Wednesday, May 18, 2016

If It Hurts, Stop Doing It

Brilliant overall examination and analysis by Gerald Celente and Stefan Molyneux. Wonderful rhetoric. Excellent interviewing and back and forth. And covered the most important bases that people will readily understand and identify with, and which are usually avoided by the perfidious false media. I salute. But when Gerald says around the 32:00 that there is "nothing to pick up the world economy" (viz. "hotspots" from foreign money which will not meaningfully supply any growth), he seems to fall short of his own points which he made so adroitly for 30:00 of symphonic oratory, bordering on the Baroque in its counterpoint. All the stumbling, crawling and seizing up that the world's economies are doing is because they are being HAMSTRUNG intentionally. Later he does emphasize what is won by overcoming such evil hobbling of the world's living communities of people, but I'll spell out what that evil hobbling is and what might be done about it, on the whole.

That evil consists of: 1) Fraudulent banking and finance, involving crimes on an astral scale such as counterfeiting, embezzlement, and black marketeering and many other associated rackets. 2) Suppression of earnings for all but the criminal elite which is impossible to do when people realize that the reason this happens is from collusion of corrupt institutions in commerce and government, all of which should be dealt with by means of proper investigation and arrests, basically criminal legal proceedings 3) Covert criminal activity which is tantamount to class warfare which employs subterfuge, coercion, and racketeering, all involving the use of intelligence assets both human and infrastructural, as well as military- and which involve using the technology suppressed from the public as weaponized forms of covert control AGAINST the public to enslave it (all managed by the 1% and their coterie of house slaves, who seem rather giddy for being fattened for the slaughter as well) 4) Finally, the suppression of technology, period. We know the history of that, why beat around the bush? Suppression of the fullness of Maxwell's research, Tesla's, Rife's, Reich's; Suppression of good medicine which is rooted in herbalist traditions well founded and ancient, as well as common sense as in NOT weaponizing as chemical warfare agents our food, air and water, as well as the "medicine" which is meant to destroy health and suppress symptoms (at best). 5) Weaponized pseudo-culture on all fronts. So what I'm saying is that if these hobbling actions are ceased and prevented from continuing, then naturally economies would grow and thrive, here and all around the world where these right policies took place. So ditto about getting rid of psychotronics control grids and perfidious 5th column police-state secret societies and their minions. Ditto about enforcing any form of artificial scarcity pseudo-economics.

If you want life to thrive, simply stop killing it.

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