Monday, May 16, 2016

Contra, Adversus Falsus Maximus.

The very nature of an evil force, taken simply, is that it seeks to devour itself blindly.  It is the ontological worst case scenario.  Instead of a substance which by virtue of its nature cannot not exist, we have a pseudo-substance which, by its lack of an essential nature, because of a lacuna in its nature, because of a cosmic lacuna in its vary being, must destroy itself. This in spite of  much evidence indicating that the manifest forms of this evil, as found in the world, are seemingly "too corrupt to fail", to quote Alex Jones' fusion of sarcasm and irony concerning the socio-political deadlock of evil corruption with which we are currently faced.

That is the outcome of evil processes.  When these processes manifested, Good Nature already existed, or else there never would have manifested anything at all, since something like evil (the only alternative, by the metalogic which I use, thoroughly founded on metaphysics and common sense, both), by its very "nature" cannot manifest without having already devoured itself!

It cannot "bootstrap" itself into existence without there already being an existence upon which to parasitically "get a boost".  And that's what it does from then on, from that strange, incredibly tragic moment in cosmic eternity.  From then on begins a duration of time, marked as a cosmic epoch, in which "evil, exists".  In that realm, there is not the beginning of "twoness" or "duality" as such, because as the Greeks wisely knew, there never wasn't a duality and twoness. There is no being in a vacuum, no person in a vacuum, no reality "by itself", because the fecundity of phenomena outright contradict that.  We couldn't get TO metaphysics if we disregarded the fecundity and qualitative irreducibility of plural phenomenality, as that is the ground from which we, in this world, have realized that phenomena have underlying causes, and from that realized so much more which history and our own understanding mutually assure thinking and sane people is a more intelligible world than if we hadn't reached such deep, discerning insights.  And you wouldn't have smart phones or techno-tyrants, either.

But "time" and "duality" take on a qualitative new dimension in this "realm" in which there is this parasitic, yet autocannabilistic force, which as Michael Eigen might have understood in psychological terms as a psychical force that seeks to destroy any positive existence, and then to go on destroying past the mere negation of the positive to zero, seeking to burrow forever into deeper negativities.  I would say it is seeking to destroy itself, but lacks the power to do so. It must be assisted even in that. THAT is of the essential  meaning to what I say when I speak of ontological, and not merely colloquial, evil, and it is that of the former which makes the latter even intelligible and apparent.  Indeed, it is the same exercise of depth perception in the mind of man which identifies the causes of all phenomena which underlies the principles of my ponerology.

The point here being that in that process of assisted suicide, which evil beings are constantly demanding but always avoiding by their cowardly natures, has lead to a point where the Good Reality finally came to grips with just "what" these beings are.  Then the idea of evil was completed, since at first it was regarded as a mystery, then as a deficit in perception, then as a deficit in the refinement of perception into wisdom, then as a deficit in the development of will to Good Action based upon Good Wisdom, then finally it was realized that evil is simply a very unpleasant cosmic fuck up that is no use to anyone, not even itself, secretly hates everything including itself, and yet won't GO AWAY, won't RETURN to that origin which somehow birthed it.

This situation has led to the kind of "duality" to which the New Age apologists constantly whine is only real when people believe that is, which is the one that is real for a time, and hence within that time is believed to be real because it actually is, and this is the antivalent opposition between Good and evil. When the Beneficent, Generous, Eternal Good Minded Reality finally reaches the heart of evil to annihilate it, that will be the end of "time" as we know it here. This realm, a battlefield of Good and (mostly) evil minded entities, has been defined as an epoch of time which results precisely from this conflict, and such that only at the end of that conflict can the duality which caused it end. The end of that conflict is a co-product of the natures of the beings in that conflict and cannot be otherwise.  And it most certainly is NOT a result of a deficient-minded illusion projected by self-victimizing Good People (who simply see evil for what it is). That nonsense is simply the rhetoric of demonic agents of deception who wish to paralyze the remaining Good Judgment and Good Sense of those they exploit, as well as to continue to pretend to be of Good Will by demanding their victims go into a Stockholm Syndrome-type trance and identify with the aggressor. No, it is not a projection, it is a very temporary pseudo-reality which will be ended, not when it is pretended to be unreal, but when it is made to be unreal by being seen for what it is and then dealt with accordingly.

Those who say otherwise are under a spell, whether of their own delusional and spiritual weakness, by various degrees fostered by evil agencies, or else because they simply are those agencies, blathering on with their spell-casting. SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS.

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