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The Archontic Trough of Dubious Ambrosia

This is nothing more than guidance on how to groom your little "Tribe" to be a well-adapted, and completely normalized pack of hominids under the control of conformist cultural hegemony.  The principles of this guide include a step which is glowingly nicknamed "Building a Golden Bride to the Future".  When you read propagandistic phrases like that, you know that they are paving over something foul, and spraying too much perfume upon it. 

It's nothing but another cog in the mind-control machine.  Just look at their target audience's shopping habits, eating habits, musical tastes, clothing styles, hairstyles, career choices, etc...  For the mots part, a bunch of proverbial "Bricks in the Wall".

No sense of JUSTICE is encouraged, just some mealy-mouthed manipulation.  "Don't be a dictator UNLESS YOU HAVE TO" but "GIVE EVERYONE A SAY".  This after "AWAY TIME".   

This whole thing treats of emotions as though they were DE FACTO OKAY just because they happen "naturally" in humans, especially as they grow up together and share limited resources (including limited intelligence) and, while behaving in accordance with laws of cause and effect which pertain to these circumstances inevitably either harm or create the appearance of a harm to one another.

While such emotions are unavoidable in the sense of "what is bodily natural", the fact is that a child should be raised to recognize an unfortunate and fatal flaw of their issues of Justice

  Which is that:  Insofar as they are emotionally incontinent and unresponsive to reasoning based upon knowledgeable assessment of the facts, they are a threat to themselves and everyone around them.  They only need to know this when they pose such a threat by becoming angry little tyrants themselves.

On the other hand, if there really IS a harm, then it needs to be taken seriously because that is what good societies DO, and these are the miscreants who will one day grow up and pretend to know right from wrong and tell people what's what with their offices and badges and sharply egotistic mentalities.

This way at least "the machine" they create pays enough lip service to virtues like JUSTICE (rarely understood AS a virtue since the time of Plato) so that whenever evil-doers happen to hold office, it must have been under GREAT PAINS to hide their true character and intentions such that, should they ever be tempted to manifest their evil mindedness they'd be too fearful of being caught by their virtuous superiors (with whom he feigns peerage) that his evil-mindedness would be extinguished with the side effect of a embarrassment, shame, and hopefully a mild sense of disgust at eh prospect of being seen in the eyes of God in such a condition.

That would be the power of a Virtuous Society, one capable of making such an atmosphere which is so antivalent to the nature of evil-mindedness that it cannot even contemplate its goals and their required deeds, nor ever put words to them in his own mind, much less dare speak such thoughts if they happen to take form in his mind.  It is a far superior way for societies to self-regulate than the ones which are utilized by evil bastards in our world.

So how rare it would be for such a fluke to manifest, and how shunted would be his evil effects even should they manifest, though they are not likely to in the end, for if they did manifest then as he feared his superiors would rise up against him and take him down without mercy, and if he didn't manifest such tendencies then it was because of his fear of what he rightly suspected would be their reaction if he were discovered.

And in any world where a fact is hidden, there are at least some worlds where it is discoverable, possibly including his own under certain conditions which for all he knows may be "miraculously supplied".  In this situation the discoverability always is actualized in the Mind of God, and so in fact no matter what it has already been discovered, if not right away by those who in the flesh have yet to either make that discovery through conventional means.  The fact is that from now on there is a "supernatural tendency" for that evil to be discovered, and it becomes stronger in  circumstances where there is less material assistance available for those who are evil-minded in thought, word and deed.  Due to the cause of this effect, the discovery of this fact in abstract terms here is simply as an addendum to the efficacy of their Truth in Reality, which is such that even drawing attention to this Truth makes it become locally MORE TRUE compared to possible worlds where it attention was not selectively drawn to this fact.

Such selective attention can determine what is selectively True by way of pure logic (in various psychological modes) and/or by empirical spectation.  These modes ideally synergize and richly overlap to reveal more information which helps close cognitive gaps which arise because of some deception being  undertaken by an evil-minded being.  Simple perception and assessment in a consistent and well-formed feed-back loop which checks for discrepancies without tiring of avoiding unwarranted assumptions or making fallacious inferences or wild speculations.

That epistemic safeguard undertaken, the ball is in the court of the world to demonstrate at the least consistency between its pretenses and its actual performance.  This is ideally to be discoverable by proof which shines forth with no need of being polished by high-powered PR skills. Simple and direct Truth in Action, revealed for all to see.  No secrets, no deceptions.  And because such evils DO exist in FACT, and this fact is not only discoverable in this world, but already discovered by God, then the conscience, however artificial, of the evil-minded person will expose him to the clairoflaction of his superiors who like keen hounds will smell out his toxic morals.  

But in fact God has lent POWER to this result, and the evil-minded must take pains against it or reach a failure before he has begun, to say nothing of the increase in difficulty as he weaves webs of lies and coverups, and in fact spills blood, physical and or psychical, in his wickedness.  How the energy is transformed when such closets shelter even one skeleton, not to speak of when they are bursting with fresh corpses!

So with the conscious mind bound by Good Sense and Good Reason, it cannot help but pay mind to the Conscience and be warned should something evil be afoot that sense and reason missed, but which God and the deeper and greater mind did not miss, and which issues to our awareness as a sharp alteration in the way it feels to be embodied in the presence of a potential harm (it is a quantum-state fluctuation with unpleasant consequences should it collapse in a certain way upon the person with whom it interacts).

All this information needs to be integrated by the Conscious person in ways which social norms restrict to such a degree that it is more like a giant loony bin controlled by domineering and disingenuous staff of witch doctors.  And so most of the people who read this are bound to misunderstand it and fear it (because it is True and they can't handle it, being a foul part of that Truth and not wanting it to be discovered... though it already has been).  That is simply the last ditch resistance of the ego which will also be extinguished at the appointed time for Judgement. 

The final result is that in order to raise physical children in this world, you have the unenviable task of having started with a miscreant which, at BEST, does not house a Good Spirit, because that would serve you right for your miscreatve act.  Further it would spare that Spirit an untoward sojourn through this hell. At second best it will be Good for You since you will be blessed with a child which bears a True Spirit, and which is probably one better than you since you anchored it from a better place from where it probably Graciously Arrived,and brought it into a lower environ  mainly due to "practical purposes" of the flesh, to include a certain incontinent libido.

Yet maybe it was a Spirit which needed to roost somewhere since it couldn't leave here yet, and would prefer an incarnation to its astral state (for whatever reason), so it was a "win/win" in an overall losing position anyway.  But what are the odds of THAT happening!

Lastly, and most likely, it will be the first case, with this fleshling sprout going to a couple of spiritless flesh fetishists.   Sadly, due to the proliferation of such (as verified by their birthing rate and birth rate), it is more likely that any Good Spirit will end up in the "care" of such miscreants whose adult bodies will be simply stronger and bigger than the body in which They will be forced to start as "apprentice troglodyte in human guise".  They will not do well in their "studies", and will suffer for it immensely, God save them!

But in that rare "win/win" situation, it can be useful advice which is espoused in this article, up to the point where it stickes to negotiation methodologies which serve to diffuse misunderstandings and misperceptions, and hence weed out conflicts owing merely to the defects in our existence which are comprehensively integrated into our "karma-packet bodies" and their inherently clumbsy interactions.  In those cases alone, and with some significant overhaul of the content of this article, it might have been of use in some rare cases in some way similar to the way it pretends to be to an audience we might expect largely wouldn't know better what the difference would be, but are likely to respond well to the ugly chains and tethers of the evil machinery of the archontic state.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


His rationality and comportment were such that he deserves a laurel around his head whenever being interviewed on this subject!  A good discussion which also links to that interview is found here.

Most important ideas of this discussion could be recapitulated as a simple thesis:

If an agent is willing to help or harm another agent without the receiving agent's full knowledge and freely given permission, then they must be willing to receive whatever compensation is offered by the receiving party, likewise without consideration for the giving agent's full knowledge and freely given permission.  

In other words, this is a crime being committed and the victims have the right to defend themselves accordingly, and also have the right to seek redress for their grievances by way of immediate natural and spiritual, as well as criminal and civil courts!

Worse, it is monstrous crime because it is a fraudulent deception ON TOP of an assault.  In the manner of violation of a person's dignity, liberty and sovereignty it is not unlike a person raping another person and somehow convincing them that it never happened, or that if it did happen it was for their best interests because they were unconsciously asking for it.

"You don't really need to know, or probably even are likely to know what is good for you, so we'll take care of that, you just go to work and pay your taxes...."

Yet it is a Fundamental Right of a Person to fully know and freely decide for or against permission, as well as have that decision respected by all other agents and duly observed in all actions, no matter what the scale of action, no matter what the intention of the action, no matter what the supposed results of the action, and so and so forth.

Therefore we could avoid any circumstances where a person who made a decision to fluoridate a person's or population's water supply or food supply or air supply, etc, would not have to be faced by the victims of that person's actions and force them to hear something like this:  "I am deeply sorry for your loss of health, both mental and physical, and possibly even spiritual.  I acknowledge that my fluoridating your supplies of water, food, and air can be certainly traced as a direct cause of these losses, but the fact is that we felt it was truly in your best interests to have better teeth and bones, even at those costs to you."

That should never have to heard by a person, because something like this should never have been possible, because such actions, regardless of the intentions or motives of their commission, or any other circumstances, should never be taken, being that it is fundamentally a criminal and incivil act, as well as inethical and immoral.

Firstly it is immoral, because any deceptions and fraud are always wrong.

Secondly, it is inethical because it does not take into account the other person's right to be fully knowledgeable and to freely decide whether or not, and in some cases how to deal with something in the greater context of their lives, and yet this sort of intervention would be fundamentally objectionable by the agent doing it if it were done to them by the other person, in other words if it were reciprocal, and so should not be considered an ethical person for choosing to do such a thing.  This inethicality stems from the fact that it is already immoral and there is certifiably NO ONE who would feel ANY sort of fraud or deception performed upon them would ever be ethical, and in fact flies in the face of all ethics!

Thirdly it results in a series of HARMS, these being already moral and ethical harms, certainly this is an incivility, and for these reasons alone it would be a CRIME, punishable by temporal and corporeal laws.  But in fact it is also a material crime, because it actually causes many diseases, disorders, dysfunctions, even to the point of causing such harmful effects as various cancers, organ failure, diminishment of I.Q. and various higher mental functions, hardening of the pineal gland, and from any of these a diminishment of the quality of life along with the probably shortening of it, in many cases by large, untold amounts. A despicable CRIME.

So if a person cannot justify having done this to a person or a population, to their faces, with all the evidence of the wrongfulness, impropriety and criminality of this deed, and they cannot, then it amounts to a crime of such severity as being properly a "Major Crime Against Humanity" and then all the way down to the specific victims, worsening through each political definition (crime these citizens of this country, state, county, district, precinct, ward, household, etc) and through each biological definition (Humanity, Race, Ethnicity, Lineage, Family, Personhood, though spiritually this goes in reverse order and climbs above humanity, in some cases and reaches up to Divinity).

This is such a crime, and such crimes and all crimes would be impossible if people simply acted ethically and morally, but they do not, and so people suffer tangled webs of evil karma instead of tangled webs of good karma.  But that is owning to their natures.  The giant sloggolithic mass of humans DESERVE to be fluoridated!  (isn't that a sad and painful truth?).  But they SHOULDN'T be because it just so happens that the Righteous among them, the Divine among them, are NOT protected from such actions.  Further, we KNOW about them, OBJECT to them, and yet are FORCED to endure them, and not in a vacuum either.  We suffer many other wrongs of which we know and to which we object, but we have no recourse due to the corrupt nature of the instruments of law, the arduous near impossibility of finding our own land upon which to convene our own civilization, and we are currently hampered by many wrongs within this system of enslavement and brutality just as bad or worse than the crime of this regime of fluoridation without knowledge and consent of even ONE person who is involved, with the direct result that many are harmed regardless of their knowledge or consent!

But because this condition endures where the Good are forced to coexist with the evil and stupid and nasty and brutish, due to sharing these reprehensible bodies and their living environments, then WE who are Divine in Heritage with all the rights and freedoms, virtues and responsibilities, are being targeted by an evil scheme of abuse which is known and designed by evil minded oligarchs who administer over a worldly mob of ignorant and unspiritual serfs, a significant proportion of which are of the vilest character no less than are the vast majority of those in the higher echelons of the oligarchy, and we have no recourse in the world or anywhere on it, above it, or below it.  We are crying out to our Fatherly and Motherly Divine Parents to save our very Spirits and even their Souls with them, and insofar as it is possible, even their bodily aspects until they could be relinquished under the Good Graces of the Care of Our Own.

We CONSCIOUSLY KNOW we are in this situation, and are open to any Remedy of the Divine, collective or personal, no matter whether within our own personal scale or on any scale, even that of every cosmos which exists all the way up to the Primal Ancestor of All. And we will take no sham offers from hierophantic charlatans, nor deranged pseudosages.

A crime like this is the greatest crime, and it is the most secret crime in the world, right under everyone's noses, every day, everywhere you go, this Crime Against Divine Men and Women, who are Noble by Nature, do not consent to conducting villainy upon others by any means or for any reason, and want to live together, in Peace, perpetually free from any villains of deception, fraud, robbery and murder, no matter what the consequences which attend that Separation.

But we can't even get the common troglodyte to get properly involved in the issue of the crime of fluoridation, so I'm not HOLDING MY:BREATHE to find out about the day that "All Mankind Ascends to Higher Consciousness".... No!  I know that day could never come in this world, and that this world's END cannot be prevented because its corruption runs so deep it is unavoidable, in ANY universe, that it will collapse with GOD's BLESSING!!

But I believe that God is on the side of those who Truly Love Truth, and that when this is all over and forgotten it is only THESE WHO LOVE TRUTH who can have any chance of Truly Loving IN Truth, only these haven any chance of "Ascending" or "Being Saved", because only they can Live Together Peacefully as Complete and Honest Persons.  And if Heaven is populated with any type of Being it must hospitable to only THIS kind of Person. Only those who cannot resonate to THIS Truth, or who WILL not, need be concerned about ANY Fate!

Philosophical Addendum:

*Note: A great deal of empirical evidence and cogent argument which dovetails with what I've written here, supports it, or finds confirmation within it, can be found here.

  • Because the nature of any crimes of a temporal and material nature owe their possibility for their existence to the pre-existing facts of inethicality in their perpetrators, and this is owing to a pre-existing fact of immorality in the perpetrators, then it is found to be the worst sort of immorality and inethicality when perpetrated as a temporal and material crime, and is also found to be a crime in itself and the greatest crime, for it is the mother of all crimes that such inethicality and immorality exist even if they don't precipitate into any material harms! The evil spirit which actualizes this into deeds which leads to directly temporal and material harms is the evil minded spirit which has chosen to capitalize on the unfortunate fact that in a world such as this, bodies and their souls being as they are, there is a greater liklihood of getting away with such evils than there is in being safe from them, and so their deliberate evil is all the worse since they feel assured of protection in doing their deeds, and because their victimization patterns guarantee that no matter what happens there will be innocent victims who have every right to be spared such harms, and who's acquired karma of a negative sort is due more to the environments of these karmic events and the bodies existing as purportedly moral instruments within those environments, than from any innate culpibility, which in fact is a GOOD one.  Indeed, it is found that without these innocent victims then these crimes would not be so rewarding, as it gives for the "purest" suffering upon which the evil-minded truly feed on a metaphysical level.

  • The Fundamental Nature of Wisdom, Power, and Sincerity are such that when manifested in issues of interaction where any resources are at stake, finite or infinite, then Honest Justice is always the Highest Principle of Civil Conventions of any kind.  This automatically rules out any deception, and of course any fraud which always depends upon deception. It presumes Good Moral Agents are all parties to the Civil Contract, and it presumes that clear and objective standards of fairness and proper symmetry in all relations are rightly expected and adhered to by all parties without prejudice to anyone's other inalienable rights.  Therefore, while Generosity is a Primordial and Divine Virtue, its exercise does not permit me to abrogate someone else's right to be properly decisive concering whether or not the generous deed will take place, and naturally this requires that they be fully informed to their own satisfaction as to all the consequences and effects of receiving such help, to include any possible harms which may ensue (even as "side effects"), and finally must always have their right to decide respected and observed in all actions of the agent which proposed, and to always have the right to renegotiate or reject such offers, or rescind them altogether wherever there is evidenced a breach in morality, ethics, or civility by the proposer, not only but especially when such breaches lead to harms which either were not anticipated, lack of benefits which were proposed, or harms which were underappreciated before being experienced directly.

  • So if there are this many protetions afforded a Person against the actions of another in a JUST society, then how can it be imagined that the perpetrator of an unjust act can be protected by any designation of authority under any mandate whatsoever?  If even God would object, how can such an objection ever be overruled?  If the victim of such an act objects that is already enough, but what if God is a victim through the harm done to His and Her Progeny, the Spirit imprisoned within the bodies which must undergo such injustices in a world whose "justice system" is probably the most absurd and laughable institution which could possibly exist in any universe, by the consideration of ANY logic, even its own!  Complete HYPOCRISY rules this world and its so-called "institutions" which are merely the instituting of greater frauds than could have otherwise been possible without them.

  • No one can reasonably expect anyone in any system of society to expect less than such fair, equitable and symmetrical conditions of co-existence which demand at the very least  a clear and unbreachable standard of INFORMED DECISION to be equally held over the actions of all actors in the system!  There cannot be privileged digressions from this standard for anyone, for any reason!  This is guaranteed by the simple fact that anyone consenting to such treatment puts themselves unduly at the mercy of abusers, which is never necessary, and no one who would perpetrate such an abuse would not want to be perfectly protected from such abuses.  But even if they themselves wouldn't mind living in a world where people were mutually exposed to abuse without recourse to Justice, this is not something which can be justly foisted upon anyone else without their full knowledge and free decision, along with all other reserved rights!  Moreover, even if it were possible to act this way, it cannot be complained by such a perpetrator that others will take suitable actions to protect themselves from such abuses, with just prejudice against any of the perpetrators assumed rights under any civil conventions to which he, apparently, was merely a pretender!

  • So it is not a question of IF such crumbling facades must finally collapse, but merely a question of "in what way", to include for each person a "where" and a "when".  Since it can be shown that the only sort of corruption which could be responsible for such egregious and hideous crimes as coercive fluoridation is systemic corruption, with no formal or legal recourses which can be expected to bring justice since they must go through channels which are part of that very systematic corruption which they would seek to correct, then it must be that only a complete dismantling of said corruption by the removal of all presumed powers by all those involved in such organized crime, their formal arrest, and being charged in courts where their buddies cannot protect them with further corruption and criminal actions of bribery and threat.  But since I cannot foresee this being done in this world under the direction of any human agents, especially not with the huge sea of incompetent, negligent, and complicit plebes who would have to be involved to ensure its success, such a correction must come from POWERS which are beyond those we commonly understand to exist in our sham world of physicality.  These Transcendental Powers are not going to be stopped or prevented in any way.  They will carry through the required Justice, and it can be expected to come at any time, given the conditions of the world in which we live, where these very egregiously foul crimes are being commited, not the least of which is coercive fluoridation, but includes a great many other crimes which synergize their evils together so that each systematically supports the others, many of which would either equal or surpass this crime in scope and villainy, and against which all these same arguments would apply, as well as the Eschatological Prognoses of a Severe Divine Intervention.