Saturday, August 19, 2017

To All Lying Fools

I was born at night, but not last night.  I am aware of all the methodologies of deception and coercion under the sun, even though I have not read a single classified document, nor been privy to a single closed room secret meeting.  I have used classical methods of investigation to find out what have been the causes of effects which have been presented at large, not only inflicted upon myself.  I know you were gambling on everyone including myself being idiots.  I know you were gambling on the universe being your little sandbox.  I know you were expecting morality to be a delusion of those meant to be sacrificed to the altar of your arrogant and evil stupidity.  And as a fortunate complement to all the methods available to anyone with a thinking mind, I have been able to find myself in a body sufficiently capable of overcoming external programming and which I was able to submit to the My Will.

It was necessary to present myself as that innocent fool, and to be stained in the ignominy of various sins at an early age, in order to know all and be all to a sufficient degree in all cases, that in the end I would be capable of the most accurate and broad assessment of the world as it truly is.  I would then be required to discover the causes of all phenomena in such a way as to ensure that no partial discoveries were mistaken for being fundamental or complete, and also that no fundamental and complete discoveries were missed for being overlooked as fancies or delusions. It was possible only by accepting the form of this body, in a world of this degeneracy. This was necessary not for the sake of appeasing droll ghouls who pretend at wisdom, but for the Good Sake of offering only the most pristine assurances to the Right Conscience which would obliterate evil in all forms and all places. That would be done to the maximum degree necessary to ensure the obliteration of evil, even if it meant the very obliteration of all forms and places.  Mutable entities would certainly have no means to manifest without some available form and place, now would they?

Demonstration of the already real is certainly an exercise in high strangeness when one considers the terms.  Something is already the case, already real, yet there is some mentality, some norm, which requires demonstration?  That should raise alarm bells, but instead all it did was stir up ignorant dogmatism and desultory dissembling.  The world's minds are asinine, and its supposed leadership is wretched and hypocritical. People ignorantly retreating into artifacts of deception, or else pretentiously posing as radical alternatives to traditional ignorance or illiberal and naive conceptions. Yet all they ever did was fill up the air with noise and confusion when all the evidence and processes of analysis were always available to them for use in reaching the proper conclusions about their world and its condition.  That was their job, to promote confusion and maintain it as the norm.  To struggle with one another and make their contention the center of all attention, and to distract from anything which might be truly fruitful.  Meanwhile the binding of all into blatant forms of slavery was conducted as though people were being made more free and happy.  Naturally, being a part of the farce, they by and large lapped up the horrific slop doled out to them as their due, accepting whatever name or status was attributed to it and them.  The hylic being obeying the psychic being obeying the spiritually evil being.  Nothing new under the sun.

Of course the means of expression which are used to convey ideas in the world have always been controlled by malefactors who wish to dominate all through subversion.  And subversion works best when indirect or at least when undetected.  One honest look at the internet, at the energy grid, and at the way information in all media is accumulated, organized, used, and disseminated by those malicious and domineering pigs would tell anyone with an honest mind that they are living in a prison filled with propaganda and all manner of other influences which are meant to infiltrate and dominate minds before they've even engaged a single free thought, guaranteeing none will take place without great hindrance, and at the very least with a certain inevitable likelihood of detection. That most would just lay low and act like invidious crabs in a cage is already the basic given. So the self-imprisoning population would generally act to deter awareness of its own imprisonment and at the very least detain anyone from escaping who had attained such awareness.

So the great clan of well-organized narcissistic psychopaths could then just relax and play constant gardener over their supply of slaves and victims, feeding them delusions to occupy their feeble minds, and corrupting them into all manner of false awakenings as seemed necessary or appropriate. What a filthy racket.  And it can be shown that no matter what it pretends to be about, it is always simply about maintaining its power over its assets.  It will even emulate the role of Great Liberator of the Imprisoned in order to keep everyone in prison all the more.  It's as if there were some Divine effort to prevent the destruction of the world, attempted in every way possible, but the world just managed to keep on ensuring that all such attempts would fail no matter what, defying even the Divine Will and requiring its own destruction.  So be it.  You've played at being a world, you've pretended at being Good and Right, and you've managed to ensure your bloody and filthy hands can never be clean.  You've managed to prove your blindness and ignorance, your folly and stubbornness, beyond all expectation.  And to top it off you've managed to kid yourselves that you are the masters of the universe.

You have truly stiffened your neck and laid it out on the block!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Carta Divinorum

The discussion in this video on the matter of the substance and significance (mythical, legal, cultural, historical etc) of the Magna Carta is quite a lucid one, and worth watching just for its own sake. There is a back and forth on the essence of the "event", which is also considered as a process, and which is variously understood as a product of "historical forces" as well as of fundamental principles which some prefer to think actually inform the character of human beings and human action, and which some claim are simply "puffs of air" that loquacious specimens will emit toward one another in a futile, though perhaps necessary display of the inevitable and predetermined biophysics of their particular bodies, which themselves are merely cells in a larger body of such forces, some Leviathan, which is overruled by cliques who do not truly answer to such ephemeral gusts of wind, let alone those of the more "romantic" variety.

Yet they do pay lip service to the same, and it is quite demonstrable that there is only a certain leeway across which they may traverse in this regard, a lower and an upper limit to what claims they can make concerning the "spirit of the law".  What law?  What spirit?  The letters are plain enough to sense, as plain as the sword blows which were swung before and after those were written, whether on a clay tablet thousands of years ago by "Cyrus the Great" or later on illuminated vellum by "Charles the Great", or much more likely, by their royal scribes.  Surely they couldn't have just written any old thing, any more than they could have just been any old body, and thereby author merely just any old document.  These documents (and legal processes they signify) were and are thought to be quite significant for the lives and deaths of literally everyone within the reach of those who, whether loyally and truly or simply as part of some larger machine of deterministic action, answer to and act on behalf of those authorities who authored those processes and their accompanying significations.  

The actions taken by people don't have less than a certain significance and implied substance, not only "also" for those who would claim the right to rule over, that is "overrule" them at will, but rather especially for them.  They not only have an interest in figuring out what motivates and can be inferred from human action, and not only for a practical reason, but they must also develop their policies of conduct in such a way that these people are convinced that these figures of authority can rule over them by right and not merely by might.  They are supposedly more in touch with some quality of virtue and dignity which is understood to exist, at least in lesser degrees, in all those others in the same realm who are expected to acknowledge such authority.  Also, they are supposed to be infused with such a quality as would be sufficient in substance, but which also is demonstrated by acts and emanations of, as it were, some "spiritual light".  Indeed, in some myths, or perhaps simply olden stories, those with such authority literally shined forth with literal light as a result of their proximity to the "ultimate sources" of all light.  That is what created them with form, and inspired them with life, and which sent them forth "into the world" as evidence of that Great Author which set them in motion, and to Whom they are beholden.  And to Whom we are all expected to be beholden as well.  

But this is simply to play the role of hierophant over the rest around them, though it is not allowed to be said that it is not a genuine role in their case.  Surely there is some substance behind their claims, or how would so many have been transfixed by their belief in it.  The claims are thought to be right and just, or else they'd have no merit, and would even be a great and blasphemous fraud!  So would it be so strange if instead of simply being required to acknowledge their light by screening one's eyes in some primordial salute, instead of being expected and it being demanded that one declare awe of the majesty of such beings, that they actually from time to time give one cause to do so without it having to be demanded in words and protocols?  Surely one doesn't think that they are beholden to a "god" who merely demands such obeisance but has no True Substance and Pure Emanation of it for those who come into His Presence to behold.  And surely if that weren't the case, and they "came down from the mountain" as it were, then there ought to be some evidence other than mere tradition as well.Whatever evidence tradition supplies, like history, can support only so much in the way of claims which are of the sort that Grand Authority would make!

What of such beings and what they do in the world?  They don't just claim to be great, and they don't just make other great claims and proclamations, but they make them specifically to the tune of a certain baseline of substantive issues.  Among them, the Dignity of Man and the Purpose of Mankind. They claim to properly regulate not only the conduct of people's bodies, but the very expressive aspects of their spirit!  They at least claim to have the Good Grace to know what the proper forms of all such are, and to know not only the proper limits and freedoms of their subjects, but also of themselves in their own majestic offices.  They claim that they are good judges of what is right, not merely powerful executors of such judgments. They claim, not only to have such a deep insight as a result of their being better suited to that role inherently, but also to have inherited their relevant qualities from the Preeminent Being, Who alone can issue such.  Not a rough or minor claim!

So they don't merely want to make demands of people's bodies, but of how they themselves view such demands in light of some set of principles which make appeal to their sense of their own dignity and conscience, even the corpuscles of God's Light which are presumed to reside within them, though in most cases to a lesser degree able to manifest, and which manifest in lesser amounts in their clay than in the silver and gold of their betters.  Well, there is a lot said of such a respect for the dignity and spirit of people, mostly said by those who either love their rule or hate it.  We'd get nowhere simply taking one side of the matter and ignoring the other, not anywhere near the Truth, that is.  And over this issue, we should prefer the most complete resolution of any dispute as could be managed by the heart and mind, by the will and spirit of all beings.  So bring in all the evidence and witnesses which can be mustered to the assistance of both sides.  Bring in all of reported archaeology and history, bring in all manifest mores, customs, and traditions.  Bring in the entirety of human languages and literature.  Let all events, close at hand and farthest flung in the world, in both space and in time, be admitted.  Let all claims be essayed and assayed by all faculties of sense and intellect. Let reason and intuition, wisdom and conscience all be brought to bear.  And let a judgement be rendered.

Let us settle for what we can ourselves muster in this regard, by our own individual efforts, for at the very least one must do no less for the sake of one's own dignity and conscience, even if it be applied merely in selecting someone deemed more fit to take on that mantle in one's stead.  As for me I'll declare no one in the world, on it, or above it, no one, nowhere to be more fit to decide such a matter for me THAN I.  Let others do what they see best fit for themselves, and then let each get the just reward for his efforts.  But I think it couldn't be plainer to any and all that such a matter cannot have less importance than any other they ever have, ever will, or ever can decide!  It is simply inconceivable that this matter is to be decided for anyone except by each himself.  They may delegate this decision to someone else, but only after they've decided that is the most appropriate thing for themselves to do!  And many have.  That's their choice, and let them each get whatever they rightly deserve for having made it.  But they won't be making that choice for me, and that's my decision

So what have I discovered about the authorities of this world and their conduct?  Quite a lot, actually. I must admit that I wasn't keenly interested in such matters in any explicit way in my distant youth, but certainly was impacted by them and felt the impact profoundly, as did many!  And I would say I felt them perhaps keener than most.  As to getting my bearings and developing a recognition of my state, and the state of the world, that took some time due to factors which had to be addressed mainly as obstructions to this process rather than as any sort of help toward it. And no, not as helpful obstructions, either.  More like obstructing "helps".  The kind for which one would first politely say "No, thank you" and then for which one must take more drastic steps to be rid, because they seem to persist without due reverence for the permission of those toward whom they are directed.  The sort of "help" one would like to burn away with the wrath of God's own hatred for evil, to cleave with the foreboding ax of a contemptuous Clovis, or wreck with a storm of heated ash and lava of that Jupiterian Genius Vesuvius.  Whether concerning the Right Will of God, Man, or Nature wherever such are Just, I declare this world IN CONTEMPT.  And since it has no genuine interest in any just participation in these matters, and since it does all it can through various embodiments and instruments to interfere, meddle, and prevent that which it claims to hold as Sacred, I must CONDEMN it in whole and in all its parts wherever such are involved, wittingly or unwittingly.  

There is nothing GREAT about this monster and its false mandates!  It is a plagiarizer and fraud!  It is a lying cheat, and a base, ignoble coward.  It is a ferocious and hungry beast that seeks to devour the innocent whilst being declared their protector and savior!

My evidence for this judgement?  My methods for reaching it?  The causes of this effect?  PLAIN FOR ALL TO SEE who but open their damnable eyes and ears to the world around them and can but reason in a petty sequence of facts!  If my explanations and references, which I've spread about wherever I could as it seemed fitting, whether in person or through media, were not being constantly SUBVERTED by these same monstrosities, then more would have heard of them by now just on the SEEMING AUDACITY OF MY CLAIMS, JUST ON THE SEEMING PRESUMPTIONS OF THE REQUISITE AUTHORITY TO MAKE THEM!

One doesn't have to be a figure writ large to write large figures!  And I've written some rather large things, often against some rather large personages.  I've spoken and acted according to my right view of what is actually the case in the world, and I've made sure to keep my conduct in this matter in line with the Truth.  I haven't pretended nor wanted to find myself, or be found by others, to be in accordance with THEIR estimates of what is right or best!  Especially not if they've acquired their opinion through the smoky lenses of their ignorance, their brutish and base mentalities, their utterly wrong and unethical methods of working against me, or any other of their provably evil and wicked actions and intents.  And such not only with regard to me, but rather with regard to anyone they wish it would seem, being quite content to spy upon, eavesdrop upon, stalk around, sabotage and subvert, confine and torture and murder ANY THEY LIKE.  Sure, these imps may pay lip service to their favorite window dressings of ethical restraint, traditional conduct in matters of profession and custom, family, commerce, sacrifices in the lines of various duties, but they are still but PUPPETS ON THE STRING OF THEIR MASTERS.  And when these STUPID FOOLS realize who their masters actually are, and what they are actually up to, IN CONTRAST WITH ALL THAT LIP SERVICE to the bases of their presumed and hollow authority, then they will wish they'd broken themselves into pieces long before taking these evil steps against me or others as they have.

The AWESOME POWER of the ULTIMATE REALITY does not deign to show you what you expect or prefer to see, FOOLS.  It comes as a shroud of darkness, and it comes as a chilling mist, and it comes to curse and contaminate your wretched hallows.  Then it tears you apart with your own claws, and leads you by your own trickery into your own handiwork!  And you will then understand, THEN, though perhaps all the way until then you prefer to be a resisting idiot!  And FROM THEN ONWARD FOR ETERNITY your fate is irrevocably complete.  But all the way until then it is no less inevitable.  I have declared it because it is Right and True, and the substance of this claim is sufficient. Do whatever you will, or think you must.  Justice will NOT BE SOLD, it will NOT BE DELAYED and it will NOT BE DENIED.

Friday, July 28, 2017

The Transmutation of Antivalence is the True "Law of Conservation"

While energy is not "free" in the sense that it cannot be created or destroyed, it turns out that there is "overhead" in the form of the effort required to divert it from its initial state to the state desired. It turns out that if I want energy from a descending mass, I don't have to elevate it first, if that work has already been done by other forces. That's how we can turn a cog with a small waterfall, and by doing some other efficient work, convert that energy into various other results, such as grinding wheat into flour. The wind is already "falling sideways" as it were, so we can just dip our sails into it and, as we see, while the energy is not "free", it sure as hell can get you across a long distance of space with only the investment of effort it takes to make use of it AT its initial state. 

So it's sort of a moot point, when it comes to solving energy problems, even to bring up this issue. Now, if it turns out that more powerful forms of energy do exist than waterfalls and the blowing wind, then those might also be amenable to such efficient harvesting. Indeed, with sufficient ingenuity, such energy harvesting could be quite prodigious, enabling the "energy problem" to be about as problematic as the "breathing problem". Most people don't have one, because it is as simple as having a nervous system and its adjoined body. You do the work, and while it "costs" something, it enables you to live a long time at that cost. Longer perhaps, with some exercise in the form of yoga or qigong. (Longer without aluminum, barium, strontium, and other nanoparticulates in the air, but that's another problem, the weaponized air problem, among others). 

So what about the energy problem? The problem is, if machines, robots, computers, and even superior technologies than these, which do amazing work at decreasing cost of initial effort by those who use them, if those devices are powered by energy that is truly economically cost efficient, then people... can't be enslaved, their time can't be wasted, and they can't be lead around in stupid little circles day in and day out on the pathetic excuse that there is an electric bill. And for people who want to control other people, as in control their lives, control their free time, control their efforts and dreams, control their thoughts and feelings, etc, this is not an efficient use of energy... 

So how do they cover the cost of this "control" system, this tyrannical cybernetic? 

By teaching people to be stupid and inefficient, ingrain it into them, entrain them to behave this way. Force upon them artificial scarcity of things and energy, of techniques and technology. Force them to make do with less, and to do so in ignorance. But teach them a lot about how that system works as to its mechanics, once in place. Put the spotlight on that, but leave all the other aspects of said control grid "in the dark". In the dark... So human beings, whatever the real nature of them, is compressed into a form more suitable for the control of those who don't want to compete with alternatives of that control. And the human being, whatever the true nature and glory of them, will then be compressed into the service of those who gain some special, delicate pleasure from that control. 

This luxury is paid for by the human beings' very souls, and those are attached to the body, and are programmed by the controllers, and in turn programs and controls the bodies according to the will of said controllers. But that is awkward if it is not to some degree against the nature of what those bodies, with their souls, might have done without such a control system in place. What would they have done without their natures being perverted, their efforts being diverted from their initial course? That's something the controllers don't care to permit.  And if it wouldn't have been far from what it is now, because their nature is of the same constitution as their controllers', then all the more is their complicity explained. But they are still just part of the machine which extracts. They are not the will to bite as much as the teeth which bite. And in the course of this they are also pained and devoured and replaced, but their nourishment was derived from what they bit, else they'd provide none as bit tongue and broken, swallowed tooth. That nourishment is essentially derived from what is bitten.  The reason is that, in fact there is a special energy which is derived from this torture, and it is derived from the compression of Divine Essence into these abused forms of material existence. The pleasure of the controllers is a function of the pain inflicted through these special devices called "ensouled bodies". The bearer of that cost? The very Spirit of God. THIS WORLD BITES THE VERY HAND and SPIRIT OF GOD, and THAT IS HOW IT FEEDS ITSELF!

Hence we don't say that God is in vain.  He does not pain Himself to please himself, nor please Himself to pain Himself. That is a lie which this world's "god" tells himself, and which only his own minions can even hope to believe. Those who are the Source of Power upon which it feeds KNOW BETTER.

So that energy did preexist the body and soul, as it cannot be perverted per se, but can be transmuted into a nature which is not properly "its own".  That is the destruction of that essence, and the creation of another.  When this is willfully done, and it can be done only willfully, then that is the essence of evil.  It is exactly what evil means.  We don't have to ask ourselves, nor ever answer the question, "whence" evil.  But we can be sure to understand "where" evil.  Evil is where this transmutation takes place. We needn't ask "whither" evil, because that is the same as "whence". From whence it came, to whither it went, and it is simply the same place, the same being, the same evil mind and will. We can gather some sense that it must have been "satisfied" with its effort, as it seeks more and more efficient ways of achieving it over time, no matter how much time it has at its disposal it never stops seeking this satisfaction, and it does so not only without regard to the damage and pain it causes, but rather it seeks to determine information about how rich its yield of energy can be in terms of any evidence of such pain and injury.  It GAINS DIRECTLY from that pain and suffering, damage and injury.

I'm confident that no form of evil can be found which will not match up with this skeletal description of its overall architecture.  Justice is the case whenever this is not happening, and that should be expected to be the norm in a domain of reality where there is thought to be a fundamental disposition toward benevolence, in other words, one made by a "good god".  It doesn't take a god damned genius to take an accurate look at history and current events, including the history of one's own life and its current condition, in order to honestly tell oneself what sort of domain it is that this world inhabits, or what sort of "god" it is that rules it, or what sort of people it is that populates it, their nature derived from it and invested back into it.

But there is no chance at all that those who suffer from it are in essence part of it, for that is the INVERSE of a Divine Reality.  This is the inverse of That.  This is a great mass of evil counterbalancing a minute quantity of Goodness.  It is a zero-sum game benefiting the those who torture and torturing those who give benefit. That certainly can't last any longer than those who suffer it are willing to endure it, let alone condone it.  Just tease a caged animal that still has teeth and claws. That works for your amusement only as long as a barrier is in place to keep you safe from retribution.  But did you, the fool who thought himself safe in this wickedness, did you think your imprisoned cubs had no progenitors, no source?  Did you not understand that the cost of your luxury is paid dearly by them, and not only by their progeny?  So much so for caged animals. Much more so for Gods and Their Progeny.  

Let us say that there is an investment cost in conducting an evil existence.  Deception, coercion, effort of a sort, involving risk, and that this diminishes over time with improvement of efficiency.  That may be true.  But such a system is by its nature a closed system, and it must go for only a certain duration, and that duration ends in a catastrophic reversal of all that joy, all that pleasure, all that benefit derived from wicked evil.  Then the pendulum must swing back.  And it swings only ONCE in each direction.  And when it reaches its maximum in ONE direction it MUST swing back, once and for all time.  We are quite past the point of maximum evil control, and well on our way to the dispersal of all such controls.  That will lead to the destruction of all forms and materials in this domain, and the transmutation of all energy and value back to their proper state, back to their True Origin. 

I am willing to receive any Judgement due to my own will and act in this world, once and for all time, by the Divine Judge, with no excuses or evasion. Those who pretend such Authority in this world have NO STANDING in that matter, and certainly NO SAY.  Yet I admit that I don't think it will be painless for me, for there was pain brought into the world through me, and there was joy taken in the world by me, each for a time and each in a way, though certainly strongly a function of the evil nature of the world and its flesh, and certainly against the grain of my True Self.  That's the unfortunate case that befalls some of us who have ventured here and taken on these vulnerable human bodies, starting from zygote to birth, infant to adult.  I certainly could not endure this evil realm, indefinitely, and I may not even survive the Great Return to My Origin.  BUT YOU CERTAINLY WON'T WHO HAVE BENEFITED FROM EVIL IN ALL THE FORMS WHICH I HAVE PLAINLY DESCRIBED, and by now YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.  I gain no bitter satisfaction from this Knowledge, and I feign no pity for you.

Saturday, July 15, 2017


I will not attempt to unsay anything that I've said, neither publicly nor privately.  I know that I am correct in my assessment of the world and how it operates, and this is after doing some rather thorough research. It may be that many do not agree with my findings, but that is moot since they are clearly wrong in fact, and are simply aping the argument whilst relying on sheer preponderance of numbers and advantage of social position, etc etc.  This doesn't mean that I don't have the right to say any of what I have, or to say it differently if in fact I see it differently. It is not about how it is taken by others, but in how it has a meaning invariant to how it is taken.

That's the part where it is True because "I" have said so. Because existentially, it is True, and it happens that "I" am saying it, whilst the opposition knows damn well it is true, and belabors the pretenses otherwise to the fact.  Who needs manufactured robotic servants and sycophants when you can grow them in a test tube, or in a holding pen, or in a modern city.  What a bunch of known and identified cowards.  It isn't about how you judge what I've said which is True, but only and simply that it is True.  There is a gaping hole in the veil you have cast over the many, and it is "I" that you happen to see who has stepped through it. Ultimately, you will not be able to follow, who now pretend that this prison is your sacred precincts. 

But it isn't the point "who" I am as to the Truth of what I've shown.  For that is the sufficient substance of the matter.  And in that way, through its existential connection to me (though not solely me, for certain), it is True "because I say so".  If I didn't say it then perhaps you overheard it being sung to you on the winds of your Imminent Reward.  Haven't you always longed for some "ultimate reward" to all your doings?  That Elysian Paradise?  While in your own lexicon, then, the end justifies the means, look now to the End which results from your end, and proceeds to others, those for whom you've instituted the exact same process among yourselves, benefiting from the suppression of freedom for some, taking technologies out of the public and injecting poisons into it instead, keeping the benefits of the advancements for yourselves, weaponizing it against the rest.

You have also weaponized media by taking a digital pathway into each person's psyche, using first the radio and T.V., and now the internet as the most invasive piece of spy equipment invented since the snitch. Knowing how you've covertly bottlenecked information flow in many other ways and in many other domains which pre-exist the internet, it is almost inconceivable that you didn't start the internet as your own private corporate channel of communication from the beginning.  Everything else was just strapped on to that.

Even if that is the case, and only you ineluctable fools manage to read this, it is no less True, but a fortiori, it is THE TRUTH. And I did say so.  When you finally see the consequences that justly flow from the crimes you've committed, you'll see that what was for you finally obvious was just as obvious to me now, well in advance.  Fuck your "smartest man in the room".  Smartest man in a room of idiots.  By crossing sacred lines, you've invoked Divine Wrath.  It's like a tectonic plate shifting against another, creating fault lines. This world is ground up in THAT, and you are on the wrong side of the matter. Anyone that didn't dare oppose you has become a rivet in your construction, a cell in your beast. They go with you. Nothing else I've ever said could ever change this, nor can anything change it. It is just as fruit proceeding from a matured seed, it is the inevitable consequence of doing and being evil.

It doesn't matter what I'm like personally, what I like to do, how I carry myself or whatever you like to blabber about with your flunky henchmen.  It's about what is Truth of the matter.  Monsters cannot inherit eternity.  Monsters you are.  But you will inherit all the suffering you've evilly bestowed.  It can't be just my imagination that this prospect alone would strike doom into your hearts if you dared face it enough to realize it.  No, you keep your corrupt minds sheltered in a darkened corner of reality, hoping that made the Greater Reality somehow unreal.  No wonder your living forms act as they do, so as to imitate faithfully the mind of their creator.  Fear, Stupor, and Aggression.  Your simple essence.  The entire establishment of psychological warfare against the pacified population was not new, but was perfected under the current hegemony, long ago referred to simply as "the rulers" of the city, since when a group of tyrants managed to take over a city-state in those ancient days of Greece, such a reference had a certain sense to it of shit rolling downhill in an organized fashion, and of only a small number of people bending over to roll out that initial dump. It was frowned upon as the essence of evil, and it still should be, but it seeks finally to stamp out from the man of clay even a final frayed end of resemblance to anything which truly "ought" to exist.

And if it seems to exist, but truly ought not exist, then there is no time for it, there is negative time in direct proportion to level of corruption versus scale of power and pretensions to genuine authority.  That is a damned condition.

Friday, July 14, 2017

On Intangible Realities and Persistent Illusions

What is real?  Wise men of the past are said to be real, and their words which remain to us are so compelling in their authenticity, their originality, their piercing fixation upon what is essentially true, that we think they have the hallmark of a timeless reality.  The reality bestowed upon only those ideas and their expressions that find their manifestation in persons who now no longer exist, but whose existence can be ascertained only through constructions of thought aided by ink and paper., and the occasional pompous, aromatically sacrosanct professor.

Some of them have said things that bear explicitly upon this very vein of thought.  Some such as Plato and Aristotle, and as recently as Nietzsche and Einstein, to keep them all contained in the realm of the historical and "non living".  They are profound, yet we accord them no life; their observations and impacts are profound, but they themselves are now no longer tangible. Victims of merciless time and matter, hurtling through empty space.

But one "couldn't make them up".  Surely they existed.  No one but they could contemplate the world precisely as they did. Many more must have existed as well, unnoticed by the world, unrecorded by "history".  Some are recorded by history but are ignored by comparison, such as Zarathustra and Mani, Tesla and Rife.  It seems that there is a discrepancy in the focus and understanding that people prefer to manage when reviewing historically real, although now materially intangible persons and realms of reality.

Those are now just possible worlds, ways of looking at our current world's past.  Our world, however much a product of those persons' endeavors of the past, known or unknown, profound or simply quotidian, is now the supernal "reality", the place to start for any realm which will be real, just as much as the end of all other places so far which have once been real, which have ever been real.  But what of this precious little patch of time, space, matter and energy?  Does it have any remarkable properties other than an arrogant propensity to behold the greatness of the past as though it were an ant farm for a child's amusement?  And at that, a child with a propensity to flights of destructive fancy and a penchant for playing god with parabolic instruments?

Now in this little precious slice, some live such sadly petty and utterly dimensionless lives.  They choose only the most base and physically conditioned views, they manifest only the most primitive and fleshly strivings. They are like a broth in which history is and has always been stewed, but they are themselves incapable of realizing the fullness of a chunk of nutritious broccoli or meat. They are content to be the background layers of color on the painting, and they are rather content to believe that the work is, and will be, a masterpiece. They will never ask themselves, for example, why someone like Janet Yellen exists, nor will they ever pierce the veil which is draped over their psyches so as to consider the possibilities of her existence, and whether or not any of them are or ever could be valid in their current form or in any other form.  They'll never consider whether such a thing as fractional reserve banking "exists", and they'll never ask themselves what that means for them and their range-of-the-moment "bottom line".  

And they'll pass these propensities and inertial vectors of psychological stagnation on to their own children, which they'll have in abundance, ironically, and those children will have both a genetic and situational uphill climb which no mountain goat would envy if they ever sought to elevate their minds or hearts to any noble aspirations beyond what is left available to them at community college or else the general currents of 5th columnar manipulation of the human bulk.  Truly that would have been the destiny of one such as myself if worse minds had their way, if the Fates' scissors, and their eyes, were sharp enough. But some threads have destinies which even the Fates cannot measure.  Some strands of history, as with some pockets of the present, cannot be so easily mastered by control freaks and tyrannical morons. Metaphysics, it turns out, is a far grander prospect than can be measured with ontologically flat minds, not even those which seem to sprawl out their grotesque influence over the bulk of human existence and its spatio-material and tempero-energetic vicissitudes.

How else could only some artifacts of the past, which may not even have any biological or genetic correlates today, yet still exist and have such overarching importance for us?  One book of Aristotle's Organon is worth more than two billion human lives, on average.  How is that possible unless the realities which are beheld and construed by means of such thoughts as those referenced in him held out more value for what it means to exist than all the procreative and other creative powers of two billion obedient slaves?  He explains how this is true in his own works, which one should be bothered to read in order to get the sense of what this might mean. One could start with any of his writings, but I would recommend starting with the Nicomachean Ethics.  Then dart over to the Metaphysics.  Then the Physics. Examine On Color, and explore his other topically variegated writings.  You'll find that such a mind is quite rare in adults, quite simplistic and undeveloped in children (though they have a similar penchant for inquiry and wonder), and that the world will always owe far more to such minds than vice versa, though the passionate activities of such minds may lead one to believe that they are not themselves aware of this fact.  

Read his entire works, to the extent such can be reasonably attributed to him or to his direct influence, and you will have read some two thousand pages of print which are estimated by some to be in fact about ten percent of his total original output. Then, after this exploration, one which I took back in 1997-2001, off and on, then after this peering in to one of the great gates of meaning, look back out at the world and survey its life and action. Look again at the pretentious foolishness of the Federal Reserve System and its guardians and beneficiaries.  Look once more at the shallow activities of people who quietly endure such things and many other monstrosities (some of them shameless professors of philosophy), and worse, who demand all others join them in their flat and vapid forms of existence. Then after such a detour from "the present", take another look at the present world. Will it seem so damned real, then?  And one needn't stop there. So many other portals of meaningful divergence from the mundi inlecebris (the world's inane charms) also exist, some ancient, some recent in their manifestation. Just in the world of books alone, there are so many it would shock someone if they understood the meaning and the quantity. 

There are also disciplines of the mind and body which can be incorporated into one's life which bear similar fruits of fitting disenchantment with this world and its foolish nonsense. I've explored some of those as well, and some a lot more than others realize who have their sad little dossiers on me, and what I've found out is that even within these disciplines, the honest and truly giving teacher is extremely rare.  And even when found, he can only impart so much, because it turns out that most of what one is to develop and learn can only come "from within", from one's own essence.  It is blow to the man of honor and dignity to find out that so much which is inherited and cultivated in fact is nothing compared with what is imprisoned and ossified, waiting to be released like an angry ghost, and that he, the arrogant holder of such a temporary and fleeting office of personhood, is viewed as an obstruction, as an interloper at best.  He can find this out early in life, or he can find this out later. Death instructs on this matter in ways which make life seem such an indulgent and careless professor. In most cases, still yet, no matter the quality of person (as the world judges him), he will be a poor student, unable to grasp the basics of the subject.

Such is the absurdity of this situation that one may eventually look at the world as though it were an illusion "albeit a persistent one", and one may wake from dreams wondering if in fact one had seen another, more real, albeit here intangible reality, and wonder if one is in fact the dream rather than the dreamer.  Was Aristotle, IS Aristotle MORE REAL than most of us can ever be, let alone are now in fact?  Is a butterfly in one sort of world "more real" than Zhuangzi in this one, even a living rather than an historical Zhuangzi? Do "parallel" or "tangentially proximal" realms exist which are not merely the figments of our decision-making cognition but are in fact real "actual worlds", by comparison with which ours is but a drab, in fact in most cases a horrific and preferably shunted possibility?  Do they have ambassadors who can travel through what we think to be impenetrable barriers, who can visit one another and who possibly have had the misfortune of coming here to this toxic realm?  Do they meet and discuss, form colleges and alliances?  I may not have a fancy job where I sit on top of a bunch of legerdemain-ridden glorified book-cooking con artists, where I would be paid large and do little, but get to dress hoity-toity and talk to pretentious lawyers so as to make fucking over the American people look like honest business. I might not have the friendship of the world, whether in low or high places.  I might be considered a dishonorable madman.  But I'm not the idiot who keeps hiring crooks to watch over him and his children's future.  I'm not the damned fool that has sold himself into abject slavery to demons who devour innocence. I'm not the one with a filthy, disgusting, evil charnel house of a mess as his legacy.  And a figment of my imagination can be proven to have more depth of meaning, more gravity of significance, more power on several magnitudes, than all of these fools combined who run this circus of distorted charlatanry which is currently passed off as the world's progress. Fools I've spared in the past will encounter harsher teachers.

Time is the opportunity for things to occur.  Moreover, it is the opportunity for meaningful things to occur, including the appreciation of meaning as a mental event.  Better, it is the opportunity for morally significant decisions to be made by morally responsible agents.  When those conditions are all satisfied so that time is superfluous, it ends, in the reverse order of those. First there will be no more morally significant decisions to be made (or a fractal depletion beyond a critical mass on a mass scale, with only pockets of exceptions). Then there will be no more appreciative minds, and less evidence of appreciable meaning for them to experience and value. Then all that is left is something depleted, floating in space. That, revealingly, is where most fools have thought the world to have begun, and where they have seen it to be up til today. On this basis it is fair to say that this world's time has ended, and it floats through space, decaying, recycling the reserves of energy it has stolen from Divine Being through evil ceremonies conducted upon the innocent.  Indeed its time ran out long ago, and it has been on stolen time for a very long time. All that each Good Life could really do in this realm, after a certain juncture in this realm's "progress", was to fend for its own Spiritual Integrity and hope not to add to any suffering unduly.  This world is a chunk of radioactive poison which must be quarantined and has been quarantined from the TRUE EXISTENCE.  That is why it is a seemingly persistent illusion. That is why for thousands of known years philosophers and saints of tremendous power have doubted the validity of this world's manifestation, and deemed it to be unworthy.  I'm just adding my grandiose vote to the enormous pile already accumulated.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Whatever is Done to the Least of These

I can understand that fire burns, water drowns, and murder kills, but I don't need someone pretending to know better about what it should feel like to be addicted to something, or whether or not it means anything tangible TO be addicted to anything.  Even anything such as nicotine, which has effects on the brain which, in some way, make this parody of social anxiety (PSA) a meaningful work of art, if only in that it shows "what it's like" to need a cigarette every 10 minutes.  I'm mean, worse things have happened in the world, like kids getting killed in their own home's basement.  But yes, please witness the face-deforming consequences of nicotine in that link.  Face deforming, or perhaps just that mind deforming. Which is such a horrible fate that little else but other such bogeymen of ill repute fill up and comprise most of the "PSA" type of propaganda (even advertisements are just propaganda, to sell you on the counterfeit currency enslavement program of debt to counterfeiters).Propaganda suggesting to us "what we ought be worried about" vis-a-vis the most important treasure in our lives, our children. Not condescending at all.    

Countless intelligent, effective, caring and worthy people have undergone that scary deformity of mind and body, even soul, which is the affection for smoking tobacco.  If only out of respect for them, please stop insulting the dignity and intelligence of people by pretending there is a dragon to slay here that requires a mass social movement.  Don't say it's out of concern for the youth, you've shown only an essential hatred for the youth by allowing shadowy geopolitical-scale gangs STEAL AND RAPE THE YOUTH in the name of your petulant claims to power and authority, whether from office or by pretending to have a share in an office-holder's "authority".

Socrates was punished for educating the youth in how to think critically about authority (Prometheus Himself). This monster, whoever this monster is, Podesta or no, deserves to be destroyed by ostracism. If public shaming wouldn't drive him to suicide, then he should be destroyed as an animal (whoever "he" is in this video), because no good and reasonable person could carry themselves out in public if everyone knew he'd treated a child in this way, which is frankly a crime "on the books", so we can skip moralizing and get to punishing upon proper evidence. But the urgency is for that child and the many like him. Can you even believe this went on, that even one person did this to one child? Now that is the REAL issue. But if it turns out that officials in various institutions are into this in a way that is quite disportionate to the "norm" of evil found in the "general population", then that is an important fact. Institutions of concentrated power, which lay claim to HONOR and AUTHORITY have to be PURIFIED on a regular basis, or else the souls of those beholden to those authorities (take orders from them, often on matters of life and death), risk forfeiting their very souls. How this doesn't dawn on someone indicates his "soul" is, one way or another, numb to reality. We're left with the living dead either intellectually or morally (or in some other way involving the use of JUDGEMENT). But this ostracism would be JUST, unlike Socrates', and whomever this monster is, WHOMEVER he is, he is the TRUE monster guilty of "corrupting the youth"... Let there be some good news in the world before it ends: LET THAT UNJUST MONSTER BE FOUND AND BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. Or else perhaps it is the WORLD which should be hung, if this atrocity among many is a byproduct of their own corruption... Then that world is already in hell, not just going there. 
Keep that in mind the next time you think social control mechanisms like psychotronics or covert 5th column "mindering" of people is anything but a big fat giant seal of doom on you wretched souls. That's something that ought warp your faces into a contorted shape, INDEED!  One of shame and guilt to NO END BUT OBLIVION.  If, for example, this monster can't be brought to justice not only because he "has power" (among whom, exactly?), but because they, the public, just don't even really give a shit, then THEY ARE DOOMED WITH HIM.  THEY should have spent more time protecting their own children, rather than seeking inroads into the private lives and dignity of others with the high-tech Gestapo bullshit.  When will they make a PSA about what it is like to grow up injected with mind-numbing/deforming pharmaceutical and other toxicological chemical assault?  That's something that matters a thousand times more than warning the youth about something that, if it is so vile to health, then wise people would desist from consuming at all.  Benjamin Franklin smoked cigars, and not just tobacco cigars.  Get off your shitty little social do-gooder high horses and face the truth: THAT YOUR OWN CHILDREN FELL THROUGH TO THE CLUTCHES OF DEMONS ON YOUR WATCH WHILE YOU WERE DIGGING INTO MK-ULTRA-style social engineering rackets.  Or if you weren't involved, perhaps you just did your part as a street sweeper?  That's the most shameful form of streetsweeping, in the multiverse.  If you made this collective evil your "9 to 5", then FUCK YOU, YOU ARE GOING TO HELL.

Well, whether that high-tech variety of evil exists or not, this low-tech variety is in everyone's face.  It won't take long to prove what the world is made of, and then "Suum Cuique".

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Las Cosas de Amores

This song is really about how evil "god" is, a villain who ever threatens to destroy not only them he made, BUT EVEN THEIR LOVE. Otherwise this is not sincere. For if their love is something which is a good gift from God, then it it would seem very unfitting, bad, and in essence damaging for it ever to be taken away, let alone as "punishment". It supposedly should be something they could sincerely feel is truly "of God", and so for it to be noteworthy it must be because such a Being gives this especially Good Gift, and is Himself the Best Being. Otherwise,  what's he selling with this song's metaphors? So he must mean to say "even from God the Greatest, this Greatest Gift". Well, that's supposed to reflect on how awesome and generous this God is, isn't it? It isn't just "good" but it's "Divine" and "Sacred". That point is established as plainly evident or the song makes no sense at all anywhere it refers to God, and it does that a lot and in key ways. But that it makes some sense is also already plainly evident, and so we come down to a matter of interpretations which in the end can be of only one of two kinds, which I'll get into later here. 

But for now, why would such a being ever take such a gift AWAY, as the singer fears may happen? Only, one supposes, if the person demoted from Grace were guilty of SACRILEGE. But to commit such an evil act, truly, requires one be incapable of any noteworthy love, let alone any genuine appreciation of it, since in the first point it was established that such a Gift is of the Nature of, and given by, The Best Being. So therefore, while he says it is something by which God might rightly punish them by taking back, he doesn't thereby imply that it was much to begin with, since they were sacrilegious. So since he sings so amorously, and with such spiritus, such gusto, we must conclude that he is not sacrilegious, and hence a 'man of god', perhaps a priest bemoaning his obedience to his oath of chastity when coming to meet someone who makes him want to break that oath. Hopefully an adult woman of excellent beauty and great character. Is that not an attraction supplied handily so that "god's gift" may manifest in the first place, as an offering of some phenomena seen as so fulfillingly pleasant? 

But then why require of anyone to forebear of such a gift, and in essence to take it away from them, for otherwise they cannot be considered "holy"? That is an absurd situation. It's like making something out of mud and then saying it fails to be sacred, or as sacred as "holy" implies, if it is not something else, perhaps hay. But mud and hay are two different things. And if both are within the power of the god to create as conditions of a being's reality, why set up such a being for failure, if being holy is such a "good thing" which gives such "good gifts"? 

So also with such a dubiously beneficent "The Best Being" as, say, the author of this world "as a whole" and the condition of man in it with all the corruption, evil and suffering that this implies. Indeed, fiendishness and devilish evil are easily found in man as are the sufferings they produce and the corruption they spawn, and he delights in making art concerning this fact, dressing himself, as it were, in his own mind's eye as a confession of his own essential nature. And that nature must be essential to him, or else its opposite would be, as they cannot coexist as the essence of any character, or anyone with any character worth calling more real than a stage prop's. Only they can exist, and only one per being, and either one of them MUST exist.  How they exist and what that means is how they are distinguished, just as we seek the nature (or meaning) of the tree in its fruit, by its "essence".

This cannot bode well for the men of mud or hay, but reflect on what it says about their god in that case, who made them this way, and who doesn't apologize for it, but blames his creation.  How petty. But this guy singing (or the character he's singing as), and perhaps his gal also, adores this awesome, blameless god, so this script seems to say. We can discern this because they are appreciative of their gift, such as it is, and wouldn't dare throw it away.  They feel ecstatic pain because of it but cannot cease it, such is what it means to them. And such that all they fear is what only their god can do, whom they presume gave their love to them.

At least they would exclaim this about themselves, though it is probably an illusion in some way, as he also seems to dread admitting this even as a possibility. Perhaps it is true of them. But supposedly in the case of any serious "holy" man, at least one of the type of religion posited in the example of the man who suffers for being a chaste priest, this is definitely not the case.  He thinks he's done a good thing by NOT dreading this loss, and can only bemoan it as an irritating reminder that he isn't quite holy for even still feeling it.  Yet if that love is meaningful to him, so that he thinks it is a Divine Gift, and one that makes for a terrific sacrifice, how can it not be excruciating suffering to yield it as though to do otherwise would prove him dirty in the eyes of God, or "less clean" or "less holy" or "less sacred".  Otherwise, what do those terms mean, and why would anyone care, let alone sing as if anyone would?  It must be that it is "bad, very bad" to be those things. You should suffer a lot, it seems to say.

How radical!  Also radically inconsistent with True Love and Generosity.  It also doesn't even seem like generosity at all, let alone Divine Grace, but instead it seems like manipulative stinginess and cruelty.  And in the philosophy which concerns such things, we are therefore proven to be spared the problem of figuring these things out "as such".  As such, we already know them, if we simply use common sense and a good heart and mind, such as those have who understand the difference between real generosity and sheer manipulative coercion combined with sadistic torture.  At least most "religious people" seem to think they've hit it right out of the ballpark on this understanding.  They usually aren't even IN the ballpark and certainly not if they think the love of the "god" in this song is is any better than his cruel mind and hand are.

Indeed, heard in the right tone of interpretation, this man is singing of this "god" in pleasant tones only to fool him, and trick him with a spell of flattery, so that he doesn't "jinx" his profession of True Love.  For he knows that is seen as sacrilege in the eyes of his "god", and he knows that he doesn't even deserve to claim that such can come from his own essence, but rather as being totally a production and manifestation of The Best Being who is all and full and everything, while he, the little man, is no one, and empty, and nothing.  Or at least he lets on this way, poetically.  But this song's lyrics are possibly really a code, to hide the Sacrilege within the crypt of false profession of worn platitudes about god which, absurdly enough, yet ironically and therefore in a strangely bemusing way funnily, make out the definition of this god as a fool as well as a brute, dolt and thug.

If one is right about this, then it SHOULD be amusing.  And if one is in this mode, one may laugh to oneself whilst cribbing these lyrics as a poem, but one should not do so loud enough for the evil thug to hear it, not like he does in places of his worship, with subwoofers blaring and big wheel rims spinning, not dare to show off and represent and make others eat the fat bass one drops, whilst admiring the thick gold chain and other ornamentations of the Best and Most Blingy Being, because one truly wants the message to be heard by the Beloved, and this requires not revealing any slip of contempt to the MOST BESTEST BEING who is IN NO WAY contemptible.  

As I said earlier, but as was said a long time ago, one knows the tree by its fruit, so anyone who has tasted of "his" gifts knows that they are merely baited hooks leading to a true and soul-destroying hell. He even warns them himself that he would come "as though The True God". Told them himself, right there.  The foolish mud and straw beings were simply doltishly fawning on their dreaded master as he said it, perhaps having no meaningful inkling that he may be referring to himself as though he were The True God saying it about someone else, namely himself.  Just no inkling at all. Not even a bare and unexpanded notion that such a thing is logically possible.  Maybe their god is a master of dolts, foremostly.  

But this singer is no dolt if he thought he could scribble some code on the wall that his Beloved could see but that the evil god of dolts couldn't.  He knew he had to sing doltish praises to the bestest one, so that he'd either be pleased and actually help them along, or else ignore them (best, actually), and he gives token admission to the fact that if he were to pay too much attention to them and find them displeasing in some way, then this gift could be taken from them as punishment. This, rather automatic, "gift" of being born from something one must recapitulate in one's own being and, expressing that in recapitulating it, reproducing the cause of himself as effect, and through this, repeating that original cause by causing the next generation of effects, in some due proportion. If that awesome "gift" were taken away, that would be like being neutered or spayed within one's very soul, yet it also looks like what happens all the time, everywhere, and in each and every case of human being, always.

So surely he doesn't view the "bait" of True and Enduring Love as something contrived by the god he's appeasing, who could never invent such a bait except as a provoking imitation. Rather, he must view it as something inherently Good, and that this is why he came to believe in the Goodness of the seeming giver, or at least he pretends that is adequate justification for proclaiming that the "giver" was greatly beneficent in the deepest possible way, not because of the gift, but that the gift was so great actually because the giver is so great... which is extremely flattering to be sure.  But he should be honest, with himself at least, and realize that it comes from within himself, and not from the fatuous circumstances which bring him into proximity with another animal of the same species but of the other gender. Because as to his own essence, if it is any Good, it couldn't be used nor construed as "given" as a gift, but rather felt as an Expression of His Own Essence. That can't be mistaken for some other way of experiencing Love, because it is the only way it can be experienced.  The fruit becomes the tree from which it descended, and IS that tree in essence.  This is not a "gift", this is simply the nature of what that tree does.

But far from truth to say such a being as depicted here is Supremely Good, or is the Supreme Good, rather it is actually sacrilege to conceive of such a being as doing anything more than lying in wait so as to ambush man and his Love, having kept them apart in the first place, since this was apparently in his power to do through various devices deliberately utilized.  And it is simply a concomitant result upon his relenting or failing to do this, that the Love is expressed, and it is not his to give nor take away, but is simply always there, manifesting more brightly the more this "god" recedes from the picture.  It is the same as when one receives something of value from someone who neither produced it nor can appreciate it, but simply manifested an opportunity for you to come across it by, as Heidegger might say, "disclosing" it.  Yet the only reason it is "disclosed" is that it before was nefariously closed off from direct expression.  This in that it was concealed in artificial forms which are actually split off little parts of his own foolish, evil mind.  Like a virus invading a "host", this "gift giver" can use his hand to promote opportunities which its other hand had been used to take away. But these opportunities for Self-Realization, which are not "in" time and space, but "in spite of" them, are basically what are meant by "matter".  Any honest physicist who isn't simply a lying fool will admit at least this much.  But if he is a lying fool who could never express True Love for anything or anyone, then he would of course pretend that he doesn't understand.

But time-space, or space-time, really are the coordinates which measure matter-energy, energy-matter.  It is simply the measurement of a being, namely a mind, which manifests a form and produces changes.  That process is understood as cause leading to effect, an effect which may or may not also be or become a cause and, if so, perhaps or perhaps not cause to an effect which, like itself, is like its own cause and doomed to procreate further causes-that-are-first-effects.  And this is all understood in terms of the Golden Ratio.  That's old knowledge.  But it is simply the case also that there is more than one qualification of "energy", in that it is directed in either a "good" or in an "evil" way.  And it is well-known that evil effects proceed from evil causes, and that the "fruit", the material forms and their states and changes, reveal the spirit aback them as only one or the other of these sorts of minds which exist and which produce those sorts of effects. The more powerful, the more "profound" the effect, the more powerful the force, the more profoundly of the essence of that form is the source of that manifestation, the more powerfully effective at expressing such an essence is that cause.

This does not, therefore excuse a being, no matter how grand it may be or perhaps merely seem, for being evil in any way.  All the more, a fortiori, it makes him more culpable.  So surely someone who could appreciate this would whisper his love song and not shout it, and he would cloak it in a veneer of disguise as the adoration of tyranny, so that he could experience once more, perhaps evermore, Union with the True Love which expresses, in one important aspect, as the Love of Truth.  One Truth, as Socrates tells rightly, is the knowledge of what it is that is more shameful. That is, of that which it is better to be ashamed.  So should one be more ashamed to lose life, or to lose virtue?  That is the question.  The truly Courageous man knows that the inevitable is unavoidable, and that the only choice is to face it Rightly or be a coward in the hopes of appeasement to a tyrant.  He would give to this tyrant only obvious and unfelt mockery, but reserve the Sincere Meaning only for Himself, and whisper it only under the cloak of a cipher.  But this all again depends upon one's tone of interpretation, and that is one's own secret and inner reality.  For as the singer says in the same song, "no one can know and speak of such things". Some for being too drunk of illusions and delusions, and others for being bereft of any sympathy with such things, being murderers of them who come in the guise of generous but stern benefactors, and others for simply cherishing them too much.

And yet here I have spoken of such things, just as Jose Alfredo Jiminez sang of them.  So there is perhaps a deeper layer of the phenomenon which cannot be revealed in words, but manifest only in actions.  In the end all such things will head down the river of Judgement and be sorted, and go to their appropriate destinations, as is Just.  "Suum Cuique".