Monday, March 21, 2016

Hatred vs. Threats, Whether De Dicto or De Re.

This is a brief rejoinder on the disjointed understanding of hatred as an emotion, whether it addresses any other phenomena connected to it, or stands alone as its own phenomenon.

Why does Teal Swan, among the entire army of New Age and other Behaviorist types of Psychoanalysts, treat the epiphenomenon (hatred) as if it were the primary phenomenon (reason, purpose), yet explain nothing about their true relationship? It amounts to dogmatic rationalizations for suppressing the former, while giving no insight about the latter. The only true way to defuse something which is merely a sign of something else is to deal directly with what expresses through that sign. Arbitrary analysis of "vibrational frequencies" has little to do with the fact that people feel emotions for certain reasons, and these prime those persons to deal with what is already understood by them to have some relationship to various or certain of their purposes. The poor analysts mentioned at outset do in some way then attempt to address those primary phenomena, but they address them inaccurately. A "Threat" is not "You facing something that might cause harm". Something that might cause you harm, and you facing it, are two things, and while they may each harbor their own "risk of harm" (and hence may overlap, and in some ways must overlap), the "threat" is the former in essence, not the latter. For those who refuse to understand this distinction, the distinction itself becomes the "threat" to the coherence of any false approach to the phenomenon of hatred. Some peopl want an arbitrary freedom to determine anything which feels unpleasant to them to be rightly called by them a threat. So this attitude is what actually underlies such views which demand that hatred itself be vilified as a threat in and of itself, in the same vein of fallacious reasoning which blames the circumstances or the instrument for the action which is taken by some agent. This has to be contrasted with the approach in thinking which designates reasons and purposes for the actions of human agents, and does not presume hatred to exist in a vacuum neither as to its causes or effects.

In none of the categories or definitions of "hatred" which follow from the basic "perception versus reality" analysis is there any prima facie reason to denounce hatred per se. People who are in the presence of a threat, or whose presence is invaded by a threat, and who can know that the threat is something answerable only with proper measures of contempt, are only doing what is natural and right according to any sane assessment of the situation. The boundaries within their mind on one side of which is "safety" (real or perceived or both) and on the other side "the threat" are boundaries which are there for a reason, and have been violated by the imminent threat (real or perceived or both). When there is an objective and valid "threat assessment" in this sense, there is only the nature of such a situation "as it is", and that includes emotional responses to that, which are not necessarily more than an ego-concern, but are also not necessarily merely such. It depends upon the example and what it actually entails. But in the case of poor analysts of emotion, or delusional people in general, the quality of any examples of what constitutes a genuine threat depends upon their imagination, or the arbitrary imaginations of their chosen "fragile-ego straw man" examples. In fact a proper analysis depends upon constructive examples, based upon meaningful instances, so as to derive a general insight which helps a person realize the lawful nature of events. Think about the significant possibilities of what consists of a threat in worlds where threats are real, and then re-analyze all the "threat response emotional complexes" and their complex spin-offs, and see if in those neighborhoods of analysis you don't arrive at a different set of significant interpretations of the emotion of hatred (if it is an emotion simply, rather than possibly much more). Then try to give constructive analysis in those situations. One thing that arises is that when threats are real and emotional responses flow, you might be quite a fool to analyze the emotions rather than the objective features of the situation, especially if in those situations a modus operandi of facilitating the threat is to pay undue attention to the epiphenomena OR their interpretation, when only enhanced awareness yields proper results, in the form of focused attention upon the situation which actually HOLDS as a real threat, and then subsequently dealing with it in the appropriate way.  To have attention diverted to the unpleasant emotions which ensue rather than the actual nature of the danger at hand is utterly idiotic.
Proper feelings, under proper circumstances, collude with real information to support proper action according to all known natural, civil, and divine laws, including feelings you don't like to feel, or feelings that weak minds overindulge and never properly analyze. But if someone were to reduce it to a set of inane dynamics of a frail ego in an illusory circumstance, that only gives what we may understand to be the outlying fringe of the norm of experiences of danger and any emotions which may or may not be aroused by becoming aware of such. I say just because you have done the weaksauce analysis of a straw man version of phenomena does not mean that the standard case and its need for proper analysis is not more important, and hence it is this more important aspect of emotions and feelings given short shrift by those straw man bashers that I have been talking about, who clearly have influenced Teal Swan's talking points on this issue.. Ironically it was Teal Swan's obsession to end hatred without objective analysis which prevents an objective analysis of the problems which are inextricably bound with the feeling.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Freedom versus Unjust Oppression

Such is the matter to be defined, and defined objectively, so that unreasoning blatherous rhetoric never persuades, no matter under what hideous guise of falseness. For example, it cannot be understood without comprehension of Antivalence as a principle distinguishing Good and evil. Human corruption is real, as Alex Jones states, or else the "parasites" would not be possible. But it cannot be understood that the populace has no complicity, and this is a frustrating reality for the narrative that it is just some "hidden bad guys who are not in government". That's some folksy bullshit. But what are some peculiar evidences of that? On to an example ideal for including a fair and efficient pivot in thought that is both practical and ideal. And this is only one of many possible elaborations which are backed by empirical and logical evidence. (all of this is relevant to the issues which Alex discusses, in this video and at large).

Free speech, according to Soros, is an instrument of the devil, not of good men. Good men don't terrify people with the truth, but instead lie to them to make them feel safe while being more of a threat to their freedoms than any "terrorist". It should be remembered, to clarify his idiotic position further, that the objective of "terrorism" is what distinguishes it from any other crime. It is either state or non-state, but most of it is state, and state terror is not something George Soros wants to talk openly about given his activities here and abroad. But he wants no one else to talk openly about it either, even though it is is the very subject of the matter which he says, because it is so potentially scary to talk about it in front of adult Americans, that it therefore just defeats the purpose, because the Truth is so terrifying. I'm telling you, if the people buy that bullshit while all this evil is going on, then they can roast in hell, I have zero confidence in them. But it is just stupid upon stupid to listen to this asshole about Trump, unless it is to listen to it informed about his involvement in fostering terrorist activities directly and indirectly as being a much better-founded accusation than is his flimsy accusation that Trump talks about things that are too scary to talk about, because people are children and besides, we don't want to piss off the terrorists? The whole point is NOT to change and become corrupt cowards in the face of crime, which is what terrorism as a crime intends to do, cause those changes. So the whole point is NOT to suppress ANY rights on some flimsy pretext of liberating people from oppressive terrorist demons. Just take out actual terrorist demons, and do a good job of that for a change, instead of funding them or creating them as fomenters of conflict for your own political purposes while you are cashing in on public apathy which, however culpable they may be for their own moral and intellectual turpitude and perfidy, yet they have been under an avalanche of toxiceutical, propagandistic, and psychotronic and other psywar and covert war (as fake anti-terror Cointelpro type actions against people who are not mind controlled zombies, conducted upon them by the demons who are involved in worldly corruption), while they paste the media propaganda with bullshit that the people devour, I can't say that they would have been quite so willing if they hadn't been technologically and chemically and sociologically cattle prodded directly into it. This in no way absolves them of culpability, but it is important that the distinction be made only if you want to argue some sympathy for these people. I have ZERO sympathy for them, they should have loved the Right and done by it. They didn't. These are the consequences. But I still like to see a Good Faith effort of any kind. I may have become a misanthrope, but I am not in bad faith for it. I am a realist where I must be, so I can be an idealist where I ought to be. Which is why, if I were to vote, I would vote for Trump, but I will not vote because that implies I agree with this process, which I do not, as it is embedded in a control grid matrix and thoroughly invalidated until those grids are retracted and put the hell away, which will never happen, and it wouldn't even be validated just on that alone, but how the hell do you ever pretend "normal" again? You don't. That's the severity of this crime. So people's emotional flimsiness be damned, it is their moral culpability which is the deciding issue, and if they are nothing more than fearful cattle who can't face reality then, hell, let the evil ones have them, I can't tell them from the demons who herd them!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Deductiones Sexualis

She claims to have "loved" him, and that they "made love", but not like strangers (though the fact was that they were strangers). This state of "love" lasted just long enough for him to get her pregnant. Hmmm. And then later on, she's "in love with another man", and we can presume that they had been an "item" before she met this one-night stand, although various possibilities could obtain. Let us assume that adultery was committed, just for the sake of simplicity. And while her presumed husband could not get her pregnant (for whatever reason, perhaps wouldn't, who knows?), so she obtained from this other guy, conveniently during being in love with him "on sight" and for "a whole night", pregnancy as "the one little thing" he had to offer. Her tone here convinces that the duration of her "love" indeed ended after their sexual liason. My conclusion is that in fact she never loved her lover, nor her husband. Whatever the other circumstances. But she WAS entitled to child support either way... From whichever of these men the state chooses. And that is one of the massive frauds of this world.

And in another vignette, a man finds himself lured into a distructive threesome. How this played out is that cunningly destructive female hypergamy caused more harm than more courageously committed female hypergamy. Then it was said that the quote of the year for the author of this video was that "A woman without a man is a master without a slave".

I would add that a man without a woman is the master of himself. Therefore, in order to be a man who is successfully apart from a woman, or any other master, a man must first be in possession of himself, and to be master of that art. Freedom requires masterful self-possession. As a man approaches True Freedom, he will realize this more and more, and sacrifice less and less of his freedom. Hence, where other things requires such sacrifices, he will rather sacrifice those other things, more and more as he is free. It is in precisely in the consequences of this that we find the real difference between Good and evil men. No matter what the condition of their sexuality or relationships. 

And whether we take womankind or mankind, or any kind of being to be evil "as such" or not, we must admit that evil is as evil does. And so if a woman does manifest any evil, then she is to that extent evil. And we know that physical beauty and youth are two of the most unearned values that can possibly exist, with health coming right next to them while being the most important all around, it is the least "respected" of these, yet it is the more important and more difficult to maintain as a result of any diligent effort. In this respect it is more like "a man" in the relationship where gynocentric libidinal economies put her hypergamous agendas on a state-protected pedestal, and/or culturally enshrined in a permanent halo, whether artistically or politically (or both). Men must accept their role in this, obviously, because they overvalue the physical beauty (except where genes justify this by some supposed correlation with being improved, and in which case it is possibly in some ways bi-directional or isomorphic between both sexes as a whole). Some implications of this are reflected in this discussion.

In both of the cases mentioned, and also in this case, as well as in the hypothetical case rendered for us by the song from Heart, which is the one I was always most ambivalent about and never liked, we are shown the dark side of the nature of "being female", but also the dark side of "being male", in complementary sides which, in cases where the female is exploiting her role of desireability just for being female in some exploitative way, it is more in line with her "hypergamous nature" and we run the risk of committing the naturalist fallacy in giving her a reprieve on some unscrupulousness involved. That's a huge advantage that evil women will want to exploit, and which will ruin the reputation of Good women. But a Good woman is still a biological woman, and the men who by their servile lack of self-mastery will make wrongful sacrifices to pursue them or keep them, these men are proven to be weak and unworthy. Yet, in a world where such libidinal economics exist as they do, most young, healthy and especially pretty women will find the temptation too strong, and will either choose a foolish and weak man too easily, or else at least ride the evil and worldly carousel (and accumulate a venomous sac of poison as a direct result, but which will projected onto other men in the future). And while it is true that I have a mean stick with which to beat women here if I wanted, I only utilize use these topics to perform a more important task. Indeed, even the Sandman of MGTOW himself has found a way to rationalize female hypergamy and some of its more wanton-looking aspect.... So there is a bone, don't say I didn't throw it. It's called Telegony Theory. One bone I know evil women will happily "secret away" as a justification for their perfidies (as will any men whose ego's may get a boost), and one stick I'll have handy to beat them with by the end of this missive. One stick for one bone. But on to the bigger bitch.

So we may rightly blame men and women for collectively overvaluing women's physical beauty, and this especially as it is ramified by the allure of youth and health (which when conjoint is really saying "of health proper"). Face the fact that men overvalue women's physical beauty, and hence by this means devalue her validation of them as superficial and facile (men did this on a psychobiological level, and then on a cultural level). Women have exploited this in direct proportion to their evil, but also in cases that are made more severe and more desperate in a world where men, who control physical resources and the intellect which is capable of manipulating them (as well as the Warrior/Hunter role), these men have been proven CORRUPT, and it is they who use women and a 5th column of social control, and in ways have reduced them to a collectively and specially manipulable agent of espionage and sabotage against men or groups whom they seek to destroy illegitimately, and this is just one of the many vectors of covert control, hidd3n in plane site, by which they do their massive and horrible evil, under the public guise of the most complete hypocrisy. And it is in this way that Plato distrusted human nature, and not only female nature. And it is in this and many other ways that metaphysical deductions can be revealed by paying honest, complete, and careful attention to the ways that appearances and the substances which they propose to represent is possible.

People should be, and be treated as, Divine Consciousness having experiences in the temporary form of human beings who do what expesses their True Nature in a way manifest to all. But if their true nature is evil, that is seen by their deeds, by the consequences those deeds yield, and by their own degree of conscience this implies about them in due proportion. This reveals their actual nature as evil in direct proportion as the deeds nature and their consequences are evil. And therefore while they should be, and should be treated as, Divine, they cannot be treated as what in fact they are not. And so if by deception they conduct warfare against a man while pretending to be countrymen of his, then they should be treated as hypocrites and unmasked, especially if they are in positions of presumed public authority.

But whether or not this Fine Justice will ever occur, we can DEDUCE that:

Those who engage in the false use of appearances in order to gain power or gain power over others, in any way, whether directly or by means of third parties or instruments, those beings are utterly evil, and they are worst traitors to any society and of any just government, by definition, and therefore it is as ridiculous for them to ever proclaim authority de dicto whether or not they are in power de facto, as it is for them to claim virtue de re whether or not they are said to be de jure. That has immediate and obvious ramifications for explaining the nature of what people are likely to do based upon their nature, and this is what is key to finding out what is the case with absolute certainty, even in cases where there is the maximum form of injustice.

And even (rather especially) in the worst republic, the Truth is the only real authority. And only in the worst republic is it persecuted and suppressed. And in the worst of the worst, it is attacked systematically and collectively by the entire state apparatus in collusion with a depraved and co-opted culture, along with a psychotronically reinforced pseudo-society that acts like a compartmentalized species of mind-controlled ants. And where this world is on a continuum between the Best Republic and the worst is not something to be trivially treated as an idle topic, nor is it to be determined by just anyone, but only by those capable of properly prosecuting a Metaphysical Deduction which can fully demonstrate the case. And based upon the scholarly work of those who have come before me, and also based upon the Spiritual Tradition which has descended into this flesh and blood, this Flesh and Blood Person Rightly proclaims Judgement upon the world based upon the complete evidence at His disposal through the bodily senses, the collected experiences, the world's testimony about itself, and Logos.

To suppress This Proclaimation or its proceedings, and especially to oppress Them, is to commit a grave error and offense, which will only accelerate the world's inevitable and speeding plunge into self-destruction. So, contrarily to the excuse which fools use to whitelist my commentary from the internet, or rally and corral my relations to the world, they only demonstrate the Truth of my case (whether they comprehend this or not), and hence instantiate the acceleration of the world's disintegration with added force. Yet, they fail to bear witness to the obvious fact that this demonstrates their corruption as already deduced, for they claim to be in defense of and preservation of the world and its goodness or potential thereof, while suppressing Truth which will by being suppressed only accelerate the world's corruption! It is just what I would deduce given their complete hypocrisy. Therefore, I deduce that they have actually enforced the covert suppression of my legal Right to Free Speech (but cannot infringe my Divne Right), and hence they have acted counter to the True God, and have proven that whatever "god" it is to which they are beholden, and this by perfect deduction:


Monday, March 14, 2016

Rockabye Baby... On the Tree Top...

Time for being foolish is at an end.  If you can stomach extremes of evil conduct, to include the complete suppression of information ABOUT such conduct, then you can stomach hell, because that is all that's left:





CAVEAT EMPTOR!! GET IT YET?? Alex Jones covers all the bases in this video, in which I found the same old folloy of censorship.  What if, only a few can see what he puts out compared to how many OUGHT to be able to?  What if this is in all communication venues?  What if it could be mathematically demonstrated?

Friday, March 11, 2016

Mundanis Methodologicus

I am not in the business of fooling myself, least of all am I willing to do that in the service of fools.

I know about the various means by which an evil man does his deeds, alone, or with others.  I know about these means through the evidence that the world has presented to me directly, and due to means of knowing which are innate, but also to one and all through:

Public Display in both Form and Substance

The evidence to which I refer is found readily in any public library, whether held by the city or the university, or the state, or the nation.  Go to the library.  From there you will have the option to investigate the facts reported as such by historians and other writers on events and issues of their day. Unless you want to pretend you don't believe in history, or unless your ability to read or understand the information is insufficient to the task (in which case you have better compensate for this or do something about it), but unless those happen to be the case, and assuming you will read constructively and honestly, then you have some bad news in store for you about how the world came to be what it is, and that will be true no matter what you otherwise believe, know, or just believe that you know.

"The Literature" on the subject abounds, and it flourishes in all subjects.  I am talking about the evil conduct of people, especially those who use authority as a cover for their evil, wrong, and even illegal activities, conducted upon those whom they consider subject to them who do these injustices. There is not a single book written, which either was unable to avoid the subject, let alone pretend it didn't exist, except that in so doing they appear like ridiculous caricatures of writing, like deluded and Pollyannic effluvia. 

Even "neutral" subjects, like "SCIENCE" are completely perverted on an institutional level ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE that there is direct contact between the "state of the art" and the "status quo".  That is conventionally acknowledged even in the status quo of the scientific opinion at large.  You don't have to burrow your way through a book written by Thomas Kuhn to know that there are complicated and also undeniable forces of influence at work upon what has been called "the scientific revolution".  In the past it was so called.  Now it is stultified into a strange mire of over-exaggerated perplexity at its frontiers, and huge gaps in what technological leaps have been made in energy, transportation, medicine, agriculture, nutrition, and other aspects of life, which are clearly the result of some determined suppression of public availability of certain forms of technology, to say nothing of the scientific information which concerns that technology.

That is how bad the corruption is.  Even as it manifested in real time it was not recognized properly, due to the hellish conditions of social existence at that time until now.  But as the technology was mastered which enabled what is now the surveillance/psychotronics control grid, or the "virtual panopticonic purgatorial state", we have entered this modern world quite clearly as the progress of a very brutal society into a very subtly regimented and extended offshoot of its historical and traditional patronage which might be well-described as a perniciously evil parasitism upon the Soul and Spirit of Man, but certainly it might pass for a "mere" technologically augmented crypto-tyranny, holding in an increasingly unstable form a "fractional reserve" of good old fashion iron-fisted tyranny of the strong over the weak, of the numerous over the few, and then the few of them best suited to lead and control them, over them.  

It's like a faggoty version of the old order of tyranny, perverted like crazy and all made up to look like a meritocratic democracy.  This is an arrangement that requires a huge stretch of delusional thought in order to be denied, yet a huge effort of intelligent study in order to properly comprehend in its totality and against quite a bit of odds both metaphysically and statistically. But the effort it requires to live in a delusional world of denial is one of increasing effort for diminishing returns unless you "pass over" to their hierarchy in a way which is increasingly useful for the hegmon of the hour whose boots you'll have to kiss, if not clean and spit polish, too.  That is something of an "effort" in itself for a Dignified Being, who would rather just go into denial in a more complete way, or else better yet perform a constructive effort to decide the truth of matters and attempt to act in Best Faith according to his findings.  That requires a massive effort but one which brings increasing returns for the honest, as he has at least thrown off the shackles of caring what liars think or what animals do.

Yeah, but you will have no choice but to understand the Truth at a certain point, and everyone, EVERYONE MUST REACH THAT POINT. It doesn't matter what you believe or what you believe you know at that point.  So you better have been doing your homework toward that end, in the meantime, because that is the "meaning" of "meantime". And that is the ultimate meaning of existence as well, and boy if you think the stupid dramas of the faggoty-fake people-police are absurd and worth getting "worked up" about, then imagine what Eternal Destiny is like? Better study for the test.  Oh wait, too late!  You already failed or passed based upon your thoughts, words and deeds!

As a part of my efforts to do the constructive work I had always been doing, I did begin to reach out to communicate with others in the world about it more and more.  But this reached various blockades of ignorance and manipulation, and so was thoroughly obstructed.  But then I didn't know as well as I do now, so I have produced a lot of content in the past on youtube which was based upon a prior misconception of the world as a place which was not the utterly pernicious soul-abattoir that now I know it to be. Given this scenario, I have decided to continue describing the world's truth about itself to itself, but less as a duty and more as a pastime.  After all, the world is not really more than I have described, and all that might motivate a sense of duty lies in what is not yet corrupted by said world.

As to duty to any presumed or possible audience, whatever the time or wherever the place, it is no different. After all, shouldn't the world have paid enough attention that they would have been able to inform themselves here, and some there, and the operative spiritual forces ensuring the minimal necessary exposure so as to cause their conversion to complete corruption or else complete purification, or else get well-set on the roads to those destinies, regardless of my input?  No matter the levels of "redundant" events in the world, whether overabundant or even excessively lacking,  the ultimate result will always have what is sufficient for its manifestation! 

An extreme case in point: Even the foolish trolls and misguided sadistic idiots who are involved in covert intelligence operations which might be the only ones reading my writings, through the internet and other "color-listing" topologies, all mathematically measurable according to the NSA's own research, cannot have missed the consistent Truth which is contained in my work!  They must be some low-level boogers who are involved if they themselves can't see what tools they are, or if they don't have the guts to actually just "do the deed," being cowards, useless to either the Good or the evil.   

Otherwise they'd have to be a higher level bunch of fools, the morons who thinks they're safe, the idiots who believe they're noble patriots and that rather I'm the miscreant.  The asinine dolts who didn't bother to review the evidence properly, information concerning the world in which they supposedly do live as those "with intelligence". I don't see much intelligence here, nor has it been acted upon expeditiously nor righteously.  There are a few exceptions, but for all I know they are unrelated serendipities, and given the way that serendipities are fraudulently constructed in today's version of "the world", I prefer that serendipities keep their distance.  It is not the age for pretending magic.  It is the age for observing protocols which are derived properly from the Best Principles. So while those I call "New Age Fools" go on misleading others, really I see that they lead them properly, as there must be some "vibratory connection" there... Let the evil, though blind, lead whomever will follow them against Better Judgement.  But let those who, though blind in some way, also have "Inner Knowing", let them beware: Caveat Emptor.

In the off chance that facts and inferences, if soundly taken into evidence and validly applied as cognitive and ethical heuristics, apply to the cases of the world in which they are bound but not necessarily closed in their significance, then even at that rate a sufficiently intelligent AI would know that the "intelligent" and "honorable" people of the world are basically full of shit cowards who are working together to covertly enslave other people, but too hypocritical to even admit it to themselves in some cases, and in other cases they know it but can't resist the urge to go out and get their bitch-whore high-heels licked by their adoring peasant admirers.  Besides, that's part of the control grid, an artificially propped up socio-economic infrastructure which enhances control over truth as a means to control those not willing or able to face it, so that control is better secured.  And of course then, the enemy of THAT state (that status quo and its benefited agents), is anyone, even everyone, whosoever dares to demand a ratio of authority to authenticity which makes the latter a minimal requirement for the former, and never pretends to himself that the former guarantees or is guaranteed by the latter.  I mean, a FUCKING MACHINE can figure it out, BOYS AND GIRLS.

So while those at the top of the insanity of the so-called "world" are continuing their "whipping dance of the dead", I will have less to say about the antics being witnessed, since it speaks well enough for itself, and I Know what actually matters in a Real World which is actually worthy of Life. My work has been to ensure a way of ensuring a way, of ensuring, whether or not constructive assistance to the misinformed and misled could be achieved through various venues of communication in a supposedly "free society", and in that process I learned a whole lot more then I've been or ever will be able to teach, and so I pared down the assistance offered accordingly, and focused the research accordingly, so that the abundance of metaphilosophical matters which complicated what I thought was my own life work and career could no longer be left in their spurious-seeming states and had to be dealt with. The metaphysics of that situation are fascinating and worthy, and intricate, but the point became to focus upon some distillation of what I've learned which is worthy to impart, given the state of the world simultaneously revised and realized up to then.  And then upon that to find the best ways to promulgate this information to the world in a constructive feed-back loop which would have been, if at all possible, a "win-win".  But the things discovered in this process revealed that the only thing the world is capable of entertaining is a lose-lose, and one where the "King of the World" is the most cushioned loser in the game, and everyone else gets to take up his slack and suffer for his sake.

Well, in a case like that I certainly have to curtail my involvements, and at the least I have to reassess and reevaluate them. That includes what way I interact with the world.  I've decided that the process has to be refined to a very specific point and that has to be the ONLY point of contact.  That point has been determined and the process is now only a refinement. The upshot for you is that something proportional has occurred for you as well, not only in relation to me but in relation to what is "ultimate and eternal".  And since that should always matter to anyone, and since I hurt no one by continuing on the matter as I've decided based upon all the foregoing, and since there is yet also a remote chance of benefiting the few who are going against the grain of the suppression of their Truthful Mind, then naturally I will assist them in this specific way. 

It is the only essential, best thing I can do in circumstances like this.  I would rather duel the sadistic fool who thinks himself ruler over me or anyone else who would not submit to that monster, but that monster is a coward without honor, so the concept is untenable, even as a spiritual exercise of catharsis, even as a thought experiment, so worthless de re is this pseudo-being of which I speak, this vain pretender to Nobility. And so rather I openly mock his idiocy, and expect at least one Good Man will get the point, even if it is simply Myself when next I read this.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Someone Cares

If I were entering a competition to develop an election-relevant meme, it might look something like this, which is my application of a more generic meme called "See? Nobody Cares". Here's my source:

The faces could be changed, depending upon who the protagonist and antagonist are, and over what issue.  I left the antagonist's face the same as the character-actor in the movie from which this meme is sourced.  It could be anyone's face.  It could be a hydra of faces, according to the way things are developing out there in the "real world".  Clearly the meme fits this situation almost magically.  Maybe the antagonist is the "GOP ESTABLISHMENT" or maybe just damn near everybody else in the OWO (it isn't "NEW").

The hypocrisy is never-ending.

Of course, you could change the issue to be anything, and it doesn't have to be as shallow, or as obvious, as the current election fraud which the slaves call "a democracy in action".

It could be ANYTHING that is in everyone's faces, presented and/or "hidden" in plain sight, yet which the Lemmings' seemingly infinite capacity for denial allows to pass by "without caring".

COVERT NETWORKS (electronic and social)

All this is being committed against people under the cover of authority and "what's best for the X".

I told you this was the world, and most would not listen.  So they will either have Trump for president, or not.  They will either have a job next year, or not.  They will either fall onto the "targeted list" or not. They will either be allowed to be a house slave for the 'elite', or not...


I have hinted to you the meaning of time, only a fool would pretend it was a waste of time to understand it.

quomodo tanta copia descendere in tanta inopia?

First, please witness the noble elocution, the principled rhetoric of "The Defense of the Good Mr. Scrooge", as I call it, where the Good Man Himself is wrongly persecuted by villainous frauds in a fit of cowardly spite which combines fraud of the most blasphemous sort with the cruelest of tortures involved in carrying it out. In the end, not only is a great evil done, but the worst possible, according to all the annals of culture worldwide. The gain of the unrighteous in being considered as much as Righteous, and at the same time their gaining such fame by way of framing the most Truly Righteous Men for the wrongness of actions which were all along perpetrated by the accusers, and upon the accused, either directly or through multiple third parties, and under many layers of concealment and by many mechanisms, the most important aspects of which are covertly performed actions of subterfuge,espionage, sabotage, willful harm, and other criminal acts..

I agree that Scrooge is not guilty of any crimes, and was extorted of his wealth under extreme duress, by way of psychological warfare against him, all with an eye to benefiting from his irrational behavior consequent to their scheme's success.
And crucial to the case of the defense is an element which would be key to a counter-suit against the former plaintiff which is that he is guilty of false accusation, unlawful harassment, gross malfeasance of many kinds injurious to the former defendant, and all manner of indecent perfidy along the way, as was brought out clearly in the evidence already provided in the account of the former case, now justly resolved in favor of the the Good Mr. Scrooge. And I would argue that their motive for this was not only the extortion of the material wealth of men like Scrooge, but also any Spiritual Wealth such might imply due to the industry and good virtues of the former defendant. That is itself done by means of the defamation of Mr. Scrooge, so as to cause his material deprivation consequent to the vicissitudes attendant such calamities as which naturally ensure, and which damage Mr. Scrooge quite severely indeed. In fact by bringing him to this SPIRITUAL low of self-estimate by means of various psychological warfare campaigns, they have indeed committed HIGH CRIMES against the Rights and Dignity of Man, which they pretend to uphold when they enter the offices upon which their spectral influences are founded and authorized. That itself represents a typical maneuver of evil men who seek power for its own sake and gladly justify it upon any available pretense, even if it means telling the outright opposite of the truth. They will do even this, and yet also see no problem in being party to the assault, torture, and calumny against a very Good Man, making him to be brought to mental and physical detriment to an extreme degree, and even possibly benefit from it by means of nefarious underlings operating "from the grass roots" level of this campaign, which is truly something from the annals of gang warfare rather than the proceedings of Good Conscience against an wretched man. And for this reversal of SPIRITUAL fortune these evil spirits have wrought upon the Good Mr. Scrooge, I'd say a counter-suit would be in Good Order, in order to strip from them their TREACHEROUS PRETENSES of being the proper administrators of the morals, morale, or fate of any man, or any other being for that matter.

And in our world, where covert secret deep-societies employing psychotronic and other detrimental modes of warfare against the "uninitiated society" is a severe compounding of the wrongs conducted against the Good Mr. Scrooge, and done further on a collective social scale that is too alarming to grasp without some consideration being given to the implications if true. Then upon further inspection, the facts bear out the case also which I have put forward, and so the implications are likewise as secure against the false accusers in the case. The very foundation of Gnostic Escatology is placed upon the Bedrock of Truth, which is that which concludes a Metaphysical Deduction.

And what has been found, among other things, is that despite this analysis of Mr. Scrooge's case which is born out so far, both in the linked video (which is truly a great piece of work, a fine display), there is yet nothing to prevent a very evil man from pretending himself to be the very substance of such an innocent man, wrongly accused by those who don't know trying and noble mantle of authority which comes with commanding secret standing armies against the public as well as a fraudulent socio-economiic system which is buttressed by tyrannical covert operations conducted against honest people while at the same time employing a total surveillance policy in combination with experimental field tests upon the public of further advances which are being developed against them in the same spirit as their more conventional toolkits.

When in fact, nothing could be further from the Truth. The Truth is what they would mount all this apparatus to control, and for the motives of nothing but their cowardice in being unable to face the justice of an honest existence in whatever form they manage to avoid by means of their dishonest schemes and wicked actions. While really the "Good Mr. Scrooge" is the Person who sees through this fraud and so recoils from it into the shelter of his own Spirit, and yet is followed to such a vile extreme by the evil jackals who benefit from his persecution. It is a parody of the real world, if you consider that a free and honest man is being maligned for his Virtue Itself. They are committing the worst treason imaginable, as they betray the very foundations of what makes human society even thinkable to free and honest men, and it is these who should be the proper judges of society who are instead made its scapegoats by the corrupt villains cloaked in rightful authority over some matter of public life, and using such authority as a cover for truly evil and criminal actions against targets of their choice, here or abroad, under false pretexts or no pretext at all.

If you will submit to that, you are an insane, broken spirit, but if you will declare what is proper about such things, you will simply protect your own soul from injury. And if that is a too-abstract motivation, then supply the hearty substance of what it takes from within your own Good Conscience. Meanwhile, the Metaphysical Deduction has churned out unpleasant consequences for those who do evil in the dark while feigning virtue in the light. And a Restoration of the Righteous to ensue after the Retribution of Wrong is completed. That is the conclusion which follows upon the successful survey of all empirical and phenomenal evidence, and this by further and valid analysis which confirms with Gnostic Intuition. For those who simply recognize True Right from wrong, the conclusion simply follows on the evidence.


Soon you may find that what has for decades been done "in the darkness" will soon have a more public face...
This is the way it always is. They do their evil in total secret, find ways to make some parts of it show in public and look good to the people, and then let this symbiosis of public relations cover and citizens manufactured consent solidify their covert end of the same evil actions, which the public would not accept directly if it were shown them. Just as such evils inflicted against someone which, as in the case with the Good Mr. Scrooge, could be forms of covert harassment campaigns employing as not the least of weapons psychotronics, then of course they would keep such things secret, using the controlled media to paint any results that come of it in a suitable light for the controllers, and also using "experts" in religion and psycholggy and psychiatry to further flesh out the narrative in disfavor to the targeted persons. Of course, if they can get more this out into the public by some means by erecting more of this evil monster into the public eye by whatever excuse or modification which make it "sexy", then they will.

Think about that whenever you see ANYTHING presented in public, on ANY forum, INCLUDING just people. Including any forum presented publicly which pretends to be the Yelp of People. All is mostly not what it seems. And it doesn't seem good as it is.