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The Essence of Shangri-La, Immortality, and Truth in Morality, in "The Blink of an Eye"


This world represents isolation, not unlike the isolation that an autistic person experiences.  Yet this "autistic" connection begs the question, which came first, the isolation or the condition itself.  The isolation may not be accidental in our case, as it is perhaps associated with a Spiritual Condition which isolates a being of one essence from those who essence is "fully out of phase" with it.  It is in some cases a protective measure intended to isolate the vulnerable party from contamination.

In the case of this story it is the story of a being ISOLATED FROM THE GALAXY, namely a planet isolated from the other stars.  In this case one star, Sol, through a long process, managed to send a Captain and crew, made of a complement of representatives from other stars, to the isolated planet/star, and communicate with it.  This is perilous attempt in both directions, but bound to be influential no matter what the outcome.  The reactions which ensue will be dependent upon the natures of both parties involved.

In this case it was a "best case scenario".  As Aristotle rightly said in his Nichomachean Ethics, and as others have said, True Friendship is only possible among those capable of True Virtue, and therefore this case could only occur if the natures of both parties were Good, which in this case they are.  The evidence is shown from the beginning of the evolution of the communication to the end, that the isolated party was in fact of the same nature as the communicating party, and that this nature would inevitably evolve toward a "True Connection".  This happened.  This is the meaning of Real Religion, it is the essence of Gnostic Religion, and yet no intellectual understanding of this can compensate for the actual substantive requirements, that the Person actually BE of this essence as that Divine Source which communicates with It.

In the end, there is no gap created by a force of evil which will not be overcome by the Good rejoining Their Family in Heaven, leaving behind whatever wicked force caused this separation in order to support its own deficiency.   It may take eons, but in the Greater Reality, eons are just hours, and no matter what the temporal circumstances of an evil world, it will be proven that their dwarven circumstances cannot reduce True Beings to the ethical paucity of their demented "time frame" of pseudo-existence.  No matter how many incarnations We have endured, Our Signature Essence will remain with Full Integrity over the course of even an eternity of time.  Not the same will be said of those foolish enough to think they could bind Angels to clay.  

The "Sky Ship" is in fact a symbol for the aspect of the Heavenly Realm as it interacts with this temporal and degraded existence, in an attempt to bring about some form of communication.   At first it comes as a sort of "accident" attendant upon exploring the anomalous planet/star, but in the process of so doing it really recapitulates that the very existence of this predicament is based upon a "Celestial Error" which made for such a separation between a being of one essence and another of the same essence.  This division occurred when a force that is "evil" and "inimical" to that union took action, with a malevolent will, to disrupt that union.  In so doing, it was overcome, but only after a struggle.  In the process of this struggle elements of the Light had to be sent across the divide willingly, and this shown symmetrically in the story here as the ship's doctor going down, and then returning again as an angelic explorer/warrior/messenger.

It is symmetrical in that the "Best Pilot" was also in fact the True Contact, the Real Being who is on the other side of that anomaly.  This Being is in fact of a disposition to avoid contact at first, but is led on by a Greater Courage (the exploratory ship's captain, who resembles Capt. Janeway by no accident), and this is what enables his own survival even when courage failed (she died).  He has a genuine sense of the severity of the separation and its dangers because He is the essential core of that Essence HIMSELF.  He is injured in the  process of separation, and like a bone break, healing it means revisiting that trauma in the opposite direction, and that causes trepidation. 

His Spiritual Trepidation is misplaced, and he comes to see that it is overcome, but only against the grain of a world which is perversely adapted to this circumstance, and which subtly feeds on this separation force, using the tormented distance between Beings of the same Essence as an energy upon which to draw so as to establish their "evolution" which is really a calculated form of torture extended over ages of time.  Yet the Spiritual Mind of the True Being, which lives on incarnation after incarnation, communicates also across time through culture, and through Higher Dimensional anchorpoints (like the Sky Ship), and has His own INTERIOR CULTURE.   It is within this interior culture that He is able to develop a sense of True Hope that overcomes all doubt, just as it is his sense of Inner Connection to that outer form or symbolic image which drives his curiosity toward an almost reckless intensity, which is an intensity we might see is required to overcome such a seemingly implacable resistance to its effort. 

The result is that Good Faith is possible between such forces, as they are Spiritually Akin, and this is manifested by the Communion established by the Divine Spirit going into that world willingly, doing Its part, and the entrapped Spirits being brave enough to do their part to direct themselves back to that Being's Source.

Further analogies are spread THROUGHOUT the story, demonstrating a logical principle of whole-part relations which shows that when Cosmic Truth is involved it cannot be unwound from the matter into which it is invested without destroying that form of expression along with it.  That is a Truth reflected perfectly in the form of this story, and so much so that we see it also in the CONTENT of the story, as the Sky Ship's relation to the anomalous world is precarious to the  natures of each.  The evil-constructed world is dangerous to it, and vice versa.  Yet, the more dangerous, because the more ignorant and evil, is the world trapped in the anomalous dimension.  Even those who are part of the problem will not be able to see that it is so, from their limited perspective.  Also, those who are enlightened because they have a Common  Essence, may only have partial comprehension of what is going on, only enough to keep their Hope alive, although in direct interactions they may not be able to truly communicate with the Divine in a straightforward way.

As this progresses, in any event, there is a growing tension.  The false must be shed off, or the True will perish.  The Truth must be rid of, or suppressed, or the false will perish.  The developments which can facilitate Communion will also facilitate JUDGEMENT, and so the anomalous beings will seek to maintain the problems of separation, or make the worst of them, since their limited existence cannot embrace a Greater Reality.  The True Beings will be tested by all this, but in the end should come to transcend the evil anomalous beings/conditions through appropriate compensating efforts.  They will eventually demonstrate the ability to act according to a full understanding of what is True and Best, and will do so with Excellence.

This story is even better than this world with which it is compared for the sake of Gnostic analysis because in the story, the World, as a whole, IS the True Being, and the overall reaction was favorable.  The same CANNOT be said of earth.  It is wicked to the core.  The True Beings here are like slaves in pens.    The only thing that can be done to remedy this is to eradicate the entire place and bring those who entrapped out of here by force.  That can and will be accomplished.  There is nothing that anyone can do to stop it, not anywhere and not with any technology.  The destroyers will be destroyed.

But in the context of the story, it is a far more resplendent vision of the Transubstantiation of the Spirit, back home to His/Her Origin.  The story shows the life of a True Being over the course of the entire episode of the Cosmic Error, all the way from the first Discovery of Religion, to the actual completion of the process of the Immanentization of the Eschaton (in its non-"Christian" meaning, as in its non-Roman cult, non-protestant meaning).   That will occur as sure as Reality Exists, and Exists Sublimely, and is Truly Good.  It progresses in the forms of the best spirit of religion, diplomacy, science, and exploration.  It is the FULLNESS of the Being recapitulated even through the tortuous legacy of a time in hell.  But this time will be a blink in the Divine Eyes of those who survive it.

And we WILL survive it, and in our depth of connection, we already have survived it.  Just as in the end, the One who went to Heaven and came back, KNEW that he shared an Essence with Capt. Janeway (his Twin Self) which transcended the temporal anomaly gap created by the evil mind.  This sort of discovery was of the magnitude of uniqueness such that it is difficult to find another place or form of existence where this sort of analogy can be made, even in the Star Trek genre, even though a lot of approximations have been produced.  This one is like the actual epitome of them all.  It is a near-perfect approximation of what it is like to be  a True Being in a universe where evil has created an exceptional circumstance which the Good must overcome.

On top of all this, the story is just an excellent and charming wonder in and of itself, capturing in essence the story of Shangri-La and other stories of the Religious Mysteries, which are with humanity since times before history.  In fact they transcend history.  It also has something of the charm of Gulliver's Travels, and really in a way exposes a similar Spiritual Theme, as well as with other fairy tales.  It is perhaps of incidental interest that Capt. Janeway is a lot like Capt. Kirk in her overall demeanor, except in a woman's form, and with a feminine disposition, so a bit of nostalgia from the old series simmers through, especially through her romantic tension with the Pilot from the anomalous world, who is spiritually her Twin Self.

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