Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Transmutation of Fallacy into Clarity

I said that there is an ontological form of knowledge which best explains the world, even according to all explicitly "flat" or "epiphenomenal" forms of epistemological doctrine. The methods used are the metaphysically superordinate heuristics which, when employed in connection with mundane matters, is manifest as methodologies of examining phenomena and tracing their changes and essences back into an understanding of essence (grammar), the causal processes which underlie them (logic) and this leads to an understanding of what context superficially upholds but in fact covertly subverts a publick discussion of reality (rhetoric).  In other words, it subverts education, philosophy, and virtue itself wherever these come into contact with, in an uncomfortable way, the organized criminal elements which have already subverted society on the whole.

Why episodic periods of perceived authenticity in publick life, in its social roles, its exchanges of value, its cultural discussion?  Because there is something authentic about experience, and everyone, Good and evil, can admit and realize that.  It is just the bare minimum fact that is held in common by every agent which expresses a human body, which is that experiences have a qualitative nature to them which is insisted upon by those who profess to be privy to such experiences as having definitely desired and loathed aspects. All who profess being capable of and sometimes simply subject to these experiences can admit to their existence. This of itself leads to the construction of language in these bodies to take place under an ontologically pre-existing rubric's influence, which has profound implications for both metaphysics and axiology, as well as for aesthetics and politics. But at a minimum, all participants in this massive plurality of unique subjectivities profess, with more or less authenticity, to possess special access to their own psychism and from this profess various sentiments from that authority so as to suggest and justify practical action in the world. 

Publick actors will always at least seek to manifest an authentic intention to meet certain minimal ethical and moral standards as long as there is a chance that they may be publickly sanctioned for failing in that regard.  As does Stefan Molyneux in his examination of those who most virulently opposed the sensibility of Donald Trump's viability as a candidate for the office of President of the United States. Political election processes and media exposure are supposed to help keep such a process more honest in case the wrongs of a candidate can be uncovered in his life and conduct being publickly examined. Supposedly this also helps people see whether or not a candidate has any sense. In most cases such a person does have sense, but not a spiritually real or viable character with any inherent, Divinely invested Conscience, and so in such cases is just some power hungry puppet.

But the world's manifest phenomena lead the honest investigator to ask why and how the norms of expected sensibility in people, and especially in educated people, is literally not belied as the consumer of cultural norms which it would seem that various media and agencies would have us believe in the "mainstream media-culture society".  It would seem that their ethical narrative is an utter self-contradiction, presented and arrayed to people so that they can accept the patronizing of their intelligence and conscience as being something to celebrate, which they subconsciously do when they participate in the enjoyment of such a practical joke with all the optimism of the head sheep following a Judas goat.

But consider whether or not such manipulation is possible with only the classical models of social control which are the literal bridge between oligarchy and outright and open tyranny.  These are the methods which are at minimum covertly operative during the phase which is properly described as "rule by mob". It is often called "democracy", but that is not necessarily a thing to be happy about. And when we consider that the methodologies of a Machiavellian prince are always at play, it helps us to see what organized crime really is in its most complete, and unspecious sense, as a covert from of tyranny by the few sliding down, by a path of subterfuge, racketeering, and coercion, into a full blown tyranny of one.  The implication which we reach as a result is, at some point when Plato's famed character "the perfectly unjust" is ready to come onto the scene, a scenario like this:

The occult tyrannic hegemony feels free to utilize weaponized institutions to conduct covert civil war against those whom they would subjugate, so naturally we expect to find that they have weaponized the media and culture in order to blast the public with fallacious and manipulative narratives whilst attributing all such things to anyone who might dare oppose them in a way that is notable. First they suppress that notice. They attempt to subvert the will (subtle coercion). Then they go full retard with the propaganda (blatant deception). Key to all this is an oligarchic pseudo-middle class of completely corrupted professionals whose profession is to counterfeit and launder social norms (and currency, economic institutions, public discussion, social norms and mores), and who use this system to conduct graft against the genuine publick. The only "real world" mechanism which makes this absurd house of cards manifest at all is the implementation of "psychotronics", which is not merely, nor is it very much at all, to do with the amplification, modulation, and transduction of psychic power. But it is about 90% that if you take into account the notion of "psychic phenomena" to mean in the simple sense of "psychical phenomena" which are the subject of the study of psychology, neuropsychology, cybernetics, and the technological means to put those disciplines to use so as to influence events by means of a technology which can transduce the knowledge of those disciplines into a working method of social control, which seeks as its goal of perfection the attainment of the spiritual enslavement of every single soul in the world. That is known because such technology is empirically known to exist, such motives are known to exist, methods have been fully described and carried out, and the opportunity to do this has been the norm throughout history until today. Honest people who oppose this in any of its forms and manifestations are the only remaining evidence that it has not reached that goal perfectly.

When this happens, we will see the unfolding of a set of absurd conditions of which sense can be made only if a person is willing to develop the amount of ironic sensibility minimal for seeing through aesthetically pleasing deception, an amount of virtue minimal for the appreciation of the value being lost in the process of a fraud being conducted against him, and then finally enough will to take all that good judgment, that good sense, into a way of life that will not be compromised by those sorts of evil forces which are already covertly in place so as to make a covert tyranny possible at the last stages of so-called democracy, a euphemism for mob rule sliding into tyranny.

But in order for this process to move forward, in order for evil to take full control of the world, it must convince whatever remains of a polity's last shreds of conscience to be sacrificed along with a scapegoat that Socrates himself represents, whom Plato called the Perfectly Just.

It was prophesied that when this process of evil corruption, when it has reached its maximum, would invoke, as if by a Divine Law, the arrival of the Judgment of the World. So each person involved, no matter in what way, is wise to ask him/her/it/their self/selves whether or not they are on the right side of Eschatology, because in fact a person's life is nothing more than "their share of the world", and the entire meaning of "The Great Return" is not perceived or experienced by all those involved, in the same "fundamental and qualitatively significant way", and that this will be the critical point where the Wheat are freed from the chaff, where it is seen that almost everything in the world was the opposite of what it seemed, and that this total absurdity should and will be reversed into a complete transparency forcing an authenticity that evil cannot endure, and also cannot falsify.  That is the axiological ontology of "Suum Cuique".  And it cannot fail to be this way, because the reverse is absurd, for then the absurd would not be absurd, which is patently absurd. Therefore, also by metaphysical deduction.

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