Sunday, February 23, 2014

The legend of naked guy lives on... o.O

He seemed to have success with that method, even without letting anyone know he was on camera as a prank...  until the cops got involved.  But up until then his ruse was working.  But still, with all that success, which is more than a lot of guys would get using standard approaches, notices that no "get ladies" books for men (or men who are of this strange secret religion), note that none of them ever talk about using a method like this, which happened to work rather well.

That's not only because society doesn't sanction it.  You, dear reader, thought that society didn't sanction it.  But it did.  Just look at 12:26 til the end.  You see society sanctioning this behavior.

BUT, if you talk sincerely about any Truth in public, even to others who are very interested in this with you, then it seems society sanctions this even LESS than a Naked man walking around asking girls for their number, sometimes undressing right in front of them like he's trying to set a record for the most nonchalant strip ever done in public.  That earned a HANDSHAKE, and got LOTS OF LOVE.

So, what I'm saying to you is that not only does society (most of  you who read this) SANCTION THIS (but only let SOME people do it), but this is the rule for anything you do or don't sanction (except for slavery and that sort of thing, and prison, and war, etc That is mostly for everyone, but only a few are allowed to abstain...)

Either way, TRUTH is not in your vocabulary, because this is sanctioned LESS than even THIS, which is sanctioned only for a few!   You must really think there is such a thing as Truth but only God can have it, or that there is Truth, and no-one (maybe not even God) can have it.  But Truth for people to speak?  THAT's SACRILEGE!!!

Humans really are cowards in the end, in the end.  Some will be braver than others, but that's mostly because they've gotten so damn old and tired that they just gave up trying to "bulldog" it anymore.  They broke, that's all. They still don't give a damn about the Truth, but will often lend a pleasant ear to it compared to themselves when they were younger, or even maybe more than other young people generally.  But that is just showing that time and life broke you.  Only now do you listen?   I've seen you, posturing that you love Truth, but really just sulking back to it when the world scares your senses back to you that the bulldog days are over.  The ego is just getting pushed in, and destroyed with time.  

But then, YOU are the lucky ones!!  For most, it becomes a recessed stimulus response activity somewhere under the threshold of abstract thought.  So you beat those!  That's for sure.  But did you keep climbing anywhere after that?  Would you take the sort of risks which made a Spiritual Person change the world once here and there?  How do we think one of these People changed the whole world HERE, and another THERE, and did this enough to be hated by the world that claims also to be devout lovers and worshipers of them?  

I think some Existentialist or said: Keep your gods.  I know what you have in mind for them.  If Nietzsche didn't say it, he said it in other words.  In any event, it fits.  Who would want to CHANGE HUMANITY!!

The point is that a person must change HIMSELF and become who he REALLY is, before that chance is taken away from him forever (possibly by an evil mind, or by Judgement from Heaven, or what have you).  The idea is that in the end, all this "ride" meant was what you made it mean for you, by being and choosing as you do.  That's what Judges you in the End.  Don't worrry "if you don't have a Conscience, then one will be appointed for you".

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