Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Pray Tell, What for This Madness?

Does Monckton realize the bombshell that he's just dropped? We are talking about a document which supposedly binds people into legal relationships upon which their very lives' and nations' fates may in the balance hang, but despite all modern methods of communication, progress in understanding the corrupt cryptocratic tyranny that had always existed in the psychology of human mentality which allows for some people's godlike right to rule over others as well as the venerable institutions and instrumentalities as though a God-Given gift, and despite a realization that the technological and methodological implications were spelled out on various levels of intelligent discourse and artistic culture since the Enlightenment, and therefore despite all good reasons to expect a hell of a lot more people to accept the significant meaning of their own personal dignity in the face of the state's thoroughly defunct authority over their lives, and the more so the more they trespass beyond even their stated duties of office..then the more absurd the situation becomes, all the more so as all the more yet absurd is the fact that this document's importance is lost on all those people who will take up arms over a damned sports game yet lay down their lives meekly before ANY TYRANT. So does the noble speaker understand what he's said? If so it would have to be through what absurdity he's exposed, and by what implications that yields readily to our minds' best judgement and conscience. It should be plainly recognized that the people's current psychospiritual malaise has no mere mystical nor otherwise inexplicable route into our thoughtful attention. Yet given all the conventional elements known to exist as factors in the current social situation, it seems not easy to explain. That becomes a lot easier when you understand precisely what I say and mean by one particular term: PSYCHOTRONICS DO NOT underestimate this factor. IT MULTIPLIES (MK-ULTRIFIES) all these conventional, realpolitik you are discussing. That could only exist in a world where evil was spiritually at the core of the world order on an ontologically fundamental level, and that is understood as Demiurgos, Saklas, the Blind Fool. From the facts we found an absurdity, explicable only by means of deducing the existence of a certain methodology of social control implementing cutting edge technology used to hone their anciently evil-minded criminal mentalities, and therefore metaphysically deduced what is True about the world, which is that it is not so much what it pretends to be by its proclaimed narratives, but simply a world or recapitulated evils in newly augmented guises. The people are less people than hobbled dwarves, and who rules over them are less giants than dwarves on technologically fabulous stilts. I've already alluded to the nature of those methods of hobbling and how certain techniques and technologies are employed to enscaffold undue height to such heinous dwarves who would naturally stand lower than those they've also made unnaturally short by every means of fraud and force. Answer me what that is and what is to be done about it and then and only then will I deign to call you any kind of "lord". BECAUSE I KNOW THE ANSWER, and "FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE" you better, too!! YOU ALL BETTER!!

Because if you don't, and then if you do not understand the profound implications which are derived from the deployment and operation of psychotronic-cybernetics, then no matter what your creed, no matter what your faith, and no matter what "god" you claim, you will have only one destiny, and HEAVEN WILL NOT BE IT. Understanding the TRUTH about PSYCHOTRONICALLY AUGMENTED 5th COLUMN CRYPTOTYRANNY is the only means by which you can distinguish yourself as a great enough spiritual person to be called "Lord" of any kind! And if you are on the wrong side of this issue as a participant, then you should be stripped of any title synonymous with such a spiritually magnificent person. Glorified land lords don't count without prejudice, let alone "Kings" or "Queens", let alone "Lords". Even persons at the rank of GOD are not above suspicion in circumstances where glorified pimps have taken the place of True Heroes.

And whether that be the case or not for someone called "Lord Monckton" or someone called "Joe Blow" has no less magnitude of significance in either case. And that should be very preoccupying all the more if one has a fancy mind and title to go with it...

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