philosophy.  Its answer is the answer to the "hard problem" of psychology. And all these turn out to have been belated answers to the "hard problems" of life and religion.


There is no reality, or a world, without a mind which intuits it. There is nothing to intuit in a universe which has only one being, although two may comprise a reality. The objective world is a coproduct of their conscious and unconscious interaction.  From that is manifest a "world" through which they, the minds who have created and populated it, may interact with one another. There is nothing else. That is reality.  Therefore there is an implicit unity in this duality, and that is the "Revered Ancestor".

I am descended from That Reality.  EVIL IS NOT.  It is a bastard accident that is to be eliminated from existence. Only evil beings declare otherwise.  They have knowledge only of how to do evil, hide their evil, and prevent others from declaring it, let alone proving it in some court room. They have lackeys take the fall for them while they soak up their evil pleasures in secret. I'll not go on about their already well-known perfidies here. Suffice it to say that those who live a life of broad experience, learning, expression of talent and hardworking values, all are people with much knowledge and skill (physical men).  But if they are not aware of the nature of evil and how it operates in the world, then they have very little wisdom.  If they are men of wisdom (psychic men), then they are very well aware that evil exists in the world, and they are often perpetrators of it on different levels and with varying intensities. 

But even the best among these creatures is not of a third category of men. True Men.  These Men operate only from Their conscience and defy all tyrants. Only this type of Man Knows Right from Wrong! In His mind and heart, "right" and "wrong", when declared of anything, including Himself, HAS ABSOLUTE WEIGHT, and this relative to Their Origin. When these words are used by the other types (who are known by both their character and their deeds, such as espionage and sabotage, calumny and entrapment, you know, those "other" types), who to varying degrees have enough common sense not to walk in front of a moving bus but to varying degrees do not know better than to be disarmed by criminals as a matter of policy, when they use these terms, they can have only a RELATIVE WEIGHT, relative to the use of Spiritual Men.

Now, because the world is overpopulated with technologically advanced tyrants, it is on very large supply of all the lower types of men, who are merely byproducts of previous phases of the harvesting of the energy of other people's wisdom and virtue.  What an evil scheme.  And now look at its "noble rot", the fine wine of the modern world of absolute inversion within inversion within inversion.


So what of the rest?  They are the world of flesh, the world "as such".  What do they do?  They maintain the facade which imprisons The Truth and The Right, and hence are the overall entity, give it any name you like, which, as a whole, devours all that is True and Right by means of coercion and deception (which at bottom are the same).  It is the enemy of Life.  And so are its constituents.  How are they known?  BY THEIR DEEDS.  They do evil, then blame others, you know who they are. If you pay attention even to the mainstream news, the world around you, maybe hit a library now and then, or even just watch movies in an opium den and never leave it, YOU DAMN WELL KNOW when someone has just tricked you into accepting a 3 dollar bill.  The question is how do you respond to such things?  Do you understand that they are wrong because that is a hurtful thing to do to another, or is it merely that you will not likely get away with it.  You'll know for sure if you were suddenly offered the magical power to create illusions.  Then you'd know by your own deeds what kind of being you are. 

But what would an evil being do in such a case?  He'd counterfeit things, wouldn't he?  That is, he'd present the image of something, without the substantial significance.  Why would he do that?  To deceive someone into interacting with him so that he could gain from their losssssss.

How does this loss occur? There are, in this world, three ways.  The first way is to give him something of less value, so as to gain, but not to defraud him entirely.  That is actually the most complex variety, and even Good people, or at least not mal-intentioned people can do this accidentally.  Hence the warning: "Caveat Emptor". I was not initiated by any bastard fool to understand this, nor would most people who used their common sense consistently. Only a damned fraud would pretend to have taught this to me or anyone else except if he had actually ingrained common sense in someone who hadn't had it already. But in fact people learn from gain and loss, not from the mouths of evil men speaking of principles they don't follow.  Yet these monstrosities have proliferated in the modern age, and have glutted themselves on malfeasance both intentional and epic in scale. Then there are the intentional ways that we all well know about, in which what might have happened by accident in a very bad world is issued as the "norm" by those evil people in this world who feel they are exceptions in regards ethics, but only pretend to decent enough, or even go so far as to walk the tightrope of famous pretentions to virtue, or even "virtue signalling", which could only exist in a world in which demonic fakes became celebrity's norm.

Due to their lack of Goodness and Conscience, they have managed to utilize their demonically hyridized bodies to manage an approximation of what people call a "human" quality in their outward demeanor, as long as their environment will suit or support that illusion. That's not hard to accomplish more and more as human civilization develops, so that its organizational and technological achievements even seem to lag behind the corruption levels now and then, but can safely be said to far worse in their effects due to even rudimentary technology, let alone what is publickly known. Really? The combustion engine....In the world of nitinol and quantum computing arrays? Bovine fecal matter to go with your noble piss? Because that's what the status quo would be serving you and calling "cuisine". One of those handy illusions, perhaps? They have learned how, by means of evil tutors, to reach the maximum inversion of image and substance, and have found a "third way" to cause losssss to others.  One in which it is not accidental, but may appear to be. One which not only deviates from propriety, but can do so openly and get away with it as a sign of its privilege and majesty...  Now that's how "real criminals" do it.

Well how would such an illusion persist so damned well when people are soooooo smarrrrrrt?  Well that's quite easy, actually. Just control those "dumb motherfuckers" (in the words of their loving masters) with information asymmetry, artificial scarcity of power and resources, put them into dependent, and then precarious situations, and then exploit them like "confused and dizzy bitches" (I believe that is the street term for "pimping hos", which gives the right image here).

I guess soooooo smarrrrrt doesn't quite cut it.  They have to have a set of values that defies that sort of operant conditioning. That person must rather prefer to retain as much honor as possible, and keep as much dignity that honor affords, without surrendering those subjective features of his existence to a merely relative status dependent upon some whimsy of some miscreant fool without a soul.  That would be a nightmare existence for a Man, One Who Knows Good from evil! But this nightmare existence is what is being sold to Man, by those miscreants and their lackeys. Why do they not refrain from accepting this "bad trade"? Because their operant conditioning happens to be stronger in favor of it than against it. That's why.  And when they behave otherwise, that also is why, just in the other direction.

They are not possessed of True Morality, which is called by some "second-order morality". They are simply good imitations of the Real Man (Christ), and so they conduct themselves only to various degrees with a true sense of Right and wrong.  What the world had done is learn how to trick men of second-order morality to obey men of first-order "morality", or operant conditioning made to appear "moral enough", moral enough to entrap people as needed to satisfy the requirements of more permanent and more secure power over others.

Because there is something which is not Divine Conscience behind their cowardly acts, the organization of criminals who conduct such deeds as counterfeiting must have another source for its actual existence.  It must not have been born from the Origin, nor from the Divine Dyad. It must have a cursed origin acting as an alien force. But this could not be anything except something which should not be.  That origin has produced effects which are only malicious and self-destructive, but which have become so virulent, and this only worsened with means to mitigate the ostensive pretentions to its "right to exist".  That is, there is not even a sensible motive to attribute to such degrees of evil being committed by these fiends so that we can understand them as human beings with a right to exist.  Certainly, that is their claim against their victims, for whose suffering they lack all genuine concern as they rob them of their lives and livings.

So how could such parasitic beings get an upper hand in society if it weren't for a lacking in the better judgement of better men?  Obviously, it had to be.  But how, as technology improves, and as men's time and knowledge improve in quality, could they be increasing in stupidity in a way that lets them allow gigantic crimes, but get steamed up only about the relatively small ones?  It is okay to "rob everybody" when only a few people do it?  Is that the logic?  How perverse...  Or is it okay when MOST people do it?  How hypocritical!

So in fact it was because any interaction with evil beings can only be to their advantage on an ontological level. All TRUE WAR against evil has been simply the attempt to SEVER CONNECTION WITH THEM (remember reading about this anywhere?).  First with what is not right in one's own life and character.  Then whomever fosters those evils.  That's the ONLY PROPER BASIS OF SOCIETY, AND IT DOES NOT SECRETLY COMMIT CRIMES WHILE PRETENDING TO BE BETTER THAN THEIR TARGETED VICTIMS.  That's too low for Real People.

Society has become an inversion of what it pretends it is, and even that is full of inversions of what a society ought to be.  The first inversion is understood by many and accepted because they are programmed to accept it, period. Whenever they are not accepting it, it is a redirection of that same programmability to create a false opposition and collapse it into a favorable coproduct with the former agenda, favorable to those would control this entire process and come out on top of it.

But that group of spiritual fools do not and never did grasp that there was a further inversion which made this one possible.  That inversion was foisted over their heads not to really imprison their minds, but rather to attempt to imprison the Spiritual Beings who KNOW BETTER RIGHT AND WRONG.

It was decided that operant conditioning works best when the targeted groups do not know it is taking place. Therefore deception was invented. That being done well, they found that it could be improved with more attention to detail, with more energy directed into it.  But being evil in nature, they simply developed their skills at convincing smarter and more energetic people to do that development for them, and give them the different parts of the technology, the technique, and the infrastructure they'd need to redirect people as far as covert operant conditioning could go.  That was given more bang for the same buck at geometric rates as technology improved in secret at a pace kept past its public development.  That was not all.  This technology was weaponized against the public even while its benefits were harnessed for the few who would envision a "new world order" where they are absolute masters over submissive playthings. R.S.S. (real sick shit).

So on the way to this ultrasickness, what must they do?  They must keep making people lose sight of better judgement, whether it was instilled in them by someone who KNEW BETTER or whether it was inborn in them. IN THIS WORLD EVEN IF IT IS INBORN IT MUST BE RESUSCITATED. That is what Christians meant by "Second Birth".  It is the revival of lost capacities of Mind and Heart which may have been impeded by evil programmed personality features, whether genetically or experientially infused, or both.  That was something that would only happen in a world where "something was lost", namely the Liberty of Expression of Truth against tyrants.  That was what was lost, as only they would want Truth to be suppressed.  They are the cowards who serve as whores to the evil mind, and they have become very bloated with carnage and plunder.

The "middle man", the "psychic and hylic" men, they act as the go-between between the ultimate evil and the Best Good. They have become the norm, and the most degraded version of them both are now becoming the complete norm.  That is worse than it sounds.  It then becomes the case that either every other person you meet is "on the take", or the "few who truly are" have most of the world's resources, including infrastructure, goods, information and technology.  Naturally also of power more narrowly understood.  What they've never possessed is the "moral high ground".  That is not in their nature.  How could it be?  The more power they have, the more evil and malevolent they become! If they became "God", then reality would devour itself into oblivion. Oh I did mention that before, I hope the image stuck, because the reality is worse. But these beings don't even NEED the moral high ground, because they have convinced other false men to accept a false mind, a disheveled intellect and character so tainted, but just enough, to allow an incoherent and inverted culture and civil infrastructure to pass as acceptable enough or "within tolerances".  

That could only be accounted for, given the evidence, by there being persistent, pervasive, and pernicious mechanisms of influencing people's minds by means of techniques and technology embedded in the infrastructure as both its manifest forms and hidden contents.  The manifest contents are presented with just enough distractions and barriers to occlude being recognized by those not initiated into their underlying nature, while the facades also thereby act as cover so that another set of norms can be issued from behind that facade at a rate of return favorable to those behind the facade. The further up that hierarchy of organized criminality a perverted mind is, the more the inverse side of the facade resembles "real reality", and the more abject the brutality of will that is exerted in order to keep it operating "as if" it were. 

When it is "that bad", it was said that there would come a Cataclysmic Event, starting as a Revelation of the Truth, Ending as a Rendering of Justice. But that is not what directly concerns Good People. Good People would probably be concerned with conditions of an insanely, absurdly corrupt world which can only be made sense of by means of inverting an inversion of an inversion. They'd be trying to do this while keeping their conscience and propriety in a world that literally seeks to steal those very things as its greatest plunder and carnage. Such a vile creature must be separated unto itself, and that requires that its presence must be severed, and that means it must be sent into the void. Eternally banished. Was this always the fate of the world?  Of the corruptible world, yes.  Of the corrupted world, yes.  Of those uncorrupted and incorruptible? Absolutely not. They have a different fate. It is the inverse the inverse of the world's.  

First, an inversion of the power to to deceive, converting it into a propitious divulging of Truth. 

Then an inversion of the power to coerce, rendering it into a helplessness before What is Right.  That will invert the status quo that is hidden, and this will enable the status quo that is manifest be inverted to be subordinate to the only REAL standards of existence that obtain for Eternity.  To whatever extent that the world was sided wrongly in this process, it suffers Rightly.  To whatever extent beings in such cases, as there must be such, sided Rightly, they will be Rightly Restored.  That is the True Resurrection.  To the Good it is all, to the evil, nothing. What the inversion of nothing as that which is away from existence is, is not Known, but it is Known to be the proper concern of beings native to that place. It was not through any operant conditioning other than my Good Conscience and Good Hopes that I foresee such a GOOD RIDDANCE!

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