Thursday, May 12, 2016

Raspberry Blues Sung in the Ink Black of Human Defilement Sound Kinda Pretty

When I speak of deduction from absurdity I should clarify what that entails. I envision the "status quo", the version of reality in the heads of the majority of people.  These are people who seem to take the facades of their world and its events as being far more authentic than they really are.  These events and their backdrops of supposed authority are mainly "fronts" for far more significant events. And then I look under the facades and examine the events that are "passed" across the consciousness of people as if either they never happened or else that it was excused by these other events which are also narrated by parts of the facade.  Not only do I find out that these facades and staged (or grandstanded) events are in the service of blatant and sheer wrongdoing in fact, but also that the facades which bless these events (and what goes on beneath them) only pretends to dislike such horrors.  They only dislike anyone coming to realize their degree of collusion with one another and with the "stage managers and producers" so as to realize into our world the horrors of utter, complete and colossal corruption into a way of life.

The complete realization of complete slavery.

At first it had to be set up covertly, because you don't go for the frontal assault on something like that in this day and age.  First, instead, they prepare their victims, on whatever scale and in whatever mode, suits the occasion, the need for control being the primary theme in any of the plots which then arise.

Take for example, the issue of conflict with Iran. While Iran is definitely no saint on the earth, neither is any other nation as far as I can see. But let's look at the issue of who deserves negative attention in light of terrorism as a method asymmetrical warfare. If Iran were involved in 9-11, that would be very bad for them, wouldn't it?  And if Saudi Arabia were involved, that would be very bad for them. What if some elements of our own national infrastructure were involved? Bad, very bad for them. And anyone who genuinely wants those guilty of such acts would want all pertinent evidence fully examined. No, I'm not going to go into the steel wreckage, or what was left of it.

Basically, do we live in a world where Justice is truly being pursued by any of the persons acting in the world, whether or not as representatives of corporations, governmental or otherwise? If so, what would that world look like in terms of our relationship to Iran, if it were more in line with actual harms done to one another?
Instead of what some have been up to, imagine a world where they'd do the opposite.
Imagine a world where they balk at the Saudi's threats to penalize the U.S. with an economic warfare action if certain documents were fully exposed to the public's examination? Imagine a world where they negotiated with the Iranians where possible, who would also no doubt like to see any documents which are pertinent to the background of the 9-11 attacks exposed. After all, those are attacks which have since been used as a a pretext for hitting people and nations with the "terrorist" label seemingly willy nilly, while being exempt from such accusations even while being caught funding them and supplying them. I doubt Iran wants to be blamed for acts they had no part of doing. I'm sure if they were the truly guilty party, or in any way guilty, it would show from all the available evidence in some very detectable forms.

Let's say something was worked out so that they'd keep the 2.2B of Iran's assets in good faith until we see who's really at the bottom of 9-11, then settle it once and for all time. If the Truth comes out that Iran had nothing to do with such terrorism, then they could have their money back, and we'd take .75B as a loan to offset the cost of releasing the document, paid at interest of 5% due to all the strife caused by interfering with the government and nation, fomenting Iraq to go to war with them, etc.
Doing justice to only the tip of the iceberg of things that would be different in a sane and just world, I have taken as an example this ONE event and looking into its causes reveals a growing webwork of events and agents engaged in them which dictate a rethinking of the world's supposed hegemony, and to come to understand one which is much more like some science fiction novel about alien lifeforms from another dimension.
So what could underpin such insanity, such structural injustice, such pervasive corruption, yet yield to it such stability through people's seeming inability to connect dots right in front of their faces?

Aside from chemical warfare assaults, energy weapons assaults, and all other means of covert warfare, there is propaganda, and there is PSYCHOTRONICS. Every element of their systems of control catalyze all the others. Any breach of any of these elements weakens them all. But if any given one of these elements is allowed to be exempt from proper scrutiny, then the INFOWAR is one of attrition.
Well, that comment was whitelisted from my own view, at least.  Possibly from everyone's view.  It is when my words are whitelisted from anyone else's view, without their direct permission and knowledge, that there is a deep level of corruption. For example, concerning the state of China reaching scientific par with the west I wrote a comment as shown below, and it seems sputnik allowed it, or at least allowed me to see it.

I tried to tell people this and they said I was crazy or weird. That is a non-sequitur, because even if I were crazy and weird, this situation where Chinese have, by sheer force of numbers, MORE geniuses overall than any country in the world, and they have reached some critical mass in their work somewhere in the secret bowls of their "undersociety" (the one that does the magic that makes the "ubersociety" hold its position in the hierarchy of the "visible" world). They of course would inevitably do that since all attempts to control them with technology backfired by simply giving them the advantage of having science to study and inventions to reverse engineer, if they weren't just outright given the patents. Since the main domain of power of applications of covert technology IS ITSELF covert, and the applications are meant to have a very LOW visibility to deniability ratio, and since they've gotten the system to be so damned inverted and invasive that people can't even see what's right in front of them and lying makes Pinocchio giddy as his nose shrinks to a perfect shape and size to suit his whim at any moment, then we have a WCS. A worst case scenario.

Perhaps that comment will remain forever on their servers, and perhaps all the world can see it that whole time.  Perhaps it is NOT whitelisted, at least it isn't from me. But who knows? Maybe they have tricky ways of manipulating internet topologies so as to maximize their control of the flow of information so that it maintains also a degree of transparency.  Perhaps they calculate they can use their surveillance of the internet in "search of bad guys" be the perfect cover for preventing society from realizing that what it is doing to itself on the surface is almost just as absurd and evil as what it is actually doing underneath. 

Perhaps that is what Prince couldn't live with any longer.  I'm not even going to attempt to comment in that page's comment section. Why bother any more?  But let's just say that one must make a point as long as there is a glimmer of a chance that people who are rational and of Good Conscience can make some better sense of their strange world because of it.  Who knows, maybe the flapping of butterflies' wings aggregates into some sort of Peng Bird arising from Hyperborea. Perhaps to an audience of NONE.  Guess we'll see "at the End", won't we?

My vision of him is that he wanted to live life to the fullest, yet wanted to do the least harm to others that he could in that process.  Yet, he had to be "roommates" to fame and glory with a lot of very evil beings.  That means he got to prance around like a unicorn of talent, but he'd better not forget that the crown around his neck has a chain connected to it.  Looks like he got tired of the sublime slavery.  Must be that the rewards are not as sweet as they are made to seem, even if it comes in the form of "exploring one's creative potential and enriching the culture with artistic beauty", even if it means "living life to the fullest", even if it means "expressing great talent", because it must also mean "never telling the Truth unless told, and only in the way told, and only when told" etc.

Just remember, if you are involved in any such perfidies, it will not favor you, no matter how high you climb in any hierarchy. This whole world is subject to Divine Law, like it or not. And that Law is stronger than any FAKE SPIRITUAL LAWS which are CONCOCTED BY PHONY HIEROPHANTS, no matter in what form, no matter at what angle or from what tier they propound their self-serving evil filth.

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