Sunday, July 8, 2018

Economic, Political and Spiritual Considerations

Before I continue with the matter of criminology as I understand it, I would like to mention some matters on economics.  These two are very intimately related fields.  To understand economics outside of the context of history would be absurd, of course, and so to do so as though it were a rigorous science would be sheer folly, though there is a lot of legerdemain in place to obscure this fact.  Yet, that's exactly what people have done since Aristotle wrote the first known little work on the subject in the western world.  It reads more as an extension of the principles of his ethics, but it includs some notions which are empirically relevant to the modern day in quite a philosophical and ethical sense even apart from Aristotle's own take on the subjects.  Namely, that of slavery.  (as a side note of cultural relevance, notice how only Great Men had busts of marble made after them, or at least truly powerful men.  Not like today, where every doofus that can roll a blunt and then bounce his butt in a talent show thinks his grill should be on display to the public, but that's a matter of clown culture, this is economics).

The term indicates different things in different contexts.  Not so long ago, or actually a couple of decades ago almost, I remember putting together a desktop computer and learning how the components go together in the tower box.  I was putting in two hard drives, and one of them was to hold the operating system.  It was nominated by the BIOS as the "master" drive, and the other drive was nominated the "slave" drive.  That is a terminology borrowed from mechanics no doubt, where some components of a drive system transmit the energy, and those that receive that energy and convey it toward the systems where it does the "meaningful work" are the slave components.  Poetic in a way, since Aristotle considered mechanical engineers and practical mathematicians as slave-like professions.  He was speaking abstractly of course, but his views on those who were fit only to do menial labor were the root of his idea.  In essence, the "master" unit will convey the instructions which will be obeyed by the "slave" unit, no matter what sort of work or action is taking place, and those who "think toward a practical purpose" have their thoughts as it were "enslaved" by that purpose, especially if they are commissioned by others to do those things. They become, as it were, glorified tools.  

Sad to say, that has become concretely fulfilled in the present day with the intelligentsia of the large-scale war/intrigue/organized crime racket that has thoroughly corrupted the very fabric of society, let alone of the institutions that were bound by the laws of entropy to develop corruption relative to the honest, hard working "slave" cast.  You know, the ones who make all the toys that these gigantic evil brats are playing with while experimenting on the populace for covert punitive and "training" purposes.  This is nothing but a continuation of the post-war raketeering process overtaking the government through the defense industry "iron triangle" that formed between the military, the government, and select industries and sections or major players of industries in all areas of human action.  FULL SPECTRUM DOMINANCE is their motto, which is the ONLY thing that could enamble "MASTERING THE HUMAN DOMAIN".   

What else would you consider an open air Manhattan Project environment which is constantly treating of threats that can be traced to itself, albeit other evil actors also exist in the world.  AT LEAST THEY don't have access to systems of clout in every area of society as though they were the best and brightest of us?  As I said, compartmentalized, pervasive, and (fractally) distributed.  Making it efficiently and deceptively, coercively influential.  It is a de facto prison where corruption has commandeered the reigns of society in such a way as to try and have two roles accorded it simultaneously, that of warden and master, and that of superior and leader.  Both corruption AND virtue?  What else would one expect from metacriminals?  What would the "interconnectedness factor" of that arrangement appear as if it were illuminated in a time-elapsed format?  It would look like a hideous, parasitic, strangulating version of the "life form" interconnectedness aspects shown in this video.  It would look like one of these "domains" of human action getting "mastered" by a strangulating force.  It would look like an act of insidious aggression.

Aristotle's metaphysics entails a cosmos created by a Being whose only activity is to contemplate its own glorious essence for eternity.  This "prime mover" was the sought for goal toward which all the rest of existence was motivated, toward the ideal state of which it was "enslaved".  This is the "final cause" of any given entity's form, substance, and act.  Those who were most like this being in the human form were manifestly those most capable of thinking the thought that thinks itself, as it were.  Philosophers were naturally the most obvious members of this class of human beings, the species that Aristotle called the "rational animal".  Not unlike his latter day and modern analogues such as Hegel, it was a short stretch of the imagination to think that perhaps Aristotle, one of the chief philosophers of any age let alone his own age, was a sort of "God Man", or a form of the God in Man, or perhaps an actualization to some significant degree of something Godly in Man.  A fullness of actualization toward which men were bound to strive as long as they were men at all, whether they realized it or not.

Practical mathematicians such as mechanical engineers were not as noble as were meteorologists and astronomers in Aristotle's conception, who were not as noble as philosophers, who were not nearly as noble as the Prime Mover (a nearly heretical notion in Greece at that time if not carefully coached in metaphysical terms). If that's something of a fair paraphrasing of his views, I would have apologize for its appearing to suggest that he truly thought this way, because it seems to me he was simply trying to emphasize the sheer difference between reflective and rational self-awareness (not "awareness of the self", here) and simply being a hungrily motivated organic robotoid.  Even if there were some tones of class distinction per se, and there were, they were the backdrop of his considerations of the nature of the Noble in Man.  It was a simple fact of observation that not all men equally demonstrated various aspects of Man's Essence.  He held out that the nobility of the ruling class was exhibited truly only by a sliding scale of specimens in that class, which often were noble in name only. 

As with his predecessors in this noble field, he was admired and hated.  Mostly he was admired by those who aspired to wisdom, and mostly he was hated by corrupt elements of the ruling class, comprised of wealthy, land-owning (and people owning) oligarchs and their priestly sycophants. This was the case in all times and places, and True Philosophers were always walking a line between their aspirations toward Sophianic Wisdom and the vile facts of a world whose authority structures were built mainly upon the inertial forces of acquired plunder unjustly distributed.  None of which would have been possible if not built upon the backs of a de facto and de re, if not de jure  or de dicto slave class.  A certain amount of contempt was held out to both ends of this corrupt spectrum of human actors by the thinker who thought that metaphysics (in its proper, philosophical sense) is the science that "God Himself" would conduct if He were to conduct a science.  Kant later recapitulated such a notion of "God's kind of thinking", if you will, by suggesting that it is an active and creative kind rather than that passive and receptive kind which a human's intellect manifests in relation to his senses.

Regardless of the any of those matters and their accompanying issues, I wouldn't have agreed with Aristotle in certain ways if he had thought that physical work was fundamentally ignoble.  This world and its material forms are base and ignoble, but the effort that a "rational animal" puts into making the most of his bodily condition in a world like this is as noble as he is.  Just as a corrupt idiot can occupy an office of great authority (take anyone in any office who doesn't respect Life, Liberty, and Property as inherent Rights), and any Great Man must still care for his own body and see to the necessities of life's problematic conditions, especially those involving at least his own purpose for facing another day of it.  He can't put this responsibility on anyone else, and anyone who does is truly and most fundamentally a lesser man.  The Great Man is his own Prime Mover.  But that doesn't make every busy body a Great Man, not by any means! 

 The US Code states that the following is a criminal offense:

18 U.S. Code § 1513 - Retaliating against a witness, victim, or an informant
(b)  Whoever knowingly engages in any conduct and thereby causes bodily injury to another person or damages the tangible property of another person, or threatens to do so, with intent to retaliate against any person for
(2)  any information relating to the commission or possible commission of a Federal offense or a violation of conditions of probation, supervised release, parole, or release pending judicial proceedings given by a person to a law enforcement officer
Twhether that's done only instrumentally or not, the principles can be identified and that through an assessment of the evidence pertaining to the crime (which I report openly to the public), by observation of the tactics used by the assailants and their methodologies of communication.  Not only that, but there is, through various counter-operations conducted on my own behalf against these malicious offenders, a means by which I have found evidence of even the kind of information being used to falsify portrayals of my character and person so as to facilitate misled persons into illegal actions on the pretext of a "just cause".  This is all conducted just as if in accordance with the handbook of psychological warfare operations concerning "irregular warfare".  These methods were developed after the fact of the crime while it was ongoing, and are not in any way productive of any false signals which might have initiated any well-meaning concern, which is shown by the criminal tactics of a malicious investigation by greedy, cowardly, and duplicitous individuals.  The fact that I seriously had to develop these measures and then, almost to my shock, found evidence of what I had til then only construed without much experiment, I found in a way that goes far beyond what can be determined by simple observation without experimental interactions. 

In any event, some room is allowed in law for competent authorities to find a parallel construction in a certain criminal act with what is described in the actual law as written, and to develop a remedy for that crime which is proportional in form and content to what the law covers more closely and directly in its letter.  The Spirit of The Law pertains to all instances however its letter may articulate the codification of recognized entities and their roles in acting within a Jurisdiction, and not only precedes but awaits as a latent and fullest potential of The Law's proper application.  With that parallel construction of a crime, there comes a further construction of the appropriate punishment.

... or attempts to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

And the motives behind the crimes which I do report being conducted against me do resemble the crime covered in this code.  And it is destructive of the norms of better judgement which should have been exercised by people who got "swept up" into these rackets.  They should have smelled something rotten in the state of Fifthlandia. In any event, their conduct is to be accessories to a crime, and their activities should be neutralized according to the remedies appropriate in the Title which describes the crime which is almost a perfect analogy to theirs, though the motives may be various or even petty.  Petty the motives may be, misled the accessories and their instruments, but the harms can be grave as these are also considered under that code:

(e) Whoever knowingly, with the intent to retaliate, takes any action harmful to any person, including interference with the lawful employment or livelihood of any person, for providing to a law enforcement officer any truthful information relating to the commission or possible commission of any Federal offense, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

(f) Whoever conspires to commit any offense under this section shall be subject to the same penalties as those prescribed for the offense the commission of which was the object of the conspiracy.

When one considers that the public itself is what in essence creates its own law and order and chooses by various instruments to attain that, then one should be able to see clearly how any attack upon any member of the public who is operating in any way to augment its capability for being aware of any type of crime, especially any which are ongoing, and the investigation of which is clearly in the true interest of the true public, then those crimes are parallel to when a witness in a case which is being directly brought to the attention of a law enforcement officer or to the courts of law, or to the government (all of which are instruments of the public for the purposes of the upholding of law and order according to the mores of their culture but always as bound by the US Constitution), and should be treated as properly a form of the same crime. Just as when I might have to do harm in self-defense against a violent assailant, yet I must then report to the authorities the facts, which they must construe as to validity or dubiousness of my claims so that even I too may be charged with a crime (in whole or in part, whether as to disposition or proportionality of my acts), so TOO must those engaged in malicious acts of falsified national security and public safety endeavors who pretend to self-defense and defense of all of us ALSO account for their deeds and misdeeds openly and to the public.  That's precisely where they prefer NOT to engage me, because if the whole history of these actions were exposed it would lead to their being brought up on federal charges.

Entrapment works better when it is done covertly and over a long period of time as part of a clandestine operation, so that the manifest results can be converted into whatever sort of aftermath PR stunt that the entrappers want.  When one considers the methodology for irregular warfare and civilian military operations as explicitly outlined for use in "foreign countries", or when one considers its concept of "host populations" and other terms involving the agents and objectives involved in its operations, to include what is found described in the various agency operations manuals where the terms "foreign" and "adversary" are used, one can see that it takes only a slight tweaking of the correspondence of terms with real world actors, domains of action, and events taking place to see how this is a manual of operation which describes criminal acts on a mass scale, whether intranational or international, because the same methods and rhetoric are used for malicious falsifications of these operations so as to protect a racketeering process which has usurped their proper application as their own monopoly, the so-called DEEP STATE APPARATUSES.

At least it describes the forms which both a crime and a proper lawful act of self defense would both take.  "Our adversary" would be purported to mean one thing, as mischaracterized in instances relevant to the crimes of which I speak, and if the victims cannot be made to be induced to be "enemy combatants" in the true sense of the term through these evil means of entrapment, then they are simply to be framed as such when the opportunity is best.  Who is the subject of the term "our" is of interest here.  It is nominally the American People as represented by the institutions of their government and affiliated institutions, who here draft their concept through the DoD and DoJ elements involved, of how to defend the proper interests of the American People.  That is the nominal frame of reference.  But the way that this can operate as a cover to protect a racket which is ongoing and involved in corruption of DoD and DoJ, the USG, and the American People all at once, requires no stretch of the imagination, far less of one than the concept of "Mutually Assured Destruction" does to the strategic mind considering such scales of possibilities in a more catastrophic and sudden form. In this case, the operating agents of the system meant to protect the American People from crimes of fraud and violence which reach their greatest pitch in the event of war of some kind, themselves are the threat operating under the perfect cover.  Their harm to the interests these institutions are provided to defend is even more insidious than if they were truly and directly the result of some "foreign influence".  

This sort of racket can be conceived to be the simple result of corruption taking its normal and ancient course in any human power structure.  This is a pernicious influence on any society when it happens, even if its "operational manifestation" is limited to some meddling busybodies who think they are modern day aristocrats interested in the strange and criminal endeavor of "social engineering", which is best understood in its criminally relevant sense and not in its "entrepreneurial" sense.  It was these evil fuckwits who ran their different forms of harassment campaigns against people who for one reason or another were put on their "to fifth" lists.  It was farmed out under the guises of many fronts, to include many "social games" conducted by these "mystery fifthers".  People have lost their jobs, their livelihoods, their families, their parents, their children, their careers, their aspirations, their health, their dreams, and their lives to these organized and idiotic mobs of social falsifiers, organized under a multiplicitous metaracket that I've described elsewhere in plenty of detail. Only a numbskull or corrupt fool would fail to understand, for example, how the Federal Reserve System exists as a linchpin of this massive fraudulence.  The corruption associated with it, and extending from it, and feeding back into it, resembles the takeover of society by an alien force.

It was one thing to talk of "work" in all its varied senses before the advent of Newton and it is quite another afterword.  The advances in what can be done through technology have created a potential to allow each and every human being to live in health, comfort, and with all the attendant opportunities to find their own purpose in their own lives without anyone else's tinkering or attempts at management or "being boss".  This has been available to humankind for quite some time now.  What has history shown us that the busybodies and self-appointed aristocrats have been up to during all that same time?  Figuring out ways to suppress these applications of science and technology so as to truncate their availability in benign forms to anyone but themselves, funneling the humanity that had existed before into an even more glaringly abused and slave-like underclass.  Truly unneeded work made seemingly necessary, that's one horror, and it could have happened in any age.  But to ensure this to be a means of leverage that can be utilized on a mass scale to ensure the control of entire populations, of entire nations, is another scale of horror altogether.

I'm talking about rackets that have reached toward the heavens of human aspirations toward value and merit, honor and authority.  I'm talking about criminals who have naturally risen to the top of this corrupt heap, foisted over the masses who are, with each generation, "helped" by their glorified social worker elite to be more hobbled, more "differently enabled" to fail to even begin to discern the outer edges of the enslavement which has been foisted over them.  This is a continuation of an old project, of an old dream, of one class ruling so completely over another class that, even if they were once within the same species, they will seem to each other, and eventually to even the Prime Mover Itself, to be as though completely different forms of life.  What a travesty.  To hell with the fifths and their crusty and measly ignoble backers, who are truly the ones who need to get a fucking job.  And if the world can't get a grip on this reality, then it truly needs to be held up by its ankles by a Titan fit for the task, and shaken upside down until things fall toward their appropriate stations with respect to one another, because as things stand and have stood for some time, it is upside down.

 I mean, what in the hell do people think they are doing, exactly, other than being career tools to these rackets when their "intelligence" is as fundamentally distorted by their methods and their dead spiritual eyes, just as were the mob who, hostile and evil in the first place, were the wretches who heard from Pilate these words:  Ecce Homo.  I think it is clear in the art representative of this event, which is spiritually real if not concretely and historically (as Rousseau said, "the [petty] facts do not matter"...)  Who do you think in this artwork represents the fifthers?  The cause fifthers?  You put people out of work, you put them out of their homes, put them out of their own social circles (which you often also destroy through subversion), put them on SSRIs and other horrific drugs, lead them to become "clients" of "non-profits" which all-in-all do not help those put through these conditions sometimes due to the demonstrable warfare operations being conducted not only so as to lead to theses conditions for some, but to use these conditions as a weapon system to be directed at will upon whichever targets they choose, hurling their victims into a social lump "with the rest of them" which destroys not only their lives and livelihoods, but also their ability to interact with and influence others as these conditions also subvert the credibility and seeming or demonstrable merit of these people.  And the longer it goes on, the worse it gets.  And some of these involve the committing of crimes, not only the crime of putting these people into these straights as part of the schemes I mentioned which are severe, treasonous crimes, but also in that these circumstances BREED crime, and also the same guilty parties ABACK these metacrimes further instigate crime through these elements so as to cover their trail with plausible deniability supported by the "trash taking out the trash" doctrine.

Then what do they do when this becomes either so intolerable that it must be changed or else it has reached the limits of its covert warfare utility?  They put all of these instruments, tools, and victims of their crimes on the chopping block like they don't know where they even came from

 Literally, the same fiendish mob "lives" today, and they are the same tools they've always been.  The entire episode of "fifth humanity" has been one of vile, immoral ugliness.  Look in those fifth eyes and know the soul is uglier.  Regardless of what people believe about him, there is a mythic aspect that transcends the account and grounds it, and there is the mythic aspect that is forced onto it and either is irrelevant to the reality, or usually the opposite of it.  At some point, there is a diabolical twist.  In this case it is the pretense that the betrayal of the fifth mob of the ancient days was benevolently construed in their favor as a Divine Commission to conduct a scapegoating sacrifice on their behalf , and that is the most idiotic think one can imagine in light of the anthropologically and philosophically important aspects of the story, handed down by corrupt tongues and scribes over the millenia.  That has been better understood by more "secular" lights, who knew that what Christ was really about was opposing the falsehoods and the evil rackets of the Archons of the world.  Guess which side the mob had taken and always have taken.  They rather support criminals by permission (their own overlords and enslavers, such as Thrasymachus) or else they even prefer outright murderous and rapey neanderthals (Barabbas, a vulgar pseudo-hero).  

The fifth worldlings have made their choice rather definitively in the last 500 years once again, culminating in the final takeover of the United States of America under their ignorant, evil racket, especially in the last 100 years especially, keeping in step with technological processes that demonstrate both that "where there's a will, there's a way" and also "where there's a way, and there's a motive, there's an opportunity" and all that remains is an agent to do the deed.  The harm after the fact is demonstrable, but the problem is that the system that leads to this is thoroughly entrenched, and even fantasies that they may develop some 11th hour conscience (whatever the hell that's supposed to be worth) crumble under the realization that Justice delayed is Justice denied, in proportion as one has obstructed and delayed and denied Justice.  So all that would be accomplished is an acceleration of the inevitable, though it would be of some credit to some, but not to the whole.

Face it, one could just as well say "Ecce Homini".  Here are the people, the men, humanity.  Whatever you call them, most of what they suffer as evil in the world is permitted, condoned, and enabled BY THEMSELVES.  As if in a perfect fulfillment of IRREDEEMIBILITY, they continue to do the same evils to anyone who ever tries to even SEE what is going on, to include their own children, and themselves and each other.  What the hell makes them think they are "redeemed" or "redeemable" is BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING because it is such a PROFOUND LIE.  It is simply to say something like fluoride is good for you, oh wait that was done already.  Thank you, Colgate University, ADA, and various other evil concerns, for already accomplishing the absurd.

Look at this video and tell me it doesn't resonate in some way with the message that I'm conveying: 

In that video's comment section there was an invitation by the channel director (since Youtube claims to be the owner of all content on it), and it requested people to comment and time index their references in the comment so that one could see a part of the video interpreted, and also so that one could see an idea concretely "read into" the video.  Good idea, so I overcame my pseudo-laziness and got to it and will do so until I've exhausted the material to the best of my ability.  Pseudo-laziness results from having too many ideas or impulses at once, or too many overall, which all seem equally compelling or plausible and therefore cancel out one's impetus in any given direction, giving the false sense of a lack of motivation.  One "doesn't know where to begin".  The best thing to do is either follow one's preferences or else just go in chronological order.  Here is where I started in that section:

0:16 World is shaped in a way subtly conducive to becoming a prison (cubical)

0:29 Dark City!

0:43 The Eye of the Pyramid of Power, the Tower/Eye of Sauron

0:49 It receives a dark influence from the Essence of Evil

0:54 Monoliths/Georgia Stones/Hollow Men Servitors channel that evil into a form (Archons)

0:58 Foolish and sleeping "everyman" (hylic man of matter) is easily programmed thereby

From there on out "humanity" is a farce, programmed through trauma and induced to accept various forms of fraud as normality. Slaves to their property rather than owners, they are managed more like trough animals than people.

1:32 Instant communications and covertly controlled internet and cell phone network topologies take over people's minds, as well as there are intimations of psychotronics

1:44 All the above, force multiplied by various social engineering schemes (to be indicated further throughout the video), lead to the adoption of forced and fake personas by people, both on and offline (as they were already developing in their other forms of dupery just mentioned). And "text neck" becomes an interesting side effect also seen throughout the video, where people are converted into various forms of dretchery and trollish deformity as a result of their involvement in cell phone culture and also their spiritual deformity showing through their posture and false personation of "normal, cool, hip" people. All this resulting in mass foolishness 2.0, technologically augmented! As usual, the Archons know how to wring the most out of their dupish slaves.

2:10 They "start em young". Always did, and now they do so with new augmentations, using all at their disposal under false pretexts so as to create soul-destruction as an occult industry for themselves, while the parents who betray their own innocent children are lured into the falsifications that act as fronts for this (false medicine, false economics, false politics, false interactions, false society, false authority, all of which is weaponized against them and their children).

2:17 Don't leave out another amazing inversion, the mental hobbling which passes for education. While Rousseau would have us understand education to involve helping a child reach maturity of mind so that their world is able to make sense to them, here we see that it is designed to ensure that what is wrong, confused and evil will SEEM to make sense to them, while they will be programmed to do senseless and evil violence to themselves and others. All the while, the perverts in charge (PICs) get off on it, and are well-funded by their dupes on the plantation, who launder this process by SUBMITTING THEIR CHILDREN TO IT.

To be continued. 


It has long been something I've noticed about intelligent, well-informed commentators concerning matters of profound importance (controversial to the usual suspects though they may be), such as Jeff Rense THAT they don't seem to be keenly aware, as I am all too painfully aware, that they're communications over the internet are likely thoroughly SUBVERTED.  While that is a matter of interest per se, it fits into a larger picture concerning the proper Vocation of Man and its subversion through various VIOLATIONS OF TITLE 18 USC.

Look at this rather GROUNDBREAKING interview that Mr. Rense conducted with his guest, most expert on these matters, Dr. Eric Karlstrom, Ph.D.

After listening to that entire discussion, you will find that you are in another world, or have come into direct contact with one.  Not necessarily one unfamiliar to you, but not necessarily consistent with some of your comfort zones.  Nevertheless, everything they discuss is DOCUMENTED WITH EVIDENCE, to include what are tantamount to confessions by those INVOLVED in these controversial matters.  But it is a trite controversy, an insipid one, that will debate whether these matters do or do not involved violations of the Human Rights, American Rights, and The Constitution of the United States of America, and hence whether or not they are blatant, horrific, large scale violations of Title 18 USC with profound consequences for National Security, Public Safety, and the continued existence of a psychobehavioral, cognitively and morally viable society.

Here are a series of comments I made on their discussion, which I am sure are whitelisted from their view, just as even if it weren't, their replies could have been whitelisted from my view (the less likely, as these two figures having this discussion are much more well-known to the public than am I).

Haven't you ever wondered why you are still ON THE AIR? Haven't you ever wondered why you are still ON THE INTERNET? Guess what! Covert manipulation of internet topologies enable your message to be curtailed without your awareness (or anyone else's). DIG INTO THIS ASSUMING YOU GET THIS MESSAGE from my (PROBABLY) subverted internet node!
Using the LAW, and with a sufficient number of able-bodied men to SERVE it, I could roll up this idiotic racket in a week. The problem is that it isn't just these little local oafs running around acting like doofuses, but it has roots in counterfeited money based on falsified debt, war debt mind you (ultimately), and all this is funneled (embezzled) through defense initiatives based upon, as your guest says, motivated and thoroughly brainwashed mobs who buy any narrative fed them through even the most conventional means (mass programming methods without need of psychotronic augmentation). These are "triggered" by massive criminal acts that are, as it were, ritual murder in plain sight (9-11 etc).

With THAT in place, it is also PSYCHOTRONICALLY AUGMENTED, controlled by UTTER PERVERTS in a hierarchical chain of evil pseudo-spirituality.

So it might take MORE than a week to get their butts to fit into a box with "Title 18 USC" stamped on the side, eh?

So what happens when all THAT is true, AND your internet node is subverted both through direct hacking (structural level hacking distributed throughout the internet) and also through Man In the Middle Attacks. The history is well-understood ENOUGH by you and your guests, why do you not seriously consider this logical, necessarily likely danger?

These people are involved in a racket, existing on all scales and in all aspects of human action, highly subversive and criminal, very immoral, and utterly, disgustingly effective against most people.  This racket could normally be rolled up in a week on the level of the "local participants", whose cowardly deeds are trite in most cases but can be effectively coordinated so as to covertly destroy people.  Just because I identified it accurately, both its causes and its effects, both in its essential being and the attendant, necessarily ubiquitous phenomena in everyday life stretching back through the annals of history of human though and action, that doesn't mean it wasn't intended to subvert me and THROUGH THAT ALONE, destroy me.  One cannot, upon proper investigation of these matters, expect that there are enough "good men" alive right now to clamp down on such a massive "conspiracy against all life".    Such worlds which engage in such evil actions, become hell before they end up there (not just for the scapegoats, who rarely, but sometimes can expect a consolation from beyond the reach of the pseudo-world and its accomplices.  Even without their current knowledge of human neurocognitive and other neurobehavioral aspects, even without psychotronic applications of that knowledge being possible, people have no excuse for drowning themselves and their children in 5G.  They also have no excuse for failing to notice the key principles who are operating behind the fragmented facades acting as a front for their racket which illegally converts already existing (and often dubiously constructed) forms of social influence into becoming weapons of social engineering rackets.

But in several places in the discussion, Mr. Rense insists on trying to understand what is the overall MOTIVE and PURPOSE of this plan, and he admits that the human capacity to self-regulate (in general, but I discern that he must mean also in terms of managing the injustice of his current predicment).  And this confounds him.   It does NOT confound me, as I have explained the complete aetiology of this monstrosity, abberation, and perversion that DARES pretend Divinity, Authority, Meaning, Value and Virtue.   The "metaponerology" has been constructed according to the Duties of my Office.  It has been my Honor and Pleasure to Judge this World, one which I first approached in Innocence and Good Faith, to make sure (among other methods), that I was the World's Defender, allowing it thereby to undermine its own case on its own behalf, against any claims of confusion or distortion on my part. 

They are operating under the impression that they have the RIGHT to conduct themselves as if they were applying THIS MANUAL OF OPERATIONS on American soil, against anyone they target for any reason, just as long as they can "sell" it to each agent compartmentalized into its deployment.  GOT IT?  This is their FUCKING JOB, and they have their evil, truly clandestine acts LAUNDERED through their operations pretending to operate, and by the manifested norms which permit them to LARP in this manner, actually being permitted to pretend to do so and get paid fucking HANDSOMELY to do so.  Look at the distribution of guilt from THAT perspective.

In the context of this racket, which is CWO and IR by definition, although they claim "civil" identities as being their official cover, can literally conduct these operations as if  they were of national security importanceThe reason is that they are, at minimum, training for these purposes and have been given some room to do so on American soil by false legistlation or false applications of valid legislation. This is all part of the same racket going back no less than since the Whiskey Rebellion, but in essence before that to John Dee and his ilk, so that rule by both sides could be established as a permanent drama of the American government and military, and hence political culture (the former produce the latter in a stronger way than the latter produce the former). It goes back way further than that as a methodology of social control, no doubt to before recorded history since as soon as history is being recorded it tells of its precursor realm as being rife with, sometimes near mythical dramas of the same sort fairly ruling over the fates of men and women and their societies.  It is a history and prehistory of control through force, and through influence backed by force, no matter how much fraud is included in the effort beyond that.  It must be said that this is not they way true brethren would treat one another unless it is in the nature of humanity.  

And I say that it is.  It is the modern science on the subject which speaks for me.  It is the very methodologies of thought that they call "heuristic" thinking that faithfully assembles those facts of the world into a proper knowledge "structure" (heuristic governing system), and is the same methodology used by scientists to investigate the causes of well-specified phenomena in the world.  The only problem with the subject I have chosen for study is that it is very socially networked, very politically motivated and often thoroughly manipulated by a handling system of social influence under false pretexts (or under true pretexts then used as cover for committing these  Stassi-style criminal acts in plain sight).  In order to conduct these operations, most of the "objects" of my study or the "subjects" to use their oft-whispered terminology, is that they do a lot of acting in their roles.  They are not simply "acting" their roles, but they are both "acting as" their roles (due to a lack of proper merit or contentual motive or even substantive authority, hence merely "acting as" as in "as if"), and they are acting purely "as if", which is to say pretending without even the actual official badges of authority to even act as cover.  But either way, whether they are a principle, accomplish, accessory, or pure and unwitting unicorn instrument to this racket, they are falsifying that much of the law, institutions of authority pertaining to merit and virtue, and defiling the world in which they and their children will be embedded as future sufferers of the consequences that necessarily  descend from that corruption.

All it takes is a fairly well-adjusted normal person with limited knowledge of the facts, limited resources and time, and perhaps a dose of mediocrity and dash of low self-esteem, to have a perfect dupe.  I don't know this from experience, but from study of the subject and realizing the implications. This has been partly assisted, greatly assisted, by the aforementioned methodology which involves a heuristic of analysis to concrete facts that allow me to see much more behind them than would normal eyes with blinders on them.  Take one of these ones, and him a cell phone, give her a cell phone.  Give them a computer with an internet connection.  You've got instant communication established between most relevant parties.  The system is completely asymmetrically distributed in favor of protecting the privacy of those who administer over it for purposes of  "IO", information operations to augment "PO", psychological operations.  These are then focused in a distributed, pervasive and compartmentalized "influence campaign" to impugn an individual through malicious investigations of him and his, so as to mobilize the nasty "mob" element in human nature in a steady state "scapegoat" culture that keeps the attention of the population misdirected except for purposes assigned to them by the racket conducting this operation, which includes maintaining the economic structure within assigned parameters (likewise engineered for this purpose, just look at the dupes who fell for the effects of the real life monster descibed in The Creature from Jekyll Island). 

Keep in mind that all institutions which are manipulated in this racket have pretexts and pretenses that lend them credibility in part, or as wholes, but also enable them to act completely as a racket (FED and its "boom bust" protection racket) or else partly as one with really excellent covert (FBI malicious investigations conducted as part of COINTELPRO-type operations).  The former use the latter as reinforced cover, both physically and psychologically.  They are still instruments of the principle agents behind the scheme, who seem quite skilled at extortion on many scales and in many forms.  So therefore one can see that this project and its willful agents are operating so systematically, on such a scale, that it sure as hell can't be "an accident" nor a "bad apple in the bunch".  In this context it is necessary to re-evaluate any propaganda interests which pump out tripe to the contrary by eliciting our notice of dramatic stories which operate to illustrate analogies to the structure of our actual world, whilst putting into these dramatic displays personae which do not have even 1/10th of a relation to the real world analogues as they would pretend.  People who have been subducted into this racket "are not John Reese".  Nor are they Harold Finch.  Come to think of it they aren't anybody in this series, as even the extras do a better job of "extra-ing" by a factor of about 10.  Why didn't someone "John Reese" the wonderful Jeffrey Epstein's island, which isn't even mentioned by Wikedpedia.

Although there are some world-shaking shifts in the status quo.  I'm curious how far such shifts can go before they upset some fateful encounter with a very irritable dragon.  If they don't do that, then that will be precisely what marks it as only a show effort.  It is a move in that direction.  Human Rights violators deserving condemnation is one thing, making sure they properly receive it is another.   Dignity is not a "natural resource", it is what stands against the backdrop of a hostile world, and which requires the defense of Virtue and that means both moral and cognitive competence.  There is no Honor in anything short of this, and this is the substance of what Nikki Haley declared to be the Spirit of this action.  This is the Spirit if and only if it continues to act just as if Eternity were not enough time to ensure an outcome 100% in accord with its intent.  With this Obligation comes the Duty of Eternal Vigilance.  This would break down if, in any way, it were tantamount to a mere spectacle (in proportion to the substance it purports being deficient with the image portrayed).  One wouldn't want to be like the EU and simply take from one hand and give to the other.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Mundi Omnicriminalibus III

Note on the Upcoming Article

Overall Structure and Intent

I will itemize the fundamental nature of crime as a metaphysical entity and reveal its connections to so-called "mundane" and well-known crimes, demonstrating the fundamental nature of crime in essence while also instantiating the metacharacteristics of its nature already generally stated. 

Further Considerations Significanly Related in Meaning (Relevant) to the Matter.

This is probably already a subverted internet node, on any interface I use or it is suspected that I use or that any content pertinent to this filtering process has on it at any time, through any portal or server.  Given the probabilities involved with the crimes about which I'm really going to discuss, the crimes of racketeering and corruption influenced organizations involved in "cause fifthing" (as a local racket extended to RICO violating community safety entities and private contractors, sometimes operating across state lines, it should be noted), and the metarackets which are likely involved both to maximize the efficiency and profitability of these entities in their own interests as well as in those which dovetail with the management system operating beyond them, "meta" to them.  Likewise it is likely that these activities can be traced to principle agents involved in banking cartels  and all the associated financial and other high crimes, to include corruption of public institutions of authority concerning justice, national security, and national defense.  

Sad?  Only if you judge the probability of a world suffering complete and eschatologically delivered annihilation to be in inverse proportion to the deservedness of that world.  One had better hope it is not as bad as I say it is, if one wants to enjoy one's "utopian slice" of this world for very long.  If it is not that bad, but still bad enough, then there should be indictments with the names on them of those involved in these rackets and metarackets, and attempts at restitutive justice (and retributive) would be in order, starting with their being served by appropriate and trustworthy federal agents or agents appointed directly by the President himself if necessary.  I would recommend cease and desist orders, restraining orders when pertinent, and confiscation of all evidence pertinent to the investigation, and house arrest or at least "ankling" of the suspects under investigation. Certainly some of the cases are aggravated by the additional factors of being armed and operating under the knowledge illegally or legally gained of the vulnerabilities of those targeted by these rackets, which of course magnifies the crimes involved according, making some of them both state and federal offenses, perhaps felonies.  it depends in each case upon the type of participation and the degree of malicious intent and actual harm caused, and all dispositional factors.   As with "normal crime".  Hey how about that!?

Ask yourself this at all times when observing fifth column phenomena:  Can it possibly ever be noble?

I think it is impossible for it to be anything except a despicable, debased crime, just the same for certain other crimes which cannot be validly conducted even in self-defense against crimes (such as rape always being rape, but homicide sometimes not being murder).  Can it ever fit the description, in its total character, as given by John Walter Wayland in 1899?

The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety, and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious of his poverty, the obscure man of his obscurity, or any man of his inferiority or deformity; who is himself humbled if necessity compels him to humble another; who does not flatter wealth, cringe before power, or boast of his own possessions or achievements; who speaks with frankness but always with sincerity and sympathy; whose deed follows his word; who thinks of the rights and feelings of others, rather than his own; and who appears well in any company, a man with whom honor is sacred and virtue safe.
- John Walter Wayland (Virginia 1899)

Indeed, wherever I encounter "cause fifthers" going about their preprogrammed social engineer flunky routines, a form of hyper-distributed gang stalking covert ostracism cowardly extortion, it becomes plain that people of this sort make nobility nearly impossible in connection with them except as expressed as vehement contempt.  If I have to curse it because it is so damned base, it sure as hell isn't noble.  I curse and damn the fifths, especially the cause fifthers who support the metarackets above them conducting themselves like flabby modern day versions of village fifthers of old who ostracize bad medicine scapegoats.  Primitive, parasitic, leeching, aggro-pettiness that acts as a flimsy cover for tired, old, loony, connected and moneyed idiots in their vicinity, doing their bidding like dretchers obeying some nearby devil.  Noble?  Far from it.  It is CORRUPT AS DEVIL POOP.

So on the subject of being noble and a "true gentleman", if I don't see some White Hat knees going down on some Fifth Column necks, then I'm sure there aren't any of note or in any positions of relevance to putting corruption in its place.  Until then, I am confident that those institutions have been subverted, and therefore have no confidence in their power to investigate subversive crimes organized like Title 18 USC is being used as a gag and binding (an excuse) to attack precisely those who are some sort of inconvenience to said metaracket.  So until that happens, I have no confidence in White Hats, and I have a lot more confidence in "Natural Evil" manifesting as an appropriate answer to moral ones, that is, in a modern day Krakatoa that will affect the entire world.  It deserves such.  

It deserves to be paved over with liquid metal.  As was foretold was the outcome of the world's complete corruption.  I foretell its immanence according to laws of metaphysical eschatology as a proper science, according to the world's TRUE "Spiritual Newton" that Kant declared was to manifest in the world, but who manifested thousands of years, perhaps millions of years, before him, as the Promethian Archetype.  Unfortunately the only Calculus Spiritualis that applies coherently to the world, according to various methods of assaying and assessment, dictate that it must be obliterated in its hypocrisy.  What will survive will be only those who are of SUBSTANCE, which cannot be obliterated.  All fraud, all hypocrisy, all false personation, all counterfeiting, all cowardice, all malicious acts, all violent manipulation for the sake of torture in the covert on false pretenses and pretexts, especially under color of law.  Metacrimes must receive metapunishments.

So the Fifth Columnar World can only meet with one inevitable fate, which is the wine from the grapes it trod itself.  The sour wine of wrath must be poured out on the world, and there is nothing Twirly-Foot  McDoofus over here is going to do that will stop it.  Such large scale metaprocesses are not respecters of buffoonery which would only work on buffoons.  So by honest lights there is no hope for this entity, and that's why I have entitled this series Mundi Omnicriminalibus.  

So for now, until I can get this research done on crime and metacrime, as pertinent to this series, I have just to say that when a world is so subverted in and subversive to virtue that it precisely inverts the scales of justice in its own favor as the only sure constant of that world, then that world must be treated as a criminal.

Obvious Ramifications

If rackets exist that are so large in scale that they can subvert ENTIRE SOCIETIES from WITHIN, then that society which is subjected to their influence will be in grave danger of being "devoured alive from within" as if by a malevolent cancer.  This is fitting, as in such worlds the social engineering racket had already gotten people to accept that they had no fundamental right to their own bodies, or succeeded in treating them as if that were the case by means of subversion of their own rights to choose medical treatments on their own behalf, even suppressing technology which could very well cure microbial disease as we know of it, to include cancer.  What the American Medical Association did to Royal Raymond Rife is astounding, and it seems they used some rather strong arm criminal tactics to do so.  Read his story for yourself and contemplate only the possibility that such people who do such things to such men, and  in Rife's case to their countrymen and to humanity and to virtue and decency and what is Right, they may very well afford themselves the luxuries of being vegan if they wish, or raise a nice wholesome family.  Just think of the implications that his technology, along with Tesla's work, can have when weaponized as part of the country's communications network infrastructure, so that fifth generation deployments can further what has already been eased into existence over the last 20 years to enable psychotronic applications of these technologies which dovetails with their overt uses for communication, acting as a force multiplier to make the racket feel safe (while making you "feel" safe, in tandem with the domestically applied HUMINT operations of "do you" social engineering fifthery).

This is possible because when people are operated upon by any system with which they have for them a tolerable and at least stable enough homeostasis, they will adapt their mores accordingly or they will have to push that system back.  The Federal Reserve System acts as just one sort of racket.  The pharmaceutical industry is another.  And it goes on and on.  There is also the intelligence/defense network that works in tandem with Federal, State, and Local entities to coordinate their efforts with ongoing operations on domestic soil operating under the guise of being "training scenarios" for urban warfare and foreign influence and counter-intelligence, intelligence infiltration, and so on.  But let me tell you, with today's technologies, those old days of the classical HUMINT operator simply don't apply anymore.  And even if John Reese was walking around in the flesh, alive and well, and even if he were a bona fide hero saving innocent lives, I will not take this extortionist crap from him or even from a "God" were it to plant its ghostly form right in front of me. But let's face it, the LARPER cult has dredged up some rather dismal talent pretending to be doing some hard ass grey trench coat in the shadows-type operations. 

Those people stick out like sore thumbs to me, especially in my own country from where my body was born forth and conditioned.  I know human nature, and I know the nature of the humans about me.  I understand the duplicity that is created by racketeering schemes, especially of the sort which destroy the health and wealth of the people who are subverted by them.  I know all their games and little tricks.  I don't think any of them are cute.  They are all treasonous, felonious crimes and not only against the Rights of Man to include those protected by the American Constitution, but should be treated as such, and so I hold them ALL in contempt OF THE LAW, no matter what their role or aspect of their involvement. Witting or unwitting, leveraged by being duped or blackmailed or bribed, or else just being a gullible doofus, however much a direct principle or spurious instrument.

Those are the social and legal ramifications.  What are the moral and metaphysical implications? The result is the falsification of human beings as such, and the creation of a sick game in place of proper social actions and transactions of people.  Even the basest aspects of being a human being will be corrupted by this process, even those to do with pure lust and anger.  What will remain is a falsified form of their expression, bottlenecked through manipulations designed to PROTECT A RACKET that simultaneously rewards those who serve it well and degrades those who defy it, which is simply to say that such a society, which is a world unto itself for each and every member of it, is not only evil, nor just evil here and there, but it is supremely evil, and in its essence, wearing virtue's skin with Her heart in its belly.  That's the ugly power of the world.  It makes all that it displays ugly and vulgar.  AND FALSE, so that even the newly born and young are being corrupted by exposure to it as though it were benign at progressively younger ages, and so are more thoroughly programmed to "receive the world" as a condition of being received into it on such a fraudulent basis as this false bill of goods  represents.


Further Ramifications

What does such a world deserve?  It deserves the fates that have befell  many societies and nations and tribes in this world throughout its history.  It deserves to suffer what it has inflicted.   It has murdered Virtue Herself, which was defended only by a dwindling army of scapegoats, who were sold out by all and sundry, and then therefore who all acted as a collective rapist of Her corpse, converting into a colony of rot upon it afterward.  Into this world my body was born.  An utter and demonic falsity.  It took decades to grow back the faculties of reasoning in matters conceptual and moral, and a great deal of research into something as unfulfilling as ponerology, to develop the insight needed to understand the possibility of such a world, as such, not to speak of the horrible task of being forced to instantiate its ACTUALITY.

Well, aside from the suffering that this circumstance will inflict upon a person of the sort whose original proclivity, truncated as it was by certain traumas inflicted, was to Love the Mystery of the World, there is more damage. I was (falsely) convinced as a child that whatever evils that some in the world inflicted upon me or anyone else, that the world was basically good and it was my duty to be so myself and that all that was because being good is itself good.  Literally plagiarizing every moralist who ever pontificated.  That was the implicit implication because that is the Actual Truth which was plagiarized.  That Truth was communicated to the world by Prometheus, along with the Reason which enables the thoughts of the human bodily mind, its brain, even within its sad limits and wicked worldly conditions, to Realize the Truth about all such things AMIDST THEIR MAELSTROM.  Now you listen to that thought ringing in your head, and you realize that you BETRAYED HIM.  And all who ever dared remain loyal were your scapegoats ever since, no matter what your damned religions say.

A world that could so perfectly invert The Truth, AS SUCH, is a world perfectly evil and undeserving of Existence, AS SUCH.  It deserves to be eradicated, even as it happens that any continuation of its evil actions NECESSITATES THAT CONSEQUENCE IN ITSELF TO ITSELF, and also in that it rationalizes this away in the DEATH OF A MENTALITY cognitively and ethically capable of living WITH that Truth without becoming obeisant to the evil interests IN that Truth. Those evil interests are to keep This Truth hidden and to keep human minds hobbled to the point that they cannot deal with it, using the body as leverage in the process.  This is necessarily the definition of the ULTIMATE INJUSTICE, and that MUST provoke "The Wrath of The Gods".  Woe to you who pretend a role, to include the role of a God, of a World, or of an Authority of any kind:  You provoke a Righteous Jealously, especially if your pretenses are INVERSE to the REALITY.  Because those are REAL Virtues which Honor Truth and Defend Justice, descended from The True Original Being, and the foretelling of the ordeal such a pseudo-world must suffer is a matter of rudimentary logic properly applied to the manifest, complete, and compelling Evidence on the Matter, whether that evidence be empirical, logical, factual, or evaluative, it is coherent and unparalleled in relevance to the Matter. It's a foregone conclusion what ordeals such a pseudo-world deserves and will receive.

AND DAMN YOUR CELLULAR PHONE FIFTHERS ON PATROL.  Sick idiots.   You don't "feel safe" because you are a danger to yourselves and others.  You are criminal actors, and criminals should NEVER feel safe.  You want to feel safe?  Get off your fifthin' horses and get your parade out of public sight, and keep your foolish and treasonous mentalities confined to secret cult meetings where you discharge your fantasist leanings in private without tromping about forcing your fantasies, born of fear and criminal complicity, onto others.

Mundi Omnicriminalibus II

The Grundwerk of My Ideas on These Matters

Some Broadly Relevant Parameters

The proper existence of a Good World is understood to be the foundation of all human action which operates under the pretext, or pretension, of Good Faith.  All cooperative actions are conducted among interested parties with the assumed understanding that they are intended to do no harm that is unintended or unaccepted by any involved party.  The purpose is, at minimum, comity sufficient for all members to the contract to be best able to pursue each their own interests, according to various explicit standards of justice in such matters, but underlying all of which is the fundamental grundnorm of all conceptions of justice, which is summed in the phrase "to each his own".  Each person is the agent of his own proper person,  which includes his own will, idea, and act.  Anything which proceeds from his own proper person is his own property, or in short, "his own".  His authority proceeds from his authorship, and all his works are on his account and to his credit according to their merits.

The fact of authorship is a fact of ownership.  Therefore, authority itself is the ownership of merit in a field of action.  In the matter of being a good person, merit in some special field gains only that special authority, and in competition with others who may demonstrate more or less merit.  Take for example the offering of spiritual insight as a function of one's special study into spiritual matters, especially as substantiated by special sources (e.g. Holy Texts).  One listens to this demonstration of railing shrilly on matters of metaphor derived from a specious tradition of heavily redacted and deformed "deep doctrine", and realizes that this imbecile's main beef is with "proud children".  One needn't read too much into the matter, however.  It is uttered from his own mouth that he thinks it is vain to be proud, and he assumes there's a particular god which favors his take on this matter and disdains that same pride, which has by definition no merit, because it contradicts his god.  The same matter is revealed in his attitude about it, so that he thinks childishness is essentially being foolish, yet at the same time can only use a ridiculing rhetoric (sometimes self-deprecating), which makes the audience seem foolish for disagreeing with him, so they should laugh at the thought.  Well, if one doesn't agree, one doesn't agree with his god, per his bible.

What of my authorship?  I base my assessments of matters spiritual and "mundane" both by references to facts and reason, albeit one must have some proper sense of virtue and intelligence in order to properly understand them as I present them in my writings and videos.  I don't intend for people to take me on the world of some "holy book".   I expect a conscience as it comes, clean or dirty, and I take it that how I assess facts of the world to be consistent with historical and current evidence, and to be acknowledged as such by the authorities that the world itself accepts as its own.  Not by arcane speculations about the depths of supposed holy books and the Leviathan's of "deep doctrine" which lurk therein.  One may not agree with me, but the facts of one's own senses cannot be reasonably or safely defied.  And even if they can by some temporary measures that force those contingencies upon others (for any reason or by any means), these same agents of denial cannot defy the consequences of their défi par retard.

I wish to speak more of matters of authority in particular later when institutions of authority and their state of corruption are detailed in how they affect the substantive matter of social grundnorms.  But as I've already indicated sufficiently for this matter, and in a way related in complementary parallel to what I showed in my first essay of this series, the fundamental basis of social grundnorms, and hence to institutions of authority which society recognizes as such, is a quality inherent to the mind which manifests it as its agent of expression.  Proper authority, institutionalized publicly or not, lies therein, and not merely by resting on the laurels of such.  Now I can conceive some fanciful things as can anyone, but at least I openly think and claim to demonstrate that they are based upon facts, concerning which I have rightly reasoned, and therefore concerning a world that I have rightly assessed and judged.  That's something far different from basing my assertions upon claims of having a holy spirit in communion with me or a book authored by such.  I can take the world as my domain of information and make a proper, reasoned, rightful claim about its status, morally and eschatologically.  I don't need to add claims about access to "holy materials".  But I offer relevant remedies for those who would espouse lies about me concerning anything which I do argue on their own terms, as well as in terms of their malicious claims about my spiritual condition or allegiances, and I will show them wrong on the matter. I would show that they are handled meat, bereft of any authentic, conscientious spirit or inspiration.

As to the facts of the world, I spoke of metaphysical facts of the world, but also of physical facts.  I talk about the concepts in which we must frame the world after it is given to us, in terms of the fundamental categories in which the world "gives itself".  I went on at more length concerning this in other series of articles, referring to my metaphysical ideas both at length and in shorter references.  And did so again here in the first two of these essays.  The short version is that all of Reality Proper (the Real Reality) in its fullness and in its fundamental characters is "minds, and minds within minds".  That means that all "material" contexts are the conveyances of significance between minds operating through various modes of expression, so far from being a universe where "neutral" and "inert" matter can even exist.  Such cannot.  All minds are agents of the value of their own existence, to include in their kinds and degrees of existence.  There is a hierarchy of a certain sort in the Ultimate Reality as well, but it is a benign one, like that of a maturing family.  This world's version of even that is an obscene gesture of deformity.  The only question is, is it merely by comparison to some greater degree by the same standard, or is it according to a standard which is completely deviated from that Real Standard of what constitutes the Good, the True, and the Beautiful.

Not only that, but what would it constitute to manifest such a grievous fault in the very being of one's world, the aggregate of all its mental agents?  Would that not be form of crime?  Would it not also bear a sort of essential relationship to other, more "normal" crimes?  Would that relationship not perhaps have a necessarily obscured form in all possible worlds where it may exist at all?  Would that relationship not be causal?  Would it not be aggravating toward and sustained by the "common" forms of what are considered crimes?  Would it not have a certain modus operandi? What would that be?  I can answer these questions by a two-pronged reference to empirical facts and logical reasoning alone.  It requires more than this to properly understand these matters, but I need not make direct reference to such in order to convey a sufficient ground for proof from the point of view of any honest philosopher, historian, ponerologist or criminologist.  Sure, they have to be honest, obviously.  It's not to say that I would argue their dishonesty on the  mere fact of their disagreement, but I would argue that it would be inevitably shown, upon examination of their reasons, that they are being dishonest, both cognitively and ethically (which are really the same thing, though one could just say "aesthetically" in the metaphysical frame that I use).

And so I categorize the relations between the terms which refer to the same agents and the same acts in a way that bears my interpretation of them as cognate with one another, but according to a certain framework of indicating an inner logic to those relations that is itself a proper subject of study that is founded in reality and is in no way ad hoc.  That is to say, I am giving what one philosopher has called a "paradigmatic analysis".  The logic to which I referred he would have called a "metalogic", and rightly, because it is a logic about the logic by which one refers to reality.  It understands there to be something fundamental about reality that is necessarily expressed in any logic which makes it "cognate with itself", in that as I have said, it is nothing but the semantic exchanges between minds using syntactical forms of expression.  And in this context I am talking about what, in those exchanges, constitutes a criminal act of any kind, and of any degree.  Of the categories that result from that exposition, I talk of their fundamental relations, and therefore employ by necessity a metalogic.  I don't intend to explicate the mechanics of that metalogic, but also do not expect there to be any inconsistencies to support the need, and think that the manifest consistency of my schemes on these matters to be sufficient evidence to the honest and reasonable mind.

Standards of Assessment

My standards are the same that are taken for granted by the world in which my body exists.  Sense data and associated empirical facts are taken from my senses, and common sense is a rightful ground of much of my evidence for what I claim.  I accept, within reason and within the context of my understanding, any scientific theory which has been adequately supported by this same right ground.  I understand how those methods are employed, and why they are substantiated by experiment and by the development of applications in method and technology, which has demonstrated a profoundly self-reinforcing structure so that new developments in technology confirm or disconfirm former theories while strengthening those they confirm.  Further, they have admitted additional reach to the theoretical knowledge which is possible only through the advances they have catalyzed, whilst leading to new avenues of technological advancement which continue this same, almost vicious cycle of ever self-enhancing theoretical and practical cognition about the world.

Those facts about myself and the world in which I am operating are in stark contrast to the facts that can be similarly displayed about its moral and ethical, as well as its aesthetic condition. And as it concerns matters that bear on cognition of any associated facts and truths of the world, there is a demonstrable burden of deformity and abuse that is inflicted upon and through science and technology, art and method, and indeed of the culture and of society its author.  It is more like a vast organized criminal enterprise which has somehow been granted some boost of acceleration of its capabilities which should never have been within its grasp, such that the entire debacle both has invented and required the study of evil to exist, the science of ponerology.  In a recent furthering of my ongoing studies into the works of academic authorities which are relevant to my own work, I can recommend, among them, a work by Susan Neiman called "Evil in Modern Thought: An alternative history of philosophy".  By the way, by her definition of terms and conditions which apply to this world, to include especially my special emphasis on how I enframe and adjudge it, I am literally never stoned, and never talking for the sake of talking.  Literally, she sounds like she's describing my vocation in the world.  But that's empirical evidence with a theoretical reinforcement for another occasion. I would simply like to emphasize that this is no contrived matter, as I have stated it, and is fundamental to the fabric of the world, no matter anyone would like to say contrary to Dr. Neiman on the same point, or contrary to me in what I have to say about it.
For that I am saying nothing openly that is very arcane or even a far cry from what people at least pretend to understand about the world outside of my supposed ramblings.  They simply tend to have, as Dr. Neiman often savors emphatically pointing out, an obsessive response with regard to these matters about which they would wish rather to be wrong, or about which they pretend some optimistic understanding which is at odds with what their more honest inspection would probably reveal, on the balance of available evidence, the balance of evidence to which I refer.  My instinct on the matter is that Dr. Neiman would prefer not to directly address the worst possible case of the matter, even in worlds where it happened to be the case, demonstrating in her own living person a special instances of her own seminal idea, which is that humankind's way of discussing the evils and "other tragedies" of the world is one which suggests that it would rather not admit the truth of it.  Certainly, in her terms, I must seem like a modern Pierre Bayle in my overall take on things as to the scope of human thinking in certain matters of substance, but I think he did not fathom the sort of "corrosive powder" which must correct for an error in thinking of the size with which I am dealing, though he should have, smart as he was supposed to be.  Theodicially, I think that I go a step beyond both he and Leibniz, as I exceed the bare bones skepticism of the latter, and I also despoil the unwarranted and flabby optimism of the latter.  Philosophy in my hands does no harm to the Body of Truth, but reveals instead that the world is in much need of something more drastic than a cosmetic makeover.  It isn't just "ugly underneath", but it is criminally ugly, especially in the aspects it goes through much toil to present to me in particular.  More on that below.

While I endeavor no scholarly effort here in the format of my presentation, and honestly don't even know whether my presentation is going beyond a subverted node on the "world wide web" (what a laugh), I certainly do extend in a specific and relevant way the valid skepticism of Bayle with regard to the philosophy's relevant utility to the correction of human errors of thought, to the point that I have found that the most efficient method of doing so is to uncover the opposite of whatever is supposed to be the case as far as humankind sees it.  Except where we happen to agree, of course.  I also include in the package a certain willingness to entertain the metaphysics I hold as true, as well as a decent intuition on rather uncomplicated uses of quantified modal logic with certain deontological inflections.  No matter what anyone says, I can argue that my reference to the empirical facts are within the realm of what is arguable by someone with a sane grasp of his own senses and at least a decent familiarity with various relevant facts of history.  It only takes a certain amount of common sense to admit the truth as I refer to its empirical aspects.  As to the logical aspects, I try to make the arguments as explicit and as simple as I can, and I think it would be a far cry to say that I am not reasoning accurately and well.  At least one would have to give some better reasoning to show this, and no one has.  And my notes and private studies get a lot more complicated and arcane than anything I offer to the inspection of the subverted world wide web.

Let's just say that I can suss out some things, and I can go on very little and reliably and validly get quite a lot.  That's what ends up happening once one has done something long enough, with as much intense, disciplined, loyal and truly motivated effort, in short with as much sincerity and integrity as I have.  One gets to the point where certain facades start to fall away, and certain charades begin to wear quite thin.  Indeed, the follies of many a betrayal have yielded the scars of wisdom.  I tend to agree with Dr. Neiman's sentiment in even my own case, as I find that the truth with which I am faced has a scope and depth of evil inherent to it that could be enjoyed by only the most perverse sort of mind, and sought only in a form which is all the less pleasant as it is all the more found to be the true methodology of discovering that truth as a subset of all Truth.  That means that in such cases the truth of the world is that it is not only plagued with a difficult and evil aspect, but that it is, at its very core, evil.  If I wanted to be happy, why would I entertain such an idea?  But my first goal was to be happy, in my vocation as a philosopher, through my investigation into the "Mystery of the World".  But my proper findings would not make anyone happy except at the sight of a chopping block of sufficient size on which to place such an evil place.

I wish that only strange and picayune anecdotes were all that I had to justify my judgement and my ways and means of reaching it.  But there is need simply to hand the microphone to the star of the show, the criminal world.

Hoc Mundi Criminalibus

All the world's a stage, and the play, a tragic one.  Indeed, I will go on to show that what here "passes" for a world is an ongoing murder-suicide of epic proportions, even "meta" proportions.  I must report that I will not go much into the picayune details of the anecdotal evidence, which in my case necessarily abounds because of my office, because one can find much more objectively available evidence by looking onto the contemporary world and its history, especially in the annals of its own confessions on the matter of authority, corruption, and society's role in the crime implied.  But it takes not deep investigation into the history of crime to know what a crime is.  Most people in a society that has mores and norms, if not all people in it know what that is and claim, most with hypocrisy, to abhor such.  At least everyone abhors when a crime is committed against them, but that is just the other, more general and objective side of the matter of the anecdotes which I will, for the most part, omit.  Some of them will be handy as examples and can be taken as arbitrary constructions if one likes, but I can assure the honest man that in my case, they are not arbitrary, but are based on the real facts of my own experience, as understood by a mind that would rather not believe them, but would rather not deny the Truth, to which I have a clearly greater duty than to my preferred bonis mundi.  

Let us say that all crime can be understood as simply and essentially the existence of an evil will.  It is required by our system of law in the west that a crime is not committed, not one that has a victim anyway, unless there is "malice and forethought" or as some say "malice aforethought".  Which by the way, reminds me through a mere coincidence of a sort of anecdote which looks humorous when detached from its real-world reference in genuine (not "staged") cases.  It looks a lot like this in essence:

Yes, well.  Whatever one may say about it, it looks a lot like this when it happens, at least in spirit.  One can say a lot from the image alone, but a sequence of images go exponentially further than a thousand pages.  And let me say this, it looks a lot like what has often found itself happening in my presence, and by no dint of hallucination.  I've caught people doing this in real life, and I have to say that when this is going on, "somebody's got a problem", and a very serious one, and it isn't the same one I have, though they do aim to be some part of it.  So rather than go into the detail of such displays of the primitive and asinine which is redolent of the tactics of my enemies (who are so by their acts and private, secret declarations), I trust that sparing use of them as examples sufficient to illustrate some more general point will not deter the reasonable mind from missing the more general point.  The more general point, understood correction, will not only cover even the most specious and bizarre cases, but also the normal ones and even the hardest ones.  So with that indulgence allowed, it is with pleasure that I proceed.

Malice aforethought does not express any particular act per se, but if there is any act which is to proceed as an adequate outlet for that malice, or which cannot dispense with it, it must be because some deliberation of the consequences had taken place.  Hence, aforethought.  The malice may be in the simple substance of the being, that he is evil, and I have allowed for that in my philosophical system, as a derived fact from the principle of antivalent opposition of irreconcilable wills on the primary plane of reality, the morally meaningful one.  So therefore, what is there to say of any crime worthy of the name but that someone held a malicious will against what is right?  That is to say that someone simply had the will to do what is wrong.  What is wrong is simply what ever is injurious to what is Just.  What is just is "to each, his own".  What is each one's own, if not each one's own coherent grasp of his own senses, and their valid connection to the facts of reality?  So therefore what stands out immediately about the evil will is that it needn't even ever express in any form, neither from nor to eternity, and it will still be a crime of every kind that one can conceive.  It is, also, at the root of every crime that could ever be committed.  The reason for these two complementary truths is consistent with my already-proposed metaphysical framework, but can be discussed independently of that discourse to a great extent.

The reason has to do with the existence of a fundamental fact of reality which is relevant to understanding anything at all, and that because nothing which can be discussed at all which is not beholden to this truth as an underlying assumption.  This is that there is no phenomenal form which does not express some antecedent agental author.  All of the former are called "effects", and all of the latter are called their "causes".  They are complementary to one a other and neither can exist without the other as such.  Other things may be contingent, such as what causes are leading to what effects at any particular part of any particular world, but what will never be contingent and always necessarily the case is that there is a cause leading to an effect.  While I may not care to explicate this axiom in the way that other philosophers have, I don't disagree with the substantive claims of their accounts of causality where they consider that our understanding of the world does not have a frame of reference which can sensibly and rationally extend outside of it.  And I see no good reason to consider that to be any sort of arbitrary limit on human or any other epistemology, nor any sort of finitude expressing of a deficiency.  It's the way Reality is.  

And fortunately, too.  And while I may argue that this is one of the worst possible worlds that can possibly exist (quite the contrary to Leibniz), I can also by this same approach develop a way to ameliorate even such a vile fact by demonstrating that the "Principle of Sufficient Reason" cannot be disabled within it (although reasoning capacities of species and specimens can be disabled), and that at the very least one can learn to understand the reasons for  the way that the worst possible world can exist and also, minimally just by doing this, escape it.  For what is worse is to be in the worst possible world and be fundamentally disabled from understanding the fact.  And that alone is already "doing something about it".  That is more than can be said for most people in this version of the worst possible world, at least according to the way that most people glorify the "hear not evil, see no evil, speak no evil" creed.  That should be to say "speak of" no evil, but there again we have a symptom of the world's condition as shown through its own customary "leaking" through its own cultural facades.  Certainly Freud had it right when he understood that certain social conventions, to include gestures and idioms, are expressions of a "compromise formation" between what the ego can face and admit and what it can't, whether to itself or others.  Certainly, the incoherent aspect of that phrase is that it either means to be unwilling to face evil, or unwilling to commit evil, but that the phrase is ambiguous and can suggest either.  It either means to avoid unjust projecting of evil interpretations upon what one sees and hears (let alone of uttering them), or it means to fail to face the fact of such, too turn a blind eye and a deaf ear, and to keep one's cowardly and complicit mouth shut.  Unless that is, one is engaged in evil muttering behind someone's back, literal or metaphoric.

Regardless of one's views on any nascent meanings of the turn of phrase, the two interpretations require as their cause a different understanding of the intent, and these two different intents can and do overlap, unfortunately.  The very fact of human hypocrisy and of hypocrisy "as such" depends upon this overlap.  Indeed, evil could not manifest in the world at all without it.  It manifests even in its most latent form, as a pure and evil will, because there exists at least one being in the universe which can invert substance and appearance, and this is to the risk of all other beings in that universe.  What worse can be said is only a matter of degree and scope. Surely the worst possible world is the one where all but one being is this way, and only one being alone is tasked with the inauspicious challenge of uncovering such a horrid truth about his world.  Whether he succeeds or fails, his world becomes even worse, though if he succeeds it becomes better in a substantive way that offers a unique hope to him alone.  In that case, the world may be a great and heinous suicide, and may even assassinate him, but he alone is innocent.  The pleasure which accords with his understanding of such an unfortunate truth will have to await his admission into a proper setting for its enjoyment.  That is a matter of Justice pertaining to restitution against the world, not the restoration of it.  Restoration is for only the innocent.

I make no apologies for the strange way that a scintillation of the comedic necessarily gilds the most tragic of prisons.

"All I need is my smart phone for with which to fifth you safe and sound, Mundi omnicriminalibus columnis quintus maximus"