Saturday, May 21, 2016

Faith, Good and Bad, Respective Consequences, Eternal in Kind

If you are a Good Person, or if you are a cowardly perverted piece of criminal shit, either way, you need to get what you deserve.  So listen up, because I'm telling you what you have right now, and what you are getting for eternity as a consequence of what you've done with it and about it. Promote mockery of what is Right, you will get trounced for as long as it takes to get that wrong redressed out of your very souls.  If you are in any way beset by cowards, fools, tools, and perverts, just remember that it is likely a testament to your doing something RIGHT. They are ashamed of themselves and so they operate passive aggressively and covertly, as well as in teams or gangs, being utter cowards. You are the one who should be proud, for in fact it is you who will inherit Reality, and so will I. The rest of you who are nothing but flatulent emanations of hypocrisy, you will get whatever hell is due your evil wrongdoing, and then a well-earned oblivion.

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