Friday, May 6, 2016

Some Facts Relevant to Any Discussion of Good and evil

Covert internet digital gulag topologies are real. 3rd man infiltration social media filters are real. 5th column covert social networks in all strata of society, operating in parallel as a Stasi infrastructure, are real. Cooption of any private endeavor by local "Stasi barons" through intermediaries of counter-fiat money-paid goons and buffoons conducting campaigns of interference and street theater, are real. Psychotronics control grids which regulate the private aspects of your consciousness (where possible), all integrated with necessary adjuvants in the toxiceutical and acoustic/energy weapons warfare of a covert civil war utilizing dual-purposed civil institutional infrastructure (for example, MEDICAL TYRANNY, and many other systems), all with the support of confiscated improvements in technology used to serve the "elite" few, weaponized against all subordinates and enemies (insubordinates), are real.

I am Real. The Truth is Real. The Consequences which accrue to each person, Good or evil, are Eternally Real.
And Alex's interpretation of "Knowledge of Good and evil" is accurate, and not the standard interpretation, which says that evil is disobedience to an arbitrary "god" figure. It is disobedience to conscience. And those who would disobey, "fell". Those who in a given human life HAVE Spiritual Dignity, have a Conscience. Otherwise, they are devils or clay men. Those who "fall" don't simply have access to evil given or offered them by evil beings, but they are taught not to distinguish Good and evil, and taught that this is "special knowledge privileged for God", while saying that no one except so-and-such has that Divine Heritage.

I See all they do, and I Know all they do, who are evil, by means of all faculties which a mind has to Know what is True, what is Right, and what is Real, by means of LOGIC, CONSCIENCE, and SENSE. Those who are nasty in their evil nature have no such faculty, but only see that those who have this "ineffable quality" will not cooperate with their evil needs, and so they have tried direct coercion, and whenever that is strategically defeated, then they decide to pretend to be benefactors with authority over their flock of sheep, and this works for a while because some virtue did accrue to a "middle class". But finally, the psychotronically augmented "slave recapture grid" has been put into place, and "the middle class" let it happen. That's the sad Truth. The happy Truth is that those who Know this and act accordingly are the only Ones who will survive its completion.

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