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On the Conditions of Creativity whilst Enslaved in Human Form

I was inspired to do some philosophy recently concerning Spiritual Sovereignty, and this brought to mind a beautiful song concerning the same subject matter through the lens of the complicated entropy between human egos in this world of falsehoods they have co-constructed.  That song was by Tears for Fears, and it is "Everybody Wants to Rule the World"... which is a very loaded notion that can't be addressed in perfect detail here, but which is interwoven with the condition of the Lives of Spiritual Beings, to whom this is expressly addressed, and all others be off to their own devices...

Here is the video's link

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Their control over one's power to "Do what you want"  to paraphrase his last words in this video, are what it is all about.

How every one might have lived ALL THE TIME in a world without the archons whose local representatives come in and not only insinuate themselves into your TOIL, as if that weren't grievous enough, but want to promise a lucrative arrangement (for BOTH parties, they will emphasize), where you surrender some of your sovereignty for the sake of being accountable to some of their expectations, which are in order to INSURE a certain amount of money up front in exchange for a huge percentage of whatever is made.  Implicit in all this is that if you don't work with them, you won't get nearly as good results.  Implicit in all this is a level of people who are working together to profit from artisans, and in the process are enslaving them by dictating terms to them in exchange for spiritual blood money.

And they take this bait...  But they get heard in the world, they get some returns and get to focus "more or less" on what was most deeply in their spirits (if they really had any), and in the cases of those who really do, for the most part it is stifled or excoriated long before it gets to this point of pretending to express itself.

None of this speaks to the idea of these two as being not one of the better options as to what makes it through that filter, it is just saying that "this is how beautiful sausage gets made".

Everyone could live this life, without having to grasp for special exceptions to become artisans or cardinals of their own spirituality, with only a bare minimum of their time spent maintaining the body per se.  There are even worlds where the "maintenance" of the body is not an issue.

But in THIS one, it is made to be so BY FORCE, and this is by soliciting to the baser aspects of human nature as its basis.  This world is then forever ruled by such panicked emotions as lust, fear, anger, envy, jealously, pettiness, wrath, etc, and all to make sure some bodies are attended...

And a few will go so far as to "sell their soul" (again, if they ever had one, who knows in most cases?) in order to live "in the limelight" (to quote the "Rush" song.  And this seems a universal dream for those who wish to seem.  But for those who wish to be they must put aside their alienation (with their own True Selves), and get on with the fascination (with the Divine Wonders), which is the only REAL relation in existence anyway (True Religion) and is permitted only on the basis of compromises which automatically entail the infringement of those Divine Rights of Spiritual Sovereignty (which I DO have and hold), and THIS FACT is the REAL "underlying theme" of this world.  So those who infringe here must give account of THEIR cause for infringement.  They must look for GUILT in the accused party, which is an admission that "it would seem right somehow to receive a wrong", and the only reason offered is that "a wrong was done, an injury received, and a spirit grieved".  BUT THE QUESTION IS:  Which spirit WAS it that was  grieved?  Was it a GOOD Spirit, or an EVIL WISP?  Roland (of Tears for Fears) explains his satisfaction at being free from those influences as something that happened, interestingly enough, in connection with his discovery of a 'musical self" which he had been frustrated since a very young age from discovering.

So in the end it is about SPIRITUAL enslavement, the ability to command a Spirit of God as if It were an object.  THAT is what they are about.  They don't want GOOD MEN to do what THEY want.   They also want to have a controlling interest in what all EVIL men do, but that is incidental to enslaving GOOD men;  evil men must be enslaved in the process, by other evil men.  In the end, it is something OTHER THAN men who has enslaved God's Children, THROUGH their human bodies.  It is something MAN CANNOT CONCEIVE, an "Eldritch Horror" which seeks to consume them as the physical husks they are, laden with spiritual energy which they may have variously pilfered from Divine Beings.

If the world's energies were freed from such evil toil, and if the evils heaped upon them to keep them GUILTY so as to receive such punishment were broken and thrown off into the void, all that would be left would be people's innate Spiritual Expressions or deficiencies in such.

This would in the end indicate that they either naturally express Gnosis, or DO NOT.  If they DO NOT, there is nothing that can bridge that gap.  That is why this world specializes in devising TOIL FOR THE SAKE OF ENSLAVEMENT (whereas the normal and heinous meaning, still implicit, is to toil for some purpose, the disposing of which is stolen into the hands of a "slaver" or "master").  That role is taken by the demonic forces in this world.  It is a Plain Truth which the evil entities themselves well know, but that they pretend is not an issue so as to stay above the heads of their slaves which they themselves devised, the human automata...  LOOK, they have even SOLD ILL HEALTH AND  DEMENTIA  as a way of life... KNOWING these things can be cured and prevented!! 

But the Spiritual Will trapped within such bodies is not indigenous to this hell, and is not subject to its creator, its author, its beneficiary, or any of its miscreants.  

And if these two types of beings were all freed, in the same world, they would go to war with each other immediately and directly, for they cannot "be one" with each other, being of ANTIVALENT POLARITIES, and this cannot be bridged except by a violence that is already being endured when the greater is enslaved by the lesser (but stronger because more NUMEROUS).  And so in order to maintain control over their ENERGY SLAVES, they needed to enslave everyone into a system which takes from the Spiritual Haves and gives to the spiritual have-nots, in a sort of evil essence of cannibalism but worse, as these beings are not of the same Ontological Class of Entity at all, physical forms and their genetic relations notwithstanding.  It is the essence of living by devouring.  That is what this world now is.  Shirking it off and saying "NON SERVIAM" is what Spiritual People do.  And so Spiritual People have elicited the wold's hatred (this world, this petty construct of spiritual miscreants).

In the end EACH WILL GET WHAT HE DESERVES, no matter how long they attempt to delay the INEVITABLE.

So this is the diseased world into which he is now free to do what he wants.  We shall see what good comes of that.  In the meantime the archons want their timely luxuries, so do see that you are executing your toils with due diligence!!

But whether you are duly diligent to a Best and Highest Truth, or to a metaphysical freak show ringmaster, that is the choice you will, and do make now, and have made every second of your existence, in every form it has ever taken.

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