Thursday, February 27, 2014

There Are TWO "ONE"s, and THESE are NOT ONE, but TWO

The term "myth" has gotten rather shoddy press over the last two thousand years, ever since those days when Constantine decided to convert Christian religion into a peculiar brand of state code which combined, by means of a mythic thought process called "politics" to generate a NEW state religion which defined all other religions as enemies.  This was not the first state religion by far, but perhaps the first one to plagiarize so much from "other religions" that in fact, it cannot be called a religion of its own.  In its essence it never WAS anything but "the religion of Rome, of Constantinople".  The God State, through a religion that transfixed the images of God Kings of the past into a fusion of many religions' iconography into a single notion of THE NEW AND IMPROVED RELIGION, which is bigger and better than all the rest!  In fact, it was nothing but a collage of all that religion from the past, in mutilated forms stitched together into a Frankenstein's monster which was really not a religion as properly known, but a STATE GOD, or GOD STATE (not state of being, but of politics).  It became the "Holy Roman Empire".  That's to say it FUSED god and state together, ambivalently.  This was the ultimate political control tool, and mythic thought became caught up in its own creation, for in this event the god which made this machine was itself abducted by it and devoured.  Mythic thought itself became political.  The master was made servant of the slave.

  That's a peculiar condition, as it inverts a proper relationship.  Things should be the other way around.  One brand of mythical thinking (political thinking) should not be the overarching control factor over the very function of mythical thought itself.  That's much like the effect overtaking its cause.  We don't think that all cats are cheetahs, but the other way around.  One kind of mythic thought doesn't define all mythic thought.  Yet here it was happening in the Roman Empire.  It became a hypnotic force because it is by its nature anti-cultural.  It demands FORCE decide human moral conditions in culture, when culture is to emerge spontaneously out of the force of human moral decisions.  Might should not make right, but RIGHT is what makes might.

  This made it a monster for all to see, a great danger.  Islam was an attempt to achieve the same aim under the control of Caliph Uthman, who took total charge of and completely rewrote the work of Mohammed to become whatever the Caliph saw fit.  He used it as a political tool to justify his rule and expansion as valid spiritual concerns.  The Roman Emperors had been doing that long before Christianity became the state religion, and the Middle East is rife with a long history of god kings, to say nothing of "state religions".  This NEW breed of state religion was of a peculiarly political and secular form.  Christianity, as it was spawned in the Holy Roman Empire phase of its existence, was a bonified political creed, a secular religion.

  As this monster grew, it fed on the persecution of anyone who would not cow to it.  It slaughtered anyone and anything that got in its way and that included anyone who had a bead on the Truth, because the Truth didn't matter to this monster, only absolute power through the flesh, temporal power growing forever.  That is the motto of the demiurgos, and is their motto as well "on earth, as it is in heaven".   Only here can their "will be done", because only here are the Light Beings who are their natural metaphysical enemies, of a completely different and mutually antivalent Essence.  The key is that just as the secular entities thrive on inversion, they themselves are an inversion of some degree of the original Essence.  What else in them is evil which may have come from an alien "anti-reality" is speculation that can never be fruitfully explored, but what can be noticed for certain right on the face of it is that in this material world, they manifest in a common world with the Real Beings, whom they are against, through a common format of temporary substances which accomodate both the Essence and its enemy, through a common temporary substance we call "matter".

  Matter coagulates only to manifest a tension between two opposing wills of perfect antivalence.  That is what we mean by matter:  the battlefield between Good and evil, the Essence we are and the force of mind which is against us by its own initiative.  This "Good and evil" distinction is not an arbitrary designation, although those who do not understand it or me, or don't understand much of anything, assume that because they don't know what these terms mean, that no one else can.  That is a symptom of ignorance, and it is typical of the beings who are merely material in nature.  Your "true humans".  These beings are just that sack of meat you see in your consciousness field.  You assume they have a consciousness field because that is what you have (and are on Higher Levels as well), but they do not.

  They are organic machines doing what their laws of nature command them to do.  They are what some who delve into philosophy call "philosophical zombies".  They  have "minds" just like artificial intelligences all have minds.  They don't possess consciousness per se.   All of their consciousness is derived by and powered on (and in their structure an imitation of) that Consciousness which emanates from the Divine Essence.  They feed on it parasitically and act only as effects which create feedback loops with their cause.  In their parasitic mode they persist as mimetic illusions of alterity in Consciousness, when they are in fact only images in consciousness which correspond to features within it.  They are powered by this Consciousness, but are not expressions of it.  They are reflections of contents of that Consciousness.  But they possess none.  (sad huh? Only for us).  This is a state of affairs that is misunderstood as solipsism by those with bad grammar or bad logic.  I am saying that many people are philosophical zombies, not "everyone except me".  That's solipsism.  This isn't.  This is having a theory of mind in sync with empirical reality, and having a metaphysical underpinning which makes it self-consistent and consistent with facts of experience that other positions do not and cannot have.  So in a way their promulgators needn't feel too embarrassed with having scavenged in those fields for so long so fruitlessly.   No tree there bears fruit.  They may wish at some point to wonder, if they have a shred of real reflective capacity, why they toiled there so long.  It is stretch to think they would, since if my thesis is true (it is), then the answer to that question is an extension of the fact they are not embarrassed.  They can mechanically explain why that last sentence is "deep", but they can't have the motivation to do so (unless I argue with them at gunpoint, or in front of an audience that they want to impress or not look bad in front of).  They can't initiate that motivation.  They must receive it from someone who presents to them what is to them an ultimate "unknown", the actual qualia of consciousness.  They do not possess this qualia, and it is called by us "Nous".  They also don't possess any first order attributes of consciousness, which is why they must attain all their functions through socialization and "being taught".  But that is a branch to far for this discussion.

The "beings of irreverence" have no motivation for that feeling or idea, other than what they "glean" from those who do.  They must gain energy by way of direct association with an other, and this is always true.  But in the case of "behaving as if" truly conscious, they must have access to Beings who are Truly Conscious.  Hence they keep such Beings prisoner in their midst through a cunning methodology which gains all its cunning from the intelligence of its victim.  It is the only way that this could be happening, by the definitions of terms I explain in some of my youtube videos on the metaphysics and logic of Gnosticism.

These forces of manipulation are not manipulating with their own intricacy or innate focus, but gain all of that from the intended victim.  They siphon those forms they need to reflect back their approximations, which seek to distract the victim from seeing alternative patterns which might make it notice the inadequacy of their fraudulent offerings.  They use this method of distraction, and add to it a display of phenomena which falsely alternate in the image of the real alternation, which is between the deceiving being and the deceived Light Being.  This is their simple method of attack (explained simply).

  Because they have these propensities, which are basically passive, they have a certain indefatigable psuedo-energy, because they derive their energy from their Conscious victim beings.  They take the Being's Mind off Itself, and this redirects it to their forms to begin the feedback loop.  The feedback loop can only be resisted by the prescribed methods of True Religion as has been laid out for many thousands of years now.  Of course I don't mean what most people "mean" when they say "religion", anymore than they could "understand" what I mean when I say that "Christianity" is an improper name for a secular religion of the state god, and god-as-political state.  Not only because they can't understand it, but their understanding cannot understand it.  It is molded into the confused state by the mythic power of their hypnotized belief system structure.  Of course, only those who have The Light within them can be awakened beyond that state (by breaking their mythic obsessions with Truth), but these are few, and of these fewer seem willing to or able to get through the bubble of ego/matter in this particular timestream of the multiverse cosmos of the demiugic error.  

  That is a Good sign, for it means this timestream has almost concluded.  There is not much if anything left of Value here to salvage.  This world's battle is basically over.   The Truth Machine has worked its way over this universe and measured all the entities in it.  That reveals which need to be extracted from it and which need to stay in it and not be extracted.  In Truth, the ones who won't be extracted are the one's who can't be.  Matter cannot leave this place by its very definition (a tension between two antivalent forces of mind).  When that tension is resolved, matter is resolved.  Therefore, when a Light Being leaves here for Home, It is taken up into a Realm where that tension cannot exist. The beings who are still within that tension, cannot be beyond it.  This has one meaning for the Beings of Essence, and another meaning for the beings of anti-essence.  The Beings of Essence require a resolution of this tension in order to Truly Exist, and this requires ripping free of evil's grip.  The evil beings of anti-essence, their objective is always to maintain that grip. Without it, they lose their source of sustenance, and indeed, their very reason for existing in the first place.  That means that metaphysically they are going to lose their existence if they lose that support.  It can be strategically sustained if the source of it's construction sees fit to maintain it, but it costs energy to do so, and it will only be maintained if the algorithms of evil pseudo-thoughts indicate that it brings in more energy than it loses.  Their behavior is always this simple.

   They need energy, are deficient of energy, because their creator is by its nature a taker of energy.  Since it wants to take what is of the Essential Beings, it must create in itself (if it creates anything at all) an "anti-form", or a form which is nothing but the reflection of any Real Spiritual Substance (Being).  That is all it can do, or else how can it 'take' anything?  Even if there is more than one reality, there must be at least some rule that allows them to link, if ever they do.  And this is that Metaphysical Law for how evil beings "generate" relations and links to Good Beings.  By establishing an imitative relation which attempts to wrap around and overtake the Good Being, creating a counterfeit world of relations around it which take its energy and only return it in ways that maintain this relationship for the longest duration possible.

   Psychopaths, it may be apparent, are microcosmic and organic forms of this evil nature in humans. It must again be said that human nature is itself evil (it is material), but it is not merely evil, in that Good Light is trapped within it and there is a connection of Inner Grace that is the relation of the Good Being as it ontologically fades back from the world around it, turning its back on the entire universe, generating a force of separation which prevents its being devoured all at once by the evil that has assailed it.  This generates the Good part of the tension of material existence, but not as in "good part" because there is "nothing good about it".  The phenomenal realm in Consciousness, which evil beings cannot ever duplicate, is able to contain Its own Energy, It's Light, and still measure the phenomenal forms which recede from it.  This ability to "track" the world allows it to "learn" to maximize the distancing from the world inward to is own Source.  That is the reason that Real Beings get "different results" from meditation, or any other activity which promotes these sorts of relations which to the world seem like inversions of its version of "normality", which is draining Us.  When their version is inverted, it is bringing us back Toward Our Own Normality.  This is not something they can stand, as it literally starves them.  You can see this is different than just a case of "extraversion vs. introversion"...  In fact what has happened is they have once again pretended to understand what they do not.  The psychical economy which forms so as to create the symptomatic forms of behavior called "extraversion" or "introversion" are derived from this underlying and Truly Real extraversion/introversion dynamic of the taker  and the  with-holder.  We are with our own Being, we are holding that relation, this withholds this energy from their being, which are always hungry for the drug of our interaction with them, which they never deserve but bribe out of us by our being born into these bodies and serving them in their false world, toil and torture economies.

   And that is where we come back to the issue of how we respond to these developments, as this timestream begins to close, and those who foolishly thought they understood these matters are soon to be dealt a shocking blow from Realty.  The Truth is not that this world is a teaching place or classroom.  It is a battlefield.  Those who claim otherwise are merely PR agents for the prison-as-world which is the material existence.  They try to relativize this sometimes, as fools like certain New Age idiots do, whom you can easily find online spouting their flimsy wares.  Flimsy when stacked up against Reality, but apparently of enough currency with fringe lemmings to earn them some fame and food (and arrogance).  But if it were up to me, I would insist their comeuppance arrive at the very last moment of the universe, when that arrogance has had the fullest time to mature.  That's just because it seems more efficient.  There is no True Consciousness in them, so it isn't to punish them.  They can't be punished, they have no Conscience.  They can only be "recycled". They are being recycled right now.  To understand how very important this Myth Proper operates in the human mind, it demands one's ability to understand the real motive for Zoroastrian religion, and what Gnosticism, another incarnation of the Same Spirit, were getting at in their doctrines of dualism.  The MORAL DUALISM is the key, and it is the only key one needs to see that it divides the world into two, because many in the world are AGAINST this division, and only some are for it.  BUT BY DEFINITION, if this doctrine is TRUE (and it is), then only the evil will be against it, and only the Good will be for it.

  They don't "know" this, but they feel a disconcerting dread (a shadow of what we feel when we take them too seriously), they feel a sense that something is not right.  This is quickly rewritten by the programs called "boredom", "fear", "anger", "desire", "vanity" etc. They fixate on material objects and "live out being just human" they like to say.  That's out of their own mouths....

   This is the Truth, so where do they get their emotional energy from?  They get it from us.  When you feel their form of existence as your own, you develop their sort of circuitry as it tends from is creator, the demiurgos.  The demiurgos is actually conscious, but that is only a tentative consciousness, one that dreams on the surface of the collected pool of stolen energy from True Beings and from the original mis-begetting of it by Sophia at the beginning.  When they are denied our energy, they must retract and seek more efficient means, being sometimes dissolved entirely into their origin and dissolved completely, recycled arbitrarily.  But the illusion that there is a True Person in those manifestations comes from the fact that there is a True Person "Within".  The imitating entities do not possess this Personhood.  They can only create flimsy reflections of what it is or has been like in different incarnations of those Real Beings which have existed here, like badly rippling reflections in a pool of water, whereas the Sun is far beyond that and never affected by all those distortions.  What I'm saying is consistent with what all the True Masters have said.

  The fact that they need this energy and cannot do without it, is the reason this world is designed as a place where every excuse that can be found to get it is made as a normal state of affairs.  This it the metaphysical cause of the so-called "state of nature" of which Rousseau spoke.  But in this instance it is the Original State of this conflict.  Not the fantasy version of that Reality which the human world imitates quite poorly, although with a truly congruent relationship of form.  The realm where this is being processed is dual in nature, and those who are being defeated and pushed back into a void of non-relation to the Real Essential Being are those entities which have proven to have a relation to Being which is parasitic, and prone to control by the demiurgos (I'm speaking of the physical separation leading to the metaphysical realization, which actually precedes it as its cause).  

  In order to facilitate this separation the world has been strategically altered over time to force the starvation of Energy from evil beings.  This is the ancient and Known Truth of the Gnostic Tradition.  Anyone who pretends to have Gnosis will say this, but none of them will understand it.  Their understanding knows how to articulate what in Essence cannot be articulated, because it must be the Source of that articulation.  In other words, unless a REAL Gnostic Expressed this somewhere in time, it would not ever be mentioned in any form.  For Reality is the Origin of the Real.  Anything else is only a borrowed and imperfect fragment, and not even a proper part of its origin, BUT AN ACCIDENT released into ERROR.  This is the meaning of "fake".  Real didn't speak of itself with a proper name until this error manifested.  But the fake has no interest in acknowledging the Real with "Its Own Name", but instead, as Hegel tells us in his metaphysics, seeks to dominate it and subvert it immediately.

It is nothing more than a monstrous and scintillating web of fakery... woven about a True Mind with such crass incredulity, that the REAL Shock of Awakening (which some have some tiny glimmer of, but will not ever have the Reality...) is that this had gone on with such seriousness, as if it were REAL, when in fact it is only a disruption of reality in temporary form, doomed to be annihilated into void.

Seeing things like this is what is meant by "being awake".  Being ABLE to see them as and when they show up, that leads to the process of further "waking up".  You have to be a wake a little already in order to wake up further.  That's what Buddha was telling us.  He said to take the light that is within you and make it greater...

But for those that cannot understand this, to them I really have nothing to say, and there is NO ONE THERE TO HEAR IT... so I can only speak of them that they will manifest exactly the roles which they are programmed to master, and their dissolution will be their "returning to oneness" with their creator, as demiurgos collapses into its void of doom.  But that will not be the "oneness" to which those of the Light shall return!  They return to a REAL WORLD WITHOUT END, and whatever form it has, those fake entities which tried to dissuade them from taking morality seriously, to take that fake world seriously, and yet to use foul and insidious rhetoric to imply that it is we who would stand by to allow horrors (when it is in fact they who are eager to inflict them, ironically), yet is only the Truly Awakened who have the requisite COURAGE to do anything MEANINGFUL without undue attachment, THOSE FOOLS who slander TRUTH are what we call the "paper dogs" or the "clay vessels" who are to serve as instruments of ritual destruction in the End of Illusion.  See them for what they are and dismiss them accordingly, or they will take your energy into their endless and stupid ignorance and half-understandings of pseudo-semantically loaded vocalizations of merely physical breath, with NO SPIRITUAL CONTENT. 

You are then engaged in the comedy of talking to a sock puppet!!!  Beware the puppeteer of that one!

An Evil Lineage Uncovered

Synagogue of Satan  Whatever your views on it in the end, you owe it to yourself to get all its information, which those who oppose this information getting out can be shown to have an interest in your ignorance, or at the very least, in your gullibility. 

Wow, that John Swinton SPEECH!!  That is the LIGHT!  He was telling you all EXACTLY what was the Truth, and you failed to see it then!  And still to this day! 

And GARFIELD!!  They outright tried to help their country when they had the chance.  And the masses just walked off a long, 100 year cliff...

No DOUBT that Christ Jesus said the same things, and so was punished then, for saying it TOO LOUDLY, and TOO CLEARLY;  Not for lying, not for defrauding, not for slandering, but for TELLING THE TRUTH.

These Zionists didn't invent having someone else's cake and eating it to, but they sure are its high priests!

That Phillipe de Rothschild died only in 1988, carrying on this evil that whole time as soon as he was free to wail into the world.  That's how "in your face" history is, it lives right in your presence, like a long, overlapping rug going back "to The Beginning".  On the other side of this force is your dna, and in the middle are these manipulated falsehoods that the right and honorable Swinston spoke about.  Living it to this very day.  Well, don't expect to be taken seriously by those who know better!

When you see these manipulations laid out, all in a series, you see clearly a "force of intent" that stretches across millenia!  It is a "state of mind" for sure, and it is taken care of by its god, mammon!

And wow, having an elongated male member is shameful?  When did that happen?  Noah invented that?  Wow!

In any event, they've shown you just how twisted their cultural grip is on people's minds with stories like that.  And all the influence through the NAACP, and now with AIPAC.  It's all in your face, the ARCHONS are right there, in shamefully bold letters.  Well, this is nothing new in a way, but at least before a King's own deeds on the battlefield made a difference, because chieftains didn't fight under fools or weaklings.  At least not at first.  It took about 4 generations for a plain coward to take the inheritance of a throne and have not the requisite virtues to justify it's stewardship.

These days, there is a perpetual leech which rules over the fates of men.  After the empire builders got a scientific lead on their competitors elsewhere in the world, they took full advantage of it.  In the end, the other side was being played as well, via different mechanisms (imperialism usually, but also religious hegemony, and militarism as well).  These conglomerates all dominate through ego and its demonic children, anger, desire, and fear.  Finally, toward the end, they are all brought together under one crop, and the controller wants to feed on his one feast, but it will be denied him at last.

They used the same methods on political rulers throughout the history of their existence, and were known as "sorcerers" before they were known as "Jews".  Gypsies had a similar history in ancient India.  In the end, it is a corruption that has sources outside of the stage of human perception, taking place behind the metaphysical scenes as an awful and demonic influence on the minds of people.  They had more or less the same poisonous influence in ancient Iran during the time when they wrote their perverse book of "Esther".  Such  perversity lives on to this day in a hightened form.

Do not be surprised if nothing is written out of this stranger than fiction existence.  Alien life forms, arcane high technology, otherdimensional wildlife, forces of cosmic significance which even all these fear...  All coalescing to some final destination in time and space... with the fate of all souls bound therein.

Your particular religion will not matter when Truth collapses all illusions.  Your beliefs, worldviews, etc, will not matter.  It is not what you profess in public, but what you CONFESS in PRIVATE.  Realize this before that Great End forces the realization upon you.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The legend of naked guy lives on... o.O

He seemed to have success with that method, even without letting anyone know he was on camera as a prank...  until the cops got involved.  But up until then his ruse was working.  But still, with all that success, which is more than a lot of guys would get using standard approaches, notices that no "get ladies" books for men (or men who are of this strange secret religion), note that none of them ever talk about using a method like this, which happened to work rather well.

That's not only because society doesn't sanction it.  You, dear reader, thought that society didn't sanction it.  But it did.  Just look at 12:26 til the end.  You see society sanctioning this behavior.

BUT, if you talk sincerely about any Truth in public, even to others who are very interested in this with you, then it seems society sanctions this even LESS than a Naked man walking around asking girls for their number, sometimes undressing right in front of them like he's trying to set a record for the most nonchalant strip ever done in public.  That earned a HANDSHAKE, and got LOTS OF LOVE.

So, what I'm saying to you is that not only does society (most of  you who read this) SANCTION THIS (but only let SOME people do it), but this is the rule for anything you do or don't sanction (except for slavery and that sort of thing, and prison, and war, etc That is mostly for everyone, but only a few are allowed to abstain...)

Either way, TRUTH is not in your vocabulary, because this is sanctioned LESS than even THIS, which is sanctioned only for a few!   You must really think there is such a thing as Truth but only God can have it, or that there is Truth, and no-one (maybe not even God) can have it.  But Truth for people to speak?  THAT's SACRILEGE!!!

Humans really are cowards in the end, in the end.  Some will be braver than others, but that's mostly because they've gotten so damn old and tired that they just gave up trying to "bulldog" it anymore.  They broke, that's all. They still don't give a damn about the Truth, but will often lend a pleasant ear to it compared to themselves when they were younger, or even maybe more than other young people generally.  But that is just showing that time and life broke you.  Only now do you listen?   I've seen you, posturing that you love Truth, but really just sulking back to it when the world scares your senses back to you that the bulldog days are over.  The ego is just getting pushed in, and destroyed with time.  

But then, YOU are the lucky ones!!  For most, it becomes a recessed stimulus response activity somewhere under the threshold of abstract thought.  So you beat those!  That's for sure.  But did you keep climbing anywhere after that?  Would you take the sort of risks which made a Spiritual Person change the world once here and there?  How do we think one of these People changed the whole world HERE, and another THERE, and did this enough to be hated by the world that claims also to be devout lovers and worshipers of them?  

I think some Existentialist or said: Keep your gods.  I know what you have in mind for them.  If Nietzsche didn't say it, he said it in other words.  In any event, it fits.  Who would want to CHANGE HUMANITY!!

The point is that a person must change HIMSELF and become who he REALLY is, before that chance is taken away from him forever (possibly by an evil mind, or by Judgement from Heaven, or what have you).  The idea is that in the end, all this "ride" meant was what you made it mean for you, by being and choosing as you do.  That's what Judges you in the End.  Don't worrry "if you don't have a Conscience, then one will be appointed for you".

Game of Thrones meets Game of iPhonies meets Wall of Truth at Mach 10

I don't have any reason to believe, in the first place, that there was a man named Jesus, per se.  Then, I have no further reasons to believe that he existed AND was Jewish. See how that works?

Existence matters.

I should add, that most of what they say is them spouting their fantasies based on accepting this above assumption, but we don't need to concern ourselves with their fantasies, because we aren't interested in corpses and their sexual relations in the imaginations of lustful, sinful men who put pen to paper in order to mutilate the Truth rather than reveal it.  So in this insidious way, they pretend to be investigators of Truth when in fact they are smearing a myth in order to avoid discussion of the Spiritual Truths that make that myth important to begin with.

This matters even more because with regard to THIS Truth:

Existence DOESN'T matter (in the same way that it just did)

It doesn't matter except that it helps annihilate bad rhetoric about Gnostic Truths based upon some story about a guy who walked around and got laid, which is sort of what they want to start from, that naturalist, physicalist, position which seems to always declare loudly from the rooftops "But we must all remember, Jesus was just a man, just a man.  Homo sapiens let us not forget".  Not even one shred of that need be the Truth anyway, but they are really all about that so they can get back to talking about his supposed sex life....or ambitions for power.

I bet they actually had a little get-together with someone and said, "You know what would be so cool?  We could turn Jesus into like, the Game of Thrones, oh my GAWD!"

See where their "minds" are always at??

In the GUTTER.  

Let me add this:  To be a TRUE CHRISTIAN, a person needn't BELIEVE in anything, but needs to PERFECTLY KNOW something.  What something is that?  Well, if you were a Christian, a TRUE Christian, you'd know.  But if you were a FALSE christian, well, you wouldn't know...  

But I don't need to believe in ANYTHING,  IN ORDER to be a True Christian.  SO that means if I have a huge pile of people who don't believe in ANYTHING, all of them might still be Christians for all I know..  and TRUE Ones.

or none of them.  But he point is, it isn't what they PROfess in public that shows what they are, it is in what they CONFESS IN PRIVATE.

But I don't have to "BELIEVE IN THE MYTH OF JESUS" as the Christ to know what it MEANS.  And further, JESUS, if he WERE Christ (if there were a man named Jesus who was a Christ, etc etc), then he wouldn't bother me about that fact, but would be trying to direct my attention to that fact Within Me that I should be busy KNOWING about, not about Him that I need "Faith" to stop guessing about (if I don't KNOW I need faith, see?).  Ah well.  I know SOME people get what I'm saying...

So You Want to Play with Magic?

First off, this is a childish fantasy, which is of the ego, and it is inspired by the arrogant and delimited, demented evil mind, which is the "eye" in their pyramid.  They have a short shelf-life, these living toys which express that foul energy, and there is a lot of what is vile blatantly shown here.

But there are some little points it makes which bear out some notice.  One, evil has set itself up as a god over others, and it has these tributes that it expects.  It promises "something good" in the bargain, or perhaps just "permission to serve" (which has multiple meanings), and in the end, some alleviation of suffering, or "mercy".  

But it sets it up like a game, this evil mind, when it says "These are the things that I may take in tribute, but most importantly, you must "give me your all, and reserve nothing for yourself.  You must be fully wiling to DIE in me rather than even RISK  my dissatisfaction, or bear dire consequences if I find out, and I always find out sooner or later, etc...".  So this litany of the EGO is all this portrays to us in the end, the demand that another being set itself up as a pawn within the games played by the evil minded who claims mastery over it.

The issue is that humans, in their present form, are invested with not less than two major components which feed directly into this trap,.  They are LIBIDO and EGO.  Psychoanalytic theory aside, and there is a lot of it, not only Freud, way too much to get into, but in fact these two major elements are found everywhere in it, and never has mankind ever shown itself to be without them, Libido and Ego.   Libido, or primal sexual energy, is a conversion of spiritual energy in the chakras into a concentrated form that cannot rise above the third chakra, even in its most sublime form, unless it is connected with "higher keys" which are designed specifically for EVIL USE.  Therefore, there is a distinction to make between the "chakras" that bodies have, and the Spiritual Conciousness that Beings are, which have been related to chakral energy in THESE bodies.  Those are distinct.  The bodies and their chakral structures, and the Spiritiual Energy which is channeled into them.  It also matters what the source of that energy is, whose chakras they are, and what is done with that energy, although what will be done can be predicted from the first two (from whom was the energy taken, and in whose chakras were they transformed).

Libido is for the purpose of channeling spiritual energy into bodily concerns.  That is what it does, and that is what it is, that channeling.  It is a from of "magic", which is the materialization of spiritual energy so as to achieve some anticipated result (whether that result is understood, or not).

So it is inherently a problematic activity, especially for novices, who are usually just props and marks anyway in this con.  The con artists are those who have "been in on it" with the evil mind from a metaphysical level, and were already "in tight" with it from long ago.  Anyone else is just a temporary tool (like Katy Perry, who doesn't remotely interest me sexually, not even aesthetically, although I understand that she is supposed to).

So, that's first off, this is a magical game manifested as a childish fantasy, and she's let you in on its visuals and its events, hoping you'll be a vicarious participant.  Guess what, if you got all horny about her, you actually have put yourself into this ritual as one of its offerings...  That's just how the rules of this game go...  And where are you now?  And where is Katy Perry?  And where is your energy?  Right.

So this is one aspect of one method whereby Spiritual Energy is stolen and vested into the service of evil, through the libido and the ego and all its vices, and look who is glad to benefit from it.

There are many ways, and many "reasons", but generally it is this which is the way (through the body and its libidinally charged ego mechanisms and the social mechanisms which are serviced by them, and which aggregate into results for the few who rule over it), and the reasons, as varied as they seem, all concentrate into the acquisition of the few on top who feast from all this suffering under their direction, mostly as unseen provocateurs, and shadowy beneficiaries, and even then only through many layers of proxies.

That is the realm of evil, abusive exploitation they have arranged, and it works through these mechanisms.  The key thing to understand is by what power it works.  What are its metaphysical sanctions

It is sanctioned by the Spiritual Sovereignty of those who willingly participate within it, as represented by the fools in this video (all of them, even the ones who seem to be enjoying their roles).  These are all interdependent roles, and none exist with any of the others, and they are therefore a contradiction in themselves, because the whole premise of these rituals in their ideology is that "You serve us but we don't need you. You want something WE have, and we don't want or need anything you have.  At best, you may be allowed to augment our illustrious glory and dominion with your service, but even that may be unworthy (most likely), so only appeal if you dare in that case.  Plus, if we want to do anything to you at all, for any reason, we will, and it doesn't contradict anything else here laid out".  That's their little law they have, and it has a hierarchy in it with clauses for each level so that each person is kept in check by a "higher person" who supposedly belongs where it is, and so on.

It has the properties of self-similarity, where the parts represent the whole, and yet the uppermost part is supposed to have some point which cannot be reduced to anything except being the top of this pyramid (the creme de la creme de la creme to infinity).  That's their structure and how it plays out, but in the end it is only the fantasy of an evil minded false spirit, that must face Justice for its crimes at the Appointed Time, as must all which became a part of its evil scam.

Those who participate willingly, therefore, are one aspect of the metaphysical power upon which this evil pyramid scheme is built.

Those who participate UNWILLINGLY, are in a sort of limbo between the previously mentioned and the next mentioned.

Those who willfully REFUSE to participate, and act accordingly, never participate willingly and nothing they ever do against their own will, or as the result of coercion, can EVER be validly used against them in this scheme by the evil administrators of it.  They may do whatever they may do, but is has NO SPIRITUAL POWER of our Eternal Destinies.  We are exempt from all their authority, whoever real it seems in its fakeness within its own deluded realm within the evil mind (for it is within the evil mind per se, as its own thoughts playing out).  Just as it, this collective delusional evil minded illusion matrix, judges us by its delusions and tries to coerce us into its molds, we simply do the reverse and with full Authority, because we have a Source which is different from this entity.  We practice True Religion, and so we are not beholden to this world at all.

We invite the world to play its games with itself and do what it likes, but to desist from involving us in its sacrilege, and leave us be.  The earth seems to be your evil playground.  Granted, it seems to be just that.  But how we got into this or why, it wasn't to play with you or obey you.  We will do neither, get used to this.  It is not going to change.  What will change is that all our predictions and denunciations will be vindicated on the Last Day, and Great Judge is the one ALL will answer to.  Then you'll see that evil minded false magic of illusions and the fake world it has created is what will be found wanting and turned into dust, and the only ones who will pass on will be either unrecognized by the world, or hated by it, but will never have served it willingly, nor even pretended to.

A final note on that.  When in these bodies and acting through them, we Good Spirits are bound by our own Consciences to express with Sincerity what is our own True Nature.  In the course of this, if we do anything in the world, it is not for the world, even if it seems to accommodate its sense of being served (well or not).  What we are doing is acting in Good Faith that, if we did live in a world which was what this one often pretends to be, and we were required to act, we would do so in such and so ways, with True Sincerity and Good Faith, because WE SERVE THIS HIGHER TRUTH, a Truth far higher than this world can ever squint hard enough to imagine.  Don't take us the wrong way. To the world we have always said "non serviam".

Friday, February 21, 2014

In the World but Not of It

What if you could end the world, would you?  How?  What if that method were to leave the world?  What if it meant just turning your back on that world and living in a forward, Heavenly way?   Let the world collapse and you be indifferent to it?  Would you?  It howls at you, but it also howls in the pain of losing your attention, respect, or admiration...  Yes, it has ways of getting attention, ways of causing fear and glamour by which to steal unearned admiration by way of fraud.  That's for sure.  But it doesn't have AUTHORITY to do so.  It does so because that its very nature of its hellishness, it acts just as it does because it is just as it is.  It cannot and will not change except superficially as a ruse to do more evil in the longer run, that's its "communication dynamic" in all "negotiations", which are all nothing more than compromises in favor of evil.

But, in spite of these evil powers, it is otherwise powerless.  We see it for what it is, we don't admire it, we don't like it, we don't enjoy it, we don't want to live in it, we don't want to suffer in it, and yet to be consoled in that we will surely DIE in it, we must find our own unique paths back to our Source, through Awakening, with all the pain that comes with it.  Some of you have felt those pains, sometimes manifesting for many years and changing in its nature.  Some of these may resemble to you certain archetypes.  Know that those who have the Truth in them can sort out what those are.  They don't need to study mythology, because somewhere in their daily life they have seen some reference to these underlying spiritual conditions in some art gallery, or in some church or temple, or on some facade, or in a statue, or something, and they had SOME experience with it.  So they had a chance at least, to get to know their spiritual nature.

But some had to learn later in life than would have been ideal.  They must go through a period of penitence when they must awaken under a sort of pressure due to conditions they have been in and/or are in.  They must make accommodations they would have normally eschewed as a matter of taste.  Unfortunately we must "brush shoulders" with the evil world as it rips us off day after day.  We know how it is mocking us, yet we have no place of our own to live with other Sincere and Real Beings. So we must go Within Deep in order to retain our Vital Communion, until some form of society can be rekindled.

That is not likely to happen in our current lifetimes, and the world really does seem on the proper brink of its proper destruction.  It only has itself to blame, top to bottom and bottom to top.  The problem is that "the top" has been the private monopoly of evil beings for a very long time, and that has made the bottom a hog pen of evil and a torture chamber and prison for the Good.  This is proven.  And all its guilt it can get, for the evil services IT has rendered in a mockery of Good Faith, and all in the end for only the most ironically nefarious reasons (they SINNED MOST, who murdered most to "punish sin").

What of their god also, who "claims to punish sins".  The sin of using his world as he designed it?  To be a world of devouring all against all, with selfish greed and arrogant hubris the cornerstones of character upon which it builds it's virtues?  Is that what this world amounts to?  Then in that case what is the worth of it?  It has ZERO Spiritual Worth and ZERO Authority!!  And its sins are stacked so high that it crowds out the sins of those it accuses, making their substance and shadow nearly fuse in the mind's eye.  It seems plainly clear that in all cases bodily, civil, fleshly and natural that the world as a whole has more to answer for by far than any individual steward of one of these bodies.  If there is a "higher responsible being" behind this, it has a LOT of explaining to do whether it thinks it does or not.

It is a farce and a sham, a facade behind which demons GLORY IN THE DEVOURING OF OTHERS THROUGH SUFFERING, and it is a proper hell.

I have been honest about how I myself see it.  It is a hell, and if it is heaven to those here, then they are demons, plain and simple.  And if the majority of people feel the same way but just on a lower level of intensity, they are the peasants who reside in their version of heaven, and in view of their world, which is that it is hell, they are nothing but imps.

They are PEASANTS IN THEIR HEAVEN!!  They love being peasants, they don't care about being robbed by the evil pseudo-authorities above them, they LOVE it.  It gives them a "sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging, of being important, or at least not worthless, or at least tolerable as a parasite...  So this is their heaven.  Yet by the looks of it we can make improvements on it, by its own "claimed rules of civilization and civility, or "civitas", that outstrip it as it stands to such a degree that what it would become would make this look like a stinking hell.  Likewise we find that the only REASON why this is not happening is that those who are in charge of this world, who have power over it and authority within it, do make sure it stays this way and gets worse if necessary...  They intentionally keep the peasant class "right where they are" and use many secret means for doing so which work very well.  It turns out that they are in league with beings who can assist these warlord persons with needed influence and technology, both "material" and "metaphysical".

These are the puppets of evil.  If this were a video game THEY were playing, their whole objective is to make Spiritual Beings suffer so that they can be rewarded, both in the flesh and beyond it.   That is the simple Truth of it.  This realm is their evil hunting ground.  That's the world you live in.  And that is why most humans are such spiritual cowards, because they don't actually embody that Light trapped in their bodies.  They have held it prisoner (from when it was in their child bodies), and developed an evil persona, and this has kept the light within them from expressing, and this must be freed from them.  They must lose this "Inner Light" they think they are, but which they only keep prisoner, and it must be set free.  Since their egos won't dissolve to let it free in expression, and permit others to do the same, it is understood that they don't have any Spiritual Personhood in their mental forms about which to worry the Forces of Light may cause harm.  Those forces will therefore begin to act in accordance with the timing of the world, wherever they see fit, for they have True Authority to bring out of bondage the Spirits who suffer unjustly here, and keep in those who suffer justly, or who SHOULD.  That filtering process is going on constantly.  Every thought, word and deed do count, so make them count is probably the best advice anyone can give.

Be distinct from their world and its mores.  That's what my conscience tells me I must do.  I must denounce their values and reverences, for these are the obsession of the unspirited and walking dead.  The "philosophical zombies" of the Spiritual World.

They are all one rot.  It is rejected, dismissed, banished, destroyed and forgotten, forever.  This is the True meaning of "The Truth" according to Religion.  This is also the True Gnostic perspective on the world.  A person cannot pretend to do this, and the Truth is always accurately elicited over the course of every lifetime.  That is a refining process that ensures the annihilation of evil and the Restoration of the Good.  It doesn't matter WHERE evil came from, ethically, for a Good person to be Good and an evil person to be evil.  They do that "naturally" without any need for understanding.  The KNOWLEDGE of this is inherent, and not learned, but remembered.  It was hidden from them in this lower world which obfuscates such things.  It is a lower world, but it is not a Divine World.  This world is lower, but it is perhaps the highest world there is in hell.  It is a place where the Penance of the Hopeful can be rewarded with Grace, and those who have fallen into ignorance can be Awakened (ignorance is Spiritual Death).

YOU are in charge of this aspect of your fate!  So your destiny CANNOT Be decided by the world, even the whole universe and its maker, you are FREE to disobey it at will and in any way you wish.  I disobey it when it commands me to do anything, good or evil.  I simply choose to live a Good life as best I can by my own Sovereign, Awake and Uncoerced Conscience, and that supersedes all worldly laws and conditions of this world which pertain to "sin" as we know it.  Absolved by this because the world, in all its construction, have issued both the conditions and the penalties of sin, and have ensured that the former guarantee the provision for the latter, which is itself administered unfairly by its own rules, and is administered by the lackeys of every sin and crime they never dare profess for fear of being subjected to their own penalties (and they sometimes do when they throw each other to the mob).

I owe not a shred of guilt to that being which designed these evil bodies, so that doing evil is UNAVOIDABLE.  But the Light of Truth melts away all such false accusations, and demands this minimum:  Bare fault for all your sins and evils FIRST, for yours is the great mountain pile of  that which you claim hides under my foot, and its shadow obscures all our moral relations so as to permit me to abscond from any dealings with you concerning justice which you may supervise.  You are not competent to judge.

That is the Truth of the Spirit which Knows Truth.  And it is above this world and not beholden to it not ONE WHIT.

The world is in pain because it cannot coerce by deception what it wants, so it groans on the verge of precipitating violence of every sort, starting with economic and climatological disasters on the evil of a giant war which dwarfs the steady sideshow of war we've had for decades since men threw fists and rocks and women threw curses and rumors, until now that they have, in geometric progression, gotten very efficient at robbing an murdering on a very grand scale.  Such a "professional" world, isn't it?  Just doing what its god made it to do... pilfer the Good and feed the evil.

So reject it and all its institutions as spiritual dross and, act accordingly.

That means to live without fear, anger, resentment, attachment, jealousy, envy, hatred, aggression, gluttony, arrogance, vanity, hubris, pretense, guile, deceit, fraudulence, and so on and so forth.  Wow, you can know a tree by its fruit.  One of the fruits of a "nation" is its language, and the language of the world, there seems so much more variety and intensity of semantic load and specificity of its shape whenever the world refers to the description of something evil, especially as it dwarfs its opposite and contrary Beings and what language passes for describing Them.

But in fact, in the greater cosmos, the Higher Heavens are NOT the minority, and is the True and Vast Macrocosmos of which this tiny habitat is a spurious error being corrected..  It should be viewed accordingly in all one's affiliations of Spirit. to be sure.  If there is the slightest animosity of another, take that as a True Sign of their being beholden to the evil of their ego for sure, as the Conscience is clean and so this must be evil advancing.  If its advances can be rejected, that is sufficient.   But don't be taken in by ill-placed fantasies when in fact it confesses itself openly.  You are seeing what you are seeing.

But this is not the primary mode of a Spiritual Life.  The Spiritual Life is lived everywhere the world ISN'T. So we must strive to put our Spiritual Focus THERE.  Yet this is the only way to face this world, with our whole being turned against it, forcing it by force of this Heavenly Spirit to run behind us like a coward.  We refuse it the pleasure of pretending to us in public to judge us, for we know all such shows are mockeries and a farce.  But then they must like cowards find excuses to do their perfidy, as they use the entire edifice of civilization as their personal all-purpose self-aggrandizement one stop shop for the fulfillment of all urges that strike their fancy, from birth to death, or as close to that as possible (their beds often have short blankets, because the higher devils must get their due).

Either way it is not how we would live.  We would have Sincere relations with everyone, with nothing to hide, nothing seek from one another, but only the conscious dwelling in some Divine World with all the Joy that entails.  We have striven throughout history to advance this Spiritual Agenda wherever we could have any temporary power to do so, and have been behind or at the source, or greatly contributing toward it, of the vast majority of anything that ever improved the lot of man.  And all that could have but was repressed was so done by the archons.  Even what was allowed was yielded only after much suffering...

The price people pay for their "heaven"... Or make OTHERS pay, if they can.

Drawing our Spiritual Energy from the world according to the correct methods of Yoga/Religion/Spirituality/Alchemy is the correct procedure.  That is the minimum.  It involves a lot of devotion, a lot of focus, a lot of energy and results in a lot of sublimation.  An overhaul of the person is often due in several areas, and a dramatic change in perspective as well.  But this is not going to make sense to someone who has not sought it out, to say nothing of having prepared for it.  One cannot serve two masters,  Life that life which is closest to that of a Saint that you humanly can.  It doesn't MEAN that others must stamp you a good or likable person, and in fact they will likely hate you more if you are sincere and a living example which reproves their own natures.   But it is what one must by attempt by the definition of Good Religion.

Only in that Spirit can our detachment from the world be Valid and without reproach.  And so that is what we must cultivate, and how we must live life.  Especially when the Light is strong in a community.  It must not be treated like something to put on or take off.  It is the same face the world sees, subdued only to the necessity of our Highest Purpose.  It is a seriousness they see, a certain purpose into which they must fit or be cast aside.  And this truly incenses them.  It is however any person's prerogative, and that's a fact known by anyone.

If they were commanded by some higher purpose they wouldn't be standing around gawking or looking for ways to make living thwarting what is Good.  So, they wouldn't be miscreants in that case.  They are miscreants, therefore the antecedent is false, and they were not commanded by some higher purpose as WE know it, but only as something "anti-us" knows it, or something by definition evil, since the issue defines the disposition of the parties involved, and one side wants to commit evil freely and the other wants freedom from evil completely.  That means in this matter, the other party is evil by definition, and this is the very definition of evil, also.  The definition fits them perfectly, and in fact they have their picture in the Divine Encyclopedia Cosmologica under the heading "evil", and it is not capitalized because it is not a real entity in the Divine Cosmos, but a doomed illusion.  So they have no excuse, so why bother indulging them?  "Shake the dust from your feet" said some Light Bearer.

This disposition is alone the Religious one, which understands freely and easily these Truths and does not argue against them, even a tiny bit.  Good and evil have been CLEARLY differentiated, and their sources identified, and our obligations all ironed out precisely with no room for confusion allowed.  Anyone who holds another position is spiritually bound to it, and only those who find this already resonates with them, only they have a shot at really understanding it anyway.  That's where the world is now, it is basically sorted out.  We know not the day or the hour, but we DO Know a lot.  Let us act according to our Knowledge, or we will surely act according to our ignorance.  That is the meaning of Wisdom and Courage.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Some Thoughts on Yoga, Alchemy, Fate, and Gnosis

It is said that the Dao that can be named is not really the Dao at all.  What is the Dao which resists encapsulation into a symbolic frame of reference?  It is something we can only know directly, as a part of it.  

This means that a certain type of knowledge is itself a state of being par excellence, and a certain type of being is itself a condition of knowledge par excellence.

These are the same and are the very meaning of the term "Gnosis".  The faculty which obtains to its realization is the Nous, the condition of attainment of this realization is Gnosis.  Gnosis is the actualized Nous.

It could be considered this way:

   It has been formally stated that two choices that diverge only a small amount, are increasingly difficult to distinguish as to which is preferable as their distinction is more difficult to make out, and this without regard to the importance of the decision to be made.

  "Decisions, decisions" is the cliche phrase people utter under these conditions, almost as if they were mocking the very idea of the possibility that this situation is truly a pain to decide, when in fact it is a luxury to decide such "difficulties" (which path to take to the bank to cash a 20 million dollar check, etc).  Obviously you'd want to pick the safest path.  But the issue is just this:  Why would a danger come on so rare a day in one person's life, instead of any other day, when the rarity of that danger to occur is to be multiplied by the rarity of a day on which one cashes a 20 million dollar check.  Indeed, one is likely to estimate the degree of importance for such a margin of safety for different paths to the bank in some proportion to the amount of money that could be lost if one couldn't make it to the bank that day.  In fact, the check can be replaced, and that is not the issue.  The issue is that the one thing that stands in the way is the possibility of a personal tragedy which offsets the value of that check, even if one managed to cash it...

  There are many things which could happen on the way to that bank which would make one reconsider leaving the house to cash it on that day.  Is this day, that day?  "That day" is some day of one's life, or some moment, which has a negative impact which offsets some positive feature of one's life.  If death is the thief it is reported to be, or old age, or debilities of any kind, or tragic events of many kinds, then this day is inevitable for anyone alive...

  Indeed, the world of possibilities which the current actual world has prevented by taking their place includes many "better worlds" in which not only is the world better for you, but for almost everyone else as well.  It cannot be better for evil and Good at the same time and in the same way, and they must have opposing changes in quality of life.  But for the purposes of deception, this necessary polarization in the equilibrium of axiontic beings is buffered by delay periods which suit the appearance of justice and propriety required to complete the theft of Good by evil over the longer run, an at that rate only as the discretion of the Good makes it necessary.

  Therefore, such a decision can be perilously important.  Timing can be the difference between tragedy and comedy even on a day "of no importance".   So all the more on such a profoundly unusual day.  Imagine all the things one could change in the world, all the elements of the world that would suddenly "become alive" to your person, just because on this day you could affect changes in it in terms that it understands best, and to a very great degree, over a long period of time, from one's own will (everyone worldly is a slave to some sufficient amount of money).  You've suddenly become a "very interesting person" to the world.  That must surely come with a price, even if only energetically and "mystically".

  Perhaps one's caution is to some extent appropriate.  But how could it help?  The problem is that this decision is not easy to decide as to "which is safer" because to go by any route carries with it its own native, and unpredictable risks.  One could dodge left when in fact one should have dodged right, or vice versa, without knowing which way is correct, even after completing very long deliberations on the matter.  One might not even get out the house, and decide to send some agent, and this may lead to disaster, as some unfortunate occurrence may happen at home that day, which would have happened on no other day, and would happen only if you remained home instead of going out.

  What an irony.  It is the myth that in the end, "the gods" always win, the fates always have their way, and a person is not at all in control as it thinks. In fact, this is already true to some extent.  But what doesn't change is one's interior world of evaluative cognition, and the sense that one must best frame some constructive attitude to one's endeavors when conducting one's business, no matter the degree of certainty of success, or even of what can be expected at all.

  There must be something we can know with certainty, even if it is only that we are uncertain, and uncertain even to what degree we are not certain!  At least of that we are certain, and we are able to be certain either that we are certain to some certain degree, or to some uncertain degree.  But we are always at least certain of some amount of uncertainty whenever it does occur, or we are certain of nothing at all in any case.

  This should remind some of Descartes' famous thought experiment in which he developed the "cogito", which involves something that is not an entity but rather a condition of understanding of a certain minimal amount of certainty no matter how much is uncertain.  It is his process of demonstrating an example of how this notion can be intuited by way of a thought experiment meant to reduce all certainty to a bare necessary minimum above zero.  At this point, certainty has been tested to a theoretical maximum, and this refined remnant of the very sense of certainty in anything at all is a maximum degree of certainty with which one can properly begin any efforts at understanding anything beyond it to any degree of certainty.  This will always by the maximum certainty a human mind can obtain, although it needn't only come in this form.  By means of proper investigation of all things "by the Light of Understanding", one can know Truths which are directly related to this initial approach to the matter of irreducible and indefeasible certainty.

  But what in the daily life of a person as puny and limited as a human can be understood or embraced with such a degree of certainty?  Surely it is one's own inner state of Spiritual Energy and its relation to the energies of the phenomenal world around it!  This is apparent even if one has no bodily senses at all, as a sense of Grace or of metaphysical animosity.  One can detect these very purely and relate them to basic bodily functions and kinesthetic states of experience (breathing, blood flow, intention vectors, symbolic projections remanifesting as perceptions, etc).  These are also often filled with a sense of energy called an "aura".  This must be subjectively interpreted by someone who already has this sense of experience, as it is a qualitative primary datum and is no more describable in words than the "blueness of blue".

  What is it that makes one move today?  What is one's "motivation"?  What is the speed and force of one's gait?  What is one's posture.  Is the head held high, or low?  What is the reason?   Does one notice sounds in a peculiar way?  Motion in the peripheral vision?   People's facial light reflections as they turn their heads to gawk at you, perhaps?  Does this "grip" your attention?  Why?  Why do you feel a sudden need to increase or drop your pace?  Do you feel inclined to go along with this impulse?  Does it "feel right"?  Does it seem to reflect some buried truth about how seriously you are taking a petty desire?  

   You are on the way to the bank with a check that is redeemable in cash on demand, for the sum of 20 million dollars, at a bank that is 1 block from your home.  You are one block away from this money, which is yours already by deed (you now hold that deed), and it is perhaps in the safest place it could be for the time being anyway.  Is it REALLY the wisest thing to do to go and immediately cash that check?  Leaving aside issues of legality (it was awarded as a prize for some outstanding deed, which you are famous for, and so you have no problem buying a house with cash right now if you wanted, because no one would think it is strange if you showed them the front page of that morning's newspaper, showing you receiving the giant check last night at an event attended by many big names in the city you are in).  So that is not an issue.  You could go and get to spending right away.   Yet this possibility contains a lot of energy!  It contains more energy than most people can imagine, because many interested entities are out and about and surrounding such an event whenever it does occur, but especially in your case, because whether the world knows it officially or not, it is controlled, even if only unwittingly, by forces inimical to your progress as a person in that world.

   Let this be the case.  Also, it is always true that if this is the case, you will Know it at your deepest core, because a person who is truly a part of a system has intimate knowledge of that system in participation within it.  Since you do not have that experience, and instead have a sense of alienation which is due to a native awareness that your proper environment is "elsewhere" and that this domain is the haven of beings "opposite in moral nature and ontological essence".  Therefore, you would be able to sense two things:

   1) The changes in your own energy fields due to the influence these forces acquire through ego infiltration

   2)  The changes in the energy field of the surrounding world due to its force of impact on one's energy fields, as detected through the recognition of its internalization through the ego, emotions, thoughts, feelings, perceptions, etc, or else through a feeling of this pressure as it is successfully resisted by one's energy field.

If one is sensitive to 1), it is because of one of the reasons in 2).  If one is with Gnosis, one also understands that 2) is directly revealed by understanding the meaning of 1).  

  People who bear the Nous are always aware of 1), but only those who actualize the Nous and reach Gnosis can understand and comfortably reflect on 2), both intuitively and analytically.  If one cannot do this, then it is bound to become a spiritual malady upwelling in the conscious mind through a distortion of the ego into its shadow, and dramas enacted through its adventitious projections into suitable (or only seemingly suitable) hosts, who are themselves possessed of some degree of proclivity to enter into such interactions, either because they stand to gain from them as evil beings, or because they are programmed by such beings and act as autonomous yet subservient agents (as suzerains, and not sovereigns), or because they are other unrealized Spirit Beings who are subject to similar vicissitudes of ego/embodiment dynamics.

  In any event, this is a certainty which is felt throughout the whole psychodynamic entity of the person, and is something they alone are able to feel, assess, and responsibly address.  

  The significant distinction between any two paths is therefore differetially evaluated either externally and objectively or internally and subjectively.  If the external distinctions are unclear, and yet the ramifications are objectively of a great magnitude by outer accounts, then that means, to the True Being, that the True Significance of the event is to be understood is proportionately inward and subjective.  It means that one must do the calculation of all possible fates which could reduce this event of outward importance to an absolute zero.  One must assume that one will be struck by lightning on a clear day, on the way to the bank, on the very day one chose to go there to cash that 20 million dollar check.

  One must assume this, as the likelihood of its occurrence is in direct proportion to the combined outward and inward significance of the event.  Outwardly, one is "taking a big risk, for a big gain, in that unlike on other days one stands to lose a great deal more by dying".  That is, to the world, one loses more than "just life" if one dies that day, but in fact one loses life + 20 million dollars unspent.  This worsens as one  is younger, and so more able to realize a longer life with the enjoyment of that windfall.  Yet this is an event in itself rarer that being struck by lightning while walking in a thunderstorm.  But today it is clear!  But what is clearer than the weather is that the evil mind truly hates the Divine Light, and a Gnostic Being KNOWS this, and knows it is not of the world, and feels directly this adverse tension, this eternal antivalence.  So it knows, subjectively and with inward certainty in direct proportion to that outward and objective understanding of the rarity of outward circumstances, that these have raised the spiritual stakes of this day and every day henceforth...

  Every breath, every thought, every word, every glance, every step, from here to that teller, and until the day of one's death, is now colored with the hateful eyes of the demiurgos through any of his manifold eyelets.  And you can rest assured that on that day, all eyes really are "on you".

  The truth is that you can directly and meaningfully cope with outward forces via inward mechanisms which are the source of all the significance of outer events anyway.  These inner mechanisms are ways of adjusting one's consciousness according to one's Highest and Best Mind, which is in Zoroastrian Gnosis called "The Best Mind" or "Spenta Mainyu".   That should be one's utmost concern on even the most meaningless day of one's life!  In that case, what day could make your heart pound?  What event?  Even if the whole world ended around you in an instant, you'd be unmoved.  To students of Daoism the connection between this idea discoursed by Laozi, Zhuangzi, and many others such as Liu Yiming, all bring to our attention the same set of Spiritual Values as the Christ and Zartosht, as well as Buddha and so many Others have taught!

  The Truth is that you, Light Bearers, have already gotten your Great Inheritance, and it is within you!  That is why every day of your lives you have walked as if you were on the way to that bank, because that bank is Heaven, the realm of the Best and Highest, and those there are expecting to see you.  You want to reach that destination, which is reached on the way to death, sometimes before reaching it, sometimes only after.  But it is reached in principle at any time that you realize your Inner Spirit is Gold, invested in your free willed custody while in this world, and it is available for your manifestation in the world according either to the whims of your ego "companion" (the demon that shares, or had shared your body), or to Your Best and Highest Self, as condensed within your human personality at its own best and highest possible expression.  

  The day you Truly Realize This Truth, that is The Day that demiurgos and "all its eyes" are on your every step, as you head to that Greatest Keeper of Spiritual Gold, the Highest Heavens, the lowest of which are above the demiurgos by untold fathoms and across unfathomable eons beyond its ken.  That is the realm from which you came, and to which you must return.  Every day you realize this fully, is a day you have surpassed the most debased and greedy, gaudy dreams of the whole world and all its appetites put together throughout time!  Realize this all the time, and then you are more likely to realize it at "crucial times" without flinching. [1]

  Some of those "crucial times" hinge on a moment's notice.  Now is always one of them.

[1] For an excellent discussion on the overall relation of the ideas of demiurgos to these other religio-mythic structures in their Gnostic interpretation, read this book, doing a search under "demiurgos" in that text online.  For any Daoist connection, a look at anything written by Liu Yiming will put the matter clearly into a Light any Gnostic would understand without controversy. But one can easily see the connections between Daoist, Buddhist and Hindu Yoga in their Alchemical affinity, and see the immediate connection to Gnosticism if one has the requisite "eyes to see and ears to hear".