Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pressing for Truth in an Evil Morass of Lies

Finally, a choice of professional journalists who tell the sort of Truths, and bring into intelligent discussion the sort of information that most have been afraid to even admit to themselves in private, and with all the straight forward elegance that faux media can only aspire to imitate. It's a great accompaniment to the cultural commentator who tries to ensure that undeniable Truth is exposed with all the invective it deserves, but avoids the perils of reducing the phenomena of corruption into one stereotyped format that prevents people of all walks from looking at it and facing it by being turned off by labels. Face it, getting past the label "conspiracy theorist" and reaching the deserved status of an honest person facing facts telling truth, that was almost like Sisyphus getting the rock over the hump. Why worsen it with frontal assaults that use too many hot button terms which would prevent people from hearing the salient message about what is undeniably in need of facing and correcting in the world. Going from the empirical evidence first, and demonstrating the contradictions which are drawn immediately from it second, allows the for the attention of people who are already short on clarity but who might be receptive if certain counter-Truth terminology "buzz words" are avoided. If they really are implicated, those who cannot be more directly named (whomever they are), then they will be connected to this news by these facts and their implications just like a bad sweater is connected one end to the other by one thread. But if this process doesn't address the covert control grids that reinforce the overt ones, then plausibility of the reality of the former will not help us understand the absurdity of the latter. If people don't realize that the spell which they are under is impacting them so heavily because it is catalyzed by forces which are not at all visible then they'll have, for once, a nationwide expose of something which addresses a Truth that deep within them they already sense and suspect, and which would simultaneously bring REASON AND SENSE to their condition, while also refreshing their attention upon those absurdities of the world and its problems which shouldn't even be happening in the first place, much less receiving so little attention on such a large scale that someone who will report on it has to push through decades of censorship and concerted psychological warfare attacks (to which so many succumb). The simultaneous manifestation of the content that was before psychologically invisible, with also the cause of its being rendered psychologically invisible, will make it all so much more clear to people. While I subscribe to Occam's Razor on this issue, I believe it is shaving past the skin if these follicles are missed. Just that if people truly love Truth, then this is peculiar Truth that, in all possible worlds accessible from this one, must be addressed, and which if it is not, would cause the exposure of absurd evils become a desirable and right goal which is then rendered absurdly difficult, if not impossible. Everyone does talk about the TRANCE STATE which is implicated in all this, but the etiology of this leaves out too much of the covert technological infrastructure's details of reinforcement to "break the spell" in this special way. Alex Jones approaches this topic, broaching it directly many times, but he it can only go so far if people will look at him, even with all they know, as being bat shit crazy. And that's saying a lot after what he's overcome in his career. But it stands even to the driest reasoning mind that if evil is really the "cosmic underdog" and if it is truly on its back leg, then with all its might it will find a strong point of defense which will optimize its outcome until it is finally knocked out. Helping Alex to do that job is the excellent work also conducted by his colleagues, such as David Knight, Anthony Gucciardi, Jakari Jackson, Paul Joseph Watson, Lee Ann McAdoo, Darrin McBreen, Rob Dew, Joe Biggs, so many behind the screen, and all the people who sincerely take an interest in the media and other good services that InfoWars team provides through their products intended to promote rather than destroy people, while those who have always criticized and maligned him and anyone else who would dare to look "behind the curtain" on their own initiative or on any initiative other than the one designated for them by criminals who are behind those curtains, they have dared to reverse the false narrative of these evil-minded cowards.  

As relevant today as 30 years ago, here's a sample of David Knight's work back in 2013, pertaining to inverted narratives, and which we may soon see in our own country as a result of corruption and cosmic inevitability, a form of which is being seen now in Europe, as well as in South America. Similar evils existing in Asia, all around the world, including Russia, at least are limited to some degree by a cult of honor, where covertly evil oligarchs up up a strong pretense of being aristocratic, and even like to hold that illusion up in front of their faces, to block the sight of the nearest broken mirror. Darrin McBreen has really held that mirror up to a high shine with this one. Would love to get the reverse speech in this expose. Anthony Gucciardi really nails it in this one. And while cowards may sometimes get the sneak attack on a tipsy Joe Biggs, they don't count as honorable foes anyhow, because they fail to realize when they attack the rider of bald eagles, they dance in chains like fools. Look at one expose of how corrupt people use disasters they foment with one hand, to justify tyrannical actions to be taken with the left hand. How dare they not consider this three-tour fighting U.S. Army combat veteran fair game for anything but a salute and cheer when he reminds us to be vigilant against unjust plots against our freedom, which plots are unjustly and malevolently projected at others than themselves by the real perpetrators (others referred to classically as "fall guys", "scape goats", and "fools and stooges"). And Jakari Jackson brings his level-headed tone and sardonic wit to the situation like a lone machine gun report on a smokey, desolate battlefield in his nightly news reports like this one. Here he has a Newz Blitz with Joe Biggs. Of course, look at the sort of foul stuff that was going on with respect to wrongful conduct by gun-toting, loud-mouthing jerks who happen to be wearing an image of authority which rightly belongs on a different breed of men than a growing percentage of those in the profession of law enforcement can claim to be, with each passing year (unless there has been a covert sea change of which I am unaware).

As that process unfolds it will be found that it increases a reliance upon covert technological and methodological enhancement of a status quo which, like other forms of counterfeit, rigged exchanges, hides the asymmetry relations behind the scenes which are professed, on the surface, to have been eliminated. This sort of scam of course must be uncovered directly or the scammer will always have the "how dare you accuse me without evidence" defense and the "you must be crazy to suggest such a thing" defense. That is overcome by Alex's methods of exposure of the basic facts of the past to the present day. David Icke broaches the historical and archaeological evidence, and the broad sociological mechanisms in a more focused way that brings out a large scale time-space tableaux to our attention, but leaves behind the immediacy of what can be deduced from direct evidence of current events when discussed simply in the context of a standing paradigm. Veteran's Today focuses upon the the same events and information, and from a variety of angles of approach, but hits heavier in the discussion of the clandestine subterfuge which underlies all of this information, especially the work of Preston James. I will give mention to Jeff Rense of Rense Real News and Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report for being welcome substitutes to the normal news presentation outlets, and even their headlines alone can often capture far more meaningfully the current situation than could digging through a pile of newspapers, even the best and most informative.
Some of their different emphases are controversial even among the set of those people who will consider them as worthy sources or clearinghouses of information, news, and analysis. Jones focuses on a certain stream of current political and cultural events which, combined with his addressing of the many absurd horrors going on which are factually occurring and which are absurdly called "conspiracy theories" (events are not all merely theories because just some, and not all theories are merely their own events). Analysis of local, national and global facts based upon what is immediately evident and which can be validly sussed out of the news, and which is couched in terms of acute historical vision and analyzed within a transparently admitted paradigm is his specialty. And his team and crew have broadened the overall scope of his presentation so that a full spectrum of viable media is growing in evidence with InfoWars leading as the "tip of the spear". David Icke has uncovered a lot of historical and cultural information, and given his own paradigmatic analysis, in his books and presentations which have gotten a large number of people to think at least broadly in right terms to help them reach a level of information which can help them follow their own instincts and natures to reach better cognitive and ethical decision-making skills. Icke also delivers some strong commentary on current events while in the overall demonstrating a masterful presentation of how to smoothly and coherently realize the way that heuristic paradigms like "problem, reaction, solution" help people visualize and understand what sort of confidence tricks are going on to make any level of fraud operational, whether in a small hamlet of a vast cosmos. He also indicates unabashed awareness of virulent and horrific evils, and reports on them bravely and integrates their analysis into a cultural history of their development. He steers a bit too much into rhetoric which borders on the New Age when he speaks of "love" and "oneness" as the ultimate answer, and I can't agree on this emphasis. The emphasis should be on LOVING TRUTH, and SEEKING JUSTICE. Those who truly do this will find their unity is with one another is simply a concomitant feature of their mentalities. But what they will not find is any oneness with those who oppose them in precisely this, and who also oppose awareness of their evil deeds, which Icke himself so expertly exposes. Preston James and Jeff Rense go full tilt in directions which Alex Jones does not emphasize or examine in much detail. Without deciding what that means about anyone, let's just suffice it to say that Organized Crime takes forms which are not much discussed by Jones but which are liberally discussed by Rense Real News and Veteran's Today, and which are in great need of being addressed all the more as they are so rarely or minimally discussed, if even somewhat occasionally, by Jones and Icke. I feel that Jones avoids the Zionist elephant in the room because he would like to address all the substantive issues that, if Zionists are in any proportion involved (or anyone else for that matter) would need people to have enough mainstream common sense to be able to understand the visible fabric of their world's falling apart at the seams in a variety of ways before such "taboo" issues could begin to be integrated past a very real firewall of cultural censorship. Icke will go into those issues more than Jones. Veteran's Today writers (who are not all of one accord) such as Preston James give a unique spin on these same pressing issues covered by the rest, but also go into matters such as Psychotronics and Covert Operations (covert civil war) which are not saliently addressed by Icke nearly as much, and by Jones even less so. But perhaps it is better for some to focus on the prosaic phenomena (which are very important and no less profound than the occult and seemingly outlandish), while others focus on the further inner anatomies of the evil's in this world. I've tried, for my part, to integrate all the facts and truths which are discussed by those whom I've just mentioned and many others, along with my own experiences and learning, into one synthesis that also addresses the layers of religious and philosophical dimensions and implications to all this data and discussion, and I've stated that it turns out that the Gnostic Religion, understood non-polemically, factually, and historically, according to the most ultimate understanding of the foundational elements which alone can integrate the human mind and the Divine Conscience into one unity concerning the fugue of absurdities and conflicts and horrors of our world (while also doing no injustice to the Beauty which was held in these evil domains as a wretched prisoner and slave), and have therefore also accounted for why certain religious and philosophical perspectives have arisen in the world and been persecuted, and who those persecutors fundamentally are, and what their methodologies must be, in all possible worlds. 

I have also outlined the implications and outcomes of all this so that all the data is integrated into one Understanding, all the evaluations are cogent with that understanding and in line with the only viable form of a Conscience which has any validity of judgement concerning this data, with all this left to the audience, however unlawfully and illegally, and otherwise illicitly constricted, to reach their own best judgement if they include the added dimension of The Gnostic Truth, which is maligned, misrepresented, censored, blocked, evaded, persecuted and yet Eternal and Evergreen just as the Divine Foundation upon which rest the realizations which are alone derivable from them, and which alone coincide with the implications of knowledge and ethics which I've said are intimately consistent with the best synthesis of the facts and truths understood of the world so that they congeal into one coherent paradigm of thought and action. 

That will at the same time resolve contradictions that attend the deeply related spiritual issues which cannot help but attend these matters with metaphysically demonstrable force that cannot afford to be ignored and also cannot afford to be ill-explained or addressed. I had done many videos in the past, but those have been set aside for a new approach that best integrates all that is going on now in the world, and according to the better fullness of understanding which cannot help but manifest and our physical minds the physical world gradually assent to full exposure of Truth Eternal. I will continue to do the best that I can to provide my own observations, commentary, teaching, and invective (and sometimes encouragement, who knows), all according to the program I outlined there on my channel, and this will have many new and concretely relevant developments. That is why, to mention one more person of note, I have taken pains in the past to deplore the cults of personality which form up in connection with these matters, and so have completely condemned as evil shills and covert psychological warfare assets the likes of those who would promote the New Ager Agenda or would propose false forms of Gnostic Truth while really only using it as a cover to ensnare others into their narcissistic agendas. Ditto concerning so-called "organized religion" which, in just about all forms, is detrimental to people, and is truly fraudulent in almost all cases. Know Wonder by examining the evils brought into the world and by whom, and examine their full historical and current conduct along with associated institutions of cultural control grid hegemonies, in order to understand "no wonder" that Real Religion had something distinctly counter to the earthly and human norms in the world and throughout its history, and so was behind all great movements of social ethics and against all tyrants. I recommend them all as a study on what a Real World must do without, and cannot do without, respectively.

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