Saturday, May 14, 2016


First of all we have an artificially propped up, but also artificially collapsible large scale counterfeiting and embezzlement racket which is supposed to be a "real economy". It is more like a massive hack job built all around an ever more absurd facade that keeps people believing a myth. The real value of work is the final product and all who benefit... There is no SENSIBLE way to go from human action sufficient to give people something rewarding to do with their time, to human action insufficient to give people something rewarding to do with their time, just by making something done more efficient, whether by some machine, some robot, some computer, some method, some process, or some insightful improvement on any of that which is already taking place. There is enough food and shelter to go around, right now WITHOUT robots "taking jobs", that there is no sensible way that just getting rid of some of the work we have right now will cause there to be a shortage of essentials needed for persons to sustain their lives. It is MORE efficient to have a robot do that job? Is it better? Are customers more satisfied? Is there less waste of resources, the elimination of all the danger that would have come with that job for a human being? Then the net result is an improvement for everyone concerned. Now if the human wants to find something else to do in public that seems like a rewarding exchange of his resources of time, energy, ability, talent, passion etc for the sake of some value he seeks, then it can be something else. But there is no reason to go from this to "now this guy has no job"="now he must starve". There is no way to support that scheme of economics as rational or just while at the same time subsidizing massive schemes of counterfeiting, financial, and business fraud which are needed to maintain a false front of a "real media" and a "real economy" when we know, through a massive array of facts, that all the human productivity which has created a massive amount of wealth, and all the more with more efficient roboticized processes of mass production and precision instrumentation and so on, is being basically devoured, enjoyed, and hoarded by a small percentage of completely sheisty, insubstantial, waifish and effete pseudo-intellectuals, pseudo-economists, and other "psuedo"-beings that comprise a massive fraud to which I've already alluded. As an example, take technology suppression and redirection into covert development, the inflated prices and falsified books which enable secret projects to be funded "at taxpayer expense", many of which shouldn't have been done in the first place, and many of which could have been done without being used as an excuse to add yet one more vector of artificially imposed scarcity of resources for people in cities who may, incidentally, be displaced from a job involving the handing of a bag of food to people through a window, or any other such "process of service" which should have been paid better for decades anyway. In fact, there is no reason why, with all the fraud and covert redirection of resources and other schemes taking place, on scales that are plenty massive, that ANYONE should ever be without an abundance of food as a "great equalizer" just to get started in an economy where MERE SERVICE is the commodity, especially if such could be made more efficient just by adding a machine! The same resources that fed and sheltered and clothed people before are still there, so when the "robotic value added" effect is created by the machine, there is a net INCREASE in the efficiency of the economy. The wealth which is already artificially and criminally redirected from "the commoners" who aren't part of those covert and often very illegal activities, including the pseudo-professional regiments of intelligentsia whose job it is to offer arcane justifications in academia and in the media to bully pulpit massively fraudulent schemes down people's throats as a falsified form of what a real economy OUGHT to be like, when instead they are the ones who should lose their jobs and take a pay cut because THEIR "WORK" IS ONLY NEEDED BY ORGANIZED CRIMINALS, THAT wealth should be recollected into a pool and those formerly "useful" paper pushers and lie manufacturers and peddlers ought to be, at best, put on a very subsistence level dole, and people who have been displaced from actual work should be supported comfortably until they can find another part of the economy in which to be helpful. At the very minimum we would then be taking out two problems with one solution, so that Instead of subsidizing pseudo-professional hacks in all sectors of the human potential suppression control grid which passes for a socioeconomic realm of human action, and the political hacks that keep them subsidized at inflated expense to the guy flipping burgers, and instead of throwing him to the winds just because you finally found a way to improve the process of services to such a degree that his position becomes obsolete in the march forward of robotics technology, FIRE THE AFOREMENTIONED HACKS and redistribute THOSE resources into a fund which sustains people who are shifting between economic roles which WEREN'T criminal to begin with!!! I'm leaving out many industries of falsified human action which create massive, fraudulent schemes of malfeasance presented as economic value added, but let me add a short list: Weaponized food, municipal water, and geoengineering projects Weaponized pseudo-medicine Weaponized psychological medicine and pseudoscience Weaponized cultural warfare regimes in collusion with out of control intelligence operations Inflated and predatory military-industrial and technocratic tyrannies which are bloated and damaging to the population Wars that shouldn't have been conducted Money in the Pentagram and other institutions that "went missing" Counterfeit fiat money scams coming out of central banks to add an amazingly thin veneer of economic propriety to these other massive frauds all of which are not feasible except as criminal activities which are used to suppress human liberties and freedoms while feeding it to the populace that his is some sort of necessary evil inherent to the way economics works, or as though this were the proper response to conditions of danger artificially created or exaggerated by these same hacks and criminals in all those areas just mentioned. MANY MORE...

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