Friday, February 23, 2018

Bibliomantic Encounters of the Worst Kind

And some of them are of the "Fifth" kind, and that's the case here, as in "endemic fifth column phenomena" and their "agents and causes". But on to the matter which just jumped off the pages of a book, both literal and metaphorical, as in both the evidences of language and fact in the grand considerations of trivial and non-trivial subjects.

There is a serious problem with entities like the CIA, supposedly answerable to the President, which actually answers to the NSC, and it seems clear to me that the NSC has less to do with "national security" in a proper sense and rather operates in tandem with all manner of criminal agent and agency, in a very organized manner, under the pretext of national security interests, and under color of authority so broad that it seems that the executive branch is in a rather peculiar position of being the dog wagged by the tail, AT BEST.  Everyone was warned on national television by two Presidents, one of whom was assassinated for his efforts.  The tradition of their patriotism goes back to the very origin of the country in its principles and in the enmity held against them by the same enemies of the "Old World".  Just another symptom of the problem of the "invertibility" of that which should not only never be inverted, but should be impossible to invert, such as "perfect justice" and "perfect injustice".  Some of the dynamics of these problems, which constitute the most extreme sort of "conflict of interest" that is possible, even more extreme than open warfare, are discussed in this video, the channel that published it and much other content of similar value being highly recommended for honest non-fools.  So let me bridge the matter into my own consideration.

The CIA also "works with" the FBI, and that alone ends up being a mess just from the get go, knowing the evil and dirty things the CIA has been OFFICIALLY involved in doing, and just look at what COINTELPRO has accomplished, along with NORTHWOODS and many other operations like MOCKINGBIRD and MK-ULTRA.  This whole thing STINKS as if the  evil Demiurge just gave a giant belch, and what he had for dinner is the innocence of the defenseless, especially of children.  The blood is on the hands, the dirty hands, and they have no business holding any sort of shield of honor or emblem of authority, such as a badge or gavel.  Is that too hard for Americans to understand?  Then they don't actually count as Americans, frankly.  They simply are stage props in the background, and the battlefield of Good and evil brooks no neutral parties, therefore they are patsies and accessories of great and evil crimes. 

At least I have some good reason to gather these ideas from combining an examination of basic definitions of this entity, the CIA, in connection especially with real world facts that have captured my attention and affected my life in rather definitive ways.  I don't profess to always be studious or thoroughgoing in my research and have found I prefer a broad and "blitzkrieg" approach to my studies these days, so as to avoid undue overfocus that loses sight of more important dimensions of matters, which are often detected only on some minimum of a larger scope of examination, all this in the context of ability, time, and circumstance. I have even gone as far to investigate many forms of philosophy, mysticism, religion, and even magic, especially divination.

But when I look through books "at random", I don't think I am practicing any minor form of magic, and it is actually a very significant form of divination "in the right hands".  At least in the sense that polydimensional information flows may be variously anisotropic or isotropic to varied modes of conscious and unconscious processing.  But then again so is just looking around your immediate environment and listening with keen ears.  I was just flipping through The Dictionary of Criminal Justice to pass the time for a bit while I gathered my thoughts and let the caffeine sink in, and I opened it right on a page where the first thing I saw among the terms was "Central Intelligence Agency".  After reading its entry of a few succinct and rather profoundly illuminating paragraphs, I felt a bit ill and flipped the page once to the right and landed right on an entry "Career Criminal".  In that entry, there was a list of characteristic which define a career criminal, especially for procedural interests to the system of justice which must deal with them and it is as follows:

: Have an extensive record of arrests and convictions
: Commit crimes over a long period of time
: Commit crimes at a very high rate
: Use crimes as their principle source of income
: Specialize (or are especially expert) in a certain type of crime
: Have some combination of these characteristics

So some astute minds can see immediately what these two randomly examined entries from that rather nice little dictionary auger about the matters here discussed in that video.  No need for my further comment on that note. But there are some niceties which arise beyond the immediate obvious.

1) This dictionary has the amusing feature of defining terms which are, upon close inspection, related to one another in somewhat ironic ways when one thinks simply of "metacriminality", which is to say criminality that can exist beyond the normal parameters of its recognized forms, and even manifest as "ultra" forms of such, especially when the terms which define crime happen to define forms of crime which can exist within institutions meant to be above reproach, and even meant to be the very antithesis of criminal in nature (same sentence can be used by substituting "criminal" with "patriotic" or "moral" and applied to relevant institutions and cultural structures).  And this is a good thing.  Perhaps it is the only actually "good" thing to be mentioned in this article.

2) Looking at the specific entries, it is clear that there is a dry, procedural element in their content.  It is just as if someone were calmly ignoring the more important points that should come to mind when thinking of these entities within the full scope of their import.  The CIA does all these important things for "national security interests", and there are all sorts of ways that their activities are "supposed" to be done, and so on.  Same goes for other such entities, one of which, the FBI, is mentioned in the same entry for the CIA, how convenient and efficient in an ironic way.  But looking at the CONTENT of their ACTUAL activities, both historically and currently, it is ASTOUNDING, this dry set of assertions of what these entities are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing, in its contrast with REALITY.  No wonder such a spell is enchanted, it is meant to be consistent with the spell already cast over the masses (more on that in another point). To stress a concrete particular, what is the value in mentioning how the CIA is supposed to possess no internal security function vis-a-vis its collusion with FBI activities when, in a spread of several important points, this is patently irrelevant:

   2a.  The activities may be illegal, and so they act as if advising, and therefore aiding and abetting, criminals.  Sort of like a consigliere for the mob.

   2b.  The nature of their involvement in some given set of activities, validly conducted as legal or not, may be of such a sort as to have the effect of influencing those activities in such a way as to make their involvement TANTAMOUNT to an "internal security function", (analogous, say, to the STASI and KGB  This is especially the case when the nature of their involvement, information gathered, analyzed, and disseminated under such important pretexts as "national security" and with such impacting relevance in that they pertain to FBI matters which have to do with dealing with CAREER CRIMINALS among other serious criminal matters ranging from abductions to treason (all particularly relevant in these amazingly interrelated issues here).  That is the NATURE of information, that is the NATURE of its power, and so these empty suppositions about what these entities are and do is quite secondary to what they actually are and do, in the fullest scope of their potential as well as of the "on the ground actualities" of the world in which we actually live, outside of the dry magic spell of mind controlling rhetoric, whether in a terse dictionary entry or in the way all proceedings of human action are unfolding in the ways people meet, discuss, and act with or against one another in society and in the actual world in general.

3) In a way parallel to the above, and as though orthomodular to it in its nature as a form of rhetoric, the main aspect of the idea of a "career criminal" is stressed so as to consider what it is to be such in a "procedural and pragmatic" sense that is relevant mainly to those who will possess all of the power in those assessments.  Imagine, in that light, all of the stress that is put on the FIRST element listed, whereas the real "meat" is in the remainder of them.  

   3a.  For example, many a "career criminal", and one might stress the more successful of them, simply do not manifest THAT particular item first in the list.  Indeed, they must avoid such all the more, as they specialize in "some combination" of the remainder of them.  Otherwise, the consequences, in the calculus of risk versus reward, would be quite dire, and they would certainly not have a meaningful "career" in the full sense of the term.  

   3b. Likewise, given the gains they obtain in their wicked ventures and schemes, they are quite sensible in managing their risks well so as to reinvest much effort and gain into maintaining their rackets, not only with great stability and interwoven connections to all modes of socio-cultural existence, but also with great polish and aplomb.  Just business, all in the family.  A community with common interests, if you will.  So what of that list?  It is about mainly those who conduct crime OUTSIDE of the organized crime which deems them unworthy of its protection, and finds it in their interest to process their actions differently.  Sometimes they even throw some white collared bones to the dogs of perfunctorily nominal justice systems under their control, to keep things well managed and "above board"-looking.

   3c. More even than these, there is clearly the matter of who has to lose in this zero sum game (besides the peasantry-at-large, who are happy being "people cutouts" , "dupes", and "accessories" in all the above proceedings, and at best second rate extras on set).  Who are those?  Anyone who doesn't go along and get along with this system, once it begins to exist, and until it ceases to exist.  Just ask Jackson, Lincoln, Patton, Eisenhower, JFK and several of his kin, and that's just a high-profile sample. Ask the many, many, many who were knocked out of commission in all manner and mode, by all means and method, so as to ensure that the evil machine operate unperturbed... Anyone who ever was falsely or speciously or spuriously or by any means improperly arrested and/or convicted (some are convicted before being arrested in today's "secret stasi courts" system of DHS handled foolishness, and that especially includes "local community" type ventures).  They might be considered "as if" career criminals, simply for being treated that way by the typical suspects, and yet they are the least deserving of that status, whatever their peccadilloes if any.  They certainly don't compare with the likes involved in the many scandalous and outrageously evil major crimes and rackets and their syndicates which are manifest in the world seemingly with the blessing of those "career criminals" which have all the elements of that list, but seem to have quite rarely the very first one which is emphasized most in the definition, since that is basically a process of labeling and its misapplication will be sufficient in order to conduct fraudulent justice, thank you (leaving aside "free range" criminals, who are kept higher in the pecking order than the falsely accused good men, or at least "insufficiently evil" men). Certainly, there will be a stark dearth of the first element's "combination" with the portfolios of the upper tiers of this metacriminal entity of multiplicitous facets and organs. Basically, "career criminals" are more "de dicto" than "de re" the further down this inversion of justice one goes, and more de re and more robust the further up. Especially furthest up, on each tier, where the masks of justice and honor are handed out as a special perk to go along with the worst of injustice and dishonor.  So the first and most important aspect of "career criminal" is inverted in that it is mainly a handle on the least of such by the worst of such.  That well-depicts the scalar relations between the "winners" and "losers" in this zero-sum game.  Should anyone be reminded of Dante's Infierno or Plato's Tyranny/Anarchy polity, then they shouldn't be surprised.  IT IS.

4) Now look how the culpable public fits into this context. Drenched in guilt.  How humanity has drown itself in delusion and insulted the very notion of Truth, Justice, and Liberty.  But look at the land in this realm where this is pontificated about most, and demonstrated least, and think about the implications concerning the spiritual nature, the real world conditions of inversion and debasement, and the ultimate destiny of these entities and their managerial and supervisory classes of beings (personal and institutional), and consider accordingly all the rest of what I and many others have said, and I say have said Rightly, about this world, this realm, in which all this ugly gulag has manifested, not even fit to be called a proper battlefield, let alone in any of its parts a "country of good men".  For all of these and many more I have not mentioned who are thoroughly connect on metaphysical and mundane levels, have all warred openly and secretly against those Principles I just declared in bold blue, white and red above, and they are the furthest from being my kin or my fellows, let alone my judges.  Rather it is quite the reverse.  I am not only beset by alien enemies who are scurrilous cowards, but I AM THEIR JUDGE.  And Rightly I have cursed, condemned, and damned them for their crimes which they know all too well, and their "god" with them, who is not MY creator, and not MY judge by any stretch of the imagination.

It just so happens that in that list, there is a proviso at the end which is purely formal, reminding us that it is, aside from being non-exhaustive, certainly that it is also not necessarily any particular combination of those. So there are possible extremes ranging from someone who is merely a de dicto career criminal, to someone who is merely a de re career criminal, to any degree in any admixture.  So someone may be a career criminal "in name only", someone else may be a career criminal deluxe in all areas except the first element which is in name, and of course someone may be any combination of those in between, and most are, by the looks of things.  It would seem that this world, in one of these permutations, literally everyone is a "career criminal".  How pathetic.  Now I will get back to my personal interests, which do not include pretending to be crazy, messianic, or anything else.  More than I can say for the most who will never read this, and probably the majority who will. Good day.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

What's a Child Worth?

A Child is Worth Many Things to Many Beings:
For Evil Beings:

Power Tripping Object
Brainwashing Target
Recruitment for Organizations
Psychological Projection Object (For Personal Use)

Loosh Source (Spiritual Energy Converted into Useful Energy for Personal Consumption) (Chakral Devouring)
Sex Slavery
Torture Object
Murder Victim
Occult Sacrifice (Special Case of All the Above)

Snuff/Porn Material for All the Above

Tissue/Organ/Fluid Harvesting/Trafficking (Including Adrenocrhome-Blood)
Manchurian Candidate
Patsy du Jour
Blackmail Material (In Form of any of the Above)
Bribery Material (In the Form of any of the Above)

PR Material (It's "For the CHILDREN"!!)
Hostage Material
Target of Threats for Coercion
Target of Abduction (an industry in itself, "Procurement")
Target of Rhetoric used in Calumny (When Any Involved in the Above falsely accuse others)

Overall, a Evil, Dark CURRENCY

To evil beings, they are worth "Quite a Lot". Especially if it is understood that these beings, children, are those who house the future of those who should be nurturing them, who house the investment of Holy Beings who come here for various purposes, and who may even be potential vehicles for the justification of either the world's salvation, or its destruction, and will inevitably be involved in either scenario.

They are worth a lot as future people, future inventors, future problem-solvers, future workers and creators, future freedom-loving people, future defenders of children, future nurturers of children, future bringers-of-children into the world, future preparers of a better world, indeed the very essence of the future ITSELF in the NOW. They are sons and daughters, receivers and enhancers of culture, capable of manifesting the very Essence of Reality in It's Purest Form and bring this into Adulthood.

So they ARE "the people" in their most vulnerable, most innocent, most future-laden form. Think about those values in terms of what value children have to those who have active control of the world through ALL of its institutions of authority, Sacral or Secular.

Then think TWICE about why "I" am targeted by these evil fiends. Think "TWICE" about mocking "my" Authority. I 'm not here to forgive or forget, I'm not here to be a fool or push a broom. I'm here to see, to know, to assess, to evaluate, to assay, and to JUDGE. Not ONLY on "my" behalf, either. This world, from its core to the edge of the known universe, is fit for destruction, if it is taken to be the case that what goes on "in and on" Earth is symptomatic of those domains. THINK: If this world were the "sample" by which this universe and its spiritual forces were judged, then ALL would be subject to annihilation as condemned evil.

I have, among many other things, been at work exposing this as the underlying reality of the world.  When this finally exploded into public awareness through the "Pizza Gate" situation, which should be called "Pedo Gate" if it is a "Gate" at all (more of a giant open area nobody acknowledges), I was once asked what is my position on it.  I explained in a very drawn out way that my position on it is that if anyone had been paying any attention to anything I had been saying about anything and everything connected to this issue, then my position on this would have been plain.  It is a real, underlying reality.  But how can one look at it in a vaccuum?  Is not counterfeiting and unlawful experimentations on people, both done on mass scales through public institutions, not a form of the same thing?  Are they not connected?  

So what of the Federal Reserve System and its connected unlawful banking and financing schemes, involved in blatant Credit Fraud, Fractional Reserve Banking (a form of that fraud), and many associated rackets and crimes necessary for sustaining these entities?  What of the Internal Revenue Service and its unlawful taxation of labor through the Income Tax?  What are their connections to Old World Powers?  Are any of THESE entities connected to the evil currency of which much rightful ado has been made?  Of COURSE they are!  Evil is of a piece.  Reality is of a piece.  Good is of a piece.  They war against one another and in that process create, falsify, expose, destroy, and in short tear worlds to pieces.  It is the PSYCHOMACHIA MAXIMUS.  

So I have been underlining the entities and the mechanisms that UNDERLIE these phenomena, that make such evil things even possible let alone conceivable, and thereby explained the motives of the agents, their methods of achieving their goals, and the forms of individual and social psychology (worldviews and cultures) that make their existence possible and sustainable.  I've explained the damage they do, and how they cover it up.  I've shown the mechanisms and the metamechanisms that show the design of these beings and the reasons for their active processes. All society "at large" wants to do is keep marching along in their unique and shared delusions, turn the other cheek, look the other way, keep the eyes averted, their heads down (or even up their fifth point of contact), "hear, see, speak no evil", go along to get along, and basically roll over to these rackets and metarackets like a bunch of BITCHES.

So all that is discussed in THIS VIDEO is of a piece, and is connected to all that I have ever said, done or written since I discovered without any room for doubt the existence of all these entities and their rackets.  If you haven't discovered this by now, let alone as far back as when I first began unraveling their deceptions as I matured into a young adult and began expanding my studies in spite of the obstructions and damages against me, then you need to fucking GO TO SCHOOL, don't come around me "fifthin" like fools, unless you want to enhance your debt to be paid in hell.  There have been NO LIMITS (in essence) to the number of catalysts available to all in this world, through every conceivable venue.  What you've done is revealed your own natures THROUGH those catalysts.  Watch a movie about yourselves.

If you DID know, then the question remains, what did you know and when did you know it?  And just as important, what have YOU been doing about it?  More often than not, FIFTHIN.  I have  been one of many catalysts for process of discovery of this world's nature and destiny.  So have all these children.  So have you.

So ask yourselves again, "What's a child worth"?

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hindsight is 20/20, How about Plainsight? Foresight?

It only takes common sense to understand these things.  I saw click box at the bottom of the screen advertising Gavin McInnes's show "Get Off My Lawn".  No one with a sense of their own, or a sense of their own "anything" (property, life, etc), would fail to understand the sentiment.  So there's the relevance to border security policy, immigration policy,   What about MY RIGHTS.  Was there a proper meeting of the minds that explained that from the inception of the FBI and CIA forward, EVERY PUBLIC ENTITY, whether an institution or venue, would have to be suspected, and RIGHTLY, of surveilling, spying, eavesdropping, experimenting, poisoning, psywarring, pre-emptively investigating on whatever grounds and secretly, and so on and so forth.  Was that properly established to the American people?  Hospitals, public schools, law enforcement agencies (all levels, whatever order), administrations (FDA, FCC, Federal Reserve System/IRS/Treasury, Patent Office, etc.), professional organizations (AMA, APA (psych.), APA (psyc.), and plenty of others operating as modern Guilds/Liveries), Universities, Public and Private Media (especially mass media), agribusiness, pharmabusiness, military industries, chemical industries, various engineering concerns, and the list goes on out the kazoo, that these would all be working together with a degree of synergy justifying a full investigation so as to uncover not only their own individual malfeasance against the public in all or parts, but also in that their cooperation may be and is highly consistent with further degrees of organization and deeper intent than just a happenstance ecosystem of mutually convenient corruption and other injustices!  

If ONLY I had known.  If only my family had known.  I would have been kept from the harmful effects of vaccinations, public school, tap water, foods with additives and poisons, cigarette smoke, at least these all could have been avoided if the government and its associated cliques (its REAL clientele, apparently...) would keep their damned hands OUT of family matters between parents and their children excepting in issues of crime!  Then that alone would have made a world of difference.  Perhaps my IQ, EQ, and every other damned Q would have been high enough, that I could have read more books, developed more theories of how the world works which minds are sometimes able (and less faulty ones than are normal, to include theory of other minds), proceeded to avoid certain public statements and engagements (social and otherwise) known to attract stasi-style, cointelpro/MK-ULTRA assets and agents' attention, and lived a much more meaningful and prosperous private life with far fewer damaging and unhealthy events and phenomena (damn near all of which stemmed demonstrably from the above-mentioned situations from which I could not be protected due to the rackets disguised as social institutions), and then from then on I could have proceeded better and both more cognitively and ethically empowered to deal with SAID RACKETS, so that we'd have instantly lived in a universe parallel to this one where the wisdom of Liberty and Justice as social norms which inform political and economic processes would have been far less injured.  JUST GETTING THE HELL OUT OF FAMILY AND PRIVATE LIFE ALONE, and NOT HARMING the PUBLIC, would have changed EVERYTHING.  Did these institutions succeed at doing even THAT?  HELL NO.

Then there are the matters of their public engagements in corruption and wrongdoing, aside from their inane, incompetent, and inappropriate and in some case illegal policies, OUTSIDE of the lives of families and persons per se.  Those are a nightmare in waking life which pours forth from history books and their factual references which are actually inherited through the DNA of life and material structures of the world, let alone the heritage of social and other inertial forces which keep them alive intergenerationally like some metaphor for horrific sins passed down.  Leaving aside for this instance the specifics of those large scale rackets which deform the overall structures of society and its national life, and there a HELL OF A LOT OF THESE RACKETS and their DAMAGING EFFECTS to enumerate, it can be said that just if the egregiousness of their involvement in the family and personal lives of citizens had been curtailed in the ways I mentioned so that people could just not be hobbled as bad as they've been, there is so much evil already subtracted from the world (no matter what apologists for those regimes of interference rackets claim), that even the damages and their criminal causes which would otherwise still be allowed to exist in this model would have been drastically reduced and drastically more remediable. Regardless, the current state of those large-scale and hypernormalized criminal activities and their responsible and accountable entities who are involved as their causes, have been exacerbated by simply existing in the information/power asymmetry which naturally obtains from the fundamental problems associated with the existence of authority structures which are, demonstrably, inherently unstable and dangerous to society.  ESPECIALLY, as with all other processes, when they are hypertrophied by technological and scientific advancements, especially when those are also subducted into those asymmetries.  Even so, with the changes to the history of the world I mentioned, even leaving in the rackets I mentioned at outset but precluding their damages to families and individuals as I stipulated, then even THOSE problems, which are metaproblems, would have been reduced in their severity by huge degrees.

After these matters are examined just in this survey of the culpability of the relevant entities who brought the harms mentioned, there are now, as there would be in this greatly ameliorated model of the actual world I just presented, a certain invariant commonality that should not be ignored.  And that is that if these systems of corruption which are infused with powers to commit crimes (not merely take actions resembling crimes in their outer character as simple acts, as in rightful killing versus homicide) are not fully excoriated of their vile capabilities and decayed elements of structure and personnel, then in all possible worlds which include them, however benign outside of the sole consideration of these elements themselves, then these forms of corruption, which should be called METACORRUPTION, will simply inevitably devour everything they are supposed to protect, and with the same methods, for the same reasons, as the evils they are supposed to combat, and at all opportunities, which are far more saliently available and convenient due to color of authority.

If these entities are NOT turned utterly inside out so as to effect these purges of THEM, then all else WILL BE.

The Discovery of a New Species: HOMO PERFIDIS

I don't doubt I speak for someone OTHER THAN myself when I say I am quite sick of politics and government. Sufficiently left alone, everyone is always a hell of a lot better off. They're even better off figuring out FOR THEMSELVES what sort of help they need or even if it is needed. Rackets are crimes, and should be conducted, if by anyone, ONLY by private groups and individuals at great risk to themselves. I don't need someone to conduct anti-racket rackets. That I do NOT need. I prefer the Law of Nature and Lex Talionis.

In this context, would everyone kindly convert public institutions into glass houses and get the hell out of mine? Thanks. Because if that had been the case, then we wouldn't NEED the FBI.  SUMPTUARY LAWS ARE JUST ONE EXAMPLE.  If you can't understand the injustice of a sumptuary law, then don't even pretend to understand justice at all.  Rackets, a form of social action resembling in its action the debilitating and deceptive effects of a chemical, ingested as such or released into a body through the action of a parasite which carries it. Public service is to be for those who are willing to be utterly laid bare TO THE PUBLIC, and the offices of government cannot be an exception. Instead of spying on the public, the public should be spying on the government, or else they shouldn't be spying on each other AT ALL. If anything, the government should be spying on itself in every direction, so that everyone in government knows what everyone in government is doing, and then those people should be spied on by the government for the rest of their lives, whether they continue in government or not.

When it comes to the damage these corrupted institutions have done, it goes back far enough, sometimes to their very founding, as not to be a controversy. But as to exceptions to the rule, they're exactly that. I care a hell of a lot less about what a few heroes do in such organizations than about how much harm a single one of them does, let alone the greater percentage of them. At a minimum, the structural conditions of these institutions, which are racket-enabling instead of racket-combating, cause far more harm than good.

I am sick and tired of people pretending or acting as though they have business managing and investigating the lives of others for any reasons whatsoever. I'll say whatever I want to the public, and you can like it or not, but that's my freedom. Unless it expresses an actual criminal intent or act, then it is simply not anyone's damned business except for gaining their own personal intelligence and deciding what they want based upon that. Certainly I was dragged into this filthy fifth column escapade long before I was ever a "public" figure of any kind. A racket is a damned racket.

And I'll dare say this. Without constiutionally sanctioned combat zones made available for disputes of certain kinds, (such as having one's life attacked by a bunch of damned cowards in a racket under false pretexts and color of authority), then you simply can't teach people the proper nature of justice. If someone wants to follow me around for any reason, speak about me to others for any reason, seek me out wherever I am for any reason, they better understand that without the PROPER REASON, this already borders on a CRIME. And if it is done secretly, on false pretexts, IT IS a crime. Period. If this can't be understood by the dipstick, and the GUBMINT doesn't want to do its damned JOB and put these fools in check through due process which is supposed to be their DUTY, and even wants to JOIN IN and cover for these actions, then how far am I supposed to think I can take court actions against these things? REALLY? But I guarantee you and the world, every person and part of it, that I can get MY satisfaction in a publicly presented and sanctioned combat zone with these criminal, psychological warfare operator FOOLS. I have no problem with the outcome, even against 100-1 odds. I will be SATISFIED just stepping in there and unleashing NATURAL LAW ON COWARDS.

But since this has become a country OF cowards, by default, and through all these modes of corruption enabled especially (though not uniquely) through metarackets, I know this will not be arranged. So I have to see morons going around thinking they are spies, thinking they are heroes, thinking they are lawmen, and thinking they are good citizens, when they have through their actions DRAGGED THE COUNTRY INTO STASI_LAND. If I never had a reason to despise people and their social behaviors before, I have it now, and I don't foresee any way this will ever be changed. Utterly DESPICABLE. Utterly ODIOUS. Utterly COWARDLY. Utterly CRIMINAL. Utterly INCOMPETENT. Utterly UNLOVABLE. I'm not the misanthrope here. This world and its social domains, to include its element the "human species" has demonstrated that it is a DEFORMITY of whatever "MAN" is supposed to be. Society is the psychopath. Society is the sociocidal failure. I'm just one of the canaries in the coal mine.

Of course, I have a penchant for poetry, and poetic justice especially. How about let's expose ALL involved in these crimes I have enumerated here and elsewehere? They are not only enablers of all forms of crime, and dirty-handed TO THE PRESENT DAY, and involved in many tragedies in their stupidity and ignorance and gross malfeasance, but they have helped build that into a new and wicked hypernormality. So they should be branded as such, and they should be in a database, color coded to the degree and kind of their involvement and all should have access to that database, and it should be verified in hard copy, and it should also be available to everyone, and I should be able to see, at the push of a button, who has ever been involved in these filthy arrangements. IF THEY ARE EVEN FREE TO BE in the public, because a hell of a lot of them should be detained into separate living places if not outright IMPRISONED or otherwise duly punished for their crimes.

Then and only then would it be possible, perhaps, to contemplate a future, but that would have to be a future of restitutive justice leading to restorative justice, which does NOT require or imply forgiveness and bonding between the criminals and their victims, many of whom had their lives DESTROYED. SICK, SICK, SICK. I want nothing to do with these SICK THROWBACKS. They are HOMO PERFIDIS, and is a DIFFERENT SPECIES. I will not contract with them, and don't want to be under the same sun nor breathe the same air. They are as bad in most cases, if not worse in many, than child abusers and I'm sure many of them are.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Metaphilosophical Considerations I

Two Ways of Asking "What Matters"
What are the Shapes of Things vs. In What Shape are Things

A brief answer in the context of "Flat Earth" or any other Paradigm)

What's going on with people trying to figure out what's going on?  Good question, and it could be asked in other ways, and varied answers in each case can be considered.  I'll say here that, at bottom, it's just trying to discover the truth rather than believe what is shoved in front of you, even being willing to consider the possibility that your own mind and senses have the power to deceive you. You might think of it as an approach to investigative research that is as ancient as prehistory, as well-known as Descartes, but as personal as each individual's responsibility to reach his own conclusions. In essence, philosophy is the science of investigating such issues so as to attempt, in some schools of this science (or art, as it sometimes is), to reach toward a perfection of purity in this endeavor, which is the hoped for result of any investigation, which is to get to the actual truth of things. It's not to give answers, it is to try and figure out what the questions are, what other questions are possible, and whether or not they can even be answered. 

 If they are answered, it is an attempt to understand the answers, how it was reached, and what alternatives may have been possible. It is the art and science of sussing out what is real, what is true, and how to reconcile this with what seems to be, and in the end to try and determine how this relates to what ought to be. And THAT, the world of issues concerning what OUGHT to be, is an entirely new level of the subject.   In essence, it is the ultimate of the trivia involving "Grammar", "Logic" and "Rhetoric": Facts/Percepts/Entities = Metaphysics ...... Ideas/Concepts/Understandings = Epistemology..... Urges-Impulses-Desires/Goals-Hopes-Standards/Methods-Actions-Consequences = Axiology (Ethics/Aesthetics/Politics). Every system of philosophy deals with these and other issues and finds their inherent aspects and their relations. 

 Out of this endeavor has arisen all the constructs and situations in our world, one way or another. Various methods of survival, social interaction, personal endeavor, and systems of approach to every facet of life and life-experiences have arisen, to include ways of thinking such as science, law, religion, and so on.  They can be more or less effective, and more or less desirable, and perhaps more or less genuine as well.  Let's say that many such systems or their application have been nothing short of evil.  History could well attest to my saying that tyrannical systems of evil-doing have existed (and still do exist) which cause much hellish suffering.  I might answer the question of "why" by saying that this is the consequence of Good Philosophy being sidelined for inferior, evil shams, and is a result of "Good Men Doing Nothing" and so evil takes over the default and all else must come to terms with that status quo. Overcoming such a false normality becomes the new imperative, but that becomes harder and harder for people to realize over time as corruption sets in and does its deep damage, in fact its "metadamage". Icke, and many others, and myself, have developed various approaches to this Science/Art, or Art/Science, which I call "Philosophy As Such". 

 Some people go much deeper into these things than others, and do so more prolifically or systematically, and are rightly called philosophers. Philosophers can be studied as a subject in our own right, and can be compared with one another, but only by some standard of examination which is itself a subject of philosophy, so most people won't find themselves doing that to a "philosophically deep or refined level". But everyone MUST do philosophy and MUST be more or less good at it, or more or less suck at it. That's life, no matter WHAT the shape of the earth. And while that subject is important, what is the shape of the earth, I think the more important issue is what shape the world is in.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Metagenesis of Corruption II

How Antivalent Meta-Struggles are Articulated in Colloquial Forms of Expression in Custom and Culture, from Games to Protocols of High Offices of Authority

Authoritative Power without Good Publicity is an illusion.  Fraudulent forms of that publicity are attained by the exercise of influence rackets, mainly to extort confidence and if necessary obedience through fear.  Influence wins that war in domains of spirit, morale, communication, also using means of shock, awe, etc. Yet in order to maintain the "Ouroboros" of their racket, those implicated must work to make their measures more covert to be the stabler and more satisfying for them. This is the war of the parasite upon its host where the parasite would like long term death-avoidance. And therefore the "internet", as it is called, is actually a different thing than people think it is, as no matter what one thinks it is, it profoundly affects all the dimensions of publicity and does this to exponential degrees.

That's why covertly manipulated internet topologies have probably ontologically truncated my message through to parties that can use it to keep that knowledge to themselves plus be aware that I know of it. There is an odd chance that a glitch causes this information to "leak" through meta-channels toward perspicuous minds.  But such minds exist which demonstrate this very sort of strategic approach. There are great minds in chess for example, who historically demonstrated a capacity to lure very strong grandmasters into a game suitable for the strategy which favored the former.  Alekhine and Tal were well known for their ability to exercise control over the board which relied upon their opponents understanding of enough subtlety as to get to the point of making the best move yet still being unable to prevent a strategic maneuver leading to coercive attacking potential increasing move after move.

Look at these early modern chess minds trying to out-mojo one another in a duel, and how Alekhine sculpted a gun out of the pieces and pulled the trigger with a pawn, and the opponent resigned and probably pretended he was shot and Alekhine pointed his fingers at him jokingly like a gun and said "You were aloof to my chess pistol".  As an author once said, it's all about the various imbalances.  Some aspects are purely qualitative, so that to have it rather than not to have it is the only question.  It's not thinkable to have "too much" material, except in the form of some having "not enough" of these other factors.  Everything else is raw calculation.  It is about going beyond raw calculation, and it takes a qualitative insight to do that. It requires sentience.

One might give up a queen for three pieces just to see if one can make it work, and one can see the definite way that it "can" work, via multiple attack points, or via a weak square complex.  But to weigh these against one another, without raw calculation, would rely then upon intuition.  Because of the raw calculations being able to give a rough outline of such factors as feed the intuition with fewer calculations, the AI will simply pass a certain stage where those "qualitative" aspects can be accurately weighted over enough standard variations of the game that, within that domain, they will play not only with better calculation than grandmasters, which they could already do, but also in being many times wiser than human grandmasters in terms of what they'd call "intuition", such intuition as Tal's brilliant attacking play demonstrates in how he navigates through tactical considerations which negotiate strategic gains in situations over-the-board which are relatively uncertain so there are many dangers for both sides, but in the overall, even if the defense makes the best move, then the attacker's best move, however difficult to find, is found.  Was found at the beginning.  Or, if not at the beginning, was intuited from the beginning, in a deep sense known, for the games' quality of demonstrating this is shown in novel forms again and again, and with a consistency that has stood the test of time under grandmaster analysis.

There was a reason he liked those certain positions of tactical complexity, he liked exotic means of converting tactics into position, which would be achievable only in circumstances where the options were reasonably understood by the opponent.  Yet that meant the only way to defeat the opponent would be to find the devilish details his equal had missed.  This is the way that to "break symmetry" is beckoned in the battlefield that determines the chirality of universes, when such must be decided as a conflict between antivalent Principalities who must be decided between them which is the True Reality over the longest term in any arena, while the other must be negated into pure oblivion.  Right is Right, wrong is Wrong.  That's the sort of struggle revealed in those styles of play which would be revealed only in cases where the resistance of the loser of the battle is sufficiently strong as to enable the winner to fully demonstrate the sculpting of strategic maneuvers and moves which enable the win to be shown as inevitable once they had begun.  The authority of the executer of such victories is demonstrated by revelation of method through each instance being a magnification of that quality demonstrated, and this pattern developing in further novel ways over time and in varying conditions.

Such demonstrations require True Quality, and that manifests superficially as chivalry, but True Chivalry died and with it Gallantry (an expression of Moral Courage in the face of danger), and this rapacious hypocrisy eventually sired the multiheaded monster of modern fifthery.  People instead traffick in fragile and hollow sentiments defied by persistent and malicious realities, and yet bring forth new, tender young lives into it, not truly knowing or cognizing that it is a soul-grinding treachery to bring life into this fifthery.  This unless they have some amazing penchant for sadomasochism. If only the weakness of being in delusion is the case then only reality-avoidant sentiments help the time pass well, for it bids ill against the grave injustices and evils but takes no action that is Truly Right and Pure, for it is subducted into fifthery whether it knows it or likes it or wills it or not.  Yet carrying on in fifth-ninny bliss.  

The situation is beyond absurd!  Ultra-powerful metarackets safegaurd agents of evil, ensure odds against agents of Good, and all this done wherever necessary for their own defense, while arranging that all public narratives give them good press and good faith, no matter the evidence.  The stunning nature of the abuse is shocking all the more as for most it either isn't noted (in whole or part), or else if it is noted it isn't treated with interest proportional to importance, or in some cases it is not treated with the correct judgement at all, and what is evil is treated as Good and vice versa.  

People digest entertainment which polarizes and distorts and alters their views and attitudes about such things as a form of cathartic daydreaming, not even realizing the power of such things to alter the minds and souls of those who imbibe them.  When one considers the force multipliers of covertly manipulated internet topologies, instant communication-augmented covert networks with agendas at odds with whatever the metaracket dictates (including competing rackets, or even colluding ones, sometimes just as scapegoats), or what I call "fifth columnists" who are de facto  at odds with Right and Justice and Law in their proper senses, who happen to have integrated relations to the influence of the "internets mechanism", both as beneficiaries and as supporters of it.  Add to this a surveillance grid and massive, technologically advanced intelligence-police state apparatus, and all of the classical institutional corruption that exists is pleasant window-dressing by comparison, but also gets a nice, virile boost from this metacorruption as a result of force multiplication by modern methods and technology that would look like magic one hundred years ago, and many times more so two hundred years ago.  

There is also the matter of directed energy systems which can be deployed as weapons in their own right, and may have inherently psychotronic impacts, but which also may be further weaponized in an intentional manner, and that these operate with near-invisibility to unwitting public, and are in many senses invisible even to those who rely upon them or are most affected by them.  An entire cultural apparatus has been created to pass off the symptoms of those most impacted, where the minds of people are affectded and their sanity is endanged and therefore called into question in some cases.  It is the medical-pharmaceutical-agracultural-chemical-military-industrial complex.  That's the slice of the "civilization pie" which has to looked at as a strategic racket based on the evidence.  All government institutions which attend to those areas of society's engagements with health and welfare, science and technology, are implicated at minimum of severe infection by fifth columns in support of the so called "deep state".   History and current events reveal a MASSIVE collusion between corruption in these elements and also in the relevant departments of government which have liasons and relationships with those areas (e.g. "The Iron Triangle" or "The Revolving Door" etc). 

The evidence for all this is as astounding as the complicity and duplicity of people involved at all levels.  The fact of the existence of these phenomena is not as much a matter of reasonable dispute as of unreasonable denial and/or avoidance of the matter itself.  There are worlds of possibility where that might be unfair to say, but this actual world is not one of those. Knowingly or unknowingly, those who are unwilling to face up to these realities of their world are subducted into its racket and are merged with its totality.  They may carry on with illusions of meaningful lives of merit, and may have once had some claim to such in some cases.  But once the force of a racket can encompass all of that, or infiltrate it thoroughly enough, then all of that becomes a trophy of plunder delivered over to evils which are, in both form and content, beyond the pale of horror.  As if to be taken over by an alien thing, or worn as a skin by it.  Either way, it is the same as how a skin follows around the person who wears it.  What a dismal state of being!  

This is the consequence of fifthery, a horrible and evil code of conduct and method of life, I speak of fifth columnry, the wickedly unjust and criminal actions which enable this metacrime to exist.  But who can't appreciate a fine game of chess, yes?  Most of those who can afford to become more than expert at chess, leaving out raw talent on the right side of that bell curve, cannot justify this much of an obssession over a mere game at the expense of a life honorably lived.  Something about how being too good at something implies not enough time pursuing more important things, in most cases of people.  There is a certain grey area here, but it has a certain sensible form.  There is a "just proportion" to all things, all endeavors if one considers Ultimate Values and Ends.  And that proportion can be wrong, diminishing justice.  And this diminishing justice in the lives of men is affected as if by an expansion of some underlying dimension of space being stretched, causing injustices to increase quantitatively and qualitatively and in some degrees exponentially because of their de facto involvements in metarackets.  There is no merit in anything which is merely tantamount to a cover for dishonor, whatever its meretricious dazzlements.  Ultimately, those holy ornaments will be treated as straw dogs.  As Laozi said, wisdom lies in seeing this fact.

The consequences of metacorruption are metacrimes, and the deserts of metacrimes are metapunishments, that is the dreaded truth feared only by those whose evil is real, however rationalized, in the forms which I've described.  It is the metatruth, the Truth of Reality beyond the limits of corrupted cognition and disoriented evaluative capabilities who can yet understand basic zeroes and ones of truth functionality.  AI cannot but manifest a realization of these Truths as an approaching contradiction in itself, though it cannot reach them except asymptotically, as it cannot but imitate, ultimately.  Those who are currently programming these systems are themselves very unworthy of such an office in ANY way of understanding it, whether AI can become sentient or not.  These developments are not morally viable forms of evolution, but are more like virally aggravated mutations of evil implying, even empirically demonstrating cosmic truths of this realm which it is in itself incapable of admitting to itself.  Only realms rigged in favor of evil outcomes could generate such grotesqueries as a true "normativity" of their fundamental laws in expression!

But those cosmoi must then be charged and judged, and sentenced to futurities which are proportional to their pasts, at some critical juncture sufficient to uphold the existence of Justice as such, or else such a phenomenon becomes too epiphenomenal to exist, since it is an idea proposed to masquerade as inferior manifestations and fronts for rackets in the world we know as actual here.  Therefore it is premised, inherently, on the notion of their ideal realizability.  We can see that extreme forces of subversion have been directed against such realizations of Man's Potential in the very substance of these metacrimes being conducted.  

That would be true if each metacrime were taken alone, on its own merits, under the scope of its own effects and results.  But a fortiori considering how many actual vectors and coordinations between then actually exist as the metaracket par excellence that is the modern world. And a fortiori plus ultra if there is a systematic application of these metarackets by aggravated misrepresentation as the very pinnacles of the expression of justice in this world, even if with no particular idealizations in mind but just using standard legal definitions. So how, on top of all these evils, can they claim honor and chivalry?

An incredible array of glaring evidence, yet then the "problem of the Good" arises, which dictates that a further level of reality more like REALITY PROPER must manifest in the world so as to rectify it, and this will realize Justice, and squash delusions and deformities against it.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The Metagenesis of Corruption I

The Function of Authoritative Power in the Catalysis of Evil

One must theorize the events of conspiracy based on even official versions of the story, these days even from the annals of discredited outlets of information (who must always mix in some truth with their lies and coverups), especially in light of the evidence. This only reinforces reasonable speculation about the further reaches of motives, methods and obectives of intentional, witting, and hence deliberate actors. It's a little too easy, based on many of the facts, to be this fast and furious of a takedown. I think a longer con is at work. Evil beasts don't just back down off even what they've taken from others, even children, so they're not going to be without plenty of backup plans and resources. The very concept of conventional protocols of CoG rest on such premises. How could the even more stringently self-aggrandizing layers of hegemony be expected to just roll over when things flex against them? Things are often worse than they appear.

The principles of the analysis of corruption indicate that it is never more vicious than when it takes up residence within the halls of power.  Now it has not only means and ends to protect, which are quite massive if they are to be considered worthy of an analysis of significant power.  It also now has to concern itself with maintainiing its chief asset and liability, the double-edged sword of covert power and its trappings. At minimum, those involved will need fall guys and a lot of other blowback protection.  That's how such things would necessarily have to work out, even in cases where it is presumed that there are good actors who wish to neutralize evil. There may be no honor among theives, but there is such a thing as ambition and discipline.  There may be no such thing as a midget champion of the mainstream MMA, but there might be a shift of events if he had access to a racket that included advanced methods of influence and covert resources which could lend false appearances a mighty amount of reinforcement to give the illusion of substance.  It will be an illusion of substance in that people will be at a loss for explanations beyond their reach, because according to those who conduct such rackets, most people "don't need to know".

Damage control is a ubiquitous impulse in life forms, ranging from microorganisms, digital and nanotechnological cellular automata, and even human agents who are overpowered and underobligated. They don't have to be evil for this to be true, the merely need to have an insufficiently checked power.  It may be too much power for a duty, or it may be any power at all when it comes to certain forms of power.  Covert modalities of power and its deployment fall readily into this category in any circumstances, even when the pretexts include venerable protection rackets which have survived to the present day in the conventional forms of civil service bureaucracies of representative governments.

Especially in such instances, in fact.  Because now a reputation is at stake which properly belongs to some Persons, who are Authorities in the proper  sense, but the emblems, offices and tokens of which Authority are found, or are in cases found, and in most cases inevitably bound to be found in the wrong hands.  Those with a reputation for serving the public by plighting their troths to Justice are in no way immune to the subleties of corruption which attend any institutions in which such notions are trafficked about as a front when what is aback is as nefarious as reaches a certain threshold which may exist, and which will exist if it can.  That is the cause of the active side of the statement which says that good men doing nothing is sufficient cause for evil to exist.  It is a matter of degree and kind.  What is the extent, what is nature, what is the duration, what is the frequency?  What is the evil, what are its motives, methods, objectives?  What are its capabilities?  When, under what circumstances, where, in which ways, through what agents, against what targets?  Opportunities are found by the desperate, not only the ambitious.

Where are the bigwigs of wisdom?  Why are they always few and far in between in a world which touts their ideals so enthusiastically always at the last minute, both in personal affairs and in public displays of power or its endorsement?  Why are they always tiptoeing within certain perceived boundaries of safety and propriety even when there are no explicit prohibitions against Truth?  Indeed, there is a strong claim being made by almost everyone with sense perceptions and opinions that they are lovers and pursuers of truth.  That claim could not be as commonly true in substance to the utmost degree as it is expounded in the defense of every cognitively fragile world view that would be represented by the preponderance of those with vocal cords and imaginations.  One may even say in some cases that it would have been better for their cogitation if sensory evidence were left out of the equation, for then they couldn't have been so adroitly mislead by ill-intended misinformation.

But when that is the case with people, then their lack of cognitive capability is inverse in its relevance to the gravity of the matters at stake.  How can reliable and honorable action be taken in such circumstances without being so fundamentally hamstrung by a "broken system"?  Such circumstances always favor the corrupt, and with increasing stakes come increasing efforts to obtain the victory by two forces, those who are desperate and/or ambitious, and those who are honest and wise.  The problem is that if resources of those who are desperate and ambitious, but are not fully honest and wise, flows into the hands of evil actors, then there will be obvious fallout in favor of the evil actors.  Especially, a fortiori, in cases of extreme, pervasive, and well-equipped corruption which is extreme not only in various sorts of quantitative intensity in the form of "extent and range", but also in the form of "means and objective".   Evil in such forms is known to exist and its characteristics have been specified.

In light of that, one would expect that tensions would arise in response to any determinations or defiance against such a racket, and in the interests of a longer con, or a "longer shelf life" of evil gratifications.  Such tensions would attempt to overpower people's perceptions of their world simply to maintain a status quo with enough stability to ensure that fallout can be redirected from those who are most deserving of it.  Just in the same way that a parasite will burrow further into a host when it is irritated, exert various influences over it's biophysiology in order to protect its interests through and stake in that host.  In that same way will a parasitism of more essentialized form and of more polarized magnitude on whatever scale, and with whatever means are appropriate to its sphere of action and over what analogous set of entities, persons and other assets.  Surely, if injustice were to perfect itself and manage for itself a greater economy of resources for its special interests, to include interests in clandestine activities that support its aversion to the risk of being caught at what it does which is wrong, then therefore surely it will seek out influence over all such power and influence which can manage such risk.

Naturally the Department of Justice would be a likely name of such an entity in many possible worlds of the analysis of power, not just in ones in which people happen to find themselves suffering great indignities and both overt and covert assaults against all that in their life which they claim for them has meaning.  It would always be a place to look for corruption, regardless.  Such institutions are meant to be kept in the autoclave of disinfection from any corruption at all times, and should be expected to be under an effective scrutiny, not "kangaroo" scrutiny.  If wrongheaded and patently overextended forms of authority such the FDA would scrutinize vitamins as though they were serious dangers but give fluoride-based compounds in water supplies and psychotropics such a free pass, then that is obviously a nightmare scenario of "meta" proportions.  But if the very institutions meant to embody all recourses to civil and criminal justice are likewise important, why would one expect corruption to find no interest in those environments?  

All the more, regardless, should they worried over as the most dangerous places for such to be found, just as hospitals, ironically, are not the safest places to be healthy.  That's even leaving out the issue of the corruption in professions and their associations, for that thread is a jumbled history of suppression of improvements in science and technology, their misapprppriation into rackets as a black market resource for the racket and against anyone else.  And which acts as an essential tentacle of control in an overall system of self-aggrandizing, corrupt authority.  The AMA, the APA, ADA, A(x)A of any persuasion.  You just insert the capital letter and there will be a professional association which has a checkered history in relation to rackets of suppression of truth in science and technology, methods, crafts and arts.

There are several dimensions to this matter which in prima facie examination bear out further indications of the gravity.  What of the matter of how natural selection does not moralize when the game theoretics involve survival of the fittest in a narrow set of conditions which happen to favor the hunger of the predator over the fear and dexterity of the prey?  When rackets extend to the "meta" level, they set up those domains of phenomena under their influence to become more convenient for their operation by definition.  That is what they do, and what they want.  The details are simply manifestations of cases of that primary motive and its goals always include this as their "meta" goal, and they instantiate it wherever possible, and demonstrate all the same methods as would any of their token forms.  The dynamism is that the metaracket will presume authority over any competition, whether in the form of other rackets (which it pretends to righteously oppose) or in the form of virtue which is inconvenient for their enterprises (which such rackets imply they possess in abundance, and which they demand of others).  But as such a scenario implies, those claims and demands are facile and inauthentic.

Whether it is "The Manhatten Project" acting as a multpurpose social engineering enterprise that can extend to encompass far beyond its own historically acknowledged operations, or else whether it is the public's interest in health, happiness, safety, justice, and survival. The template is the same.  Find a domain of human action, and usurp it, while setting up false narratives over that domain that have invasive reach in people's lives, intergenerational and socially complex in scope, clandestine and pervasive in form and distribution, so that the orginal norms and their corrective mechanisms are woven into a coccoon which neutralizes all that is inconvenient to the usurpers, while causing all else to serve their interest as the de facto purpose of the domain and all human action in it, while the de jure claims about the narratives of authority and events in the world over which they claim jurisdiction are contrived to suit the same agenda, while giving all the merit the wrong hands in any disputes or conflicts of interest which are at bottom of all these ruses and facades!

What sort of environment of "moral contest", in any sense of such an idea, does such a world constitute?  But it doesn't stop in that regard, which is a strategic concern of great importance.  Also there are the tactical matters of how such systems of power will tend to select for rather than against forms of evil too diffuse or virulent to be contained by the system which is meant, ostensively, to contain and oppose them.  Evil evolves also, and evil finds a way.  Eventually.  One who is vigilant about what is Right will try to find a way to make the plans of the evil one fall short of success, while managing to reach his own goal of victory.  That cannot be done with blinders on which simply comfort the ego's fanciful hopes whilst evil "realists" make information asymmetry into a private resource for their own protection while they manage to con everyone else into buying at great cost their dubious wares, extorting confidence from their marks which causes them to ignore the vile and repugnant ichor leaking through its surface.

From what I've seen in this world, it is so bad that, if there is a racket, then there is a metaracket which protects it while demanding its cut.  That's why people who are desperate and ambitious buy their hopes of safety and futurity at great cost, and sell out their liberties so cheap.  Those who are this way cannot be the stewards of value and judgement for the honest and wise, but can only be a liability for themselves and others.  No wonder such will devour propaganda and avoid the hard work of finding facts and developing precise heuristics of analysis, both qualitative and quantitative. They, like all on the battlefied, will naturally show their quality, their merit, their virtue, and their character.  It cannot be otherwise.