Tuesday, May 10, 2016

By Way of Absurdity, A Deduction

I have been paying only cursory attention to politics until Ron Paul, and then I have noticed nothing good in it until now Donald Trump. But even with that much distraction, I would think Paul Ryan would have had a more significant political background and history in order to become the deciderer of the presidency. Even leaving aside psychotronics control grids, it seems inane for him to believe that people will magically forget that their vote was SUPPOSED to matter. People are far gone, but not far gone enough for that pure and undiluted horse shit. 

And counterfeit fiat money embezzled through criminal clearing houses called banking institutions do not constitute proper and orderly financial activity in a civilized society, but are simply counterfeiting, embezzling, and later, after being used for many nefarious purposes, it is laundered, or jettisoned since they can just counterfeit more anyway. This goes on "smoothly" partly because of psychotronics control grids, but also because they use massive debt as an excuse to presume the value of money at a rate that does not keep up with for some, but exceeds greatly for others, the rate of economic growth.  

That system allows social engineering within, by, and in connection with governmental organizations, all under cover of authority and propriety. The fact that I can spell this out plainly is nothing but a sign that I can see what is going on right in front of me in the world. I'm sane. Big deal. The problem is that people don't see that the key to subverting such a control grid is the proper exercise of their Divine Right to use their best judgement and act in their best conscience, and never to that Right subverted, especially not by criminal means, and especially not by covert criminal means.  

But this they do, and they also carry the emblems of authority which is presumed vested in Honor, but they subvert the very notion of Honor in their conduct. And this goes on so systematically that I would have to call Trump a cartoon version of what a well-motivated political good guy does. Best actor on stage. Best candidate for President and CEO of the United States Corporation, but as long as covert civil warfare is taking place, he is president of pirate ship whose crew is at war with a class of galley slaves.  

And who can sensibly deny that those in the crew are warring with one another as well, in fear of something they don't understand which has no forgiveness for sins (though they kid themselves it is up to them, and they say that it does), and soon this "world" which is by these lights a pirate ship of fools, will destroy one another or commit self-destruction, perhaps even before larger, higher-dimensional forces can execute Final Judgement.

And because all this really is the way power circulates through the world as it is, and these are the stakes as it is, why would you want to throw psychotronic control grids into it? That'd just skew and fuck up the whole karma is the excuse for corruption going on pseudo-religious victim-get-used-to it trauma death cults that pass for societies of individuals. But then again, if you tweak it just right, people won't notice that contradiction being yet consistent with overly made up appearances, dressed up to disguise the workings of a control grid of deep complexity and multilayered "cultures" within its labyrinthine and recondite bowels. In those depths lie techniques and methodologies which defy conscience entirely. And embarrassment of evil.

That Finality is the sum essential result of the moral significance of people's moral decision making summed up into whole which, if going beyond a certain threshold, will certain require that the "world" is the problem, in a systematic way indicative of being invaded by a parasitic entity, perhaps in the form of a strata of constituency within society's customary and normalized parameters of civilian exchange. This entity cannot comprehend an existence where its privileged corruption is not subsidized by an army of willing victims and useful idiots. It would do all it could to prevent such by praying to its own delusions. Its delusion of choice is that these people who rise up and tell the truth about corruption and its most worrisome aspects of entrenched power, they are the ones treated as "the bad people", while the captains of organized crimes get to do their evil under the banner of celebrity and heroism...  

They would hope that their underlying thesis, that of Thrasymachus, is true which states that justice is in the interest of the stronger. They would hope that Justice cannot come in a form which would reprimand them for that working definition of "justice" and then acting accordingly.  Of course, sometimes the stronger happen to be Just, and so in that case justice happens to be in the interest of the stronger. But that does not mean that there won't be those still stronger who demand IN-justice to them whom they've made weaker? A relative system of "justice" is invented among a pack of criminals. It doesn't matter how hoity toity, fancy pantsy, or well-rewarded an evil punk is, that's all he will ever be, a well-financed evil punk. 

And if men whose duty it is supposed to be to apprehend criminals don't apprehend THAT bunch, then surely they have sealed their visions of utopia and their cherished values (in some cases IF ANY), and they have cast them on the wrong side of a losing battle. That is because actually in the end, Justice arrives in a form which will harshly correct relativist delusions that might makes right, and reveal that, despite appearances, Right will make Might. That will be seen when their vision of the role in their movie-life reaches the "Grand Finale", or as I like to call it, the final grandiosity.  

But it won't be like stepping out of the spa, all refreshed. Instead, when Justice arrives, it will feel like being caught trying to kidnap someone's baby while running for president. But since they actually do get involved in human trafficking on both personal and mass scales, I suppose they'll just be reminded what reprisal feels like for doing all that on the expectation that they'd never be CAUGHT. On the assumption that on a cosmic level Right does not make Might, but only the reverse.

That finality, in which all Good Men believe and seek to see made real in a True Eutopia, that finality which cannot be prevented or slowed by evil men no matter how well organized, but only changed in its overall shape, so that the mystery of the quotient is resolved into revelation of Justice, that is the Finality of the epoch of evil for Eternity. Reality will be divided once and for all time, with a border keeping evil out of it. For one the reward is existence, for the other non-existence. Suum Cuique, to each his own.

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