Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Hypothesis Confirmed in all Non-Absurd Possible Worlds : So either Pray for an Absurdity of Cosmic Proportions Or Face Reality

In any event, facing reality requires that we observe ironies, especially when they abound in the publick, which mockin' melodies, sleepin' all night with open eyes, and performs all day with closed-eyed obedience, to liars and thieves, hypocrites, organized criminals, petty criminals, faux celebrity and demonic covert civil warfare. But let's start with the mundane and then proceed to the profane occult of the matter.

Just start with the obvious, using our current political drama, the search for a worthy president for the office of.. well we'll get to that. Let's start with some preliminary observations about some of the contenders. Starting and focusing on Cruz and Trump, leaving Kasich to the side like a creepy looking potato salad. The real irony about Ted Cruz is that, if you take everything he says that is bad about Trump to be about him, and every thing good about himself to be about Trump, he is telling what sounds like a description of the facts. And that's true no matter WHAT you think of Ted Cruz OR Donald Trump. The facts of their campaigns, their rhetoric, their conduct, their demeanor, their associations with the establishment and the nature of those, indicates that Ted Cruz is the villain in all his own criticisms of Trump, and he says the exact reverse of what seems more true. 

Ted Cruz for sanctimonious hypocrite Bob Kasich for foodie general (or gluttinous maximus) Not serious contenders for the Office of the President. Hillary is out of the question. Hence, it's Donald Trump. Donald Trump, world renowned boss for President and CEO of the United States corporation, armed with psychotronics, psywar infrastructure and a demonic infrastructure of secret society operating in networks of corruption, with their own rules and hierarchies parallel two, and with the pretense of being above and superior two, the one that everyone seems to take for granted as "the way things are". I don't really feel I want any of those men to presume to represent the interest or protection of MY RIGHTS. I'd rather just have my own island at this point. Contact me for the movie rights, or just learn to think for yourselves, see through the lies, and watch it all around you for free. Then you'll see why you are the causes leading to your effects. But what might be interesting to investigate, well let's just say "entertain they hypothesis" that Donald J. Trump is the "Chief Archon of them all", and a super pet project of the establishment to get their own boss into the spotlight, with just enough "benign strongman with character" image to project people back into a subtle trance as the final stages of Projekt Bluebeam kick off. He's going to do most of what he says, or try to, but all this will simply reinforce the psychotronics control grid, in tandem with the secret Stasi police state. It's all melodrama, therefore, when compared with what he will not change, and with what he is always a secret part of: The Granfalloonery on its way to hell. It is an interesting hypothesis, since those issues are ne'er spoken aloud, but those "in the know" know damned well that there are none truer spoken than what I say about them. If it WERE true, it would be perfectly consistent with the worst case scenario, and therefore harbinges the visit of a Celestial Visitation that will not be friendly to this domain. At the very least, the emblems and symbols and offices of authority will be stripped of those unworthy of them. Either way... Because if Donald J. Trump IS NOT anything like a psychotronic sock puppet, but instead really is his own man (as I believe sometimes Good Men slip past the traps and smash their way through), then I predict there will either be nothing said or done about covert class warfare by the mechanism I describe, or else he will try to do something about it and get wacked (which means I don't subscribe to the "There has already been a military coup of the government, we're under double secret martial law stuff), or he will not try to do anything about it. Either way, the outcome is not adequate to ensure the worthiness of the survival of this world and all that is within it. But if by some major miracle he were actually opposed to such crypto-tyrannic technocracy, and if he actually dismantled such a system (including the counter-fiat money controlled pseudo-economic, technologically retarded human zoo that constitutes the world's nations, including America's, but perhaps more brutally primitive and "modern classical" forms of organized crime in most of the other countries of the world. This country had (and still has) the benefit of one of the most sensible social contracts, on paper and in its "know how" that there is in the world. But the god damned covert statism bullshit has got to get the fuck off the stage or this scene is going to face a crash course with an unholy destiny. All evidence is that it already has, and without hope of retrieval, but when the Celestial Judge arrives, at least put your fucking stupidity away for that big event. Stop being a big fake sorority is sissy-assed trolls and creeps and ghosts and stalking criminals and look upward to the heavens, and face yourselves, face your destiny. Causes must lead to their effects, the results will resemble the process which led to it, and what you've meted out you have to receive in kind. One man cannot just waltz in and reverse the crimes of the level and scope I have been talking about, but which go ignored, and hence unaddressed by those who think D.J. Trump is the answer, the solution, practically the messiah. He's the preferred candidate, but when I look at him as an individual in his own right, he does not do more than reach par for the course. He's just saying and doing what reasonably ought to be expected of someone who has common sense, a lot of money, great body guards, and an extroverted personality OUGHT to do if they are also decent and honest. But these control grids I talk about have made a mockery of the institutions of the utmost honor. And as far as I can see, those institutions have not meaningfully resisted ANY of these covert civil warfare protocols. Planet X for World Judge. Donald Trump for President. People involved in covert civil warfare and organized crime, to hell with you.

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