Friday, May 20, 2016

Parasitic Aggression of the Overplayed Hand of Evil

They are attacking IDENTITY ITSELF. The only way that an evil "anti-essence" can dominate in a world that still has essential life in it is to paralyze the essence of life, by destroying its conscious awareness of its own identity. That is, to destroy the identity which exists in any meaningful form that contributes to the conscious awareness of boundaries which would impede evil agendas. (Another way to express my fundamental antivalence against New Age dogmatists and their nonsense). It is an attack on sentience, on conscience, on cognizance, and on all forms of cogent awareness. As I have said repeatedly, and in a metaphysical sense ad infinitum, it is the nature of evil to devour and destroy itself but to lack the power (courage, will, etc) to actually do this. So it destroys what it envies on the way there until the so-called host, really a victim until it awakens, dispenses with the parasite. This discussion arises in the context of an interview Alex Jones conducted with Blair White. I predicted (and then of course Blair reveals it as the likely case) that it is already the case that within the transgender "world" if you will, some transgender people will create a similar identity-destruction politics against one another so that issues abound like "you're over-identifying with mainstream gender stereotypes of beauty" and just about every other kind of BS which is normally foisted at women are now foisted at the transgendered female. Also there is the likelihood that, as in other "minority groups", it becomes a staple for the more vindictive and hateful types to cast the same evil words and attitudes at one another that they rail about receiving from the mainstream (though that is more or less a projection in a majority of cases), or as they receive it from actual bigots. These same virulently aggressive and hysterical types are also generally the ones who take control over narratives of identity within their "reach", and hence carry on a sort of fiefdom of psychic vampirism. So Alex probes Blair's thoughts on what might be the driving force of the virulently aggressive exploitation of identity social warfare. I say that it seems that there is a personality type which is behind the manipulation of these groups or identity blocks, and they understand only an urge to obtain power by the truncation of other persons into dependent subordination. It's as if they saw that virtue existed, that they themselves didn't have "it", and so decided to embark upon a campaign of systematic revenge, which of course explains why the reversals and inversions in their mindsets and narratives, rife with all the classical defense mechanisms and bristling with perniciousness, have dominated institutions in which the exercise of power requires that the legal status of persons enables some to wield force over others, and to be given the benefit of the doubt against them in courts. That's done on a class basis, through identity politics, mediated by the roles of the state which administers these intrigues.

Again, it is the crux of the agenda of the power-hungry except the power to hold privilege over those who cause them pain simply by being alive and well... It is a recapitulation of the motives of evil witches and monsters of Gothic lore, and it should be taken seriously as a threat to the soul, and it is politicized through a culture of calumny, weaponized against the souls and targeting the Sovereign Spirits of the Real People of the world, who are not overtaken by evil malignancy, and so can only be defeated by being misrepresented, hidden, censored, blacklisted, and in any other way criminally attacked. As we would expect from the cowardly mentality aback such aggression, and as with all parasites, there is at first a covert infiltration, then later followed by a campaign of Pavlovian re-conditioning of the victim so that it cannot distinguish its own identity from that of its attacker.

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