Monday, May 23, 2016

Suum Cuique

The realities of the world are intuited by at least some people in it.  The more that is true about the world that someone learns, the more that they have claim to knowledge, wisdom, and Truth Eternal. They are closer to such things, and in that order, the broader and deeper is their knowledge. But just broad or deep in one kind or dimension, but in all of them, or else he is by that degree diminished in his capacity to express his True Nature.

It turns out that the big question really the "hard problem" of ethics and aesthetics, and really all of philosophy.  Its answer is the answer to the "hard problem" of psychology. And all these turn out to have been belated answers to the "hard problems" of life and religion.


There is no reality, or a world, without a mind which intuits it. There is nothing to intuit in a universe which has only one being, although two may comprise a reality. The objective world is a coproduct of their conscious and unconscious interaction.  From that is manifest a "world" through which they, the minds who have created and populated it, may interact with one another. There is nothing else. That is reality.  Therefore there is an implicit unity in this duality, and that is the "Revered Ancestor".

I am descended from That Reality.  EVIL IS NOT.  It is a bastard accident that is to be eliminated from existence. Only evil beings declare otherwise.  They have knowledge only of how to do evil, hide their evil, and prevent others from declaring it, let alone proving it in some court room. They have lackeys take the fall for them while they soak up their evil pleasures in secret. I'll not go on about their already well-known perfidies here. Suffice it to say that those who live a life of broad experience, learning, expression of talent and hardworking values, all are people with much knowledge and skill (physical men).  But if they are not aware of the nature of evil and how it operates in the world, then they have very little wisdom.  If they are men of wisdom (psychic men), then they are very well aware that evil exists in the world, and they are often perpetrators of it on different levels and with varying intensities. 

But even the best among these creatures is not of a third category of men. True Men.  These Men operate only from Their conscience and defy all tyrants. Only this type of Man Knows Right from Wrong! In His mind and heart, "right" and "wrong", when declared of anything, including Himself, HAS ABSOLUTE WEIGHT, and this relative to Their Origin. When these words are used by the other types (who are known by both their character and their deeds, such as espionage and sabotage, calumny and entrapment, you know, those "other" types), who to varying degrees have enough common sense not to walk in front of a moving bus but to varying degrees do not know better than to be disarmed by criminals as a matter of policy, when they use these terms, they can have only a RELATIVE WEIGHT, relative to the use of Spiritual Men.

Now, because the world is overpopulated with technologically advanced tyrants, it is on very large supply of all the lower types of men, who are merely byproducts of previous phases of the harvesting of the energy of other people's wisdom and virtue.  What an evil scheme.  And now look at its "noble rot", the fine wine of the modern world of absolute inversion within inversion within inversion.


So what of the rest?  They are the world of flesh, the world "as such".  What do they do?  They maintain the facade which imprisons The Truth and The Right, and hence are the overall entity, give it any name you like, which, as a whole, devours all that is True and Right by means of coercion and deception (which at bottom are the same).  It is the enemy of Life.  And so are its constituents.  How are they known?  BY THEIR DEEDS.  They do evil, then blame others, you know who they are. If you pay attention even to the mainstream news, the world around you, maybe hit a library now and then, or even just watch movies in an opium den and never leave it, YOU DAMN WELL KNOW when someone has just tricked you into accepting a 3 dollar bill.  The question is how do you respond to such things?  Do you understand that they are wrong because that is a hurtful thing to do to another, or is it merely that you will not likely get away with it.  You'll know for sure if you were suddenly offered the magical power to create illusions.  Then you'd know by your own deeds what kind of being you are. 

But what would an evil being do in such a case?  He'd counterfeit things, wouldn't he?  That is, he'd present the image of something, without the substantial significance.  Why would he do that?  To deceive someone into interacting with him so that he could gain from their losssssss.

How does this loss occur? There are, in this world, three ways.  The first way is to give him something of less value, so as to gain, but not to defraud him entirely.  That is actually the most complex variety, and even Good people, or at least not mal-intentioned people can do this accidentally.  Hence the warning: "Caveat Emptor". I was not initiated by any bastard fool to understand this, nor would most people who used their common sense consistently. Only a damned fraud would pretend to have taught this to me or anyone else except if he had actually ingrained common sense in someone who hadn't had it already. But in fact people learn from gain and loss, not from the mouths of evil men speaking of principles they don't follow.  Yet these monstrosities have proliferated in the modern age, and have glutted themselves on malfeasance both intentional and epic in scale. Then there are the intentional ways that we all well know about, in which what might have happened by accident in a very bad world is issued as the "norm" by those evil people in this world who feel they are exceptions in regards ethics, but only pretend to decent enough, or even go so far as to walk the tightrope of famous pretentions to virtue, or even "virtue signalling", which could only exist in a world in which demonic fakes became celebrity's norm.

Due to their lack of Goodness and Conscience, they have managed to utilize their demonically hyridized bodies to manage an approximation of what people call a "human" quality in their outward demeanor, as long as their environment will suit or support that illusion. That's not hard to accomplish more and more as human civilization develops, so that its organizational and technological achievements even seem to lag behind the corruption levels now and then, but can safely be said to far worse in their effects due to even rudimentary technology, let alone what is publickly known. Really? The combustion engine....In the world of nitinol and quantum computing arrays? Bovine fecal matter to go with your noble piss? Because that's what the status quo would be serving you and calling "cuisine". One of those handy illusions, perhaps? They have learned how, by means of evil tutors, to reach the maximum inversion of image and substance, and have found a "third way" to cause losssss to others.  One in which it is not accidental, but may appear to be. One which not only deviates from propriety, but can do so openly and get away with it as a sign of its privilege and majesty...  Now that's how "real criminals" do it.

Well how would such an illusion persist so damned well when people are soooooo smarrrrrrt?  Well that's quite easy, actually. Just control those "dumb motherfuckers" (in the words of their loving masters) with information asymmetry, artificial scarcity of power and resources, put them into dependent, and then precarious situations, and then exploit them like "confused and dizzy bitches" (I believe that is the street term for "pimping hos", which gives the right image here).

I guess soooooo smarrrrrt doesn't quite cut it.  They have to have a set of values that defies that sort of operant conditioning. That person must rather prefer to retain as much honor as possible, and keep as much dignity that honor affords, without surrendering those subjective features of his existence to a merely relative status dependent upon some whimsy of some miscreant fool without a soul.  That would be a nightmare existence for a Man, One Who Knows Good from evil! But this nightmare existence is what is being sold to Man, by those miscreants and their lackeys. Why do they not refrain from accepting this "bad trade"? Because their operant conditioning happens to be stronger in favor of it than against it. That's why.  And when they behave otherwise, that also is why, just in the other direction.

They are not possessed of True Morality, which is called by some "second-order morality". They are simply good imitations of the Real Man (Christ), and so they conduct themselves only to various degrees with a true sense of Right and wrong.  What the world had done is learn how to trick men of second-order morality to obey men of first-order "morality", or operant conditioning made to appear "moral enough", moral enough to entrap people as needed to satisfy the requirements of more permanent and more secure power over others.

Because there is something which is not Divine Conscience behind their cowardly acts, the organization of criminals who conduct such deeds as counterfeiting must have another source for its actual existence.  It must not have been born from the Origin, nor from the Divine Dyad. It must have a cursed origin acting as an alien force. But this could not be anything except something which should not be.  That origin has produced effects which are only malicious and self-destructive, but which have become so virulent, and this only worsened with means to mitigate the ostensive pretentions to its "right to exist".  That is, there is not even a sensible motive to attribute to such degrees of evil being committed by these fiends so that we can understand them as human beings with a right to exist.  Certainly, that is their claim against their victims, for whose suffering they lack all genuine concern as they rob them of their lives and livings.

So how could such parasitic beings get an upper hand in society if it weren't for a lacking in the better judgement of better men?  Obviously, it had to be.  But how, as technology improves, and as men's time and knowledge improve in quality, could they be increasing in stupidity in a way that lets them allow gigantic crimes, but get steamed up only about the relatively small ones?  It is okay to "rob everybody" when only a few people do it?  Is that the logic?  How perverse...  Or is it okay when MOST people do it?  How hypocritical!

So in fact it was because any interaction with evil beings can only be to their advantage on an ontological level. All TRUE WAR against evil has been simply the attempt to SEVER CONNECTION WITH THEM (remember reading about this anywhere?).  First with what is not right in one's own life and character.  Then whomever fosters those evils.  That's the ONLY PROPER BASIS OF SOCIETY, AND IT DOES NOT SECRETLY COMMIT CRIMES WHILE PRETENDING TO BE BETTER THAN THEIR TARGETED VICTIMS.  That's too low for Real People.

Society has become an inversion of what it pretends it is, and even that is full of inversions of what a society ought to be.  The first inversion is understood by many and accepted because they are programmed to accept it, period. Whenever they are not accepting it, it is a redirection of that same programmability to create a false opposition and collapse it into a favorable coproduct with the former agenda, favorable to those would control this entire process and come out on top of it.

But that group of spiritual fools do not and never did grasp that there was a further inversion which made this one possible.  That inversion was foisted over their heads not to really imprison their minds, but rather to attempt to imprison the Spiritual Beings who KNOW BETTER RIGHT AND WRONG.

It was decided that operant conditioning works best when the targeted groups do not know it is taking place. Therefore deception was invented. That being done well, they found that it could be improved with more attention to detail, with more energy directed into it.  But being evil in nature, they simply developed their skills at convincing smarter and more energetic people to do that development for them, and give them the different parts of the technology, the technique, and the infrastructure they'd need to redirect people as far as covert operant conditioning could go.  That was given more bang for the same buck at geometric rates as technology improved in secret at a pace kept past its public development.  That was not all.  This technology was weaponized against the public even while its benefits were harnessed for the few who would envision a "new world order" where they are absolute masters over submissive playthings. R.S.S. (real sick shit).

So on the way to this ultrasickness, what must they do?  They must keep making people lose sight of better judgement, whether it was instilled in them by someone who KNEW BETTER or whether it was inborn in them. IN THIS WORLD EVEN IF IT IS INBORN IT MUST BE RESUSCITATED. That is what Christians meant by "Second Birth".  It is the revival of lost capacities of Mind and Heart which may have been impeded by evil programmed personality features, whether genetically or experientially infused, or both.  That was something that would only happen in a world where "something was lost", namely the Liberty of Expression of Truth against tyrants.  That was what was lost, as only they would want Truth to be suppressed.  They are the cowards who serve as whores to the evil mind, and they have become very bloated with carnage and plunder.

The "middle man", the "psychic and hylic" men, they act as the go-between between the ultimate evil and the Best Good. They have become the norm, and the most degraded version of them both are now becoming the complete norm.  That is worse than it sounds.  It then becomes the case that either every other person you meet is "on the take", or the "few who truly are" have most of the world's resources, including infrastructure, goods, information and technology.  Naturally also of power more narrowly understood.  What they've never possessed is the "moral high ground".  That is not in their nature.  How could it be?  The more power they have, the more evil and malevolent they become! If they became "God", then reality would devour itself into oblivion. Oh I did mention that before, I hope the image stuck, because the reality is worse. But these beings don't even NEED the moral high ground, because they have convinced other false men to accept a false mind, a disheveled intellect and character so tainted, but just enough, to allow an incoherent and inverted culture and civil infrastructure to pass as acceptable enough or "within tolerances".  

That could only be accounted for, given the evidence, by there being persistent, pervasive, and pernicious mechanisms of influencing people's minds by means of techniques and technology embedded in the infrastructure as both its manifest forms and hidden contents.  The manifest contents are presented with just enough distractions and barriers to occlude being recognized by those not initiated into their underlying nature, while the facades also thereby act as cover so that another set of norms can be issued from behind that facade at a rate of return favorable to those behind the facade. The further up that hierarchy of organized criminality a perverted mind is, the more the inverse side of the facade resembles "real reality", and the more abject the brutality of will that is exerted in order to keep it operating "as if" it were. 

When it is "that bad", it was said that there would come a Cataclysmic Event, starting as a Revelation of the Truth, Ending as a Rendering of Justice. But that is not what directly concerns Good People. Good People would probably be concerned with conditions of an insanely, absurdly corrupt world which can only be made sense of by means of inverting an inversion of an inversion. They'd be trying to do this while keeping their conscience and propriety in a world that literally seeks to steal those very things as its greatest plunder and carnage. Such a vile creature must be separated unto itself, and that requires that its presence must be severed, and that means it must be sent into the void. Eternally banished. Was this always the fate of the world?  Of the corruptible world, yes.  Of the corrupted world, yes.  Of those uncorrupted and incorruptible? Absolutely not. They have a different fate. It is the inverse the inverse of the world's.  

First, an inversion of the power to to deceive, converting it into a propitious divulging of Truth. 

Then an inversion of the power to coerce, rendering it into a helplessness before What is Right.  That will invert the status quo that is hidden, and this will enable the status quo that is manifest be inverted to be subordinate to the only REAL standards of existence that obtain for Eternity.  To whatever extent that the world was sided wrongly in this process, it suffers Rightly.  To whatever extent beings in such cases, as there must be such, sided Rightly, they will be Rightly Restored.  That is the True Resurrection.  To the Good it is all, to the evil, nothing. What the inversion of nothing as that which is away from existence is, is not Known, but it is Known to be the proper concern of beings native to that place. It was not through any operant conditioning other than my Good Conscience and Good Hopes that I foresee such a GOOD RIDDANCE!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

How's the J.O.B.S. Market?

He is speaking about a broadly occurring phenomenon, referencing a broad statistical group. But the seriously impacting aspects of this are: Illegal immigration, international trade agreements, covert blacklisting campaigns, and psychotronic control grids, all these factors reinforcing and catalyzing some rather sad socio-political propagandized psychospiritual gulags which constitute "cities". Not so simple for some. But for teenagers, much easier. They're still useful as recruiting stock and possibly easily used fodder for such grids, they're usually much less aware and hence much less picky about anything which would affect their psychospiritual development. They have less baggage and less history to be used against them by said control grids. As for me, I worked job to job for about 4 years before joining the army at the age of 21. Supported myself that whole time except for occasional help from family. Spent that entire time reading, studying, conducting research in various subjects, including philosophy. Kept up all these "extralaborious" activities and several hobbies and cultivated some arts all while serving as an infantryman for 3 years, leaving that I continued this "process" for 5 years as a civilian again. Same sort of bullshit going on, same inability to make any sense out of it. Covert blacklisting is real. Psychotronic control grids are real. They are getting MORE real and MORE impactful every year. After five years of that mixture of travail and yet progress, living out of my truck for 9 months while doing some of it, I decided to join the Texas Army National Guard for 2 years and simultaneously to enter college using the MGIB which I had still 5 years left to use, and it was good for 4 years of college (imagine how many soldiers DON'T use this until it is too late, if they use it at all). That four years I was on the honor roll so that the only students who topped me were those who took on more than a full course load and pulled off similar grades. That was a very small group of students out of the totality. Near the end of this I took a scholarship to study Chinese overseas, and returned to the US to work again. At this point, it was a different socio-political gulag than the one I remembered. This is after the 2008 semi-collapse, and we are now talking about 2012. I worked my butt off, as usual. This ended up letting me "get by" until finally a good job breakthrough happened, only to be ruined for me within 3 weeks by some lowly son of a bitch committing insurance fraud against me and the boss being against me instead of on my side. It was a bad firing according to Texas and I'm leaving it at that. These are the kinds of evil shenanigans GOING ON in the world these last 15 years or so. But now it is getting crazed and is reaching dooooowwwwn to a new pathetic low to which the "norms" have sunk. All while being more efficiently and severely impacted by covert control methodologies which exacerbate the problems for everyone, while making it a more stabilized cash cow for an ever-shrinking minority of beneficiaries. That's right, they fill everyone's heads with this hateful bullshit about how 2 people are paying the way for 3, and yet they don't want to touch how 1% of the fucking population controls half of the RESOURCES. Damn, that's evidence that nobody's home if anything is. But it's racist to not let everyone pour on in across the border to fatten up on the weal, but let's piss on the people who reside here. Unless its our little special interest group, or unless it doesn't fit into our preconceived notion of how the economy is supposed to work.

There has developed a "black market" for evil since long ago. The powerful, who have learned that they must marry their power to propriety in order to last long, have learned how, over long periods of time, to use propriety as a front for carrying out their preferred and very evil courses of conduct. In this entire history of their development, which became most completely evil precisely during the ages of time we know least about concerning the details, the "Dark Ages", during this entire process the "peasant class" had been struggling to become a working class with a middle class of professionals. That had just begun to be accomplished in the 1800s in such a way as to break through the socio-politico-economic control grids of guilds and secret social networks who are basically spies for royalty and/or whoever else has a stake in covert control and criminality.

So naturally, in ever quickening step, at a pace whereby the public exposure of technology would increasingly be outstripped by the secret developments of it as weapons of war, both overt and covert in application, the so-called powers that be continued their evil plans for making sure that the "peasants" could be enslaved forever. This last two-hundred years from 1800 to 2000 represents this process going through various phases of experimentation here in the United States of America especially, but also throughout the world in various ways by various ruling evil pseudo-elite, who had been everywhere becoming more pseudo and less elite with each installment, until now being nothing but cardboard cutouts of figureheads of an iconography which has zero substance backing it.

Just in time for the complete roll out of the covert control grids I've mentioned, so as to maximize the power of the current farce of human action, to maximize it into a complete fucking circus before collapsing it into a new chaos. From THIS chaos they plan to make their system of control more powerful than ever before in history since perhaps Atlantis or Mu or whatever other dimension they came from or whatever other paradigm you want to use. Perhaps for these evil beings this is not their first time, perhaps for this world it is not THE first time, that a semi-free being has been experimented upon in order to learn all that can be learned, over the course of perhaps many millions of years, concerning all of its fullest potentials under varying contexts, to include a full range of experimentation on and even against its REAL NATURE as was not created or predictable by the fiends involved.

Perhaps it is a phase of a cycle within a game that is the equivalent of having a giant amusement park/petting zoo/carnival for some group of beings who are less-than-directly imprisoned within the environs of their amusement. And perhaps this runs the gamut of the imaginable and also the unimaginable, from the points where we would likely identify a parallel between their conduct and our own which might be described as decent, and ranging across to points which identify conduct in regions of the most perverse that can be described in parallel with our understanding, and then going beyond that into regions belonging only to demons to understand.

All this while you decide what your soul is worth. In that context think carefully about your "J.O.B.S." Jury-rigged Obstructions/Obsessions (existing as) Bureaucratized Slavery. And even if Trump changed the circumstances of these environments in all the ways that he promises, it wouldn't change the underlying "meta-conditions" that make them most truly evil and deplorable. Indeed, these circumstances which make it so saliently horrific for most people are just the keyhole through which they might peer and see what it really is, so it was really a sort of breakdown in the window dressing, and a sort of opportunity to see the Truth. Instead, most people just see it as an inconvenience or as an opportunity to sell out even more than they ever would have imagined doing before. So while Trump is improving the window dressing (supposedly), then what? Then everything else continues going on "behind the curtain" with ever greater precision, ever greater wickedness, ever greater soul-destroying evil.

What will those like Stefan Molyneux be doing in that "New Age" of disguised perfidy and camouflaged inversions if what they will do now, when the "stuff is leaking out of the edges of the box", is simply tell people to put a band aid on it and stop whining? I'm sure that the New Age would have gotten here much more smoothly if people would only have submitted to it... The "Brave" New World (Order) will be gradually rolled out into public view, but only by degrees, and only to the extent necessary to increase its performance for the beneficiaries of its agendas. Will the great pundits of our age recognize this process coherently? Alex Jones, David Icke, Stefan Molyneux, and many others are taking their cracks at it. But when it comes to the actual hardware and software that make this damn thing work AT ALL, and which will be critical to its function now while semi-covert and later when less covert, are the covert forms of control grids that I mentioned at outset, and which receive passing attention at best by those pundits I mentioned here, but which are more directly addressed by Jeff Rense and Preston James.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Faith, Good and Bad, Respective Consequences, Eternal in Kind

If you are a Good Person, or if you are a cowardly perverted piece of criminal shit, either way, you need to get what you deserve.  So listen up, because I'm telling you what you have right now, and what you are getting for eternity as a consequence of what you've done with it and about it. Promote mockery of what is Right, you will get trounced for as long as it takes to get that wrong redressed out of your very souls.  If you are in any way beset by cowards, fools, tools, and perverts, just remember that it is likely a testament to your doing something RIGHT. They are ashamed of themselves and so they operate passive aggressively and covertly, as well as in teams or gangs, being utter cowards. You are the one who should be proud, for in fact it is you who will inherit Reality, and so will I. The rest of you who are nothing but flatulent emanations of hypocrisy, you will get whatever hell is due your evil wrongdoing, and then a well-earned oblivion.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Two Forms of Sacrifice

I agree with Alex's assessment here, but I hope he can understand that if it is necessary (and sadly I think it is), Divine Judgement will be deployed to destroy the planet so as to eliminate the evil parasites essences for all eternity. The innocent will not be sacrificed in that case. For the innocent, they will cross the Bridge of Light. I do not agree with evil destructive bastards, although I see that in order for them to be made to destroy themselves, it may be necessary for the world to be eliminated in the process of defeating them. It is up to what on this world passes for "humanity". Will they overcome the Psychotronic Control Grid, the Covert Network of Espionage and Subterfuge Control Grid? I don't have confidence of that, but I know that it would be impossible, and innocence would also be insulted and degraded, if we didn't fight as if it were possible and try to make it happen. In worlds where the title of "God's Creation" is actually a mislabel for the a malfeasance of counterfeited existence, such as this world seems to be more and more, it is not the True Home of the True Man. It is a prison, a fraud, in that case. The REAL EARTH is not susceptible to corruption. Only those who fight to protect those ideas which make such a reality possible anywhere, or even conceivable in a world like this (even if it is truly completely corrupt), then only by such fealty to True Values will these corruptions be transcended, only then can the True Potential of Man be Realized ANYWHERE, and so there is the ONLY HOPE for the Human Condition in this world. I say that if the True Man cannot live here, nothing will live here. This world has shed the blood of Good Men for very very long. It has butchered souls systematically. And from what I've seen, the planet just served as a stage for this to happen, silent as the moon (which is an ugly, hollowed out planetoid of evil, in my estimate). If people will despise the Truth, let them be wiped out by the Greater Reality from which Truth manifests so generously to them. If the planet will not be host to Truthful Society, unfettered by artificial systems of covert and overt control which subvert liberty and dignity, then let it also be wrecked. But if so, let it be wrecked as still another battlefield of Good against evil, and let evil be destroyed in that process, so that Good may prosper wherever that may possible to occur. The cosmos, the cosmoi, is a battlefield of Good against evil until the battle is complete. That is the definition of time in those realms. If the battle fares better elsewhere, it is possibly because even if it doesn't come off well here for the physical realm, it is still because there was a FIGHT put up against the evil, and the world was not allowed to completely ossify into some sort of stillborn mockery of life while it floats lifelessly in space like a diseased corpse. Better if it is disintegrated in a ball of glory at that rate. Same for all realms, all worlds, all phenomena, where the battle between Good and evil means the battle of Life against death which comes as a parasite rooted in nothingness.

Parasitic Aggression of the Overplayed Hand of Evil

They are attacking IDENTITY ITSELF. The only way that an evil "anti-essence" can dominate in a world that still has essential life in it is to paralyze the essence of life, by destroying its conscious awareness of its own identity. That is, to destroy the identity which exists in any meaningful form that contributes to the conscious awareness of boundaries which would impede evil agendas. (Another way to express my fundamental antivalence against New Age dogmatists and their nonsense). It is an attack on sentience, on conscience, on cognizance, and on all forms of cogent awareness. As I have said repeatedly, and in a metaphysical sense ad infinitum, it is the nature of evil to devour and destroy itself but to lack the power (courage, will, etc) to actually do this. So it destroys what it envies on the way there until the so-called host, really a victim until it awakens, dispenses with the parasite. This discussion arises in the context of an interview Alex Jones conducted with Blair White. I predicted (and then of course Blair reveals it as the likely case) that it is already the case that within the transgender "world" if you will, some transgender people will create a similar identity-destruction politics against one another so that issues abound like "you're over-identifying with mainstream gender stereotypes of beauty" and just about every other kind of BS which is normally foisted at women are now foisted at the transgendered female. Also there is the likelihood that, as in other "minority groups", it becomes a staple for the more vindictive and hateful types to cast the same evil words and attitudes at one another that they rail about receiving from the mainstream (though that is more or less a projection in a majority of cases), or as they receive it from actual bigots. These same virulently aggressive and hysterical types are also generally the ones who take control over narratives of identity within their "reach", and hence carry on a sort of fiefdom of psychic vampirism. So Alex probes Blair's thoughts on what might be the driving force of the virulently aggressive exploitation of identity social warfare. I say that it seems that there is a personality type which is behind the manipulation of these groups or identity blocks, and they understand only an urge to obtain power by the truncation of other persons into dependent subordination. It's as if they saw that virtue existed, that they themselves didn't have "it", and so decided to embark upon a campaign of systematic revenge, which of course explains why the reversals and inversions in their mindsets and narratives, rife with all the classical defense mechanisms and bristling with perniciousness, have dominated institutions in which the exercise of power requires that the legal status of persons enables some to wield force over others, and to be given the benefit of the doubt against them in courts. That's done on a class basis, through identity politics, mediated by the roles of the state which administers these intrigues.

Again, it is the crux of the agenda of the power-hungry except the power to hold privilege over those who cause them pain simply by being alive and well... It is a recapitulation of the motives of evil witches and monsters of Gothic lore, and it should be taken seriously as a threat to the soul, and it is politicized through a culture of calumny, weaponized against the souls and targeting the Sovereign Spirits of the Real People of the world, who are not overtaken by evil malignancy, and so can only be defeated by being misrepresented, hidden, censored, blacklisted, and in any other way criminally attacked. As we would expect from the cowardly mentality aback such aggression, and as with all parasites, there is at first a covert infiltration, then later followed by a campaign of Pavlovian re-conditioning of the victim so that it cannot distinguish its own identity from that of its attacker.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Pressing for Truth in an Evil Morass of Lies

Finally, a choice of professional journalists who tell the sort of Truths, and bring into intelligent discussion the sort of information that most have been afraid to even admit to themselves in private, and with all the straight forward elegance that faux media can only aspire to imitate. It's a great accompaniment to the cultural commentator who tries to ensure that undeniable Truth is exposed with all the invective it deserves, but avoids the perils of reducing the phenomena of corruption into one stereotyped format that prevents people of all walks from looking at it and facing it by being turned off by labels. Face it, getting past the label "conspiracy theorist" and reaching the deserved status of an honest person facing facts telling truth, that was almost like Sisyphus getting the rock over the hump. Why worsen it with frontal assaults that use too many hot button terms which would prevent people from hearing the salient message about what is undeniably in need of facing and correcting in the world. Going from the empirical evidence first, and demonstrating the contradictions which are drawn immediately from it second, allows the for the attention of people who are already short on clarity but who might be receptive if certain counter-Truth terminology "buzz words" are avoided. If they really are implicated, those who cannot be more directly named (whomever they are), then they will be connected to this news by these facts and their implications just like a bad sweater is connected one end to the other by one thread. But if this process doesn't address the covert control grids that reinforce the overt ones, then plausibility of the reality of the former will not help us understand the absurdity of the latter. If people don't realize that the spell which they are under is impacting them so heavily because it is catalyzed by forces which are not at all visible then they'll have, for once, a nationwide expose of something which addresses a Truth that deep within them they already sense and suspect, and which would simultaneously bring REASON AND SENSE to their condition, while also refreshing their attention upon those absurdities of the world and its problems which shouldn't even be happening in the first place, much less receiving so little attention on such a large scale that someone who will report on it has to push through decades of censorship and concerted psychological warfare attacks (to which so many succumb). The simultaneous manifestation of the content that was before psychologically invisible, with also the cause of its being rendered psychologically invisible, will make it all so much more clear to people. While I subscribe to Occam's Razor on this issue, I believe it is shaving past the skin if these follicles are missed. Just that if people truly love Truth, then this is peculiar Truth that, in all possible worlds accessible from this one, must be addressed, and which if it is not, would cause the exposure of absurd evils become a desirable and right goal which is then rendered absurdly difficult, if not impossible. Everyone does talk about the TRANCE STATE which is implicated in all this, but the etiology of this leaves out too much of the covert technological infrastructure's details of reinforcement to "break the spell" in this special way. Alex Jones approaches this topic, broaching it directly many times, but he it can only go so far if people will look at him, even with all they know, as being bat shit crazy. And that's saying a lot after what he's overcome in his career. But it stands even to the driest reasoning mind that if evil is really the "cosmic underdog" and if it is truly on its back leg, then with all its might it will find a strong point of defense which will optimize its outcome until it is finally knocked out. Helping Alex to do that job is the excellent work also conducted by his colleagues, such as David Knight, Anthony Gucciardi, Jakari Jackson, Paul Joseph Watson, Lee Ann McAdoo, Darrin McBreen, Rob Dew, Joe Biggs, so many behind the screen, and all the people who sincerely take an interest in the media and other good services that InfoWars team provides through their products intended to promote rather than destroy people, while those who have always criticized and maligned him and anyone else who would dare to look "behind the curtain" on their own initiative or on any initiative other than the one designated for them by criminals who are behind those curtains, they have dared to reverse the false narrative of these evil-minded cowards.  

As relevant today as 30 years ago, here's a sample of David Knight's work back in 2013, pertaining to inverted narratives, and which we may soon see in our own country as a result of corruption and cosmic inevitability, a form of which is being seen now in Europe, as well as in South America. Similar evils existing in Asia, all around the world, including Russia, at least are limited to some degree by a cult of honor, where covertly evil oligarchs up up a strong pretense of being aristocratic, and even like to hold that illusion up in front of their faces, to block the sight of the nearest broken mirror. Darrin McBreen has really held that mirror up to a high shine with this one. Would love to get the reverse speech in this expose. Anthony Gucciardi really nails it in this one. And while cowards may sometimes get the sneak attack on a tipsy Joe Biggs, they don't count as honorable foes anyhow, because they fail to realize when they attack the rider of bald eagles, they dance in chains like fools. Look at one expose of how corrupt people use disasters they foment with one hand, to justify tyrannical actions to be taken with the left hand. How dare they not consider this three-tour fighting U.S. Army combat veteran fair game for anything but a salute and cheer when he reminds us to be vigilant against unjust plots against our freedom, which plots are unjustly and malevolently projected at others than themselves by the real perpetrators (others referred to classically as "fall guys", "scape goats", and "fools and stooges"). And Jakari Jackson brings his level-headed tone and sardonic wit to the situation like a lone machine gun report on a smokey, desolate battlefield in his nightly news reports like this one. Here he has a Newz Blitz with Joe Biggs. Of course, look at the sort of foul stuff that was going on with respect to wrongful conduct by gun-toting, loud-mouthing jerks who happen to be wearing an image of authority which rightly belongs on a different breed of men than a growing percentage of those in the profession of law enforcement can claim to be, with each passing year (unless there has been a covert sea change of which I am unaware).

As that process unfolds it will be found that it increases a reliance upon covert technological and methodological enhancement of a status quo which, like other forms of counterfeit, rigged exchanges, hides the asymmetry relations behind the scenes which are professed, on the surface, to have been eliminated. This sort of scam of course must be uncovered directly or the scammer will always have the "how dare you accuse me without evidence" defense and the "you must be crazy to suggest such a thing" defense. That is overcome by Alex's methods of exposure of the basic facts of the past to the present day. David Icke broaches the historical and archaeological evidence, and the broad sociological mechanisms in a more focused way that brings out a large scale time-space tableaux to our attention, but leaves behind the immediacy of what can be deduced from direct evidence of current events when discussed simply in the context of a standing paradigm. Veteran's Today focuses upon the the same events and information, and from a variety of angles of approach, but hits heavier in the discussion of the clandestine subterfuge which underlies all of this information, especially the work of Preston James. I will give mention to Jeff Rense of Rense Real News and Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report for being welcome substitutes to the normal news presentation outlets, and even their headlines alone can often capture far more meaningfully the current situation than could digging through a pile of newspapers, even the best and most informative.
Some of their different emphases are controversial even among the set of those people who will consider them as worthy sources or clearinghouses of information, news, and analysis. Jones focuses on a certain stream of current political and cultural events which, combined with his addressing of the many absurd horrors going on which are factually occurring and which are absurdly called "conspiracy theories" (events are not all merely theories because just some, and not all theories are merely their own events). Analysis of local, national and global facts based upon what is immediately evident and which can be validly sussed out of the news, and which is couched in terms of acute historical vision and analyzed within a transparently admitted paradigm is his specialty. And his team and crew have broadened the overall scope of his presentation so that a full spectrum of viable media is growing in evidence with InfoWars leading as the "tip of the spear". David Icke has uncovered a lot of historical and cultural information, and given his own paradigmatic analysis, in his books and presentations which have gotten a large number of people to think at least broadly in right terms to help them reach a level of information which can help them follow their own instincts and natures to reach better cognitive and ethical decision-making skills. Icke also delivers some strong commentary on current events while in the overall demonstrating a masterful presentation of how to smoothly and coherently realize the way that heuristic paradigms like "problem, reaction, solution" help people visualize and understand what sort of confidence tricks are going on to make any level of fraud operational, whether in a small hamlet of a vast cosmos. He also indicates unabashed awareness of virulent and horrific evils, and reports on them bravely and integrates their analysis into a cultural history of their development. He steers a bit too much into rhetoric which borders on the New Age when he speaks of "love" and "oneness" as the ultimate answer, and I can't agree on this emphasis. The emphasis should be on LOVING TRUTH, and SEEKING JUSTICE. Those who truly do this will find their unity is with one another is simply a concomitant feature of their mentalities. But what they will not find is any oneness with those who oppose them in precisely this, and who also oppose awareness of their evil deeds, which Icke himself so expertly exposes. Preston James and Jeff Rense go full tilt in directions which Alex Jones does not emphasize or examine in much detail. Without deciding what that means about anyone, let's just suffice it to say that Organized Crime takes forms which are not much discussed by Jones but which are liberally discussed by Rense Real News and Veteran's Today, and which are in great need of being addressed all the more as they are so rarely or minimally discussed, if even somewhat occasionally, by Jones and Icke. I feel that Jones avoids the Zionist elephant in the room because he would like to address all the substantive issues that, if Zionists are in any proportion involved (or anyone else for that matter) would need people to have enough mainstream common sense to be able to understand the visible fabric of their world's falling apart at the seams in a variety of ways before such "taboo" issues could begin to be integrated past a very real firewall of cultural censorship. Icke will go into those issues more than Jones. Veteran's Today writers (who are not all of one accord) such as Preston James give a unique spin on these same pressing issues covered by the rest, but also go into matters such as Psychotronics and Covert Operations (covert civil war) which are not saliently addressed by Icke nearly as much, and by Jones even less so. But perhaps it is better for some to focus on the prosaic phenomena (which are very important and no less profound than the occult and seemingly outlandish), while others focus on the further inner anatomies of the evil's in this world. I've tried, for my part, to integrate all the facts and truths which are discussed by those whom I've just mentioned and many others, along with my own experiences and learning, into one synthesis that also addresses the layers of religious and philosophical dimensions and implications to all this data and discussion, and I've stated that it turns out that the Gnostic Religion, understood non-polemically, factually, and historically, according to the most ultimate understanding of the foundational elements which alone can integrate the human mind and the Divine Conscience into one unity concerning the fugue of absurdities and conflicts and horrors of our world (while also doing no injustice to the Beauty which was held in these evil domains as a wretched prisoner and slave), and have therefore also accounted for why certain religious and philosophical perspectives have arisen in the world and been persecuted, and who those persecutors fundamentally are, and what their methodologies must be, in all possible worlds. 

I have also outlined the implications and outcomes of all this so that all the data is integrated into one Understanding, all the evaluations are cogent with that understanding and in line with the only viable form of a Conscience which has any validity of judgement concerning this data, with all this left to the audience, however unlawfully and illegally, and otherwise illicitly constricted, to reach their own best judgement if they include the added dimension of The Gnostic Truth, which is maligned, misrepresented, censored, blocked, evaded, persecuted and yet Eternal and Evergreen just as the Divine Foundation upon which rest the realizations which are alone derivable from them, and which alone coincide with the implications of knowledge and ethics which I've said are intimately consistent with the best synthesis of the facts and truths understood of the world so that they congeal into one coherent paradigm of thought and action. 

That will at the same time resolve contradictions that attend the deeply related spiritual issues which cannot help but attend these matters with metaphysically demonstrable force that cannot afford to be ignored and also cannot afford to be ill-explained or addressed. I had done many videos in the past, but those have been set aside for a new approach that best integrates all that is going on now in the world, and according to the better fullness of understanding which cannot help but manifest and our physical minds the physical world gradually assent to full exposure of Truth Eternal. I will continue to do the best that I can to provide my own observations, commentary, teaching, and invective (and sometimes encouragement, who knows), all according to the program I outlined there on my channel, and this will have many new and concretely relevant developments. That is why, to mention one more person of note, I have taken pains in the past to deplore the cults of personality which form up in connection with these matters, and so have completely condemned as evil shills and covert psychological warfare assets the likes of those who would promote the New Ager Agenda or would propose false forms of Gnostic Truth while really only using it as a cover to ensnare others into their narcissistic agendas. Ditto concerning so-called "organized religion" which, in just about all forms, is detrimental to people, and is truly fraudulent in almost all cases. Know Wonder by examining the evils brought into the world and by whom, and examine their full historical and current conduct along with associated institutions of cultural control grid hegemonies, in order to understand "no wonder" that Real Religion had something distinctly counter to the earthly and human norms in the world and throughout its history, and so was behind all great movements of social ethics and against all tyrants. I recommend them all as a study on what a Real World must do without, and cannot do without, respectively.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

If It Hurts, Stop Doing It

Brilliant overall examination and analysis by Gerald Celente and Stefan Molyneux. Wonderful rhetoric. Excellent interviewing and back and forth. And covered the most important bases that people will readily understand and identify with, and which are usually avoided by the perfidious false media. I salute. But when Gerald says around the 32:00 that there is "nothing to pick up the world economy" (viz. "hotspots" from foreign money which will not meaningfully supply any growth), he seems to fall short of his own points which he made so adroitly for 30:00 of symphonic oratory, bordering on the Baroque in its counterpoint. All the stumbling, crawling and seizing up that the world's economies are doing is because they are being HAMSTRUNG intentionally. Later he does emphasize what is won by overcoming such evil hobbling of the world's living communities of people, but I'll spell out what that evil hobbling is and what might be done about it, on the whole.

That evil consists of: 1) Fraudulent banking and finance, involving crimes on an astral scale such as counterfeiting, embezzlement, and black marketeering and many other associated rackets. 2) Suppression of earnings for all but the criminal elite which is impossible to do when people realize that the reason this happens is from collusion of corrupt institutions in commerce and government, all of which should be dealt with by means of proper investigation and arrests, basically criminal legal proceedings 3) Covert criminal activity which is tantamount to class warfare which employs subterfuge, coercion, and racketeering, all involving the use of intelligence assets both human and infrastructural, as well as military- and which involve using the technology suppressed from the public as weaponized forms of covert control AGAINST the public to enslave it (all managed by the 1% and their coterie of house slaves, who seem rather giddy for being fattened for the slaughter as well) 4) Finally, the suppression of technology, period. We know the history of that, why beat around the bush? Suppression of the fullness of Maxwell's research, Tesla's, Rife's, Reich's; Suppression of good medicine which is rooted in herbalist traditions well founded and ancient, as well as common sense as in NOT weaponizing as chemical warfare agents our food, air and water, as well as the "medicine" which is meant to destroy health and suppress symptoms (at best). 5) Weaponized pseudo-culture on all fronts. So what I'm saying is that if these hobbling actions are ceased and prevented from continuing, then naturally economies would grow and thrive, here and all around the world where these right policies took place. So ditto about getting rid of psychotronics control grids and perfidious 5th column police-state secret societies and their minions. Ditto about enforcing any form of artificial scarcity pseudo-economics.

If you want life to thrive, simply stop killing it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Contra, Adversus Falsus Maximus.

The very nature of an evil force, taken simply, is that it seeks to devour itself blindly.  It is the ontological worst case scenario.  Instead of a substance which by virtue of its nature cannot not exist, we have a pseudo-substance which, by its lack of an essential nature, because of a lacuna in its nature, because of a cosmic lacuna in its vary being, must destroy itself. This in spite of  much evidence indicating that the manifest forms of this evil, as found in the world, are seemingly "too corrupt to fail", to quote Alex Jones' fusion of sarcasm and irony concerning the socio-political deadlock of evil corruption with which we are currently faced.

That is the outcome of evil processes.  When these processes manifested, Good Nature already existed, or else there never would have manifested anything at all, since something like evil (the only alternative, by the metalogic which I use, thoroughly founded on metaphysics and common sense, both), by its very "nature" cannot manifest without having already devoured itself!

It cannot "bootstrap" itself into existence without there already being an existence upon which to parasitically "get a boost".  And that's what it does from then on, from that strange, incredibly tragic moment in cosmic eternity.  From then on begins a duration of time, marked as a cosmic epoch, in which "evil, exists".  In that realm, there is not the beginning of "twoness" or "duality" as such, because as the Greeks wisely knew, there never wasn't a duality and twoness. There is no being in a vacuum, no person in a vacuum, no reality "by itself", because the fecundity of phenomena outright contradict that.  We couldn't get TO metaphysics if we disregarded the fecundity and qualitative irreducibility of plural phenomenality, as that is the ground from which we, in this world, have realized that phenomena have underlying causes, and from that realized so much more which history and our own understanding mutually assure thinking and sane people is a more intelligible world than if we hadn't reached such deep, discerning insights.  And you wouldn't have smart phones or techno-tyrants, either.

But "time" and "duality" take on a qualitative new dimension in this "realm" in which there is this parasitic, yet autocannabilistic force, which as Michael Eigen might have understood in psychological terms as a psychical force that seeks to destroy any positive existence, and then to go on destroying past the mere negation of the positive to zero, seeking to burrow forever into deeper negativities.  I would say it is seeking to destroy itself, but lacks the power to do so. It must be assisted even in that. THAT is of the essential  meaning to what I say when I speak of ontological, and not merely colloquial, evil, and it is that of the former which makes the latter even intelligible and apparent.  Indeed, it is the same exercise of depth perception in the mind of man which identifies the causes of all phenomena which underlies the principles of my ponerology.

The point here being that in that process of assisted suicide, which evil beings are constantly demanding but always avoiding by their cowardly natures, has lead to a point where the Good Reality finally came to grips with just "what" these beings are.  Then the idea of evil was completed, since at first it was regarded as a mystery, then as a deficit in perception, then as a deficit in the refinement of perception into wisdom, then as a deficit in the development of will to Good Action based upon Good Wisdom, then finally it was realized that evil is simply a very unpleasant cosmic fuck up that is no use to anyone, not even itself, secretly hates everything including itself, and yet won't GO AWAY, won't RETURN to that origin which somehow birthed it.

This situation has led to the kind of "duality" to which the New Age apologists constantly whine is only real when people believe that is, which is the one that is real for a time, and hence within that time is believed to be real because it actually is, and this is the antivalent opposition between Good and evil. When the Beneficent, Generous, Eternal Good Minded Reality finally reaches the heart of evil to annihilate it, that will be the end of "time" as we know it here. This realm, a battlefield of Good and (mostly) evil minded entities, has been defined as an epoch of time which results precisely from this conflict, and such that only at the end of that conflict can the duality which caused it end. The end of that conflict is a co-product of the natures of the beings in that conflict and cannot be otherwise.  And it most certainly is NOT a result of a deficient-minded illusion projected by self-victimizing Good People (who simply see evil for what it is). That nonsense is simply the rhetoric of demonic agents of deception who wish to paralyze the remaining Good Judgment and Good Sense of those they exploit, as well as to continue to pretend to be of Good Will by demanding their victims go into a Stockholm Syndrome-type trance and identify with the aggressor. No, it is not a projection, it is a very temporary pseudo-reality which will be ended, not when it is pretended to be unreal, but when it is made to be unreal by being seen for what it is and then dealt with accordingly.

Those who say otherwise are under a spell, whether of their own delusional and spiritual weakness, by various degrees fostered by evil agencies, or else because they simply are those agencies, blathering on with their spell-casting. SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Transmutation of Fallacy into Clarity

I said that there is an ontological form of knowledge which best explains the world, even according to all explicitly "flat" or "epiphenomenal" forms of epistemological doctrine. The methods used are the metaphysically superordinate heuristics which, when employed in connection with mundane matters, is manifest as methodologies of examining phenomena and tracing their changes and essences back into an understanding of essence (grammar), the causal processes which underlie them (logic) and this leads to an understanding of what context superficially upholds but in fact covertly subverts a publick discussion of reality (rhetoric).  In other words, it subverts education, philosophy, and virtue itself wherever these come into contact with, in an uncomfortable way, the organized criminal elements which have already subverted society on the whole.

Why episodic periods of perceived authenticity in publick life, in its social roles, its exchanges of value, its cultural discussion?  Because there is something authentic about experience, and everyone, Good and evil, can admit and realize that.  It is just the bare minimum fact that is held in common by every agent which expresses a human body, which is that experiences have a qualitative nature to them which is insisted upon by those who profess to be privy to such experiences as having definitely desired and loathed aspects. All who profess being capable of and sometimes simply subject to these experiences can admit to their existence. This of itself leads to the construction of language in these bodies to take place under an ontologically pre-existing rubric's influence, which has profound implications for both metaphysics and axiology, as well as for aesthetics and politics. But at a minimum, all participants in this massive plurality of unique subjectivities profess, with more or less authenticity, to possess special access to their own psychism and from this profess various sentiments from that authority so as to suggest and justify practical action in the world. 

Publick actors will always at least seek to manifest an authentic intention to meet certain minimal ethical and moral standards as long as there is a chance that they may be publickly sanctioned for failing in that regard.  As does Stefan Molyneux in his examination of those who most virulently opposed the sensibility of Donald Trump's viability as a candidate for the office of President of the United States. Political election processes and media exposure are supposed to help keep such a process more honest in case the wrongs of a candidate can be uncovered in his life and conduct being publickly examined. Supposedly this also helps people see whether or not a candidate has any sense. In most cases such a person does have sense, but not a spiritually real or viable character with any inherent, Divinely invested Conscience, and so in such cases is just some power hungry puppet.

But the world's manifest phenomena lead the honest investigator to ask why and how the norms of expected sensibility in people, and especially in educated people, is literally not belied as the consumer of cultural norms which it would seem that various media and agencies would have us believe in the "mainstream media-culture society".  It would seem that their ethical narrative is an utter self-contradiction, presented and arrayed to people so that they can accept the patronizing of their intelligence and conscience as being something to celebrate, which they subconsciously do when they participate in the enjoyment of such a practical joke with all the optimism of the head sheep following a Judas goat.

But consider whether or not such manipulation is possible with only the classical models of social control which are the literal bridge between oligarchy and outright and open tyranny.  These are the methods which are at minimum covertly operative during the phase which is properly described as "rule by mob". It is often called "democracy", but that is not necessarily a thing to be happy about. And when we consider that the methodologies of a Machiavellian prince are always at play, it helps us to see what organized crime really is in its most complete, and unspecious sense, as a covert from of tyranny by the few sliding down, by a path of subterfuge, racketeering, and coercion, into a full blown tyranny of one.  The implication which we reach as a result is, at some point when Plato's famed character "the perfectly unjust" is ready to come onto the scene, a scenario like this:

The occult tyrannic hegemony feels free to utilize weaponized institutions to conduct covert civil war against those whom they would subjugate, so naturally we expect to find that they have weaponized the media and culture in order to blast the public with fallacious and manipulative narratives whilst attributing all such things to anyone who might dare oppose them in a way that is notable. First they suppress that notice. They attempt to subvert the will (subtle coercion). Then they go full retard with the propaganda (blatant deception). Key to all this is an oligarchic pseudo-middle class of completely corrupted professionals whose profession is to counterfeit and launder social norms (and currency, economic institutions, public discussion, social norms and mores), and who use this system to conduct graft against the genuine publick. The only "real world" mechanism which makes this absurd house of cards manifest at all is the implementation of "psychotronics", which is not merely, nor is it very much at all, to do with the amplification, modulation, and transduction of psychic power. But it is about 90% that if you take into account the notion of "psychic phenomena" to mean in the simple sense of "psychical phenomena" which are the subject of the study of psychology, neuropsychology, cybernetics, and the technological means to put those disciplines to use so as to influence events by means of a technology which can transduce the knowledge of those disciplines into a working method of social control, which seeks as its goal of perfection the attainment of the spiritual enslavement of every single soul in the world. That is known because such technology is empirically known to exist, such motives are known to exist, methods have been fully described and carried out, and the opportunity to do this has been the norm throughout history until today. Honest people who oppose this in any of its forms and manifestations are the only remaining evidence that it has not reached that goal perfectly.

When this happens, we will see the unfolding of a set of absurd conditions of which sense can be made only if a person is willing to develop the amount of ironic sensibility minimal for seeing through aesthetically pleasing deception, an amount of virtue minimal for the appreciation of the value being lost in the process of a fraud being conducted against him, and then finally enough will to take all that good judgment, that good sense, into a way of life that will not be compromised by those sorts of evil forces which are already covertly in place so as to make a covert tyranny possible at the last stages of so-called democracy, a euphemism for mob rule sliding into tyranny.

But in order for this process to move forward, in order for evil to take full control of the world, it must convince whatever remains of a polity's last shreds of conscience to be sacrificed along with a scapegoat that Socrates himself represents, whom Plato called the Perfectly Just.

It was prophesied that when this process of evil corruption, when it has reached its maximum, would invoke, as if by a Divine Law, the arrival of the Judgment of the World. So each person involved, no matter in what way, is wise to ask him/her/it/their self/selves whether or not they are on the right side of Eschatology, because in fact a person's life is nothing more than "their share of the world", and the entire meaning of "The Great Return" is not perceived or experienced by all those involved, in the same "fundamental and qualitatively significant way", and that this will be the critical point where the Wheat are freed from the chaff, where it is seen that almost everything in the world was the opposite of what it seemed, and that this total absurdity should and will be reversed into a complete transparency forcing an authenticity that evil cannot endure, and also cannot falsify.  That is the axiological ontology of "Suum Cuique".  And it cannot fail to be this way, because the reverse is absurd, for then the absurd would not be absurd, which is patently absurd. Therefore, also by metaphysical deduction.