Tuesday, February 11, 2014

On the Evil Lineage of Archontic Mentalities

"OH JUST WHERE DO YOU GET OFF???  Do You Think YOU are IMPORTANT enough to say THAT to ME?"

This is the sound of the broken record playing in the ego spaces of these privileged LEECHES.  They were born with this or that talent, this or that circumstance, and they played it to the hilt. This is their only REAL achievement, if indeed it can be called one, as most of their ilke faile to do that.  I spelled those with "e"s to be extra hoity toity.  Only the BEST for the best!!!

And if you serve less?  Then YOU are surely a vile and hateful rogue, not respectful of ANY of the principles upon which society was founded, surely by one of MY ancestors and not one of YOURS. After all, I DID land into this position by dint of fate, so SURELY the GODS THEMSELVES have seen fit to smile kindly on all the misdeeds of those and my ilk which ensured our being ensconced for thousands of years.  After all, if you take our personality for what it is, it is the same droll ipsissimosity which has haunted every hack with power.

How was that power REALLY acquired?  By force, naturally.  Being the leader of a gang that was bigger than another gang which vied for control over some issue, and that became an institution, and my wonderful lineage lies somewhere in the upper tiers of THAT struggle...  Ahem.. excuse me... That's nicer, you were blocking my air.

Now if you please....

That is the attitude of the pseudo-noble elite.  The false, the pungent, the arrogant.  These creatures exist and that is their automatic justification for existence!!  No other creature than the stupid old rock claims a right to exist in such a crude, brutish manner!   What virtues have any of them to go along with their privileges?  None.  But control over others who have control over others who have control over others who have control over you... that they seem to have.  They have it as long as your cowardice fits into their definition of bravery.   Then you will be a good peasant.  A good slave.  Good, good, there you go.. good slave.

So what is it like to be one of these controller idiot freak beings?  Well, it is like being a spoiled child that needn't REALLY grow up.  Life is sort a hollow caricature of itself to them, and rightly so, for it acts a fool in that the 99.999999% are groping for something assured only to the rest...  and yet they slave for it anyway.. Such idiots, such troglodytes, such neanderthals!!

But you grasp for it anyway, like MONKEYS...  You ARE monkeys, you are the MONKEY MINDED.

And where has it gotten you?  It has gotten you fat and stupid AT BEST.  All the while you accumulate associated guilt with all those pontiffs and CEOs who do all the "sweet evil they like" while you settle for the accumulation of demon sewage that issues from their toilets, as that is all that is fit for the hypocritical middle class and poor.  You deserve nothing better and you KNOW it.  So these demons, naturally, exist as those who feed on this lacuna in your spiritual character which we all know by now, let's face it, is eternal!!

While you suffer the gross injustices inflicted upon you by corporations and their "worshipful masters", they live like what they (and you) deem to be the lives of the charmed.  Yet to the spiritual, the TRULY Spiritual, they look like grotesque peacocks!

Oh how you want to cozy up with the spectral likes of THIS:

Jordan 2011 - World Economic Forum Special Meeting on Economic Growth and Job Creation in the Arab World.jpg

Or like this pig-like cretin (hubby):

Paul Judge(cropped).jpg

After seeing these two, one begins to "get it", that TRUE hoity toity requires a certain amount of ugly thrown in so as to get the mix just right.
Where does he get "his fancy disposition"?  From a long line of those so disposed.  If not directly by inheritance, then surely by some appointment from one who has, and in any case not without the appopriate groveling (I wouldn't want to know the requirements, but it involves casting aside any notion of dignity before their "superior", who no doubt is a superior predator).  They look like the beasts they are.

Mmmhmm hmm hmm hmm...  Yes.... (with a tone of "hrrrmph")

 And from where does their "good name and authority" issue?  Some old corrupt gangster's union having to do with some damn guild, which means a professional club beholden to the gangster in chief, who wears a bejeweled fool's hat.

Their "type" of club can be found here.  HE is of this particular stable of favored livestock.

These sorts of beings are found all monkeying around with each other, and are the favorite monkeys of the whole lot of knuckle-dragging immoral simian beasts.  Here is a snippet indicating their raunchy relations in the annals of power:

The guild was known as the Company of Grossers from 1373 until 1376 when it was renamed the Company of Grocers of London. In 1428, two years after founding its first hall in Old Jewry, the Company was granted a Royal Charter by King Henry VI.[2] It is one of the Great Twelve City Livery Companies, ranking second in the Companies order of precedence after the Mercers' Company. It is said that the Grocers' Company used to be first in the order, until Queen Elizabeth I, as Honorary Master of the Mercers' Company, found herself in procession, after her coronation, behind the Grocers' camel which was emitting unfortunate smells. As a result, the Mercers were promoted.


Just read that again and see if you don't get the message.  "Ain't no gangsta in town mo impotent than ME!!", it screams.  But what is the "legal logic" behind this?

Supposedly it has to do with the "good name" of society and civility as a whole, which has these customs and niceties reserved to the royalty, as it were "in trust" for the whole of the nation.  Since not everyone can be a damned spoiled brat with no responsibility except to be answered to (which is also their priesthood's idea of GOD...), so these people must inherit it since they managed to murder or screw their way into that position so long ago somewhere's in their family tree, maybe, according to these documents about their carcasses and all this stuff they happen to have with deeds with names on them resembling their own, etc.  I will seriously get a big laugh when you all find out what a CON has been pulled on you!!  Even in religion, what you hoped was your last repository of a vestige of your dignity, even there the best they can offer you is the protestant reformation, which we all know produced the "Holy Rollers Club".  No need to be bashful, it sure beats the having to rap or be pope for a living.

Even those who try to look different than Jimmy Falwell.  Please...   You are still in on the act.  The act that this world is good and authorized by GOD.  You are for the status quo, for the demiurgos!  It doesn't matter that you play around with toys only grown ups understand, like religious symbols and terms of office, to technical philosophical and other literary jargon, or that you do a lot of fundraisers for the poor, or whatever your toy version of virtue is:  it is all for nothing since you are backing yahweh, the desert god of the liar tribe.

You are therefore now their lackeys.  How does it feel to have AIPAC bending you over?  Do you think Jesus Christ would smile upon your love for the Palestinians or the Iraqis, neither of whom have anything to do with 9/11 (so don't even try to wear out that pathetic excuse, which is simply another "Pearl harbor", but you'd have pull your head out of your redumblican demotard asses long enough to think and you'll never bother to do that, the status quo just PAYS BETTER!!).

So no matter what your pedigree, whether you are a house slave, or a field nigger, you are still nothing in the eyes of your masters.  Yes, I use that harsh term, because it was invented by you, and its shame belongs to you.  That being, that false consciousness, which thinks itself MASTER over another.  That primitive and arrogant monkey that took the bait of evil and decided to TAKE and DEVOUR ALL, just like the demiurgos tried to do with the Light of Heaven.  Just like your father, you, and all like you, around the world and in all guises. 

Look at your own deeds over the course of history, look into the vaults where your masters keep the Truth hidden from you while feeding you lies that you eat like hungry and idiotic pigs, driven to demonic insanity by the urges, habits and conditions of the body.  And worshiping as idols to your lot those who benefit most from it.  Total morons.   Like monkeys who lock themselves up in cages as part of an act, when all they'd have to do is run off free.  Yet freedom is nothing that you understand.  It is a concept beyond your ken, it is a quality not within you.

There is your lineage. It is cowardice and injustice.  And to this day it is in your face, and in the end you'll do nothing that matters about it, especially  if it didn't take anything from YOUR life yet!  If it does, enough of a medal or award, or public mention, or some other frivolous compensation usually does the trick.  Now you are "proud" of your loss.  And the arrogant folly of this is you now believe you are entitled to demand the same "sacrifice" of others, of whom many of which may not want a share in your predicament, entailed mostly by your own moronic gullibility. 

That is why throughout the ages you have put up with this nonsense, sending out your worst and most demonic to go around slaying and raping Good People, going on rampages of evil.

Hell is coming from Heaven, and being disgraced before it in spite of all your earthly pretenses, that will be your first taste of it!!

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