Saturday, May 7, 2016

Society Should Experiment with Non-Subterfuge, Non-Racketeering, and Non-Coercion. Yeah, That'd Be Great.

These "social experiments" are most often a cover for people who are part of organized street theater used to target anyone upon command of handlers. It's an entire line of work called human intelligence, perhaps a bit oxymoronically. It does require a certain type of intelligence to notice such things occurring, and it requires a certain amount of that same intelligence plus talent at acting and training, and motivation, to be engaged in them (and many there art). But really there is a severe deficit in "moral intelligence", which means to say in having a Good Conscience. We're talking about a fundamental looking the other way on a massive level in some cases, bordering on a sort of deformation of the personality analogous to schizophrenia, hysteria, or perhaps multiple personality disorder to name a few, and judging by the types of minds that must exist in those persons who conduct criminal activity as if it were a decent, even honorable thing to do.
Of course it is sold as some noble endeavor or another, regardless of what the facts bear out compared to how such things could be much better accomplished, or at all accomplished (such as peace and safety). These corrupt institutions will often be central to the criminal and wicked acts they are supposed to be deterring, defusing, or reducing in some way. They've become the most organized criminal mafia imaginable, with tech that blows away what is known to exist on the market for at least 15 years to come.
In some tech they are as far beyond the public as we are above islanders who never got past grass huts. So yes, along with counter-fiat money ready to hand and a seemingly ever-complicit and buffoonish public, sure I can see that would be a true thing to say, that such subterfuge would be employed on many scales as the equivalent of an entire industry (intelligence industry, subterfuge department, clandestine operations). Welcome to one step beyond the programming. I just used the same phenomenon used to "study" or "demonstrate" the programming, and shifted your attention to the programmers themselves. Soon they'll put chips in you and shock collars on you.

It'll be as common as tattoos, which will be mandatory as well.  Then, you'll be a high-tech slave in addition to being a slave to high-tech.  That will then be the first direct link of the visible world you think you know, and the invisible one which seeks to lay claim to your soul, or what's left of it, before world's end.  Most people just want to live in their fantasy bubbles until the system decides to pop it when it ripens for their purposes, which will mean the most cowardly form of life apart from becoming such villainous control freaks or compromising to them wittingly and willingly.

We haven't even yet contemplated the huge mechanism and network which lie aback the 4th wall of these social control grids, which includes some really advanced technological equipment, process methodologies, and culture of psychopathology as their evil norm.  Hypocrisy constitutes the entire operation from their end, whilst self-delusion and submission to evil constitute everyone else's role.  Where to be in scene, what sort of prop, what role of the moment, with how much risk,  how much reward.. that all decided by the covert equivalent of social worker bureaucracy.  An "archon's playground", but for those who are commodified it is a spiritual prison in a war of Good against evil.  This doesn't change if you fool yourself about it and go along, but it does perhaps become worse in that case.  But if it gets worse as you awaken to Reality, then it does nothing different, and eventually must capitulate to Spiritual Power from the Source of Right, which is far greater than the most coercive entity of an evil nature.

Those evil being involved in control grids and their manipulation or service, they must eventually answer for their crimes, just as everyone who would not stand for their wickedness will be restored and rewarded.  But this they do not believe, or they prefer to avoid contemplating.  They would like it that their victims would imitate them in this regard.  Makes them better slaves.

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