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There Are TWO "ONE"s, and THESE are NOT ONE, but TWO

The term "myth" has gotten rather shoddy press over the last two thousand years, ever since those days when Constantine decided to convert Christian religion into a peculiar brand of state code which combined, by means of a mythic thought process called "politics" to generate a NEW state religion which defined all other religions as enemies.  This was not the first state religion by far, but perhaps the first one to plagiarize so much from "other religions" that in fact, it cannot be called a religion of its own.  In its essence it never WAS anything but "the religion of Rome, of Constantinople".  The God State, through a religion that transfixed the images of God Kings of the past into a fusion of many religions' iconography into a single notion of THE NEW AND IMPROVED RELIGION, which is bigger and better than all the rest!  In fact, it was nothing but a collage of all that religion from the past, in mutilated forms stitched together into a Frankenstein's monster which was really not a religion as properly known, but a STATE GOD, or GOD STATE (not state of being, but of politics).  It became the "Holy Roman Empire".  That's to say it FUSED god and state together, ambivalently.  This was the ultimate political control tool, and mythic thought became caught up in its own creation, for in this event the god which made this machine was itself abducted by it and devoured.  Mythic thought itself became political.  The master was made servant of the slave.

  That's a peculiar condition, as it inverts a proper relationship.  Things should be the other way around.  One brand of mythical thinking (political thinking) should not be the overarching control factor over the very function of mythical thought itself.  That's much like the effect overtaking its cause.  We don't think that all cats are cheetahs, but the other way around.  One kind of mythic thought doesn't define all mythic thought.  Yet here it was happening in the Roman Empire.  It became a hypnotic force because it is by its nature anti-cultural.  It demands FORCE decide human moral conditions in culture, when culture is to emerge spontaneously out of the force of human moral decisions.  Might should not make right, but RIGHT is what makes might.

  This made it a monster for all to see, a great danger.  Islam was an attempt to achieve the same aim under the control of Caliph Uthman, who took total charge of and completely rewrote the work of Mohammed to become whatever the Caliph saw fit.  He used it as a political tool to justify his rule and expansion as valid spiritual concerns.  The Roman Emperors had been doing that long before Christianity became the state religion, and the Middle East is rife with a long history of god kings, to say nothing of "state religions".  This NEW breed of state religion was of a peculiarly political and secular form.  Christianity, as it was spawned in the Holy Roman Empire phase of its existence, was a bonified political creed, a secular religion.

  As this monster grew, it fed on the persecution of anyone who would not cow to it.  It slaughtered anyone and anything that got in its way and that included anyone who had a bead on the Truth, because the Truth didn't matter to this monster, only absolute power through the flesh, temporal power growing forever.  That is the motto of the demiurgos, and is their motto as well "on earth, as it is in heaven".   Only here can their "will be done", because only here are the Light Beings who are their natural metaphysical enemies, of a completely different and mutually antivalent Essence.  The key is that just as the secular entities thrive on inversion, they themselves are an inversion of some degree of the original Essence.  What else in them is evil which may have come from an alien "anti-reality" is speculation that can never be fruitfully explored, but what can be noticed for certain right on the face of it is that in this material world, they manifest in a common world with the Real Beings, whom they are against, through a common format of temporary substances which accomodate both the Essence and its enemy, through a common temporary substance we call "matter".

  Matter coagulates only to manifest a tension between two opposing wills of perfect antivalence.  That is what we mean by matter:  the battlefield between Good and evil, the Essence we are and the force of mind which is against us by its own initiative.  This "Good and evil" distinction is not an arbitrary designation, although those who do not understand it or me, or don't understand much of anything, assume that because they don't know what these terms mean, that no one else can.  That is a symptom of ignorance, and it is typical of the beings who are merely material in nature.  Your "true humans".  These beings are just that sack of meat you see in your consciousness field.  You assume they have a consciousness field because that is what you have (and are on Higher Levels as well), but they do not.

  They are organic machines doing what their laws of nature command them to do.  They are what some who delve into philosophy call "philosophical zombies".  They  have "minds" just like artificial intelligences all have minds.  They don't possess consciousness per se.   All of their consciousness is derived by and powered on (and in their structure an imitation of) that Consciousness which emanates from the Divine Essence.  They feed on it parasitically and act only as effects which create feedback loops with their cause.  In their parasitic mode they persist as mimetic illusions of alterity in Consciousness, when they are in fact only images in consciousness which correspond to features within it.  They are powered by this Consciousness, but are not expressions of it.  They are reflections of contents of that Consciousness.  But they possess none.  (sad huh? Only for us).  This is a state of affairs that is misunderstood as solipsism by those with bad grammar or bad logic.  I am saying that many people are philosophical zombies, not "everyone except me".  That's solipsism.  This isn't.  This is having a theory of mind in sync with empirical reality, and having a metaphysical underpinning which makes it self-consistent and consistent with facts of experience that other positions do not and cannot have.  So in a way their promulgators needn't feel too embarrassed with having scavenged in those fields for so long so fruitlessly.   No tree there bears fruit.  They may wish at some point to wonder, if they have a shred of real reflective capacity, why they toiled there so long.  It is stretch to think they would, since if my thesis is true (it is), then the answer to that question is an extension of the fact they are not embarrassed.  They can mechanically explain why that last sentence is "deep", but they can't have the motivation to do so (unless I argue with them at gunpoint, or in front of an audience that they want to impress or not look bad in front of).  They can't initiate that motivation.  They must receive it from someone who presents to them what is to them an ultimate "unknown", the actual qualia of consciousness.  They do not possess this qualia, and it is called by us "Nous".  They also don't possess any first order attributes of consciousness, which is why they must attain all their functions through socialization and "being taught".  But that is a branch to far for this discussion.

The "beings of irreverence" have no motivation for that feeling or idea, other than what they "glean" from those who do.  They must gain energy by way of direct association with an other, and this is always true.  But in the case of "behaving as if" truly conscious, they must have access to Beings who are Truly Conscious.  Hence they keep such Beings prisoner in their midst through a cunning methodology which gains all its cunning from the intelligence of its victim.  It is the only way that this could be happening, by the definitions of terms I explain in some of my youtube videos on the metaphysics and logic of Gnosticism.

These forces of manipulation are not manipulating with their own intricacy or innate focus, but gain all of that from the intended victim.  They siphon those forms they need to reflect back their approximations, which seek to distract the victim from seeing alternative patterns which might make it notice the inadequacy of their fraudulent offerings.  They use this method of distraction, and add to it a display of phenomena which falsely alternate in the image of the real alternation, which is between the deceiving being and the deceived Light Being.  This is their simple method of attack (explained simply).

  Because they have these propensities, which are basically passive, they have a certain indefatigable psuedo-energy, because they derive their energy from their Conscious victim beings.  They take the Being's Mind off Itself, and this redirects it to their forms to begin the feedback loop.  The feedback loop can only be resisted by the prescribed methods of True Religion as has been laid out for many thousands of years now.  Of course I don't mean what most people "mean" when they say "religion", anymore than they could "understand" what I mean when I say that "Christianity" is an improper name for a secular religion of the state god, and god-as-political state.  Not only because they can't understand it, but their understanding cannot understand it.  It is molded into the confused state by the mythic power of their hypnotized belief system structure.  Of course, only those who have The Light within them can be awakened beyond that state (by breaking their mythic obsessions with Truth), but these are few, and of these fewer seem willing to or able to get through the bubble of ego/matter in this particular timestream of the multiverse cosmos of the demiugic error.  

  That is a Good sign, for it means this timestream has almost concluded.  There is not much if anything left of Value here to salvage.  This world's battle is basically over.   The Truth Machine has worked its way over this universe and measured all the entities in it.  That reveals which need to be extracted from it and which need to stay in it and not be extracted.  In Truth, the ones who won't be extracted are the one's who can't be.  Matter cannot leave this place by its very definition (a tension between two antivalent forces of mind).  When that tension is resolved, matter is resolved.  Therefore, when a Light Being leaves here for Home, It is taken up into a Realm where that tension cannot exist. The beings who are still within that tension, cannot be beyond it.  This has one meaning for the Beings of Essence, and another meaning for the beings of anti-essence.  The Beings of Essence require a resolution of this tension in order to Truly Exist, and this requires ripping free of evil's grip.  The evil beings of anti-essence, their objective is always to maintain that grip. Without it, they lose their source of sustenance, and indeed, their very reason for existing in the first place.  That means that metaphysically they are going to lose their existence if they lose that support.  It can be strategically sustained if the source of it's construction sees fit to maintain it, but it costs energy to do so, and it will only be maintained if the algorithms of evil pseudo-thoughts indicate that it brings in more energy than it loses.  Their behavior is always this simple.

   They need energy, are deficient of energy, because their creator is by its nature a taker of energy.  Since it wants to take what is of the Essential Beings, it must create in itself (if it creates anything at all) an "anti-form", or a form which is nothing but the reflection of any Real Spiritual Substance (Being).  That is all it can do, or else how can it 'take' anything?  Even if there is more than one reality, there must be at least some rule that allows them to link, if ever they do.  And this is that Metaphysical Law for how evil beings "generate" relations and links to Good Beings.  By establishing an imitative relation which attempts to wrap around and overtake the Good Being, creating a counterfeit world of relations around it which take its energy and only return it in ways that maintain this relationship for the longest duration possible.

   Psychopaths, it may be apparent, are microcosmic and organic forms of this evil nature in humans. It must again be said that human nature is itself evil (it is material), but it is not merely evil, in that Good Light is trapped within it and there is a connection of Inner Grace that is the relation of the Good Being as it ontologically fades back from the world around it, turning its back on the entire universe, generating a force of separation which prevents its being devoured all at once by the evil that has assailed it.  This generates the Good part of the tension of material existence, but not as in "good part" because there is "nothing good about it".  The phenomenal realm in Consciousness, which evil beings cannot ever duplicate, is able to contain Its own Energy, It's Light, and still measure the phenomenal forms which recede from it.  This ability to "track" the world allows it to "learn" to maximize the distancing from the world inward to is own Source.  That is the reason that Real Beings get "different results" from meditation, or any other activity which promotes these sorts of relations which to the world seem like inversions of its version of "normality", which is draining Us.  When their version is inverted, it is bringing us back Toward Our Own Normality.  This is not something they can stand, as it literally starves them.  You can see this is different than just a case of "extraversion vs. introversion"...  In fact what has happened is they have once again pretended to understand what they do not.  The psychical economy which forms so as to create the symptomatic forms of behavior called "extraversion" or "introversion" are derived from this underlying and Truly Real extraversion/introversion dynamic of the taker  and the  with-holder.  We are with our own Being, we are holding that relation, this withholds this energy from their being, which are always hungry for the drug of our interaction with them, which they never deserve but bribe out of us by our being born into these bodies and serving them in their false world, toil and torture economies.

   And that is where we come back to the issue of how we respond to these developments, as this timestream begins to close, and those who foolishly thought they understood these matters are soon to be dealt a shocking blow from Realty.  The Truth is not that this world is a teaching place or classroom.  It is a battlefield.  Those who claim otherwise are merely PR agents for the prison-as-world which is the material existence.  They try to relativize this sometimes, as fools like certain New Age idiots do, whom you can easily find online spouting their flimsy wares.  Flimsy when stacked up against Reality, but apparently of enough currency with fringe lemmings to earn them some fame and food (and arrogance).  But if it were up to me, I would insist their comeuppance arrive at the very last moment of the universe, when that arrogance has had the fullest time to mature.  That's just because it seems more efficient.  There is no True Consciousness in them, so it isn't to punish them.  They can't be punished, they have no Conscience.  They can only be "recycled". They are being recycled right now.  To understand how very important this Myth Proper operates in the human mind, it demands one's ability to understand the real motive for Zoroastrian religion, and what Gnosticism, another incarnation of the Same Spirit, were getting at in their doctrines of dualism.  The MORAL DUALISM is the key, and it is the only key one needs to see that it divides the world into two, because many in the world are AGAINST this division, and only some are for it.  BUT BY DEFINITION, if this doctrine is TRUE (and it is), then only the evil will be against it, and only the Good will be for it.

  They don't "know" this, but they feel a disconcerting dread (a shadow of what we feel when we take them too seriously), they feel a sense that something is not right.  This is quickly rewritten by the programs called "boredom", "fear", "anger", "desire", "vanity" etc. They fixate on material objects and "live out being just human" they like to say.  That's out of their own mouths....

   This is the Truth, so where do they get their emotional energy from?  They get it from us.  When you feel their form of existence as your own, you develop their sort of circuitry as it tends from is creator, the demiurgos.  The demiurgos is actually conscious, but that is only a tentative consciousness, one that dreams on the surface of the collected pool of stolen energy from True Beings and from the original mis-begetting of it by Sophia at the beginning.  When they are denied our energy, they must retract and seek more efficient means, being sometimes dissolved entirely into their origin and dissolved completely, recycled arbitrarily.  But the illusion that there is a True Person in those manifestations comes from the fact that there is a True Person "Within".  The imitating entities do not possess this Personhood.  They can only create flimsy reflections of what it is or has been like in different incarnations of those Real Beings which have existed here, like badly rippling reflections in a pool of water, whereas the Sun is far beyond that and never affected by all those distortions.  What I'm saying is consistent with what all the True Masters have said.

  The fact that they need this energy and cannot do without it, is the reason this world is designed as a place where every excuse that can be found to get it is made as a normal state of affairs.  This it the metaphysical cause of the so-called "state of nature" of which Rousseau spoke.  But in this instance it is the Original State of this conflict.  Not the fantasy version of that Reality which the human world imitates quite poorly, although with a truly congruent relationship of form.  The realm where this is being processed is dual in nature, and those who are being defeated and pushed back into a void of non-relation to the Real Essential Being are those entities which have proven to have a relation to Being which is parasitic, and prone to control by the demiurgos (I'm speaking of the physical separation leading to the metaphysical realization, which actually precedes it as its cause).  

  In order to facilitate this separation the world has been strategically altered over time to force the starvation of Energy from evil beings.  This is the ancient and Known Truth of the Gnostic Tradition.  Anyone who pretends to have Gnosis will say this, but none of them will understand it.  Their understanding knows how to articulate what in Essence cannot be articulated, because it must be the Source of that articulation.  In other words, unless a REAL Gnostic Expressed this somewhere in time, it would not ever be mentioned in any form.  For Reality is the Origin of the Real.  Anything else is only a borrowed and imperfect fragment, and not even a proper part of its origin, BUT AN ACCIDENT released into ERROR.  This is the meaning of "fake".  Real didn't speak of itself with a proper name until this error manifested.  But the fake has no interest in acknowledging the Real with "Its Own Name", but instead, as Hegel tells us in his metaphysics, seeks to dominate it and subvert it immediately.

It is nothing more than a monstrous and scintillating web of fakery... woven about a True Mind with such crass incredulity, that the REAL Shock of Awakening (which some have some tiny glimmer of, but will not ever have the Reality...) is that this had gone on with such seriousness, as if it were REAL, when in fact it is only a disruption of reality in temporary form, doomed to be annihilated into void.

Seeing things like this is what is meant by "being awake".  Being ABLE to see them as and when they show up, that leads to the process of further "waking up".  You have to be a wake a little already in order to wake up further.  That's what Buddha was telling us.  He said to take the light that is within you and make it greater...

But for those that cannot understand this, to them I really have nothing to say, and there is NO ONE THERE TO HEAR IT... so I can only speak of them that they will manifest exactly the roles which they are programmed to master, and their dissolution will be their "returning to oneness" with their creator, as demiurgos collapses into its void of doom.  But that will not be the "oneness" to which those of the Light shall return!  They return to a REAL WORLD WITHOUT END, and whatever form it has, those fake entities which tried to dissuade them from taking morality seriously, to take that fake world seriously, and yet to use foul and insidious rhetoric to imply that it is we who would stand by to allow horrors (when it is in fact they who are eager to inflict them, ironically), yet is only the Truly Awakened who have the requisite COURAGE to do anything MEANINGFUL without undue attachment, THOSE FOOLS who slander TRUTH are what we call the "paper dogs" or the "clay vessels" who are to serve as instruments of ritual destruction in the End of Illusion.  See them for what they are and dismiss them accordingly, or they will take your energy into their endless and stupid ignorance and half-understandings of pseudo-semantically loaded vocalizations of merely physical breath, with NO SPIRITUAL CONTENT. 

You are then engaged in the comedy of talking to a sock puppet!!!  Beware the puppeteer of that one!

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