Sunday, February 23, 2014

So You Want to Play with Magic?

First off, this is a childish fantasy, which is of the ego, and it is inspired by the arrogant and delimited, demented evil mind, which is the "eye" in their pyramid.  They have a short shelf-life, these living toys which express that foul energy, and there is a lot of what is vile blatantly shown here.

But there are some little points it makes which bear out some notice.  One, evil has set itself up as a god over others, and it has these tributes that it expects.  It promises "something good" in the bargain, or perhaps just "permission to serve" (which has multiple meanings), and in the end, some alleviation of suffering, or "mercy".  

But it sets it up like a game, this evil mind, when it says "These are the things that I may take in tribute, but most importantly, you must "give me your all, and reserve nothing for yourself.  You must be fully wiling to DIE in me rather than even RISK  my dissatisfaction, or bear dire consequences if I find out, and I always find out sooner or later, etc...".  So this litany of the EGO is all this portrays to us in the end, the demand that another being set itself up as a pawn within the games played by the evil minded who claims mastery over it.

The issue is that humans, in their present form, are invested with not less than two major components which feed directly into this trap,.  They are LIBIDO and EGO.  Psychoanalytic theory aside, and there is a lot of it, not only Freud, way too much to get into, but in fact these two major elements are found everywhere in it, and never has mankind ever shown itself to be without them, Libido and Ego.   Libido, or primal sexual energy, is a conversion of spiritual energy in the chakras into a concentrated form that cannot rise above the third chakra, even in its most sublime form, unless it is connected with "higher keys" which are designed specifically for EVIL USE.  Therefore, there is a distinction to make between the "chakras" that bodies have, and the Spiritual Conciousness that Beings are, which have been related to chakral energy in THESE bodies.  Those are distinct.  The bodies and their chakral structures, and the Spiritiual Energy which is channeled into them.  It also matters what the source of that energy is, whose chakras they are, and what is done with that energy, although what will be done can be predicted from the first two (from whom was the energy taken, and in whose chakras were they transformed).

Libido is for the purpose of channeling spiritual energy into bodily concerns.  That is what it does, and that is what it is, that channeling.  It is a from of "magic", which is the materialization of spiritual energy so as to achieve some anticipated result (whether that result is understood, or not).

So it is inherently a problematic activity, especially for novices, who are usually just props and marks anyway in this con.  The con artists are those who have "been in on it" with the evil mind from a metaphysical level, and were already "in tight" with it from long ago.  Anyone else is just a temporary tool (like Katy Perry, who doesn't remotely interest me sexually, not even aesthetically, although I understand that she is supposed to).

So, that's first off, this is a magical game manifested as a childish fantasy, and she's let you in on its visuals and its events, hoping you'll be a vicarious participant.  Guess what, if you got all horny about her, you actually have put yourself into this ritual as one of its offerings...  That's just how the rules of this game go...  And where are you now?  And where is Katy Perry?  And where is your energy?  Right.

So this is one aspect of one method whereby Spiritual Energy is stolen and vested into the service of evil, through the libido and the ego and all its vices, and look who is glad to benefit from it.

There are many ways, and many "reasons", but generally it is this which is the way (through the body and its libidinally charged ego mechanisms and the social mechanisms which are serviced by them, and which aggregate into results for the few who rule over it), and the reasons, as varied as they seem, all concentrate into the acquisition of the few on top who feast from all this suffering under their direction, mostly as unseen provocateurs, and shadowy beneficiaries, and even then only through many layers of proxies.

That is the realm of evil, abusive exploitation they have arranged, and it works through these mechanisms.  The key thing to understand is by what power it works.  What are its metaphysical sanctions

It is sanctioned by the Spiritual Sovereignty of those who willingly participate within it, as represented by the fools in this video (all of them, even the ones who seem to be enjoying their roles).  These are all interdependent roles, and none exist with any of the others, and they are therefore a contradiction in themselves, because the whole premise of these rituals in their ideology is that "You serve us but we don't need you. You want something WE have, and we don't want or need anything you have.  At best, you may be allowed to augment our illustrious glory and dominion with your service, but even that may be unworthy (most likely), so only appeal if you dare in that case.  Plus, if we want to do anything to you at all, for any reason, we will, and it doesn't contradict anything else here laid out".  That's their little law they have, and it has a hierarchy in it with clauses for each level so that each person is kept in check by a "higher person" who supposedly belongs where it is, and so on.

It has the properties of self-similarity, where the parts represent the whole, and yet the uppermost part is supposed to have some point which cannot be reduced to anything except being the top of this pyramid (the creme de la creme de la creme to infinity).  That's their structure and how it plays out, but in the end it is only the fantasy of an evil minded false spirit, that must face Justice for its crimes at the Appointed Time, as must all which became a part of its evil scam.

Those who participate willingly, therefore, are one aspect of the metaphysical power upon which this evil pyramid scheme is built.

Those who participate UNWILLINGLY, are in a sort of limbo between the previously mentioned and the next mentioned.

Those who willfully REFUSE to participate, and act accordingly, never participate willingly and nothing they ever do against their own will, or as the result of coercion, can EVER be validly used against them in this scheme by the evil administrators of it.  They may do whatever they may do, but is has NO SPIRITUAL POWER of our Eternal Destinies.  We are exempt from all their authority, whoever real it seems in its fakeness within its own deluded realm within the evil mind (for it is within the evil mind per se, as its own thoughts playing out).  Just as it, this collective delusional evil minded illusion matrix, judges us by its delusions and tries to coerce us into its molds, we simply do the reverse and with full Authority, because we have a Source which is different from this entity.  We practice True Religion, and so we are not beholden to this world at all.

We invite the world to play its games with itself and do what it likes, but to desist from involving us in its sacrilege, and leave us be.  The earth seems to be your evil playground.  Granted, it seems to be just that.  But how we got into this or why, it wasn't to play with you or obey you.  We will do neither, get used to this.  It is not going to change.  What will change is that all our predictions and denunciations will be vindicated on the Last Day, and Great Judge is the one ALL will answer to.  Then you'll see that evil minded false magic of illusions and the fake world it has created is what will be found wanting and turned into dust, and the only ones who will pass on will be either unrecognized by the world, or hated by it, but will never have served it willingly, nor even pretended to.

A final note on that.  When in these bodies and acting through them, we Good Spirits are bound by our own Consciences to express with Sincerity what is our own True Nature.  In the course of this, if we do anything in the world, it is not for the world, even if it seems to accommodate its sense of being served (well or not).  What we are doing is acting in Good Faith that, if we did live in a world which was what this one often pretends to be, and we were required to act, we would do so in such and so ways, with True Sincerity and Good Faith, because WE SERVE THIS HIGHER TRUTH, a Truth far higher than this world can ever squint hard enough to imagine.  Don't take us the wrong way. To the world we have always said "non serviam".

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