Sunday, February 23, 2014

Game of Thrones meets Game of iPhonies meets Wall of Truth at Mach 10

I don't have any reason to believe, in the first place, that there was a man named Jesus, per se.  Then, I have no further reasons to believe that he existed AND was Jewish. See how that works?

Existence matters.

I should add, that most of what they say is them spouting their fantasies based on accepting this above assumption, but we don't need to concern ourselves with their fantasies, because we aren't interested in corpses and their sexual relations in the imaginations of lustful, sinful men who put pen to paper in order to mutilate the Truth rather than reveal it.  So in this insidious way, they pretend to be investigators of Truth when in fact they are smearing a myth in order to avoid discussion of the Spiritual Truths that make that myth important to begin with.

This matters even more because with regard to THIS Truth:

Existence DOESN'T matter (in the same way that it just did)

It doesn't matter except that it helps annihilate bad rhetoric about Gnostic Truths based upon some story about a guy who walked around and got laid, which is sort of what they want to start from, that naturalist, physicalist, position which seems to always declare loudly from the rooftops "But we must all remember, Jesus was just a man, just a man.  Homo sapiens let us not forget".  Not even one shred of that need be the Truth anyway, but they are really all about that so they can get back to talking about his supposed sex life....or ambitions for power.

I bet they actually had a little get-together with someone and said, "You know what would be so cool?  We could turn Jesus into like, the Game of Thrones, oh my GAWD!"

See where their "minds" are always at??

In the GUTTER.  

Let me add this:  To be a TRUE CHRISTIAN, a person needn't BELIEVE in anything, but needs to PERFECTLY KNOW something.  What something is that?  Well, if you were a Christian, a TRUE Christian, you'd know.  But if you were a FALSE christian, well, you wouldn't know...  

But I don't need to believe in ANYTHING,  IN ORDER to be a True Christian.  SO that means if I have a huge pile of people who don't believe in ANYTHING, all of them might still be Christians for all I know..  and TRUE Ones.

or none of them.  But he point is, it isn't what they PROfess in public that shows what they are, it is in what they CONFESS IN PRIVATE.

But I don't have to "BELIEVE IN THE MYTH OF JESUS" as the Christ to know what it MEANS.  And further, JESUS, if he WERE Christ (if there were a man named Jesus who was a Christ, etc etc), then he wouldn't bother me about that fact, but would be trying to direct my attention to that fact Within Me that I should be busy KNOWING about, not about Him that I need "Faith" to stop guessing about (if I don't KNOW I need faith, see?).  Ah well.  I know SOME people get what I'm saying...

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