Monday, March 3, 2014

The World is a Haystack Called "Needleville"

 Karen's splendorous voice and songs were too much for this world.  To exhibit and be in the thrall of so much splendor, one wonders how she could also die at the age of 32 from a heart attack resulting from a condition of anorexia nervosa.  That's how so much joy and light died in the world.  Only speaking of appearances.  If appearances are true to fact, then the world habitually hosts what is good and beautiful, then snuffs it out as a form of entertainment.  But some who discuss spiritual matters with others and write books on the subject, like Eckhart Tolle, feel the need to blandly reassign the issue of blatant, manifest evil in the world to some small cast of "ups and downs" which are mutable as merely relative distortions of something which is beyond them and permanent, but without any polarity among those two.  So he blatantly denies the Moral Dichotomy which is required for the term "antivalence" to have any potent meaning.

Looking at what the world has in store for "all those innocent children" (no one openly declares them otherwise), you could see that it is on the whole a house of horrors into which souls are poured for anything but their ennoblement or education.  There are so many people in the world who are quietly and not famously just like Karen, in both form and substance.  This world habitually strangles them wherever they are, keeping them from expressing outward, from childhood up... then setting them up with false examples of glamour with the likes of Katy Perry and that one who always has her tongue out and her bottom above her head.  Or the one with horns coming out of her shoulders who plays the piano and breeds hordes of monsters in her own mind, but is paid well for her fantasy.  These twerking fiends are now what youthful maidens look up to for a sense of the beautiful or sensitive.

Therefore who could deny that the world is an evil affair?  It is not a place of justice, it is a place which must suffer the harsh fact of Justice Impending.  It is a place of justice like a monster's dark heart is a place of morality. It will have a lot to do with justice, as it is going to be getting the worse end of it (but fairly so).  That is the way that works.  It is a place of tribulations because tribulation is all it knows.  It knows the administration of tribulation as a form of spiritual enslavement.  You buy into a lot of "debt" in the form of false guilt and misplaced shame, and then you act accordingly lifetime after lifetime, declaring more and more your fealty to a system of falseness.  

Not everyone will buy into this scam, and many people have more to lose spiritually than others.  These people will overlap in different ways.  Some people will awaken more brightly than others who have "more to lose" but wake up more dimly (at first).  But in the end, each being's brightness is in direct proportion to its actual awakening, and that's just how that works.  Knowing is the awakening, not arbitrary faith, especially not enlisted into the services of self-contradictory and erroneous, malicious dogma and doctrine and creed.  Yet we live in that world, precisely that worst possible world where such deceptions and falsehoods can pass for "spirituality" along with vile criminality passing as "honorable civitas", or wretched evil being sheltered behind the scenes for the elect, but badmouthed by them in public, in essence, for everyone else... yet allowing art to extol the virtues of every vice imaginable in the name of "artistic license".   These are the hegmons which rule the spirits of physical men, no matter what "religion" they claim to hold (what a laugh).

No matter what we think about the people involved, the quality of music as an form of artistic expression worthy of being consumed by "the average decent person", has dropped to an all-time-low, since the time of The Carpenters.  Anyone who has experiences of music of a similar higher caste of spirit when compared with "today's crud" will know exactly that different quality, if only as a sense of it being "starkly different".   It is at least that.  But it is as starkly different as evil is starkly different from Good.  That turns out to be the objective, solid, irrefutable Truth that is the wall that subjective relativism must slam into.  It is a wall of the objective and future embedded, eternal Truth which is also a Mind and Judges, and which vitalizes all that is Good in Existence, even as far down as this wretched place, through the reflection of some Light, somewhere and some when, that a Light Being was here for any reason and happened to express Its True Self.  That is the reason for all that is good in the world (with a lower g), even the innocent cuteness and purity and sincerity of children (where the ego hasn't yet formed in them).  All this is the reality of reduced qualia that this world has inherited from its evil maker, the blind fool.

There can be no denial that in speaking falsehoods men speak many little truths.  To tell a story about being abducted by aliens (which may be true, after all), one mostly tells a familiar story (driving down road, seeing trees, lights in the sky, on the way home etc).  One can tell many pseudo-truths (very believable lies that don't matter in themselves) in order to frame up and make look good a single ridiculous lie.  This is what is usually the case in spiritual matters.  When "THE  NOW" or other similar trigger words, like "TRUE SELF" come up, these should be a clue to the diligent Being who would like to attain to Truth rather than lies dressed up as truths.  Just look at the colorful muck that this search query brings up from youtube.  Having been scammed before, he wouldn't be LESS diligent when so much more is on the line!

Be diligent, because the archons would prevent you:

They turned to their Adam and took him and expelled him from the garden along with his wife; for they have no blessing, since they too are beneath the curse. Moreover, they threw mankind into great distraction and into a life of toil, so that their mankind might be occupied by worldly affairs, and might not have the opportunity of being devoted to the holy spirit.

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