Monday, May 2, 2016

Woe to the Last Man: May the Best of the Worst Yield to the Worst of the Best, but Just Barely

I admire the courage, integrity and consistency of the Infowars journalist team, as well as those of studio crew and Alex Jones himself, along with anyone else in history against whom it has been said "Ecce Homo". Especially of those who go out and into the presence of those mobs. Those mob elements are operating basically strictly on their brain stems. Everything else is reflex, whether when they recapitulate their indoctrination, brainwashing,or basically just their ignorant opinions (mixed with truths used as non sequiter). They are visceral, on edge, probably on a cocktail of various psychoactive substances to fuel their aggression and overly expansive propaganda spewing laced with 80% vulgarity, 95% non-sense, and 1-2% of truths and facts which are egregiously inserted into invalid arguments, and sometimes outright fallacies and incoherent, petulant invective. Whatever your view of honest people courageous enough to stand for the Truth and Right with reason and action, whether simply individuals of no label, "Inforwarriors", "Truthers", or any other label which may be used either to identify or stereotype others, and no matter what your views of Trump and of those who actively (or even passively) support him, they and their positions are to be contrasted with the loony-bin insanity and outrageous hypocrisy of those who oppose them and their message, of a thoroughly corrupt system and establishment (overt and covert), and of the worst in human nature in general (this is not an argument FOR them, though it also is and should be, but a case in point of facts of history, science, and current events). And no matter the more pressing matters, this media actually uses language and thought suitable for mature and educated/educable adults, and the brainwashing mass media is now trying to imitate them. Jeff Rense, and David Icke, Jim Kirwan, and many others, seemingly without interest in rotating the exposure of Truth as being MERELY or MAINLY a function of their own ego-gratification or opportunism, but seem nevertheless to be successful in their efforts, these and others are also commendable for their honorable works.
But that video, among many others, demonstrates empirical evidence of what is going on that cannot be denied no matter what sort of wishy-washy flip-floppy delusional paradigm someone twisted their head to harbor. That is a crucible of chaos, stupidity, entropy and animalism that reflects a basic reality of how our society operates, and of course as a symptom of an undercurrent of control mechanisms using counterfeit money and improper taxation, covert technological grids and social networks operating as a secret police entity, all with only a very truncated minority of people who have maintained courage, integrity, and consistency. It seems for sure that Infowars, and those who rationally, honestly and sincerely subscribe to much of its content can be counted among those who remain right in the head and heart, both with regard to common sense as well as decency. It is a positive sign for them. He is just one example, there are many other "platforms" of "time passage" which enable spiritual entities to manifest their true natures in thought, word and deed. There are also many in the world who are not directly connected to these events or people just mentioned, but who have also resisted violent takeover of their minds and hearts. There are many who would not negotiate their very souls, and I trust that either they were gifted at birth with a Spiritual Conscience or were granted one due to their ability to absorb the Spiritual Truth when it was presented to them in whatever forms... Either way, that is the True Baptism. Those involved in the evil activities which have brought society to such living death now breaking down into a feverish decomposition into putrescent self-destruction, they are accursed in due proportion to their involvement and complicity, witting or not. This is not only a matter of record, but of what must soon come upon the world simply due to eschatological inevitabilities involved, completely aloof to any suppositions derived from any texts whatsoever. It is a matter of demonstrable reality, not a matter presupposed upon my or anyone's supposed authority. 

Let's just say that if I persist with only observable facts (including what is found in texts and media from ALL sources), logic, and intuition without contradiction to logic, I can demonstrate a bare minimum that is, in its impact due to the implications which immediately arise from those demonstractions, a proof in essence of what would be no less astounding to the mind of a thinking man than would be the stories about highly intelligent and capricious giants ruling the earth which are told by some. No less astounding because the technological means exist to supply us with an organizational equivalent of a caste system of controllers and controlled which acts as a "covert Leviathan" in the sense alluded to by Thomas Hobbes. The use of dual-purposed infrastructure for a proclaimed "public purpose" which in fact has a covert function of manipulating people by a form of overpowering control methods catalyzed by advanced and covert technological methodologies which, taken in aggregate, equate to a monolithic giant, one set aside for each man, woman and child, for the sake of total tyranny over each and every one, but with a pecking order according to a game contrived by said monsters, for the sake of their own entertainment, or with no motive other than their whim.  They do not rule over others who are by nature smaller than them in any spiritual sense, but they rule by means of covert hobbling of others who are then by coercion made to be dwarvish by comparison to the proper stature which is thereby suppressed. Then the "archons" systematically exempt themselves from such treatments and experiences, and pretend that the final result is a pageantry of differentiated natures exhibiting outwardly what they really are inwardly, while the exact contrary is the case.

Confucius, Hobbes,Rousseau Plato, Foucault, Laozi, and many others have referred to this epic monstrosity Hobbes called The Leviathan and which I call The Granfalloon. A beast monstrosity with an artificial consciousness, using men's minds as a host through which to act parasitically in the form of the status quo which manifests as a quasi-mythical entity referred to as "the state", which can include the state of the art of corruption in any field, whether of government or any other institution, to include academia and the management of economics and culture. In short, any area of human action whatsoever, including the contents of men's minds and spirits, may be or become hollowed-out facades for use on a whim by those who pull their strings whether by bribe or threat, and who seek to condition for the long term, without a drop of morality or inkling of justice. Plenty of movies are made about it with characters and plot on various scales, from the 2-bit lone wolf criminal to a group of perverts who designed a hologram in which to imprison their victims for protracted torture as a means of psychic cannibalism, whatever the envisaged modality of criminality: and it turns out that our world is, even in the most generous interpretation available, closer to being a bad orchard with a few good apples per tree at best, and each of them is severely bruised. In many of the cases of the art of today, Art Reflects Reality. (the analogy between this interpretation of art and "the real world" makes sense to those who have the proper "insight" into the world in which they live, or who are not corrupt psychopaths themselves. If they lack insight into the phenomena (the first case) then they are ignorant de re, and if in the second they are participants, then they simply feign ignorance so as to attempt to gaslight those who have insight but aren't card-carrying criminals, and this is the textbook way that "psychological projection works as a defense mechanism to defend the ego of the would be controller over their would be slave, the "manipulable object" or "Teddy Person").
Whether the world is controlled by monolithic orders of evil fools, evil and uncannily intelligent giants, some mixture of the two, or whatever else drives it to behave like an irrational band of fools and knaves, among whom speaking the Truth is pretended to be the unique privilege of the few, it is therefore a matter of the imminent future as it stems from the knowns of the now that what will soon pass cannot be something of comfort except to a grave optimist, or a rosy pessimist. This world cannot go on this way. It cannot go on as a control grid of manipulation through deception, coercion, and cooption. Therefore, at its current rate, it will end harshly. Be that as it may, and in whatever form it takes, woe to the person who delays his commitments to Truth and Right until the very last moment of this world's existence (which implies by deduction of their own life's duration), because in regards THOSE OF THAT MENTALITY they are rejecting Truth as a habit until the very end. Aside from demonstrating diminishing humanity in that process, they are insulting the Spiritual Origin of Truth Itself, and that alienation ill-prepares them for deserved and poetically unexpected ends which they could and do face at any moment. An end which approaches each and all no matter their nature as nascently or fluorescently expressed, in the past, now or at the end. That has always been True, and ALL THE GREAT SPIRITUAL TEACHERS HAVE SAID THIS. But at this time... this "unexpected end" is called for by invocation of Eschatology, and is most that a sane and decent person can reasonably or rightly expect, even when accounting for the strangest of miracles which undoubtedly will occur (those will not bode well for evil beings, however). That puts all chips on the table "for all time" in the last round of phenomena that this ENTIRE WORLD will EVER HAVE and NOT AGAIN. In other words, not just for the selfish fools who despise Truth and Innocence, but those who simply WON'T COMMIT TO THEIR DEFENSE AND UPHOLDING, they go to the point now in THIS generation of escalating the process to be the COMPLETE END OF THE REALITY OF THEIR WORLD. After this, even if reincarnation were possible, or even if meaning were only transferred "through the genes" and their reactivation of the conscientious consciousness (where possible), and otherwise nothing but further dissolution into spiritual death (for those who have inherited evil spirits, and we know who some of them are don't we?), or whether one had delayed a commitment to either nature for incarnation after incarnation (whether as something "other than" conscious bodies or merely "as" DNA reactivation of consciousnesses bound to lineages), or any overlapping between these possibilities, no matter the putative configurations of spiritual substances, bodies, or minds taken in any senses; NOW ALL THAT ENDS FOR ALL TIME. To dance with the edge of that possibility til the last moment, that sort of brinksmanship with corruption, that is the lowest mentality. As things seem to stand now, we may be past the point where that can be a recoverable person who has that mentality. The "Great End" is now a formality, like a funeral for someone who already lived life as a moral mummy at best. Just in case I'm wrong about that, act as though the next moment may be that moment. Don't measure the worthiness of how your time is spent by how long your body can endure, but attempt to prioritize and act upon this very moment in a way worthy of your values before the last opportunity vanishes, whether it may vanish for just you or for you and everyone else. This way, whether by way of a meteor crashing into this domain, or else through psychotronically-engineered social collapse into chaos and then a meteor, you will be prepared in your Spirit.

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