Friday, May 20, 2016

The Two Forms of Sacrifice

I agree with Alex's assessment here, but I hope he can understand that if it is necessary (and sadly I think it is), Divine Judgement will be deployed to destroy the planet so as to eliminate the evil parasites essences for all eternity. The innocent will not be sacrificed in that case. For the innocent, they will cross the Bridge of Light. I do not agree with evil destructive bastards, although I see that in order for them to be made to destroy themselves, it may be necessary for the world to be eliminated in the process of defeating them. It is up to what on this world passes for "humanity". Will they overcome the Psychotronic Control Grid, the Covert Network of Espionage and Subterfuge Control Grid? I don't have confidence of that, but I know that it would be impossible, and innocence would also be insulted and degraded, if we didn't fight as if it were possible and try to make it happen. In worlds where the title of "God's Creation" is actually a mislabel for the a malfeasance of counterfeited existence, such as this world seems to be more and more, it is not the True Home of the True Man. It is a prison, a fraud, in that case. The REAL EARTH is not susceptible to corruption. Only those who fight to protect those ideas which make such a reality possible anywhere, or even conceivable in a world like this (even if it is truly completely corrupt), then only by such fealty to True Values will these corruptions be transcended, only then can the True Potential of Man be Realized ANYWHERE, and so there is the ONLY HOPE for the Human Condition in this world. I say that if the True Man cannot live here, nothing will live here. This world has shed the blood of Good Men for very very long. It has butchered souls systematically. And from what I've seen, the planet just served as a stage for this to happen, silent as the moon (which is an ugly, hollowed out planetoid of evil, in my estimate). If people will despise the Truth, let them be wiped out by the Greater Reality from which Truth manifests so generously to them. If the planet will not be host to Truthful Society, unfettered by artificial systems of covert and overt control which subvert liberty and dignity, then let it also be wrecked. But if so, let it be wrecked as still another battlefield of Good against evil, and let evil be destroyed in that process, so that Good may prosper wherever that may possible to occur. The cosmos, the cosmoi, is a battlefield of Good against evil until the battle is complete. That is the definition of time in those realms. If the battle fares better elsewhere, it is possibly because even if it doesn't come off well here for the physical realm, it is still because there was a FIGHT put up against the evil, and the world was not allowed to completely ossify into some sort of stillborn mockery of life while it floats lifelessly in space like a diseased corpse. Better if it is disintegrated in a ball of glory at that rate. Same for all realms, all worlds, all phenomena, where the battle between Good and evil means the battle of Life against death which comes as a parasite rooted in nothingness.

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