Sunday, May 22, 2016

How's the J.O.B.S. Market?

He is speaking about a broadly occurring phenomenon, referencing a broad statistical group. But the seriously impacting aspects of this are: Illegal immigration, international trade agreements, covert blacklisting campaigns, and psychotronic control grids, all these factors reinforcing and catalyzing some rather sad socio-political propagandized psychospiritual gulags which constitute "cities". Not so simple for some. But for teenagers, much easier. They're still useful as recruiting stock and possibly easily used fodder for such grids, they're usually much less aware and hence much less picky about anything which would affect their psychospiritual development. They have less baggage and less history to be used against them by said control grids. As for me, I worked job to job for about 4 years before joining the army at the age of 21. Supported myself that whole time except for occasional help from family. Spent that entire time reading, studying, conducting research in various subjects, including philosophy. Kept up all these "extralaborious" activities and several hobbies and cultivated some arts all while serving as an infantryman for 3 years, leaving that I continued this "process" for 5 years as a civilian again. Same sort of bullshit going on, same inability to make any sense out of it. Covert blacklisting is real. Psychotronic control grids are real. They are getting MORE real and MORE impactful every year. After five years of that mixture of travail and yet progress, living out of my truck for 9 months while doing some of it, I decided to join the Texas Army National Guard for 2 years and simultaneously to enter college using the MGIB which I had still 5 years left to use, and it was good for 4 years of college (imagine how many soldiers DON'T use this until it is too late, if they use it at all). That four years I was on the honor roll so that the only students who topped me were those who took on more than a full course load and pulled off similar grades. That was a very small group of students out of the totality. Near the end of this I took a scholarship to study Chinese overseas, and returned to the US to work again. At this point, it was a different socio-political gulag than the one I remembered. This is after the 2008 semi-collapse, and we are now talking about 2012. I worked my butt off, as usual. This ended up letting me "get by" until finally a good job breakthrough happened, only to be ruined for me within 3 weeks by some lowly son of a bitch committing insurance fraud against me and the boss being against me instead of on my side. It was a bad firing according to Texas and I'm leaving it at that. These are the kinds of evil shenanigans GOING ON in the world these last 15 years or so. But now it is getting crazed and is reaching dooooowwwwn to a new pathetic low to which the "norms" have sunk. All while being more efficiently and severely impacted by covert control methodologies which exacerbate the problems for everyone, while making it a more stabilized cash cow for an ever-shrinking minority of beneficiaries. That's right, they fill everyone's heads with this hateful bullshit about how 2 people are paying the way for 3, and yet they don't want to touch how 1% of the fucking population controls half of the RESOURCES. Damn, that's evidence that nobody's home if anything is. But it's racist to not let everyone pour on in across the border to fatten up on the weal, but let's piss on the people who reside here. Unless its our little special interest group, or unless it doesn't fit into our preconceived notion of how the economy is supposed to work.

There has developed a "black market" for evil since long ago. The powerful, who have learned that they must marry their power to propriety in order to last long, have learned how, over long periods of time, to use propriety as a front for carrying out their preferred and very evil courses of conduct. In this entire history of their development, which became most completely evil precisely during the ages of time we know least about concerning the details, the "Dark Ages", during this entire process the "peasant class" had been struggling to become a working class with a middle class of professionals. That had just begun to be accomplished in the 1800s in such a way as to break through the socio-politico-economic control grids of guilds and secret social networks who are basically spies for royalty and/or whoever else has a stake in covert control and criminality.

So naturally, in ever quickening step, at a pace whereby the public exposure of technology would increasingly be outstripped by the secret developments of it as weapons of war, both overt and covert in application, the so-called powers that be continued their evil plans for making sure that the "peasants" could be enslaved forever. This last two-hundred years from 1800 to 2000 represents this process going through various phases of experimentation here in the United States of America especially, but also throughout the world in various ways by various ruling evil pseudo-elite, who had been everywhere becoming more pseudo and less elite with each installment, until now being nothing but cardboard cutouts of figureheads of an iconography which has zero substance backing it.

Just in time for the complete roll out of the covert control grids I've mentioned, so as to maximize the power of the current farce of human action, to maximize it into a complete fucking circus before collapsing it into a new chaos. From THIS chaos they plan to make their system of control more powerful than ever before in history since perhaps Atlantis or Mu or whatever other dimension they came from or whatever other paradigm you want to use. Perhaps for these evil beings this is not their first time, perhaps for this world it is not THE first time, that a semi-free being has been experimented upon in order to learn all that can be learned, over the course of perhaps many millions of years, concerning all of its fullest potentials under varying contexts, to include a full range of experimentation on and even against its REAL NATURE as was not created or predictable by the fiends involved.

Perhaps it is a phase of a cycle within a game that is the equivalent of having a giant amusement park/petting zoo/carnival for some group of beings who are less-than-directly imprisoned within the environs of their amusement. And perhaps this runs the gamut of the imaginable and also the unimaginable, from the points where we would likely identify a parallel between their conduct and our own which might be described as decent, and ranging across to points which identify conduct in regions of the most perverse that can be described in parallel with our understanding, and then going beyond that into regions belonging only to demons to understand.

All this while you decide what your soul is worth. In that context think carefully about your "J.O.B.S." Jury-rigged Obstructions/Obsessions (existing as) Bureaucratized Slavery. And even if Trump changed the circumstances of these environments in all the ways that he promises, it wouldn't change the underlying "meta-conditions" that make them most truly evil and deplorable. Indeed, these circumstances which make it so saliently horrific for most people are just the keyhole through which they might peer and see what it really is, so it was really a sort of breakdown in the window dressing, and a sort of opportunity to see the Truth. Instead, most people just see it as an inconvenience or as an opportunity to sell out even more than they ever would have imagined doing before. So while Trump is improving the window dressing (supposedly), then what? Then everything else continues going on "behind the curtain" with ever greater precision, ever greater wickedness, ever greater soul-destroying evil.

What will those like Stefan Molyneux be doing in that "New Age" of disguised perfidy and camouflaged inversions if what they will do now, when the "stuff is leaking out of the edges of the box", is simply tell people to put a band aid on it and stop whining? I'm sure that the New Age would have gotten here much more smoothly if people would only have submitted to it... The "Brave" New World (Order) will be gradually rolled out into public view, but only by degrees, and only to the extent necessary to increase its performance for the beneficiaries of its agendas. Will the great pundits of our age recognize this process coherently? Alex Jones, David Icke, Stefan Molyneux, and many others are taking their cracks at it. But when it comes to the actual hardware and software that make this damn thing work AT ALL, and which will be critical to its function now while semi-covert and later when less covert, are the covert forms of control grids that I mentioned at outset, and which receive passing attention at best by those pundits I mentioned here, but which are more directly addressed by Jeff Rense and Preston James.

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