Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Requiem for Reality

The basis upon which the world has proven to operate is recognizable in forms common to all its layers of phenomena.  On one layer of phenomena, there are seemingly different things going on than on another. Yet on each layer it is true that causes lead to effects, and that the causes are the bases of the effects. In general, cause is the basis of effect, and not else can be said to be the case, or else we are left with unintelligible chaos.  And the world is unintelligible chaos only to minds which are themselves possessed by such a disease.

For minds who are functioning properly, there is intelligibility in the worlds in which they exist, and they can understand their worlds just as clearly as they can perceive and sense them. But there are degrees of information, just as there are kinds of information.  Information on one level may not have a precise correlate on another level, even as the kinds of phenomena which manifest on various levels are different.  But what does not change from level to level is that there is information, and there is intelligibility, just as there is cause and effect.  There also is always another feature which is never absent: At least one mind which can experience and process those phenomena and the information they contain (in-formation), which can make sense out of that information, and thereby fully understand the phenomena experienced.

Such minds can always, to the degree of their own complexity, realize the nature of their own manifest forms and respond coherently and intelligently to those beings in their worldly environments with which they interact.  All phenomena in the world manifest varying degrees of this capacity, which is often called in shorthand "degrees of consciousness".  "Consciousness" is simply a way that minds on the human level have learned to distinguish the most active and coherent level of mental activity which, outwardly manifesting as bodily behavior to at-least-one-mind, appears as experiences "of, by, and through bodies".  But bodies, in fact, are modes of mind and mentality, aspects of this so-called "consciousness" in its interaction with at-least-one-other-mind.

This is a protracted way of explaining what I mean by "Reality consists of Minds, and Minds within Minds".

But this is only a cognitively structured ontology/phenomenology. In fact there are more important contents of this structure called "Reality", but this is the part which is best described at first so as to provide a structural background for further discussion. "Information" refers not merely to what "in the other" but also "in the self", and this is a correlation that is isomorphic between the two modes of being.  The other and the self are connected by a "gestalt formation" which is itself observed and regulated in various ways and degrees by yet a third mind, one which is beyond these.  It has two modes of being, both being forms of "cause and effect" seen from different angles of understanding.

The "ultimate mind" is both the progenitor and the progeny of these two minds (self and other), and is both the ground and their manifestation, as well as the fruit of their development and interaction. As ground, the "prior mind" acts as the eternal seed of mind and mentality, living out its own essence through and as all other minds and mentalities "within" it.  As such, it recapitulates itself in each and every mind as the basic and irreducible essence of their existences.  It is "distributed" as though it were a different mind in each, and is itself a singular mind beyond each and all.  Yet since it exists in no other way, it is just as if it were also none other than those singularly distinct minds "within" it, or emanating "from" it.

Indeed, this is no static process, and these minds issue forth further minds, and also manifest further experiences with/between one another which opens further domains of mentality within each and every mind, as well as the Divine Mind "as a whole". As the fecundity of these participating minds, each their own totality, increases, so does the expansive completeness of the entire unity which is concentrated in the original essential Divine Mind "as a whole of them all".  In this way, reality is a systematic ecology of experiences had and directed by those beings who are definable as "those other than by which no experiences are had".  It is almost as if experience itself needed minds in order to manifest, so minds were themselves produced to enable this process.  This seems to recommend itself to itself as it expands by feeding upon its own generosity and abundance, and is perhaps the ultimate form of symbiotic synergy that can exist.

This "almost-as-if"-ness of the purpose of minds, as if they had a purpose for the sake of experiences in and of themselves, is what is felt by a mind when it tries to conceive itself as if it had no experiences and were just "something-in-itself-as-such".  This is a sort of extreme parameter of conscious focus which cannot itself produce an experience or be an experience, but which in fact the formal limit of experience as broached by thought.  There is no "unexperiencing consciousness" which awaits an opportunity to have experience any more than there is an experience existing somewhere, whether actually or potentially, awaiting a mind to consciously "experience it".   These are not plays on words, but are clarifications of the limits of what words can properly describe.  But there is an intelligible and consistent set of relations found between these modes of being, and which are as ultimate and proper as the relation of cause and effect.

The forms and contents of experience are the forms and contents of minds, and the essences discovered in and through the former are the designations of the substance and activity of the latter. This is all a general way of describing the process which minds undergo and overcome, present and digest, create and dismantle in their agency and interactions with one another.  And what some minds can actively "Know" on one level, other minds cannot, but can only actively "Sense", and these may not fully overlap.  In other words, a human can "Know" Truths about conflict that a bird can only "Sense", but not everything a human can Know can be Sensed by a bird. Knowledge is a realm of mental activity and substantial experience that makes Sense out of Sense.  Just as there is a metaphysical ecology which is described in ontological terms, there is a manifest and phenomenal ecology of beings which should reflect that, just as clothes should seem suited to the frame of the man or woman who wears them. We at least expect that much out of these modes of being, in whatever form in which we find them, and have no good reason to expect otherwise, except that a detrimental cause leads to such an effect.

This "world" is a stage of many beings playing a game of ecological interaction. Humans have been at this game for a long time, but have not gotten the full sense of the world in which they exist, nor have they come to know in fullness what is going on in it.  If they did, there would not be such an extreme divergence within their own species between groups of them such that one group not only has dominance over another group within the same species, but also has the seemingly arbitrary power to deform the nature of the other to make it seem mutable to the point of being just as if it were a lower species and not merely a subdominant group in the same species.  This same sort of extreme dominance is seen in other species as well, and those are manifest in nature as various forms of insect life, for example as found in bees, ants, and wasps.  

Another form of life which manifests a propensity to bend other minds to its will would be the parasite.  It will be found overtaking the victim (euphemistically called a "host" in biology), and using it so that it ceases to be an end in itself except as a subset of the needs of the parasite being met. On the other pole of extreme relations between life forms is the predator-prey relation.  In between, when a delicate balance of needs is met on both sides so that both benefit and neither is injured, there is the symbiosis.

Only human beings have managed to literally create myths and images of themselves, to exhaust their minds' potential to express meaning, and yet to do this in just such a way that they say one thing which meant to mean something that all say it means, yet in fact this is the reverse of what is done.  I don't mean that they have managed to "trick" one another into existing as different castes in the same species on a biological level, as have bees and wasps managed to arrange within their species.  I mean that they have created a human version of bee or wasp-like existence that basically says "This is NOT a human version of bee or wasp-like existence".  They have created a language not like the psychological features of lower mammals, by which they express dominance and submission, where the threat is clear, and the compromises are presented plainly, but in fact have said "there is no dominance and submission" even while extracting forms of such relationships so extreme as to better resemble predator-prey relations between different species rather than dominance-submission relationships within the same species.  

If "being like" bees or wolves is supposedly noble in some way when expressed in human form, then why must humans pretend that they have accomplished this willingly and transparently and naturally and wonderfully and beneficially when in fact they have only superficially arranged such relationships, and have not lived up to them in substance and in actuality?  That is because those forms of existence look more than just a sight better than parasitic/predatory relations which obtain under the veneer of those myths which have been clumsily and flimsily draped over the reality of what evils humans do.

Take for example the entire economic system of any country which boldly pretends that goods and services are exchanged by and for producers, for their sake, even while these systems are "managed" (controlled) by an "elite" class of criminal counterfeiting rings.  Take as another example the cultural and social exchange of ideas and actions through language, art, and civil engineering which pretends that stable relations of humans with one another "at their best" are what is represented in these domains, when in fact these activities are a cistern of sewage and heap of trash concocted around the nefarious dictates of an "elite" which practices the extreme opposite of any of the mores or ideals they propound, and which inflicts the opposite of any of the civil activities they pretend to protect and serve.  Bear in mind that in both cases, the "elites" are the same fundamental core of entities, entities which may or may not be of the same species at all!  But at all events, they are pretended to be according to the myths and norms propounded by all the ground-level masses of humans, who are as ignorant of what their "elites" are like as hosts are ignorant of a parasite within them, or as prey are ignorant of a predator which has stalked them to their doom.

But at least in the case of those creatures witnessed in nature "at large", horrible in their dramas though we may find them, they do possess a certain plain transparency in their narratives, one which makes the most of lacuna in perception of one party in favor of another party which is seemingly built to take advantage thereof.  In the human species, if that is what it is, there is a strange, really unnatural proclivity of the host/prey party to be in utter denial of what is happening to it, so that it does not properly act according to the dictates of its really-existing and sometimes working defense mechanisms against such entities, should they exist in nature.  

I say that if such entities exist in nature which could drive humans to the delirious confusion represented by the sheer double-speak of their manifest claims to culture and civilization versus the results of their actions according to manifest events in the world today and according to their self-reported history, which is such that it is no less extreme than confusing pain with pleasure, damage with repair, disease with health, injury with wellness, sadness with happiness, poverty with prosperity,  malaise with progress, corruption with propriety, and in short evil with goodness, then such entities must either be demonic aggressors from another dimension, or humans with such technological, methodological, and situational advantage over their "fellows" as to be the incarnate equivalents of such fiends, and as worthy of the name.  I'm not by this ruling out some collusion between and overlap of such groups of beings.

By the same token, if reality is described as I say it is, then this "world" is by no means any proper representation of it.  Its principle feature is the devouring and exploitation of beings by one another, and the confusion and damage of their faculties as the norm against any grain of what might have been their fullest potential, which in the case of humanity is just as horribly stunted as it is magnificently idealized in the same cultural "crucible" which he calls his planet and world.  All I have asked humanity, even demanded of humanity, is that it take note of this disparity and dare to attempt to properly understand its cause, even in the most minimal way of recognizing the categories of criminality found in all its codes of conduct and then applying them properly to the criminal "elites" which can easily be located by recognizing the crimes of FRAUD, THEFT, MURDER, RAPE, TORTURE and countless other crimes, in the rampant forms which I've outlined and which humanity admits to itself in vivid detail already, trace the effects back to their causes using the methods of a boiler-plate detective novel protagonist that any teenager can understand (motive, method, opportunity), and then use their supposedly god-given faculties of conscience and common sense to do what is right.

For this I have been awarded a status as a pariah.

By this has humanity cursed itself to a complete and utter debasement by its own hand and heart.

From this will arise consequences both eternal and Just.  From each and to each, according to his nature.

The essence of the being does not match its outward form, and vice versa.  Justice will come when those shoes which fit are finally worn on their proper feet.  If humanity won't itself complete this simple task, beware that there is a larger, more vast ecology of Beings who will supervise and initiate that process to full and unmitigated completion, and They answer to NO EARTHLY AUTHORITY, no matter WHAT form it takes or pretends to take.

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