Saturday, March 15, 2014

Worldy Comedy vs Divine Comedy

"Success is the enemy of comedy"...  It just shows how comedy is in a position of submission to the tragic, and the lords of tragedy accept such an arrangement, because in this case the spirit of a man must play their fool.  

Comedy rarely commits itself to observations of the sort of TRUTH which brings any significant response from those with power in this world.. rarely.  But it is barely on the cusp of doing so, but still avoids the direct truth.  But Carlin was willing to "go there", and Louis C.K. is on the edge of "going there".  But those who truly go there, aren't usually truly "successful".   Hence, the persistence of a balance between "success" and "comedy".  

But is it because, as Seinfeld implies, that with too much success comedy can no longer hold the image of revealing any truth with authenticity?  The real reason is this:  Comedy must go around the Truth in order to be successful.  Its "success" is measured in how close it comes to the truth without really baring it out for everyone in such a way as to attract the "grim and humorless" powers that be.  

If it is "too successful" at revealing any Truth, it becomes "unsuccessful" because it will not be accepted by the "judging mob".  Comedy, in the end, sells out to the mob.  It is just that part of the "political debate" which is humorous, then prolonged into "an act".  These are politicians, who happen to be funny enough that they decided rather to influence people by persuasion rather than by force... but in the end, they are within the parameters of those who use force, or they are not going to be successful.  Because that force does not accept being disrespected.

The evil forces which hold sway over this material world, and who physically manage it, use coercion and deception, and arrange for the detriment and downfall of anyone who doesn't OBEY them, yet claim to the faces of those they manipulate that "all is fair"...  How can this be ignored as "just the way it is"?  Only by surrendering to it, and for all its rebellion to "the powers that be" that many comedians seem to manifest, they never really go in for "the kill", which is to take stand on something that will upset their audience.  Their audience, the mob, is all that protects them from tptb, or gives them a living.  They must cater to the audience.  This is true for all performing arts and it would go without saying, except here it must be said because this means they obey the audience.

They require the audience to identify with them or they will not present a joke, because the objective of the joke is to entertain.  If the audience isn't entertained, it is over.  "Off with his head" is now "bombing a show".  This is a pure form of submission, to seek to avoid such disapproval.  It is what is always avoided, even if the shtick is that "your approval is not required".  In the end that is just an act at best.  No one goes on stage just to bomb unless that person has a suicidal mentality.  This is why there are no "Gnostic Comedians" in this world.  For we see in the world a MORAL ABSURDITY which is a real tragedy, and this cannot be laughed away as the afterthought of finding in life, as Seinfeld puts it "The torture which makes one happiest".

But that its exactly what the world requires of those who are an "accepted part" of it.  To be a part of it, one must authorize its having such a hold over one's mind that one would buy into it even if all it had to offer was torture, and so one accepts the major condition, on the minor condition of hoping to be accommodated in seeking the form of torture which makes one most happy (or least sad).  Such a mealy-mouthed surrender, from a moral standpoint.  

The idea of morality is merely a pittance of thought if it must be doled out in terms of surrendering to prevalent norms, especially if those are ensconced in a world of petty and faux nobility or else the false alternative of a broodingly ignorant mob, who don't want to be confronted with any REAL truth, as that would disturb the personality masks they are wearing all day every day.

Because some of us happen to know about the methods of coercion being used, and we know the great MORAL STAIN which is upon those who engage in such perversions.  We know about the things kept in the dark, and GOD Knows. So this sort of thing is too uncomfortable for a comedian to broach seriously, because it wouldn't be funny to do so.  This is beyond their reach.  A comedian cannot touch vital truth in the end, because if he did, he'd lose most of his audience immediately, because nor can they.

So the comedy of this world, just like the tragedy of it, is absurd, because all comedy does is round out the rough edges of the tragedy of this world's by observing its absurdity, but bringing it into focus in such a way that any tensions about it are "settled out of court".  People are expected to "have an understanding".  Understandings such as "things could be worse" or "we all know what goes on behind closed doors" or "think about it, but don't say it", and we are supposed to laugh that "Yes, ideally I would say something, but in this case I wouldn't.  What an ass anyone is who thinks they are really brave, because no one really is that brave", and yet they are "all together in this", so in this big support group they have formed everyone can feel a sudden burst of identification that normal human contact does not permit widely, and so this creates a zone where there is a sudden release of tension about "some really dark shit" as a comedian might observe.  They can broach even the most heinous subjects as long as somehow, we are all "in this together, so what are we going to do about it?" and so we can release that sense of moral tension and just "let it go".  These and other sorts of stock phrases are usually the heading under which comedic material is presented.

In the end, it is the "slap on the back" of a "good" car salesman ("hash tag" oxymoronic).  And over the worse possible things one could be so phony about, such as the human condition, the nature of life and death, god the universe and everything, etc.  It is such a lame duck quality in human beings, this "sense of humor".   But the real irony of all this is that people who are truly moral and have a serious attitude about honesty and sincerity, and who despise deception, but who are treated as that which is to be pitied by the world (at best), in other words LOVERS OF TRUTH , also have a "sense of humor".  It is reserved for laughing at evil in its face, it is reserved for praising rightness and innocence in the face of what demeans, and it makes no apology for hurting the feelings of any audience, no matter how large or how "powerful".  It points out what is absurd for the pure moral satisfaction that comes with that, and for no other motive.  Laughter is just an unintended side effect.

The title had nothing to do directly with Dante's Inferno, but here are the rough equations for your perusal and consideration:

   Worldy Comedy =  (Absurdity x (-1/Morality^Rhetorical Deception))

   Divine Comedy =  (Absurdity x (1/Morality^Truthful Observation))

Both can work on exactly the same material, but must go about it in different ways, and these ways matter which can raise by degrees of power the meaningful spiritual impact of those observations of the world over which they supervene.  The nature of "Morality" is completely determined to be two utter antivalent orientations about Truth and Justice on the one hand and Goodness and Beauty on the other.  The attitudes are aligned along the axis where the Soul/Spirit meets the bodies of flesh/emotion/ego.  

That which is "Worldly" in nature seeks to make peace with the world's corruption and to "make the most of a bad thing" (to paraphrase Seinfeld's point about finding a vocation in life), while paying lip service to the idea that it should be "better than all this" but without any real commitment to "stirring the pot".

That which is Divine is that nature which seeks to make utter war with the world's corruption, to reject the bad utterly and seek the Good in purity, making no apologies for this.  If you have to apologize for it, or feel you have to, then you have done wrong and not right.

The laughter comes from the absurd notion that any other stand could be worth taking.  It is a laughter of release from evil, a sense of pure freedom in KNOWING that:  This world is A COMPLETE FARCE that has no power over me, but pretends to have all power over me.  It is a COSMIC JOKE about a very serious matter, and it is TOTALLY LAUGABLE to imagine for an instant that we can be persuaded otherwise.  At the crossroads of morally evaluating the world and our place in it we have found that the world cannot be taken seriously, and so we must laugh at its silly antics at trying to gain our serious attention because it thinks we think we are a body at their behest.  It is amazingly DUMB.

Imagine a world that PRETENDS TO BE A WORLD.  A giant "Truman Show", where everyone is TOTALLY FAKING IT, and their only major goal is to get you to believe it is genuine when it is not.  It is a giant practical joke of the general and commonplace corruption and falsehood over the particular and rare virtue and truth.  It is a massively EVIL LIE that deserves to be mocked all day long and with all one's might, and certainly not with any eye to entertaining IT.  But rather, to the contrary: to entertain our own minds to a view proper for the subject we wish to evaluate, and to enable our conscience the release of the tension of possibly going along with the world in its ways, or even seeming to.

Even when it comes to laughter:  WE ARE NOT ALL ONE

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A Note on Unrequited Love

Sometimes unrequited love is quite beautiful, especially when both parties are mature about it, and have acted graciously.  There is never any need for cruelty when both parties are  mature and respectful, nor any need for changing any feelings (but the need to change some expectations and intentions).

In the case of brain function and architecture, it seems that nature is efficient for our purposes only when we delimit its impulses toward some more refined goal-seeking behavior.  The problem is that our purposes are usually "duct taped" onto primary urges as their sloppy diplomatic gesture to the world or "objective reality" in request of being fulfilled as some desire.  

That might remind us of the Daoists who claimed that it is man's artificiality that is the problem, and that because it was not derived from a virtuous sincerity. Our methods were clumsy and inefficient because our motives were not as pure as they ought to have been for the circumstances of our actions.  (Some good academic discussion on this topic is here)

Aristotle reminds us that True Friendship (friendship par excellence and in epitome) involves a bond between two persons of genuine virtue.  Many people claim the office of friendship, but they are entitled to that claim no more than their proper claim to virtue allows.  And the truly virtuous will assign their libido last place in life, and assign their development of character first place. And only by this is sublimation truly possible.  The hypocrisy of suppressed feelings is also merely a sort of ineffectual duct taping over the the truth.

Unrequited love, when held respectfully in the heart, is a treasure unto itself.  If one has such feelings, and they are genuine, then it is likely they will be detected by the other.  Sometimes they develop for a lack of knowing significant things about the other, such as their relationship with someone else.  In that case, a revelation about that will be inevitable and if that love was respectful, it will not unduly encroach.  These things can be felt and intuited.  In this case there is no need to be harsh, just as the other was not being crudely demonstrative.  People might sometimes be unsympathetic to their suitors, but to be cruel or evil in rebuffing or manipulating is hideous.

Unrequited love of this kind is sublime, is undying and of inherent value, and has a benign effect on both parties when allowed to be what it is without unduly acerbic treatment.  If the friend zone can be gracefully achieved by those two people, then it is proof that the love was in no way wasted, as the person loved was worth loving as a person, as a friend, and also that they have integrity.  It is unfair to expect integrity for feelings which they may even have toward you (not requited love, but consonant feeling), but not to expect integrity for feelings they have for someone else.  It is perversely selfish in that case.  If they are willingly bound to another person, even for reasons we dismiss as "not right for their best interests", then it is not necessarily endearing to persist in directly feeding one's own gracious behavior into the scene as a form of persuasive contrast qua intervention.  That has to be done very subtly and without any sense of pushiness.  But better, with some mature sense of the danger involved in pursuing a person who has a vested interest in what seems to be an unhealthy relationship.  Their reactions to the advertisement of feeling from an unwanted suitor (or even a suitor they might find desirable), is not likely to be healthy either.

But when the both parties are mature, and it is a case of the chips falling the one way rather than the other. a gracious demeanor about the whole thing, from both sides, allows for a friend/colleague zone which makes the memory of both persons to each other to be a pleasant one.  There is not necessarily a demand that the third party to the couple change his feelings about his loved one.  It is just that, in the case where such feelings cannot be returned, the third party must reasonably change his expectations, or risk running aground on the rocks of delusion and insult.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

From Determinism to Agency in the Great Mind Machine, with Two Separate Destinies in One Fate

If creative activity can be so heavily automated, almost even beyond need of inspiration itself (you can quickly try things and change them to taste, no need to firmly pre-envision anything...).  So all that discipline out of the way, you take your theoretical wings (literal and metaphorical), and fly beyond the limits of the average peasant who carved out a flute 900 years ago.  Now if humans can find and automate almost everything but the "creative spark" itself, and if this can be done to a high enough level so that its relation to everyday men and women were technologically godlike enough, you could literally counterfeit an entire world, INSIDE the physical hosts of that species (humans), and to them it would be as different from fantasy and make-believe as anything could be.  Their entire psychobiological reference point is zeroed out on a barely believable story!  Once that is "rock bottom", you can only believe more iterations of that same basic self-contradictory insanity.

Therefore so much can be manipulated without others even knowing it was manipulation in the first instance, when it was begun, and in the last instance, when its purpose is achieved.  In neither case is the targeted mark every truly let in on this "secret" (New Age bestsellers whining to the contrary), although there is an aspect of the mechanism where there is a hierarchy of cons and marks.  The majority of beings are some proportion of both, then at the "bottom" of their heap are those (the Light Beings) who must bear the full brunt of anything gained by the rest all the way up to the "top" of this pyramid scheme (as it is by definition and form simultaneously), and they must only find their salvation FROM this world. It is simply the way it is on the very face of it.  But those who exist within the realm of the demonic, the "con/marks", they are all struggling in their fantasy land where it is "noble" to challenge each other in some sort of pretense of divinity and honor (think "Game of Thrones", barf, then come back, this will wait).

This is not even a secret to them, because they live this way and glorify it, just look at history.  But the point is that it is all wrong, that the whole thing, the whole project of this world, from the ground up, is a joke, a mistake, and error, a sin, a  monstrosity.  In the end, it cannot end well for it.  But what of those who had no stake in it from the beginning, or who during a period of undeserved Grace found the Light by some Miracle of a spark of it which lay in them, and became inducted into the realm of fully Conscious, Perfectable Beings.   And it remains only for those to be finalized one way or another, which surely anyone can see happening every day, and it could be drawn out of them in a courtroom, you wouldn't have to be Socrates, and yet they cannot see it because they refuse to, so that on the Last Day when it is unveiled, it will blast them mightily.  Therefore doesn't obstinate practice accumulate a directly proportional cure?  It does.

But this is not the plan of the world.  It is the plan concerning the world by those beyond it.  Not those who think they are beyond it, but are merely precariously balanced on the top of its heap (which to Those Above it is the bottom, hence the first shall be last and the last shall be first, but only as a once and final switch at the end...).  Did you rake it in during this world's facade?  Did you profiteer from suffering, even in the form of merely mitigating your own?  Did you do so wittingly or unwittingly?  Did you or did you not repent from this?  Did Grace not shine on you?

So if someone showed Good Faith they would inevitably look at the world and see it for the farce it is.  It is inevitable. So that means the world has acted in bad faith, and not one single shred of what it obligates is enforceable upon the Spirit of God.  And that soul which is bound to flesh and Spirit of God both, is obligated only to choose one of these two masters, Spirit or body, God or world of mirages, and that is all.  There simply is no office in the world which has claim over my very soul, unless I grant that authority.  That must be tried and tested, and finally proven one way or the other over a sufficient number of life experiences, sure enough.  But at some point it must be proven one way or the other.  Which side gains from the time it took to find this out among them depends, in that one case, on which way that soul goes in the end.  But in the END of the whole process, only one side gains from this when it Ends, and only one side gains by that End being eternally delayed.  The side that gains from its ENDING is the Good Side.

Only They can endure the end of all things, and are fit to survive them or even to manifest them at will, not those things which depend upon these beings, in the end, for sustenance, being themselves cut off from True and Fresh Light, and themselves overly-glutted with their own recycled imitation reality, and thereby suffering under a terminal consumption. They have no recourse but to end up begging at the door, at the very feet of those they placed, spiritually, at the lowest rank in their dominions.  Yet, this proves the point, in the End.  Only what makes it to that End and survives it will matter, or could matter.  But it is rest assured, matter itself will not, nor anything which depends upon it for its form for expression.

So in genuine humility, we of the Light seek our own redemption, each one regardless of rank or origin, covering itself up in the same wretched vestments, and we do this for each other, not for the world.  The world has lost any taste for such things anyway, even for the sake of play-acting and mockery.  We are in a new and final age of evil's pathetic desperation, and it will come in any convenient form for a scrap.  Be therefore MORE, and not LESS stingy in terms of Spiritual Energy, and let the chips fall wherever they may for the issue of the Truth.  It is out there and everywhere and if someone has a good excuse for missing it, it is for better Minds and Judges to determine.  Face value is starting to become the New Inflation, since illusion is collapsing at cosmological rates, transformations occurring far beyond comprehension of any measure calculable in this universe.  Make firm your decision about that End, now.  THAT is the "power of now", and not some other nonsense the New Age fools have leaked out into the world.  They can try and put a New Age spin on this too if they want, but this is where the buck stops.  These two essences go separate ways, and do not become one, never were one, and are not one, now.  That information is also contained in the powerful nowness that is, which is the fact of the ought, which does not collapse herein, but creates it out of the tension of its duality.

But this duality, it cannot End well for one side, but cannot go on well for the other, unless that going on facilitate in fact its hastened and perfected End.  So both have something in common, a common direction in appearance, within the world (both tout "virtues" for example, as I outlined at outset), but in the END of that is only divergence tending straight to pure antivalence.  This will only End badly for the false, and only Perfectly Well for the True.  Right has cast Its Glorious Might in realms inconceivably higher than this one we see.  See this world as the last domino in a long series of them, which cannot but fall upon one another in prescribed ways, and which manipulations by Grander and Better minds cannot be avoided.  All that can be decided is in which directly one Truly goes, when all appearances are cast aside. THAT Pure Truth is the Sword of Truth become Justice.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Misopedic Undertones

Men are not allowed to stand somewhere at random, and smile warmly at a beautiful sight.  It is "gay" or at the very least "kooky and strange", perhaps even SUSPCIOUS.  These pettish fools with their quaint suspiciousness, looking to play the peasant in some spaghetti western who shields children's faces from the evil glare of the dark-suited and mustachioed villain pistolero.  Yeah, that's me.  That's why children light up when they see me.  It is my villainous demeanor, no doubt.  That's why over time they feel life is a drag being with their own families, and why they will grow to literally hate the guts of some of these people who "truly love them".  It's because I smiled at them and discoursed with them.  But what it really is is petty jealousy.  Adult egos want love and attention, but are black holes incapable of receiving any unless it feeds their attachments and fantasies.  So they'll be damned if "beautiful day" is a pretext for "smiling child", not at the behest of a... oh no look out...  a *stranger*.  Perhaps "beautiful birds in the tree" is also taboo, if only you stand alone smiling about it?  How odd, such a "THREAT LEVEL" here.   Oh yes, let's get those iPhone's out and look on, suspiciously...

But then again, neither much are women allowed to do that.  It is a kind of hatred of the soul which indicates a prevalent "misopedia".  Being inwardly focused and happy is not cool.  What is cool is having a story for yourself at every second that "fits in" with some prefabricated array of "mentos moments" scripted for every encounter, and the willingness to participate in such "on demand". This is the world of "making apologies" just for existing.

But to show positive Spiritual features?  If they are harmless and universally understandable as benign, this is now an offense? Indeed, to smile warmly at a child, or to be particularly friendly with them "on their level" (which is a beautiful and sincere level), is treated as a sign of... "pedophilia", which ought to have meant a love of children (or of what is beautiful in and of them). And have you seen the effect it has on children to treat endearment toward them like a threat?  Have you seen them wither?  Did you ever see them blossom?  No, the parental guardian unit who sees, directed toward any child whether their own or not, supervised or not, any affection or kindness which does not fit in neatly with some fantasized "norm", thinks it has a divine and natural duty and obligation to look upon such things suspiciously and with a sense of concern for the safety of the child, and to be concerned about the sanity or "threat level" of the adult.  This is how utterly insane people are in this "world", or globe of dust littered with insane fools. 

The whole Jesus-in-velvet market thrives partly on scenes of Jesus adoring and being adored by children.  How odd that is.  Yet no one gets up in arms about how strange it is that priests are having their way with children.  The same for teachers, and others who are in some uniform of authority.  They have not time for those extremes.  The criminal is YOU who don't have enough fame or power to buy off their opinion of you, you who were not elected into the limelight of sheeple love.  And who would receive that but a perverse zoophile?

And it is a not so subtle misopedia which underlies all of this gender war business.  While men and women bicker at each other, children are treated like objects.  

It has even become "funny" to be misopedic, as George Carlin and Louis C.K. have proven.  Carlin took out his misanthropy squarely on children in a very directed and vitriolic attack in his own material, and it had great success for him with his audiences.   Indeed, Louis C.K. took it further by brutalizing the images of his own children for comedic effect.  Just do a youtube search of their names and "children" and you'll see for yourself.  The foibles of humanity fester above, and the acidic wastes which flow from them drip gratuitously upon the heads of the innocent.  With human society like this, who needs demons in the invisible ethers?

It is "strange" to manifest Good Spiritedness.   And people of either gender generally don't have any genuinely Good Spiritedness.  Humanity's problems run this deep, down to gender identity, only because they run so much deeper than even that, into the metaphysical realms of spiritual identity.  And if this is the sort of problem humanity is hung up with, count me out of the wretched mess.  Count me out of any society that acts this way.  I've no use for it.  You, "society", can "do you".  When finally the Judge who brings an end to this cosmic farce opens the door for those whom you rejected, you will be left alone in the darkness of empty and cold nothing, in the jaws of a dragon as its food, living in terror your final eons with others of your own kind.  You'll all "do you" with no Spiritual Beings to mock.  We'll be in world where we can be ourselves.

Artists, Freedom of Expression, and Sincerity under Eschatology

Yet they have a lot of things to say for or against this man, and claim strange things about him "that he is a brand" or that he is a scam artist at heart or some other cynical notion.  Yet they themselves have not shown us how to properly go about doing anything important in life.  These odd people know who they are.  They are poltergeists, nothing more.  A look at the comment section of that video will show you what sort of people the world manifests around people who "make waves".

I have a bit of criticism by way of his methods and his actions.  It is simply this:  What do we gain by confronting the world?  We gain nothing IN the world, but we confront the world's hypocrisy by our sincerity.  It is fine to do this in a major and political way, if that is what you are inspired to do.  But it would be irresponsible to even suggest that this is the final and greatest sum of Spiritual Rebellion from the world.  Even a brutal and evil person can take a major and controversial position which gets him into trouble with more major powers of the world.  It is not enough, or in itself worthy, to have gone against the grain of the world in THIS way.  This is a matter of expression and circumstance, or even of fate, not of Spirit per se.  If the debauched and worldly Billy Connoly can say what he likes about religion, the various affairs of the world, and make religion look properly like crap, then doing that is no longer a sign of Spiritual Sense per se anymore.  It is only a sign that even the man in the street can see this truth now.  But what about the Ultimate and Spiritual Truth?  This is what they may have yet to grasp.  It is what they may never grasp (do they seem to be grasping for it?).  But that is their affair, and not ours.  

My point is simply that the "real way" of doing this Spiritual Expression is not necessarily expressed in such massively visible forms in the first place, if at all.  How you concentrate and breath alone, or parse your own thoughts and judgments, or do daily deeds in your own life, can reflect Great Sincerity which the world will only insult and never recognize.   But the whole IDEA of Religion is that there is a Greater Spirit which DOES recognize it, and under the Grace of THAT Divinity a Spiritual Person may walk any path in the world and be saved from its evil and be sealed away, as a Pure Spirit.  The point is that we don't have to let visible, highly staged dramas dictate our understanding of the world and our place in it, even though the world has set these ostensible passion plays up for our ingestion as a collective web of propaganda.

But this cannot be realized by those who think worldly exploits define the curvature of Spiritual Progress, when it does not, and is a realm of massive fraud and counterfeiting.  And so of course Ai Wei Wei attracts those types of criticisms because they are built into the very fabric of the world's black market of self-expression.  But he is showing to the Western world the brutal nature of a more "hands on" dictatorship style, although he is grounding his perceptions on personal experiences.  He is asking himself, "should I be like that man who stood in front of the tank in Tian An Men"?  But what sort of tank?  What sort of standing?  I think he wants to express himself as an artist with a sense that his art can be a pure expression of his sincerity.   It seems a legitimate motivation for his actions.  It may be quite a Spiritual Expression in his case if in  his own life he is a Righteous Man before God.  That is not for miscreants to judge.  

But the world is crawling with miscreants who are ever ready to judge others down to the level of their own limited, evil size of soul.  They cannot understand even the remote possibility of a Sincere Spirit, although they use those words on their own lips in cynical conformation with ethical codes and their parlance.  So now we have the issue of what counts as an expression of Spirit in a world which has a false normality and a large groundswell of demonic mobs of ignorant miscreants.  What sort of world can be like this and meaningfully sustain Spiritual Expression?  It can't.  It can only persecute it, and all the while COUNTERFEITING it because of coveting its Glory, but finding in the end that it only has value in attracting people under a locus of control using symbols of excessive significance, but which have meaning only for the Truly Spiritual. Yet these True Spirits are turned off by all those attracted to such false spirituality.  So they go and form their own Spiritual Communities.  Then history shows what the demonic mobs do about that.  Then they exist in a handful here and there only.  

When that day comes, then the world is about to take a massive dirt nap, as in, God will have no further purpose for it, since after this round, no savable Spirits will exist.  All imprisoned Light is inert, all souls are nothing but simulacra of expressions they did not and cannot authenticate, and all Spirits will have been removed who were worthy under God's Grace.  Then what to do with the world?  Anything and everything is possible, but basically, it will be dragged toward the Light of heaven very slowly, so it will flatten itself out to avoid that Light which burns them, and they will create the broadest possible space, spread out over the totality of Heaven, like a transparently black invisibility, which will thin itself down to some limit, and then when pressed at some infinity, it will congeal into one oblivion, eternally rubbed out of Existence for Eternity.

Guide all your actions with this process in view, not only your "social, political, outwardly noticeable" expressions.  Sometimes, it is not best for you to go head to head with some egotistical fools.  Why test God's Grace?  For what reason?  What if the cynics are right and you have gotten pompous or looking for a buck?  Then if they ARE correct then you happen to have a problem in that God's Grace does not well cover such things as egotism.  They may be correct about it in some way or to some degree, though they only correct when it is true, not because they know it is true, because they must accuse even when it is untrue, that is part of their job given them by the demons who stir this stew called "the world".  They usually start accusing the very instant it is conceivable by the greatest stretch of the imagination, that someone has some evil at bottom of whatever they do or express.  That's their "opener".  So their credibility as "evil detectors" is proportionately weak.  Then look at what they let pass for proper authority and acceptable history, and if you disagree they just say "let's move on and why are you so paranoid".   So these creatures are clearly NOT SPIRITUAL in nature, but are known as "illusions".  Artificially intelligent organism.

  But the Moral Spirit cannot be generated out of such organisms, but is confined into association with them, but will no yield its Energy to what is false.  So the false person (ego) and the conjunction between the two (the "soul") was generated so that energy could be taken from this Spirit a bit at a time, by much deception.

  This being done, the expressions of everything, EVERYTHING of the Spirit, came only from the Spiritual Beings entrapped in matter, and the other material beings (and the bodies of the Spiritual Beings) all dilute those expressions through distributed assimilation and imitation.  The world has mimicked and amplified its mimicry to look like a giant stage which makes the drama of REAL Spiritual suffering look like "just anybody's suffering" and it takes the genuine expressions of Spiritual Beings and tries to translocate them into lesser beings who are inhabited by demons (popes, priests, political leaders, entertainment stars, major personalities, artists, scientists, etc etc).  These people are a mass of such "stolen inspiration" which is taken out of the creativity of the True Ones and distributed through mimicry over the ages, and redistributed to the control of demonically possessed meat bags.  How's that for a world you can Spiritually Express yourself in?  It isn't.  But True Religion CANNOT BE MIMICKED.  Sincerity, by definition, cannot be mimicked or copied.  It can only be expressed HONESTLY.

This is the Sign by which the Truly Spiritual are known, and it can save only Them from the world who have that Sign.

That's why Kongzi (Confucius) said, basically, that you should learn from the faults of others and correct yourself.  This doesn't mean that others don't have faults, otherwise, how could you notice them?  It also doesn't mean that you shouldn't Judge those faults, otherwise how could you Deem them not worthy of your own Spirit?  If the Spirit is in you, it would be grieved at that, surely you must Judge it, that it would grieve your Spirit if you were to do such a thing?  If not, then "Judge not" makes no sense.  But with this way of understanding it, in the context of the world, its beginning, and its end, we can see with clearer eyes the real meaning of "judge not".  These quotes can be read for further challenges, to see if they can be interpreted in some way that is harmonious with the Spirit, and if not, in what way.

Monday, March 3, 2014

The World is a Haystack Called "Needleville"

 Karen's splendorous voice and songs were too much for this world.  To exhibit and be in the thrall of so much splendor, one wonders how she could also die at the age of 32 from a heart attack resulting from a condition of anorexia nervosa.  That's how so much joy and light died in the world.  Only speaking of appearances.  If appearances are true to fact, then the world habitually hosts what is good and beautiful, then snuffs it out as a form of entertainment.  But some who discuss spiritual matters with others and write books on the subject, like Eckhart Tolle, feel the need to blandly reassign the issue of blatant, manifest evil in the world to some small cast of "ups and downs" which are mutable as merely relative distortions of something which is beyond them and permanent, but without any polarity among those two.  So he blatantly denies the Moral Dichotomy which is required for the term "antivalence" to have any potent meaning.

Looking at what the world has in store for "all those innocent children" (no one openly declares them otherwise), you could see that it is on the whole a house of horrors into which souls are poured for anything but their ennoblement or education.  There are so many people in the world who are quietly and not famously just like Karen, in both form and substance.  This world habitually strangles them wherever they are, keeping them from expressing outward, from childhood up... then setting them up with false examples of glamour with the likes of Katy Perry and that one who always has her tongue out and her bottom above her head.  Or the one with horns coming out of her shoulders who plays the piano and breeds hordes of monsters in her own mind, but is paid well for her fantasy.  These twerking fiends are now what youthful maidens look up to for a sense of the beautiful or sensitive.

Therefore who could deny that the world is an evil affair?  It is not a place of justice, it is a place which must suffer the harsh fact of Justice Impending.  It is a place of justice like a monster's dark heart is a place of morality. It will have a lot to do with justice, as it is going to be getting the worse end of it (but fairly so).  That is the way that works.  It is a place of tribulations because tribulation is all it knows.  It knows the administration of tribulation as a form of spiritual enslavement.  You buy into a lot of "debt" in the form of false guilt and misplaced shame, and then you act accordingly lifetime after lifetime, declaring more and more your fealty to a system of falseness.  

Not everyone will buy into this scam, and many people have more to lose spiritually than others.  These people will overlap in different ways.  Some people will awaken more brightly than others who have "more to lose" but wake up more dimly (at first).  But in the end, each being's brightness is in direct proportion to its actual awakening, and that's just how that works.  Knowing is the awakening, not arbitrary faith, especially not enlisted into the services of self-contradictory and erroneous, malicious dogma and doctrine and creed.  Yet we live in that world, precisely that worst possible world where such deceptions and falsehoods can pass for "spirituality" along with vile criminality passing as "honorable civitas", or wretched evil being sheltered behind the scenes for the elect, but badmouthed by them in public, in essence, for everyone else... yet allowing art to extol the virtues of every vice imaginable in the name of "artistic license".   These are the hegmons which rule the spirits of physical men, no matter what "religion" they claim to hold (what a laugh).

No matter what we think about the people involved, the quality of music as an form of artistic expression worthy of being consumed by "the average decent person", has dropped to an all-time-low, since the time of The Carpenters.  Anyone who has experiences of music of a similar higher caste of spirit when compared with "today's crud" will know exactly that different quality, if only as a sense of it being "starkly different".   It is at least that.  But it is as starkly different as evil is starkly different from Good.  That turns out to be the objective, solid, irrefutable Truth that is the wall that subjective relativism must slam into.  It is a wall of the objective and future embedded, eternal Truth which is also a Mind and Judges, and which vitalizes all that is Good in Existence, even as far down as this wretched place, through the reflection of some Light, somewhere and some when, that a Light Being was here for any reason and happened to express Its True Self.  That is the reason for all that is good in the world (with a lower g), even the innocent cuteness and purity and sincerity of children (where the ego hasn't yet formed in them).  All this is the reality of reduced qualia that this world has inherited from its evil maker, the blind fool.

There can be no denial that in speaking falsehoods men speak many little truths.  To tell a story about being abducted by aliens (which may be true, after all), one mostly tells a familiar story (driving down road, seeing trees, lights in the sky, on the way home etc).  One can tell many pseudo-truths (very believable lies that don't matter in themselves) in order to frame up and make look good a single ridiculous lie.  This is what is usually the case in spiritual matters.  When "THE  NOW" or other similar trigger words, like "TRUE SELF" come up, these should be a clue to the diligent Being who would like to attain to Truth rather than lies dressed up as truths.  Just look at the colorful muck that this search query brings up from youtube.  Having been scammed before, he wouldn't be LESS diligent when so much more is on the line!

Be diligent, because the archons would prevent you:

They turned to their Adam and took him and expelled him from the garden along with his wife; for they have no blessing, since they too are beneath the curse. Moreover, they threw mankind into great distraction and into a life of toil, so that their mankind might be occupied by worldly affairs, and might not have the opportunity of being devoted to the holy spirit.