Monday, August 20, 2018

Manifestations of the World as a Leper Colony Writ Large

I am not an authority figure in this world, due to several related factors which speak far more of the world than of me, and I mean in a negative light.  But fortunately I can say that I have not reached this attitude, this position, and this condition in a world bereft of any company with those who are similarly aligned in important aspects of their worldview.  And although one might wisely expect there to be many paradigmatic distinctions, one should realize that salient commonalities are what matter here.  I speak of other outspoken authors who do not flinch at describing as they see it the objective conditions of the world.  There are certain limits to what can be done with one's observational and intellectual powers so that one ceases to be someone possessed of common sense and sensible and sound judgment.  One may have all sorts of inner turmoil as to the processes of the mind which underlie or arrive at, through whatever mechanism, a correct view and statement, but that won't necessarily undercut some core of intuitive correctness which leads that mind like a magnet to the True North of the undeniable condition of the world.  There is a lot of room for hashing out the semantics of meaning and value, but there is little room for disputing objective facts and their unavoidable consequences.

In the realms of human action in which freedom of thought, communication, and rightful action are essential and in any system which pretends to consider them paramount for its protection and which claims to depend upon that proper and dutiful protection as the basis of its authority, which is to say its justification for existing at all, there are some notable front runners that I have noticed "leading the pack", and that is from the point of view of someone who does his own running parallel to the pack and observes it quite like an anthropologist from another universe.  I recognize the inhospitable conditions upon which they, and in relation to them that upon which I also "run", as though a marathon that never ends, holding a torch that never lightens and which ever threatens to go out.  Those conditions are the state of the world in its history until now, the sociopolitical structures that are both imposed upon it and which are its natural expression, and this includes that state of the world which is best described not as the "human condition" but rather as "human nature".  It is a sad state of affairs for a world of people when the majority of them are despicable, whether as the alpha dog or the small army of curs that invariably obey it rather than use their greater numbers to any noble purpose against it, so that caught in the middle are the superior, if not genuinely Good people, who are in fact ritually torn to pieces by what seems consistently to be an entity which is, overall, unworthy of any existence whatsoever.

When one considers what those who have reached similar positions about the condition of the world, but speak somewhat differently about it in certain terms used, or with regard to the bases by which they arrive at those understandings, one can still look at the common ground covered by these conditions.  One can also note that they may arrive at different conclusions or prognostications about those conditions, and see that they reach their suppositions by different means.  Likewise, and not the least in importance, one could see that they would reach different evaluations of those conditions, and even of the consequences which they may alike suppose to ensue from them.  But one cannot deny that they may agree on core matters concerning the conditions assessed, regardless of the different means by which they were assessed and evaluated!  Surely that is not an unimportant data set.  In fact it is the only data set upon which a meaningful dialogue about the world is even possible to begin with, at least among those potential interlocutors.

There is a lot to say concerning that central fact that the world is a despicable mess filled with ignorant idiots on one hand (and that's not even an insult, by the way, just an objective description), while on the other is a small horde of supreme manipulators of that massive group of morons, and that the result is not pretty, and filled with contradictions concerning the supposed nature and motives, actions and consequences of this truly unlovable phantasmagoria.  Yet a common core of recognition of these facts, however they are contrasted with ideals or alternatives,  exists.  That includes the recognition of various specific features of these conditions which have spanned its history, and how they led to the current spectacle.  They sometimes include a certain impulse of response to the situation, though the various agents diverge from one another in terms of degree and  direction of the flow of those responses, even though their basic content may be same (such as disgust, anger, hatred, contempt, resignation, revulsion, etc, for example).  There is the matter not only of what there is, but how it came to be, and what may become of it.  The history of how people have thought about and evaluated this matter has evolved, co-evolved, with the matter they have observed and judged.

It is one thing to consider and evaluate the different forms by which these observers and commentators and thinkers have striven to do their best to make sense of the world and what is to become of it, and another to consider the realm of actionable measures that they have espoused and attempted in striving to do something about the world and its conditions.  But either way, either a group can reach some measure of common understanding or they cannot, and it is not necessarily the case that any are very much correct, and very unlikely that all are.  What is more likely the case is that if any of these people are most truly correct, they will be far fewer in number than those who are less so, just by the laws of probability as they apply to the conditions of human mental and moral action, which operate strongly against the likelihood of pure and total Truth.  Indeed, it is just as if the world itself were the worst case scenario for the development of such a "unicorn".  The history of those who have considered this issue, the problem of human knowledge of truth, as it exists in all forms, and as it is complicated by the entire spectrum of human conditions in and of the world, is something in which not many will be even cursorily versed.  That some are will not guarantee any success in making any progress in the field, but it would be a plus for those who have a prospect to do so if they knew something about how that endeavor has gone so far, wouldn't it!

But since those matters are in themselves divergent in their scope and to into any of them would here defeat the purpose of examining that common core from which they proceed regardless, they will be left to the side, as that is a matter of polemics that should ensue only after the common ground has been assessed.   I have basically described that to be the "human condition", though I assert that it could not have been otherwise if it were not also, at least in main part, the nature of the human being inherent, and also in large part a result of his place in the natural world in which he has existed and in which he has been forced, to one degree or another though not necessarily in a strict set of ways, to adapt to it.  The complex array of causal loops that this simple set of parameters enables will also not be the focus of this discussion, as that would in and of itself be an entire world of considerations which are nevertheless essential, at least to my assessment of these matters.

But what more should I have to say about where I stand, or about that upon which I have made my stand, or about which I have done so?  It would be to repeat what I've already said.  So instead of doing that, or attempting to analyze by way of translation what others have said, I will let them speak for themselves, and let the reader do his own reading, and thinking, in that vein.  Below are the links.  Make of it what you must, what you will, or what you ought.  And receive the rewards of your own efforts.  Reap what you sow with pride and lust, and speak not to me of humility, a false virtue but for the lack of virtue in so many that made it seem something to demand, mainly of those who are better than them.   I'll have to continue this later, because STARFUCKS has a covert policy, it seems to me, of differentially inhibiting the use of the internet, or else they are a convenient proxy through which this occurs.  That's not the only thing for which they are a convenient hub.  Mainly being a place where the most mind-controlled stoops congregate to enjoy one another's brutish company.  But since I had recently lost access to a more congenial environment I have had to resort to these sorts of places again in order to get onto the internet and write.  If that were the only limiting factor in how this communication process works, or fails to work, then that would be only a minor difficulty, as we know there are covert manipulations of this weapon system of communication usurpation and co-option as well as information asymmetry force multiplication.  Yes?  So I'll just add links for a while, then, not all at once!

I do like how a growing number of articles, blogs, editorials and other online presenters of information are beginning to dig into the meat of the corruption that I have been grinding about for years while living on the damned streets.  It is getting easier to find people talking about each of the different aspects of the multi-paneled and multi-tiered corruption that is the real bulwark of what passes for the status quo.  Stephen Lendman is really doing a good job in his latest pieces.
This is what happens when arrogance without limit is force multiplied by Full Spectrum Dominance conditions:

If I have to say it isn't "antisemitism" then you are about 3 generations behind in the discourse of analyzing modern institutions in terms of both their structure and polarity of influence, as well as the methods involved in guaranteeing asymmetry in their favor:

Let the author of this one warm you up with his own probing thought on the possibilities, indeed the "meta" possibilities which come with systems of secrecy that want to extend their influence to the very horizon of zero-sum victory on any given objective:
"That brings me to the key question: what if the mind control machine doesn't want you thinking bad things about the mind control machine?" 

As to motive and method, one needn't look far for analogies to what is done electronically, and what is being gradually outsourced to AI hosted on Quantum Supercomputing Arrays, you can just look at the networking attitudes of those who have decided that America is going to look like them: 

Finally, someone has broken this down in a colorful, well-diagrammed way, and it shows the overall gist of the social engineering system.

Jon, like so many, approaches a good amount of perspicuity and depth in his analyses, and one likes to believe that he would pull no punches but also expect none to be pulled for his sake on matters of The Truth.  What amazes me is how far behind everyone in the public sphere seems to be in regards to the degree of influence that is foisted over them by those who use covert manipulation of connections between electronic devices, between people and their resources in the physical world (including each other), and even between the brain cells in their own heads.  Hard to believe people just lined up to this trough with their mouths wide open, but I've been talking about this for a long time, and in some aspects long before I got onto the internet. 

This is a give me, and it has been put into effect ever since WWII got the country on a permanent war footing and on into a massive Strategic War (The Cold War).  It is not in my view that these sorts of conflicts don't have their own independent conditions of existence, but that they operate as perfect cover for converting the domestic public into chattel through the Full Spectrum Dominance system directed over them against a whole pantheon of "bad guys" that will either show up on the radar on their own and be used for convenient

This is just one of many advances in knowledge of the intimate nature of the brain and its function, and the invasive technologies which will be used to exploit these for the sake of social control through decisive influence should not be expected to receive public attention because they will not be openly revealed to the public and only scientists and engineers with the necessary clearance will be allowed to know anything about it, and that's probably Above Top Secret.

I don't know how I missed this one before, but with the internet the way that it is, who knows?  It might have been looped out of my solipcistic (?) internet node? 

In a recent article, someone writes specifically about psychotronics in general, giving a "crash course" to the subject to anyone unfamiliar with it.

 I found this article via, through a post made on his website by the infamous New Ager Soren Dreier (infamous to me, anyway), and for a moment thought he had wrote it and wondered what makes New Agers wake up to reality so late in the war for hearts and minds, and remembered that they are probably a sub-category of MK-ULTRA to do with trolling the culture with various cultish belief systems.  Yet I find that he didn't author it but he simply cannibalized it from The Atlantic!  Anyway, here is the link from the (presumably)  original source, with some useful backstory to the developments specified in the title:
Pretty soon they'll admit, long after it has been accomplished, that the thought processes of very advanced mathematicians have been successfully modeled and can now be artificially produced.  That's when you are going to see changes in "how things are run 'round here" that will include the culling of just about anyone and everyone at will.  After all, they don't even need mathematicians anymore.  They are the greatest traitors in this physical form, explicating the Logos to the worst fiends in the world, who then immediately weaponize such things.  They deserve what is coming to them.

While this article focuses on ONE of TWO directions of influence between minds and machines, it is not a difficult thing to realize from the facts of history, science, and philosophy, and for a long time now, that the reverse direction is not only also possible, not only also an actual fact, but also the main focus of those who develop any technology in the field, most certainly who have the position and will to garner research into it with some plunder trough or other at their disposal, and this is also a historical and scientific fact, and I would dare say that I've gone quite a bit further than Stanislaw Lem in demonstrating this as a metaphysical factPlus its "old news". 

Human societies, and their organizational structures, are rather large-scale and complex since agriculture took the world by storm some 10,000 years or so, give or take a few millennium and dependent upon where in the world one starts.  That led to the development, out of both opportunity and necessity, of defensible city states.  And these wonderful places create a set of norms internal to their emergent conditions, many of which could not be predicted by those who constructed them and evolved within them.  Not only that, but as these conditions become "hypernormalized", which term I use in two key senses here, people subject to their direct and indirect influence became changed as a result, both in ways they could not have predicted, but also in ways they did not even suspect, or even have a chance to properly detect.  

One problem with hypernormalization is stated just here, in that a person becomes adjusted to a condition as normal which is not even properly contrasted with meaningful alternatives.  Being a form of life fine-tuned to its local ecosystem to the point that it cannot exist outside of it would be a dangerous parallel to be found in the organic levels of adaptation to which this would be the psychobehavioral analogue.  Division of labor, the creation of class stratification by rank of authority and segregation by category, are some forms of conduit through which primordial adaptations in human social interaction manifest into becoming what we will presume to call the social norms to which we are, as if by some invisible force, more or less compelled to become adjusted.  The history of how these adjustments were willingly and unwillingly made, and how those adjusting forces where themselves adjusted, is part of what makes the United States of America a uniquely modern phenomenon such as it is.

The forces that act as the soil within which these ever larger scale social structures grow and evolve which we call the modern nation state are such that they act with a compelling force on their own, acting through both the individual and his coordinated actions with others as though they were merely the conduits of its expression, and this lends the overall force to the flow of the "river of human progress", down which most are forced to flow into ever-greater states of entropy (within some functional, perhaps homeostatic limit).  Yet those islands of negentropy which steer this process have adapted to ensure their own superior condition over and above those of the rest of this teeming mass of human flesh.  These institutions of human social orders which have evolved upon the peonage of those whom they serve as part of an age old protection racket are good at two things mainly:  getting others to do the work for them, and taking the good credit which results, dissipating the blame which may accrue accordingly.  That's if any thing, act or event worthy of issuing blame to anyone ever even manifests at all, let alone in its proper form.

Enter the world of psychological operations as part of modern warfare, which is but an extension of the age old wisdom that a battle is one before it even begins, in the nascent form of the minds of those who will engage one another within it.  I'm sure this wisdom wasn't lost on those who sit in their ivory towers in the various think tanks and offices of advisement which attend to the matters of US military. I don't know precisely when some presumptuous chicken necked coward son of a bitch decided that he is my judge on this earth and that he will, by direct or indirect means, inflict upon me and mine the effects of events set into motion within his department of research or special operations, but the excuses are ubiquitously the same dreary claim that in order to function with greater efficiency in this modern age, we must understand how psywar, as developed in asymmetrical warfare (aka terrorism as one form), involve the adjustment of the attitudes and behaviors of civilian non-combatants, not only as a primary intention but also as a significant side effect.  Enter the great and modern expansion of the estate of the Hopital General, for now everyone's state of mind is a potential asset or liability on the global god damned battlefield, and some Dr. Doolittle or other might just find it expedient to advise some wise assed general that it weighs significantly in favor of the interest of the country to toss a few...thousand or even million people into a grey category between "trusted civilian asset" and "confirmed enemy combatant".  Well, FUCK YOU if that's why psychotronics is being covertly deployed in tandem with the other vectors of social control I've noted are just all handily assembled today for our own protection from ourselves.

I have no respect for you or your "authority", because those both ended when you presumed to be my judge.  You can judge any witless peon you wish, but you are not my judge by any sight whatsoever.  Certainly not out of the pretexts and totality of circumstances that you have concocted here.  I know who is behind what, and I know a damned racket when I see it.  You can polish it with your papers and official statements, and you can shove down the throats of the average public dufus through grey propaganda eagerly devoured with fetus burgers and washed down with placenta soda if that's your game, but I sure as hell will not take it, from you, or any god you please to name.  The cybernetics of all these forces of human cooperation and conflict are fascinating indeed.  I have been fascinated with them my whole life.  But I'm much more fascinated by the difference between Good and evil, and you have perpetrated these frauds of deception and extortion upon me are evil.  I know you have a lot of dipshits under your massive institutional thumbs, and I know the lineage of this process goes back so long that no one truly remembers who the first Nimrod was who started it, and that's a rather grim aspect of the whole hypernormalization process, its intergenerational overdetermination over the individuals caught in the eye of the present.  But to hell with that!  And with YOU. 

As a study in what goes on in the world and therefore as an indispensable and called for act, these sorts of investigations of how human behavior in a larger sphere of consideration relates in various ways with military conflicts, but for this machine to be fed with this sort of scholarship acting as the background music to what was rightly called a massive racket by generals who saw it for what it is first hand, I have to say the shark has been royally jumped, eggheads.   But anyone who thinks there isn't a complete "parallel civilization" that is set up over them so that their misery and toil can be perpetuated and made the raw material of the next generation of policy studies for said rackets, know that the fraudulent entities that thrive in this respect have the majority of the intelligentsia of this country "with them", because all these fools want is a grant and a pat on the back, and an opportunity to engage in their preferred form of coddled brain work. The ultimate conditions of the system in which they are operating are in some sense never their concern, counter-intuitively.  They wish to find handy ways to frame the world into a heuristic useful to their paymasters, mainly.  The few who grow a pair or at least a conscience don't last too long in those circles.  All I can say to them is don't spend your black operations paycheck on any kind of vehicle made after the early 2000s, or you may find yourself crashing into a tree all of sudden, or else conveniently suicided due to the melancholy and stress which were concomitant with your patriotic applications of higher cognition.

While I was taking a gander at the structure of units in the US Army, I thought I'd take a look at the Air Force upper management structure.  As I predicted, a hell of a lot more human behavioral science, a lot more "AI" and "Machine Intelligence" and computer science was gushing forth from the various civilian and military joint offices that have as their habitat a quite "indispensible" structure which lives on the rest of us like a necessary and valiant symbiote. When it crosses the line into becoming a parasite, no matter in what secret dungeons or with what cone-domes in white lab coats,  then that is the more urgent threat.  The "turrrrists" can be easily neutralized with all the modern systems of technology and technique available, but what of the enemy within, the force within institutions inherent to the country's norms and standards of human social conduct both on small and large scales, today and as the status quo that slowly evolves across generations?  What if it decides, at any stage in the human minds which are involved with it directly, let alone if it is a machine intelligence, to do what it sees fit, period?   They you have a problem that won't be solved by studying our behavior in some specious act of deflection upon entities largely created by the same parasite which needs an active "outer foe" to justify its very existence.  And a very well-padded, well-armed, and well-honored existence it seems to be.  At your and my expense.  And well, duh, your children's expense, also.  In case that matters to you.  Well, here's a link, and a thousand could be shoved in here, to some of the literature that flows through those privileged conduits of our protection.

In a rare (or rarely reported or rarely discovered) event of egg-head conscience, there have been alarms raised, whistles blown, and yes cries of concern generally that scientists have issued with regard to DARPA's intention to do very disastrous things using insects and viruses.  Like I always say, it starts small.  First you let one fellow get thrown in the ditch as a loony nobody and fraud for inventing something that might obviate the need to treat MDs as our only intercessors between disease and health (I'm thinking of Rife among many others openly and quietly martyred for the sake of moral and mental peons who don't care), and the next thing you know, not only are you racing for the cure until the end of time for a stupid virtue signal ribbon or pin or sticker, but you're also running from the disease-infested mosquitoes they unleashed upon you recently in the name of science and national security.

A wide variety of applications exist for the developed technologies of Nikola Tesla and those brilliant physicists of his day and age.  But they who have usurped technology since the Royal Acadamies of Europe got their grubby hands on the brain drain process, since even before Newton, and as far back as Archimedes and earlier, have truncated their utility for "the people" (whom they do not care for except as assets of manipulation), and  have maximized their utility for social control (and general warfare applications, of course). 

This link connects to a reputable neuroscientific journal.  This article in that journal connects directly to a propagandistic LIE.  People are being sold the BLATANT LIE that these scientists' work is offering valuable insights to the public about mental and neurological health, as if that were a possible outlay of the investments in that research.  What is PROBABLE is that they are far more interested in weaponizing these developments, which are pervasively compartmentalized for the sake of such, so that they can get their automated tyranny more finely tuned.  All one needs to do is read the details of the different projects and their expected "impacts" and get a sense of what is the propaganada filler and what is the tyrannical "meat".   Really, with what China openly does, and America covertly does, to their populations, does one REALLY believe it is for the open and objective benefit of "the people"?  Seriously, asking just who "the people" are has never been a more poignantly relevant question.

And if you don't think this is going on here just because China is shameless about it then you don't know where you live, what's going on, or a hell of a lot else that should matter to any American Citizen, and you are in a clandestine and pseudo-American version of the SAME DAMNED THING, managed by the same entities in some cases, or with parallel entities, and for the same basic reasons, with the same effects and impacts, and using the same methods. From my own experience, I was directly targeted I believe because I have an uncanny antivalence to this crap on all axes of its manifestation and influence.

 As if "color revolutions" weren't ongoing since the development of "Blue" and "Red" parties in this country, here comes the "Purple".

I don't see most people on the political spectrum as being particularly "innocent" in the first place, and so it comes with no approbation for the recent candidate for JOSCOTUS that I mention the relevant "facet of interest" of one of his accusers

And look at ICELAND.  Poor Iceland.  So close to freedom, yet so far away... 

We here have a massive social idiocy network that is well-funded and well-organized and fully staffed with useful idiots.  This is the way they want you, and this is the way you have become, and this is the way you have chosen to be. How can you wonder how someone would hate you for your cowardice and weakness? Men without chests, indeed.  And with cell phones up their asses.

Women with chests are also being wiped out in the world.  It just turns out that all these "causes" filled with useful idiots couldn't give a damn about their plight, though supposedly they are concerned about the conditions of women, especially women who are willing to fight for their own rights.  All these stupid hash-tag groups in this country make me sick with their stupid hypocrisy. 

But what would be weirder than witnessing someone think that because of some superficial arrangements of enmity that any true disputes are being resolved, rather than that we have been beset with a circus side-show which has materialized in nothing I can count as serious and substantive, nothing that satisfies Justice but only claims to seek some sort of remedy to a specious (though symbolic) array of yet obvious injustices that surely pervade the social demographic by far more than a "few thousand" who  "committed deliberate treason".  That's a token manifestation only.  There are millions of witting accomplices... And under them are at least 10-30 million willing accessories who deserve to be wearing ankle bracelets or implants rather than walking around illustriously with cell phones and nice cars and clothes.  This Lydian Circus doesn't necessarily end with any incoming office-holder of any kind.  But Mike Adams and Linda Paris "aka" Deplorable McAllister think he's the Messiah. Well, in a rare episode of irony, I'm going to have to go "Orthodox Jew" on that one. But Trump probably is doing that, judging from the way he kisses the ring of the "established ones".  I see no more room for 5D chess without solid, empirical, completely forthcoming evidence or I see a continuation of the same Old World Protection Racket. Here are all the pertinent links.

Just check out the two relevant videos (1) and (2) to the first of which I have appended this comment and you will get a sense of what some "fifthers" have against me, which is that I do not share their religion, nor do I even respect their promotion of it on the flimsiest of grounds, and find that their doctrines are more offensive, all other things being equal, than any detractions or criticisms of them, however "over the top".   In this case I say on YouTube:

The Gnostic Truth 1 second ago All this amounts to is either of two things (or both): 1) Recycling/rehashing a well-known and thoroughly discredited argument, a completely defeated one, actually 2) Confessing your genuine adherence to its implicit assumptions 1) It is known that regardless of one's metaphysical beliefs, most people rationally believe that they have a certain amount of time to exist in their human form and "do things". So no one is arguing that the situation is very appealing if one thought that "good deeds" should be rewarded with proportionate duration of time and adequate resources allocated for the purpose, though it turns out we empirically live in a world where those are not provided. Yet despite rationalizing those deficits with various metaphysical notions contrived to "console" people about the matter, it is not in any way shown that by so doing there is any demonstration that WITHOUT such circumstances that people should "just do anything". Think of the alternatives as usual and act according to your conscience, if you have one, or don't, if you choose to do otherwise or lack a conscience about the matter. Nothing has changed without your metaphysical inducements, as those are clearly fabricated and the facts of life have remained the same. Really a poor extension of the logic that Blaise Pascal used in his famous Wager. Indeed, nothing would have changed even WITH those notions being accepted as provisionally true, except to WORSEN your claims. For just as they have no relevance if NOT true, a fortiorit, and in the same vein, it is much more degrading to the notion of second order (higher) morality that one should act merely because of the inducements of convenience, or fail to act merely because of the disincentives involved. What sort of "morality" are you talking about except "first order" (lower order) morality, which is the "morality" that can be instilled in any creature that responds to stimuli. That is true a fortiori non plus ultra if you take infinite rewards or punishments into account. 2) Is it not from your own abundance of moral fiber that you think it is "rational" to "do whatever you want" just because you have a finite life span in an inhospitable environment? Truly I say unto thee, thou has "projected" thine own, without addressing at all the actual matter. Now I shall go and enjoy Christian Justice, DarkMatter2525 style.
Just look what "Anti-Me" does as soon as the pressure is on... What else is new?  He and his have done far worse to those of my religion since they plagiarized and bastardized our Knowledge!  They couldn't bury or burn all the evidence, because as irony would have it the most massive and profound Gnostic Library is in Xinjiang, in Western China!  The locality whereat the great imposters will now officially sacrifice the well-being of their Chinese flock, knowing that in their hearts they are not the "Body of Christ".  Seriously, they won't even care about the loss, accepting it as being a great distraction from their crimes against children.  Not that they cared about the children in China regardless of their religious affiliation. At least for a time they had more direct access to them.  Perhaps through this deal,they will get a steady shipment of child sacrifices for their "Ninth Circle" endeavors.

And it should be added that Deplorable McAllister also seems unaware, like most aficionados of political figures, that he is basically a cut out.  "His administration" is intent upon raising the admissible amount of radiation that can be endured by the public as "healthy" or "sufficiently non-hazardous" so as to allow a complete 5G rollout.  5D?  How about 5G.  You'd think the lefties would jump all over this with all their concern for healthy, but it's not on their funding-approved, propaganda-registered list of concerns.

The Wikipedia link does the double duty of telling us who Mike Adams is, or else the opposite of who he is, depending on how you interpret it.  And either way, you get the bonus of learning something about Wikipedia, and possibly even some insight into the effective utility of covert internet topology manipulation on various scales, and how that might dovetail in with a complex and diverse system of manipulation which I call a "metaracket".  Some marks targeted by this racket are neck deep in perpetrating and perpetuating it, but still think there isn't a racket to be concerned about.  That says a lot about them and their handlers, doesn't it. 

Either way, and no matter what Prager U has to say about, conducting any sort of extortion racket, especially with malice aforethought, is not "being tolerant", let alone law-abiding and benign.  But their commercial about tolerance has a rhetorical power one can expect only from the religious right when they are on the back foot of influence over some aspect of the status quo. Still true information though.  They fight back with truth when they have to, but when they don't have to, or when they are going on the offensive, they give "hypocrisy" a bad name.

I don't go to these L-Circuses, they come to me.  That's how I became "empirically acquainted" with these rackets about which I had always some degree of knowledge in the abstract.  They have exposed themselves with arrogance and a sense of assured safety while committing vile and unforgivable crimes, for which they seem to feel no guilt in committing, nor dread of ever being punished.  They willfully expose this attitude to some, such as myself, as a sign of their being unrepentantly malicious.  So I'm not really interested in jumping onto any religious bandwagons.

 Amazingly enough, people in their unprofessional idiocy think that I derive my ideas from sources on the internet, such as mu understanding that their is being conducted, on pretexts of national security and public safety, certain rackets some of which I have detailed here and elsewhere.  It is simply the fact that some people are constantly scanning the world for facts, and even without reading through their interpretations, let alone agreeing with them, I am able to abstract information which is empirical enough that, in one form or another and with very different interpretations by different media, does basically amount to a set of facts nobody very much disagrees with.  I make my own interpretation based upon a set of investigative heuristics, as I said. But sometimes I feel that these sources, which do obsess upon the "Lydian Circus Show of Lowlife, Lackluster, Lame and Loser Fifths" receives a bit too much "surface treatment" by some like Rense, in his news feed.  It can't all be about visible cutouts in a far deeper and more complex racket.  Especially not when psychotronics has been deployed in a clandestine operation which may be called "Operation Ludicrous".  So I'm happy to see when Jeff Rense uses aggregate feed that he posts headlines and articles links upon will deign to reference the world of high-technological fifthery.  He graced the normal feed with a link to this video about one of the many toys your Lydian Lackey overlords have to play with upon you.

Or maybe you don't even need such manipulations of the brain in a direct way in the first place, and simply control the flow and structure of information in the collective and individual levels, as I have been at pains to express to anyone within earshot and anyone who happened by some miracle of fate to encounter my writings and videos on the internet for the last six years.  What I had done in the measure of ensuring that it was done by someone who had the information so that those who, by some proper dint of destiny, were to encounter that information and do whatever, with their own souls, what they saw fit, was interdicted by a system already long in place which intended to usurp such rightful actions and make them a caricature of their substance, giving only the form of their process without the actual content being true to that form.  I owe no allegiance to anyone who would presume to do such an evil thing, they are traitors, they are scum, they are filth, they are a cult of damned lying devils that I will see sent straight to hell. But their methodologies are well-documented.

Or maybe all the problems the country has right now as discussed briefly in the following link are just minor and there isn't anything by way of explanation, or some trite explanation will be sufficient, while all the connected operations I have been talking about in one form or another are just in my, and others' imagination.  They're still pretty damn bad and not minor at all. 

Can anyone believe that "debunking" websites are honest?  The only honest position to start with when it comes to positive claims that can't be immediately verified by some basic sense or faculty (such as one's healthy eyes or valid logical inferences), is skepticism.  That means simply the unwillingness to believe without some sufficient evidence.  Even if that evidence were to be offered, there may be a question as to the standards of evidence, and this is the only "rational" approach to belief that exists.  Take the issue of human health.  What constitutes true "good health" is not just anyone's guess.  We have now, as we always have had, "experts" on the subject.  But is your condition of well-being subject to the opinion of experts?  That's very debatable.  But what about your responsibility for choosing to acknowledge or recognize your own condition, especially where it may be an indication of your health?  That belongs solely to you unless you are a mental invalid or else in the custody of someone who assumes that responsibility for you.  If that is understood, then you may also review history to see how this responsibility has been treated by the popular opinion of various cultures from ancient China to 1920s America, and you will get an even better sense of the idea.  Yet, we live in a world where history is "written by the victors", and you can guess from the evidence that those would be the official societies of experts who call themselves "American Professional Association" this or that.  ADA, AMA, APA  et al.  

Will you be so gullible as to believe they exist simply to ensure that your well-being and prosperity are protected truly?  Or are they not simply and by the nature of the situation a protection racket, as they always have been, mainly there to ensure that only those they approve can become "experts" and that only what they allow to be called "expertise" can be offered to the public?  While a gullible idiot will assume that is a good thing, they've obviously never understood either history nor criminology.  They think evil conspiracies are only the work of villains in the imagination of their heroes in the various guilds of acting, directing, screenwriting, and writing.  That's what I call vicious gullibility.  In other words, recalcitrant stupidity.  These associations are of course simply a modern form of Royal Imperative to inflict the prerogatives of de jure (but not de re) authority, so that control is centralized over the populace.  This is a fact.  The proof is evident, but people are recalcitrantly stupid.  That also is a fact.  And when a fact like that exists, there is "no point arguing with it".  But it is still always admissible to point out facts, even to a brick wall of idiocy.  

The internet is a system of surveillance, entrapment, propaganda, and a feedback system for social control which is the product of and in the service of the usurpers of the genuine rationality and sovereign will of any who dare to use it.  On it there are those who are enabled, through its covertly manipulated topologies of information flow and truncation, to act as de facto and even de jure censors of what passes for the status quo.  The formerly mentioned "guilds" are also involved, but even they must take a back seat in this enterprise commonly mistaken for being a modern "Gutenberg Press".  Sorry, but it is not (if you are even someone who can understand this who is receiving it, which is growingly not likely...).  But in this situation, those pathetic censors will tell you that they are "rational" even while patently displaying the worst cognitive hygiene that I have ever seen.  They are as sloppy, useless, and harmful as a 13th century internal medical doctor in Europe.  Take "RationalWiki" for example.  They are so blatantly irrational that they openly criticize a possible remedy as a fraud even while admitting that it has not bee properly tested by "medical authorities".  Yet those authorities are very fond of large budgeted "research" while you "run for the cure" and collect your ribbons, but they won't bother to "debunk" possible remedies for diseases which have been either long overdue for cure or else have been a recent and severe scourge with rather questionable origins?

They'll just jump on the bandwagon and dictate to the reader of their tripe that the standard story of the status quo is correct, and you can rest at ease. Continue your donations and your self-reaffirming virtue signaling, the experts are working hard on your behalf.  What a shit show.

Look, I could go on and on about how I have been pointing out these and many other factors of the "deep state" apparatus, and you better believe I investigated these matters and analyzed them using only the most basic indicators necessary for the analysis.  I certainly never have cloistered my process around other commentators so that I ended up being a clone of theirs.  Yet, when one examines the analyses of any of those which I consider to worthy of examination for general purposes of understanding the world in which we currently live, then the reason is that there are core elements of their analyses that correspond to the facts of the world, and also to the conclusions I also have reached vis-a-vis those same facts.  The reasons they adduce for their conclusions are often partial in comparison with the root reasons that I present, but I count them as co-essential in the total analysis.  As Alexander Emerick Jones was often fond of saying before he was censored halfway out of the public, there is a reason why people talking about the same things and reaching the same conclusions concerning them often sound like one another.  It's because they are independently reaching the same results based on the same objective reality.

All I can do is my best to observe the empirical facts of the world and try and make the best sense of them that I can of them, using methods of analysis that I not only trust, but have damn good reason to trust.  Having presented these efforts to the public I made them available for the inspection of every living soul in the world who would come across them so that they could use the information as they saw fit.  Hardly as part of an effort to persuade, and really just a report of what seems to me persuasively real in light of the facts and common sense and its extensions, with transparent methods of analysis also indicated by my lines of reasoning.  Therefore, it is nothing but a model that others can use or dismiss, whether reasonably or not.  Yet, despite much work operating in parallel across the digital landscape, it is clear that a process of distortion has been at work which has not only truncated the availability of information between parties, but has also exaggerated the excess of availability in particular cases, in all cases in ways that precisely resemble stacking the deck, rigging the process, in other words lying, cheating, and in fact committing massive-scale fraud with relative impunity.

What in the hell does a world like this think it has in terms of justification for its existence, let alone any sort of foreseeable future that leads not to its complete annihilation?  The best it can hope for is euthanasia.  I've given the hue and cry, I am not liable.  Those who failed their own due diligence, who are often found whoring out for these systems of vile hypocrisy and manipulation, are guilty.  While you were busy pretending to be others' judges, you should have been getting your own damned lives in order and left each to his own, especially rather than using public offices of authority, some private entities, and all sorts of advancements in science and technology to inflict your damned tyranny of moral degeneracy and arrogant usurpation of others' rights upon any and all, to include your own children.  Julian Assange says that this generation being born now will be the last to be born free.  What a joke if he calls being  born into this vile gulag is being "born free".  It is the last generation to be born at all.  This world is slated for being returned into that from which it was made, and that will then be completely purified of any "memory" of this filthy manifestation of pseudobeing.  As was said to be the inevitable consequence for all worlds, so will it come to pass, just as all the TRUE Hierophants already declared for thousands of years.  This world's lack of due diligence in failing to listen to this Wisdom, for so long, and from those Wise Heads especially (some of Whom these fools claim to follow), is the simple and obvious cause leading to the effect. 

Note:  This, as with most of the material I present to the public through the internet, is not intended as any sort of "confession" or "argument" to those who are involved in Fifth Columnry, many of whom are too dense to even understand what I'm talking about. I'm not here pleading with anyone in an attempt to justify myself or my position, nor apologize for anything, real or imagined.  Fifths can go fuck themselves.  This is simply my clarification of the obscure, though it may as well be a swan song in a bottle, because as I've said, there is only a slim chance that it spontaneously reaches anyone, and is most certainly guided through very strictly controlled covertly manipulated internet topologies. Hopefully it will be a pain to Fifth Eyes at least.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

On This Masquerade of Inexquisite Developments

What I see in the world, where it hinges upon the will of human beings with no affiliation with me, reflects a character of insipid hypocrisy and base cowardice that I cannot abide.  Yet here it has the audacity to present itself just as if it were a fundamental representation of the nature of existence and all the constellations of meaning and significance that are habitually attached to it by all people in some form or another, and which are only formalized and extended by those engaged in philosophy.  For the most part I had been of the mind that I should start with some set of assumptions which show a sense of due respect for the conditions of the world which preceded my earnest consideration of them, into which I was born, and which may be summed up as the status quo.  If my reflexive position were given words at the time, it might have been expressed as "extend charity, and the benefit of the doubt, since to falsely ascribe evil to the good is far worse than to be beguiled into accepting as good what is evil".  At least it seemed like the instinct aback my motive, which was unconscious and simply a function of innate character.

The world is a place of great tumult and noise, so whatever the substance of it, there is certainly not any shortage of energetic action on its own part to demonstrate in phenomenal form the character it does possess.  Just as when, in the outlays of committed and passionate action, someone in apparent distress has yet to get out the clear annunciation of the words needed to express their fluster, so one patiently observes their display so as to get the sense of it as it unfolds, so the world, as much thrown at those who are thrown into it, had a lot to say buried within the awkward gesticulations of its various forms of expression.   Whether as the immediate experience as formed in the developing mind-brain complex over the course of the first 24 years of its life, or the recorded history of the world in last 24 centuries, the world seemed a complex and often inchoate attempt at getting something out which it needed to say.  I think that I was simply trying to make sense of it.  In many instances of traumatic conflict which seemed to arise in my relations with the people who were cast into my life by fate (fifthed fate or not), I was always trying to get myself into a position of better and more secure understanding not only of the in scenes put on display in phenomenal form, but more keenly I was intrigued by the whole fact of the event which, in this limited scope, manifests existence as a fundamental quality of "the world", one which suggests that this world is possibly an important piece of evidence about what existence should be "as such".

Without being able to refine my impressions at so many of these early stages, in such a way as to make the fullest sense of them which would later be possible only after special and committed effort, I found myself only belatedly realizing that the world stage and its cast of characters were, alike with their plot formulas and scripts, something of a truncated deformity running on a sort of automatic impulse to continue a sequence of jerky, violent, and often imbecilic motions of will not unlike what one would expect of a defective machine that yet shudders and whines as it cycles through its various malfunctions, which might charitably be understood as the broken deployment of what may have been, for all one knew, a much better planned structure whose function would have been, in ideal form, something marvelous to behold.  On occasion there were indications of a promise that had seemed, in its own testimony, to be sincerely something worth the effort to approach.   But alas it was simply a sort of wishful thinking which turns away from the blatant horrors of a deformity into which one is forced to endure as though something nourishing what might better be understood as toxic.  This rather in a similar way that one finds amicable the frustrations of daily life, but only as something much preferable to the destructive malevolence of full scale and unmitigated violence in the heat of war, crime or some wicked accident or natural disaster.

But for this to be the unmistakable tenor and timbre of the chord struck by existence itself, by this life as such regardless of any vicissitudes of the particularities of this or that fate, that was the rot at the core of the structure of these impressions, which in my early childhood I could only address as a stark and aggressive assault from everywhere and nowhere which could be answered only by a desperate attempt to survive, at whatever times it was necessitated in my defense, by means of a form of concentrated effort of will not unlike trying to breathe through as suffocating paralysis which awakens one from sleep on the verge of an anesthesia sliding toward an increasingly black void that is either death or its event horizon where it meets the last terrifying experiences of a life which had not yet developed a sense of rhyme or reason in the first place.  

Later developments would seem like necessities forced onto the aftermath of a psychical war zone inexpressible in the sort of language which could even explain the subjective context into which those developments were to be integrated, let alone articulate any expression of why they could not be coordinated into a graceful rapport with those who thought themselves, in all their aloof primitiveness, to be the wise and benevolent administrators of my upbringing. Naturally, the facts of the world which I would only much later discover would have been impossible for me to comprehend at the time when their probable and destructive impacts were being registered as the basic conditions of life itself, and the twisted pathways of their discovery in gerrymandered patches and pieces were almost comical in their tragic clambering.  It may have been a dramatic improvement of the tone of all these proceedings if these efforts weren't complicated by a set of conditions resembling a dungeon of torture, with travel companions in this misadventure being much more akin to stalking hyenas exhibiting sardonic and facile graces.  But the subtraction of those accompaniments would have been precluded by the basic facts of the world and humanity, or perhaps more to the point, human nature and its ugly record of its own vile fumbling through time and space as if it were a phantasmagoria rightly existing for its own sake.

So of course it was not merely the evasion of involvement in the world fostered by a cultish avoidance of the world's institutions of authority, one which was dictated by a specious reference to religious pretexts which were the unfortunate burden of my familial circumstances, that spurred me to witness the human form and its social, cultural, and political and economic facades as if they were some sort of show put on simply for the necessity of maintaining an illusion.  It was not even simply a quality of "maya" or "samsara" that was naturally received as a feigned expression misleading me from a genuine involvement in reality.  Although perhaps those factors were also speaking within the cacophony of phenomenal forms befitting a charnel house of malicious deception sickly coated with some poisoned pseudo-sweetness. It was in fact a function of the way that the world endures in bad faith its own falsehoods which set up the interaction that spoke truly by speaking falsely.  That someone should be treated like a badly adjusted fool, who is in fact doing nothing other than react in some manner of appropriate dysfunction in the face of these rampant and grotesque deformities of the world that sabotaged what should have been for the sake of sustaining the stability of what should not be, is at once something which should have been expected from any proper knowledge of the causes of its happening, which are also the causes of the state of the world.  But that such should be the environmental genesis in which the development of standard faculties of cognition and evaluation, of the varied prongs of the will to live and express life, that such should be the case in all contradiction to the pretenses of being the proper realm in which those faculties are fostered, is a sort of crime that cannot even be imagined by the mind of the average, full grown adult.

So if were to operate from a position of even-tempered moderation of thought and feeling at all, it might be considered a bit disingenuous, like someone stoic under the duress of torture merely to withhold from those evildoers in his midst the satisfaction of a sincere anguish.  But I cannot in good and honest truth pretend that the world of this nightmarish falsehood deserves my gentle sentiments or a tactful presentation of thoughts concerning a fate which is proper and proportional to its vile nature and form.

A federally reinforced extortion racket has been set up in every state and city, as well as every community.  This is the fact that underlies the importance of what is happening institutionally with President Trump, as it is happening at the MOB LEVEL in every populated area of the country.  THE FIFTHIN MUST END NOW, or no one is going to have anything to be "nice" about.  And this is what is bringing the world to the brink of destruction; deservedly.  The drama with DJT is simply an outward symptom at most, AT MOST.  It only goes deeper where deception is involved, and it by far exceeds the offices in question.  Let that not be forgotten.  The ENTIRE SOCIETY IS IMPLICATED IN AN EXTORTION RACKET AND I DO NOT SPEAK METAPHORICALLY.  They have treated the last 20 years, wittingly, almost en masse, as a battleground in which to wage secret war against their neighbor, and still do.  Now it is a war for credibility, after their extortion had already rightly destroyed their capability to hold credit or honor.  But they were involved on pretenses of honor, so that will be shrugged off as a detraction from their enemy, the "bad or dangerous people X, Y, or Z".  So they now have to assert that they were RIGHT to do this and that they have the right to be HONORED by those they have made war upon and TREATED AS GOOD AND HONEST NEIGHBORS.  That's how "deep" the problem goes.  This requires a serious retributive consequence to match its moral and civic evil.

As to the meta-racket level behind the social warfare movement, such as with the Federal Reserve System and its worse than "odious" debt, there is no way to do anything but what he threatens to do in your scenario. One does not "work with" such an entity, one dismantles it. But as to the media self-sabotage,; that is true, and one can even use it to track its loyal audience and know from who is loyal to this propaganda, that is who is and has been MOST INSTRUMENTAL to it, and that brings us back to that grass roots fifth columnry I've been talking about. It's like an army of mystery shoppers descended on SOME people, namely and especially anyone with their eyes open to Truth and Justice, which these criminal actors attempt to pervert and obstruct. It is in every neighborhood watch, in every police department, in every city council, in every legal system, and in every business plaza. What's the percentage in overall numbers? About 50 percent are wittingly instrumental to some degree, with that degree escalating exponentially toward a centrum of control which is no doubt tied to the aforementioned metarackets (financial and cultural), which are intermarried with governmental corruption in all state offices toward the end of maintaining other metarackets, in the pharmaceutical, biomedical, agrabusiness, and energy resources sectors.   Obviously the "big tech" elements have been critical, especially where it concerns the information infrastructure, surveillance, weaponized media, and certain directed energy, chemical, nanotechnological applications to and augmentations of these rackets, which dovetails in the whole host of these illicit forces into being an array of circles of influence arranged around a common centrum.

The entire thing is supported centrally by corruption in the military and intelligence sectors. And who is better at hiding behind plausible deniability than those who employ such as fronts for any of their criminality and wrongdoing than by those given some form of carte blanch in their affiliation with such institutions.  The CIA in many aspects of what it does under its rather overreaching, sometimes morally depraved and evil, and often illegal activity, and the FBI in some of its respective endeavors, have corrupt elements and assets that keep the whole damn thing bureaucratically organized. This is not a supposition, this is a necessary fact attendant to historical facts that point to it and the necessity of such to be in place. They are in place precisely where they alone can, in such a position, augment and be augmented by these rackets under color of authority. 

That is the ultimate metaracket, as it directly obstructs, perverts the functioning of the very authority it claims, and uses the authority it claims to augment that very sabotage. That's quite like going on crusades against some cause while being one its chief proponents in fact. That deserves to be called a metaracket. The local elements of it are frauds and integral to the entire structure, giving it its false normality. So again, there is something to be learned from following the money and influence, as well as the convenient "historical events". The problem with this lies partly in the cause, but also in the effect, and also in the consequences. If Justice is to be avenged, how can this world dare think it will not be melted down into oblivion? NO FIFTHIN! NONE! Or there is no "world" or "society" that is worth saving in the first place.