Sunday, February 9, 2014

On Truths which Humanity Fails to Admit Exist

..... and won't properly address but as perennial controversies that do not admit of any final and Truthful analysis. 

It is when there is not adequate freedom for people to express such Truth, THE TRUTH without the effects of people's reactions leading to the destruction or destitution of their lives, that the world's "freedom" means nothing more than an enslavement of those who Love Truth.  If the truth is that the world  is this way, that it punishes those who speak the Truth, then the world is trash and should be thrown away as rubbish without so much as a second thought. 

It turns out that it is not homosexuality that is really offensive to many people, but it is the way that there are those who honestly expect that, this condition of being homosexual, is in itself to be considered INTEGRAL to how heterosexuals view themselves and their world, and it JUST ISN'T. It is simply a condition of being a masculine spirit in a female body, or a feminine spirit in a male body.  It is really that simple.  And it is NOT a desirable condition to be in in a LOT of ways. 

That is THE TRUTH.  People don't like to admit hard truths.  But these people also don't like to admit that there is a giant Zio-elephant in the room of American government, foreign policy, wars we've been in, cultural decay and debasement, and much that is wrong with society which, if not stemming from sources which can be truly healed, at least needn't be exacerbated.  But these "special people" sure do exacerbate them WHEREVER THEY GO.  These "special people" are 
not homosexuals necessarily, but I've heard that homosexuality is a "big deal" to them.  At least wherever they go in the world, they demand it be a big deal to everyone else...  Maybe you've already gotten an image in your mind of these "special people", because man, they sure do rub themselves in everyone's faces, and not only in recent history... which woudl be bad enough, but since they began to exist, apparently.

No need to say it is "every one of them", but it is enough to say that 
if it isn't them per se  then they carry one hell of a monkey on their back, and that more than makes up for their overall veneer of being themselves only passive carriers of such a malignant disease, and it is a monkey which needs to be put out of its misery and out of everyone else's.  They are responsible, are they not, for carrying it into every land they go and destroying every culture and people they meet?  They are responsible, period.  It is a fact.  And like Wham!, the 80s group, has sung "Why can't you do it... why can't you set your monkey free?  All there really is to it, is do you love your monkey or do you love me?"   If the world hates this monkey they carry SO  MUCH, and if it is REALLY the worlds own fault.. (really?), then why can't they make this plain?  The world really hates that monkey and seems to do "horrible things" to those who carry it, like kick them out of their countries.  I don't know of any other group of "special people" that have been kicked out of as many countries, to the point they never managed to get one of their own without stealing it.  Maybe that is why they were kicked out everywhere they went.  They seem to have a "special" penchant for STEALING...


Doesn't matter what anyone's religion is, including what they presume is "shameful" or "glorious"  It doesn't need to be, it is that REAL.  And if it weren't, then most of the world's sheer evasion of it would have "wished it into the corn field" a LONG time ago, in the past immemorial, and it wouldn't even have ever come up.  BUT IT COMES UP LIKE SPRING ETERNAL.  The controversy surrounding these and many other FACTS is undying, and it is undying only because the TRUTHS WITHIN THAT CONTROVERSY never die no matter how much everyone rails at it.

But what bothers mainstream heterosexual society isn't homosexuality as a fact of many people's lives, but in how it has become a stupid incapacity in common people to see that this is a perversion of nature itself, staring them in their stupid faces.   They are so stupid, that they can't see that nature basically made a mistake.  Is it a problem?  Hell yes it is a problem, and one for everyone, but MOSTLY FOR HOMOSEXUALS.  Have people "found ways around" this?  Yes, hetero and homo.  Heterosexuals have learned that some people didn't get born in bodies that express their gender in a way that is congruent with the norm, and it is not to be held against them.  It is a BIRTH DEFECT. It is not an issue of blaming or judging a PERSON IN A BODY for that bodies inherent condition when he or she inherited it!!!   HOMOSEXUALITY IS A BIRTH DEFECT.  Now,  I didn't say that this world's bodies are GOOD, or that heterosexual bodily form is somehow IDEAL, or NOT DEFECTIVE.  I didn't say that, DID I.  In fact, homosexuality is a perversion ON TOP OF a perversion, because human bodily form is already a perversion of Spiritual Expression, and the heterosexual form of it is a mutilated version of how Engendered Spirits actually exist.  And NO, this is NOT a rehashing of any stereoptyped nonsense from ancient religions.  THIS IS THE PRIMAL TRUTH OF REAL RELIGION, and the best the world's religions can do is make stereotyped paper mache versions of this substantial Truth in the form of their plagiaristic copying of what Real Religion always held to be True. That this world is a VERY BAD IMITATION of a Real and Good universe.  It is an evil prison made by an evil mind.  THIS IS THE GNOSTIC TRUTH, which if you are reading this you had an almost zero chance of knowing.

But in a world that is contrary to REALITY, denial of reality is normal.  And in this denial that has taken place, brainwashed Christians accuse the spirit of a person whose body is in a homosexual orientation, of being evil, when it is simply what it is, a masculine or feminine spirit (which is also either demonic or Angelic).  If anything is to be railed at, it is the reckless stupidity of their god which made a world so susceptible to horrifically iron clad forms of spiritual expression, so that you "have to be a this".  What if a feminine spirit entered a human female bodily form and DIDN'T like it.  Didn't like being sexual in a HUMAN way?  Shouldn't she have the right to abscond?  Likewise, the same goes for anyone who is ever in any bodily form, for any reason, about any issue.   But it is all denied.  "I  made a mistake"? their god says... "Well, that's something you'll just have to DEAL with..."  And then this freak  monster leaves it up to us to create false religions which will justify its ugly and evil incompetence.

Life forms that must devour each other in order to exist?  It is freakish and ugly.  It is a hideous world, to be roundly rejected ON SIGHT.  And every Spiritual Being does exactly this when in the womb, and as they are born, and until they die their bodies off like old skin from a snake.  That this world is a shameful hoax, without any value or worthiness to be called a place where LIVING BEINGS exist, that it is such a place, it really is no wonder that the Truth has always been hated, so much so that people had to FORM RELIGIONS in order to get to the simple matter of addressing their own and most important aspect, their True Self and its Spiritual Condition.  No True and Real Being would ever need such a process unless there were an evil being actively thwarting him and her, and THAT is the problem.  I addressed this fundamental fact in my first youtube videos on the relation between philosophy and Gnosticism, drawing out metaphysical implications directly from the fact that we have the capacity to do "metaphysics" at all.  Metaphysics IMPLIES Gnosticism.  That most people who think they understand metaphysics don't understand this, THIS ALSO implies Gnosticism, in a way they will never understand until it is too late to pretend it would have ever mattered that they might have understood.  If you might have understood, then why didn't you?  

And if you look at the way the problem is of how anything in the world that is not quite right with it is turned into an hysterical nightmare ten times worse the original problem so that people resort to tearing each other to pieces over things that are already embarrassingly awkward for everyone concerned, then you can really see their vile nature, these demonic-excremental pseudo-minds.  They love perversity for its own sake.  They hate what is "square" or "proper", and they can't even imagine what those words might mean in absolute terms.  The only absolute that exists for them is the one which says "We are SPECIAL".  They hold this as their highest virtue, being "picked by god" to have the right to shit on everyone else and demand gold in return.   Well, even a world of dumb evil slaves notices the wool over their eyes every now and then, and when they see this demon scum strutting around waving a red flag, they sometimes do what must be done....

And it is no help to HOMOSEXUAL people to have JEWS deciding that they must go the extra mile to put their most lascivious and demonically lustful people in charge of their collective PR campaign to find some tolerance in a heterosexual community, a community which itself is also programmed by these same Jews to worship a blind and stupid "jealous" god who can't make a damn thing properly, because it can't understand a misshapen world that was bellowed out of its own delusions, which was given all its virtues by a Light far higher than it could ever be.  This same freak "god" commands Christians, according to idiotic "priests", to condemn homosexuality as if it were man's fault and as if it meant all the world, when in fact what REALLY matters, and what they really OUGHT to be disgusted by, is the Jewish portrayal of homosexuals as perversely lascivious people when it is just those type of people who find themselves in all sexual orientations, and they often stand behind church pulpits, or wear "the red shoes".

Well, these monsters are surely the vessels of WRATH.  They are surely the habitats of DEMONS, not non-heterosexual people per se, certainly not by virtue of that distinction in and of itself.  Yet the manipulators of the public mind (if it really is a mind at all) would have you be either a lust-ridden homosexual slut or a bible-brainwashed bumpkin bigot.  You have to play one of these roles.  Otherwise, you might have to settle on being a liberal tool at their disposal.  That's one of the standard jobs available in their scheme.  You can pretend to be so full of compassion and understanding, so educated, because you're protecting an endangered species, some perverted maniac in leather straps hugging a giant penis on a parade float, hoping to secure a job perhaps as a sexual education teacher to your 9 year old child.  What an enlightened person, this libtard! 

On a Spiritual level it really doesn't matter how you express yourself, at least not definitively. The "how" is simply not sufficient. It matters rather what sort of being you are as you do so, and how other beings are treated in the process, and what their nature is also.  Those facts define the "what" of your actions in terms of their absolute value.   A parade of showing people holding up giant balloons of cocks while dressed as the Village People doesn't really express the essence of homosexuality nearly as much as it expresses the state of mind of some sex-depraved and body-obsessed demons who happen to occupy homosexual bodies, and who happen to get their cultural marching orders from some perverted and disgusting servant of the evil father of all lies.   Finding these people and putting names to faces to deeds is a tedious picking through garbage I don't want to bother with.  If you have an honest bone in your body, you know damn well who these monsters are.  

I understand lesbian women.  I understand that they are basically masculine spirits in female bodies.  When I meet them, I sense this, and I literally suspend my belief that I am looking at a woman of the normal sort.  I am looking at a woman who has a masculine spirit within it, which expresses through the sexual orientation of that woman's body.  There is an understanding between us, on some level, in most cases.  I get it, almost in a childlike way, and the same for gay men.  The problem only is when my own boundaries are not respected, in the latter case, and I have had, when a very young man, to learn to harshly reject these monstrously lustful demons who happen to dwell their filthy essence within homosexual-oriented male human bodies.  Being purely naive at that age, they were constantly on the hunt for me whenever I was around.  These monstrous, vile beasts were never able to stop showing what vile nature they had, in their obsession with bodies, demonstrating a total lack of moral orientation. Never able to hide what lustful freaks they were for even a minute.  It was amazingly disgraceful.  Yet these are NOT "gay men per se", These are merely monstrous demons in the bodies of homosexual men.  It is not only gender that is different but also their ontological nature, their category AS BEINGS.  If you think for some moment that there is something "holy" or "especially wonderful" about being gay in itself, then you are just as deluded as those who think the contrary, that there is something peculiarly evil about it. In other words, these spirits in these bodies had a deficiency in Moral Substance, and were spiritually dead beings, who happened to have a surplus of energy they derived from some nefarious source, and which fed their instincts in human bodies toward a seeming automatic and slavish attention to its stimulation and manipulation.  They were slaves to a force called "lust".  That the bodies were homesexual in nature was incidental to their moral depravity, as it is in the case of heterosexual people.

These beings are demonic spirits, and are not themselves "the spirits of homosexuality". If they are, then homosexuality is demonic.  But that's not how I understand homosexuality, so I don't view it that way.  I know a good number, and have known a good number of homosexual people who act nothing like that, and are probably in the top 10% as to Moral Standing and Chasteness.  They are distinct from demonic lechers.  Learning these distinctions is what overcomes prejudice and violent intolerance.  It is true of races of humans, different backgrounds, different talents, appearance, fates, and so forth.  But what is evil in the world WORKS TO MAKE THIS A MAXIMAL SOURCE OF SUFFERING, AND HAS SUCCESSFULLY SOLD THIS TRASH, THIS FILTH, to the people of humanity and convinced them it is ambrosia!!  And they have taken everyone gullible enough to fall for their stunts on a long and hellish ride with them into debasement and bigotry.  Two drunken fools balanced out by leaning on each other are a pathetic sight.   Yet they call themselves "standing".  That's the lot of humans on this earth, running rampant like a bunch of debauched monkeys looking for the Alpha monkey to guide them to safety.  There is no safety, only Justice and injustice, and in its cowardice, humanity has taken the wrong side of that battle.

HUMANITY HAS FAILED, as a whole, to embrace most all simple truths, such truths that if faced and admitted, would have opened the door to the uncovering of every lie, every deception, every fraudulence, every injury, every malevolence, and would have opened the doors wide to the possibility to deal with matters justly.  Wow, humanity, you BLEW IT, and you made perfectly pompous asses out of yourselves dancing on the strings of the reptilian brain stem, living a life anesthetized from the upper limbic system up.   You've blown it, and it is inevitable, as sure as when it rains you will get wet that you will be soaked, that just as surely will you face bitter Judgment, and that when you reach that day and God shows you, as God will show us ALL, the RIVER OF FIRE, you will not be able to pass through it to the Heavenly Realms, much less cross the Bridge of Light which would annihilate you if you even looked at it! 

But that will be sweet music to those True Beings who Love the Good for Its own sake!!  Our True World is a beautifully SQUARE place, full of circles, and circular while full of squares (puns intended), and YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ENTER IT.  For Us the river of fire is a Warm Bath of Love, and the Bridge of Light is a Tower of Light, transporting us directly into the Higher Realm, right through our own PERSONAL CONNECTION WITH IT.

Only the Spirits whom you've collectively rejected, and allowed your demonic masters to goad you into ostracizing, ONLY THEY WILL PASS INTO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!!!

THAT is the REAL God's "Will on earth", and not anything like what is going on in Heaven! 

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