Thursday, February 13, 2014

Don't Fear the Sharknado... Embrace It...

Well, that's the New Age take I'm sure.  I say "Don't fear the sharknado, but don't embrace it either".

I was told about this movie by a stranger but I didn't believe it existed at first.  It was such a moronic concept, however, that I figured must be real, since we now live in the age where "worthies" include people who discover for the first time that you can save 15% on your car insurance by switching to GEICO....

It exists, and it is just as stupid as I imagined it would be from the description the guy made of it.  When he told the story he explained that he was in disbelief about this, but his daughter told him "Dad... it's a MOVIE".  So this burst of "suspension of logic" so as to facilitate the suspension of disbelief being STRANGE was lost on the little girl.

It wasn't lost on me, even though I wondered for a moment if this guy was for real... something odd about the way he burst in on a conversation we were already having. He did offer the interesting "Sharknado" element to the whole discussion, which is so over the top that it blows away a horror premised upon evils taking place involving cold storage, aptly named "Cold Storage".  The fact that they had a movie premise so weak that even a title such as that cannot weaken it futher, reveals a subtle level of irony about  the questionable sanity of a world we live in and among who at the same time feel free to label anyone they don't like "crazy".  Call it everyone having an honorary degree in "mob psychiatry"...  As opposed to "mob psychology" which is a totally different thing, but still very essentially related. It is related like this:  It takes a certain mob psychology in order to practice mob psychiatry...

Well, the unlikeliness of his jumping into the conversation "at that angle was "one thing".  The thing is, later one, when he was describing the senselessness of a tornado which can hold sharks in it, to say nothing of still-LIVING sharks is beyond the ability to suspend disbelief in a movie.  I was echoing his own attitude during his story.  But then he began to suggest that they breath the water in the tornado...  And it was totally inconsistent for him to seriously argue for that, but he really was.  I even had an objective and present witness to this event, who said they can totally see how anyone would think this guy did a 180 and began talking as if it made perfect sense, when at the beginning he told the story about it making no sense to him.

This guy did this.  THAT is what a REAL "Sharknado" is, someone standing right in front of you, blatantly contradicting themselves, and not even for any purpose, not even for the purpose of deception, just someone suddenly flipping a position on something which isn't even an idea, but a perspective or state of mind.

This GUY standing here telling us about the movie "Sharknado" is HIMSELF THE SHARKNADO. 

But the real "Sharknados" are the entities which pass for "people", but are slaves who consent to being enslaved, and who have no complaints about the immorality of the world that forces people to do unnecessary DRUDGERY in order to simply exist, enforcing a poor quality of life, when it could be that all drudgery could be eliminated, making the best out of this world instead of forcibly making it a hell worse than it has to be.  I couldn't figure out the motives of this very well, but then I realized it has something to do with the nature of evil in that it TAKES PLEASURE IN SUFFERING.  It enjoys the suffering of others.  Their "spiritual physiology" is adapted for eating misery in various forms.

So these beings really do exist, and thrive as the "ghost writers" of human history, human affairs in all forms, and all to ceaselessly pass the torch of a life where suffering is greatly reduced, but making the circle of that torch's passing as small possible.  It is totally parasitic so one suspects that there is a consciousness which is parasitic UPON THEM no matter what level they are in the hierarchy, but there must by definition be a topmost predator in their system.  That is the "evil mind" or the demiurgos.

They have no inner consistency, but are parasites who live directly upon the BREAKING of the consistency of REAL BEINGS.   They literally breathe in when we breathe out, or rather, when our breath is SHALLOW, they have more air to breathe. These egotistical bastard beings live upon the suppressioni of sincere Spiritual expression whenever it is Good, and thrive on the exploitation of anything that is bad, putting themselves in charge of a metaphysical and moral "protection racket", a racketeering in the form of the karmic wheel and the events in the worlds through which it passes.

They are the "material beneficiaries" and they do many dark deeds keeping them out of the direct sight of God, for God cannot envisage such evil.  Yet God can detect them and destroy them upon Separating the Light from them.

Our being conscious of the "sharknado" form of this illusory reality is what will let us maintain our Spiritual Health in this evil domain.  Seeing the sharknado for what it is, no matter how much others whine that we should accept it and be tolerant of the aburd nature of evil and the ridiculousness of the way their self-contradictory and unsupportable their impossible doctrines of "a balance of Good and evil" sound to us, when in fact we ought to do the opposite and rail against it as an absurdity.

Our being conscious in this way does real injury to their hold on us through these bodies.  It is an act of will to re-frame your reality in a way that is consistent with the TRUTH of what you see rather than "play along with the impossible premise", in other words, "get into the sharknado, forgetting that it is, after all, a sharknado, and there are no believable sharknados even if they are theoretically possible.  If they were they wouldn't be like "Sharknado" the movie.

Yet these people exist.  See them for what they are, that is the greatest damage to their absurdity.  See it as absurd, see it as awkward and antique compared to a REAL REALITY which is fully fledged and not based upon the artificial enforcement of an economy of scarcity and planned obsolescence.  Mock it in your mind, in your words and in your deeds.  Don't let it get away with passing itself off as REAL!!!

When others in the theater, watching Sharknado 3D, think they are "having fun" dodging sharks being spat out of the Sharknado (I'm sure it happened), you will have to be the one to spoil it for them all by going up on stage and taking a chainsaw to the movie screen, and splitting in half THAT sharknado which spat out those sharks. You may only do so in your mind, but the attitude you have created is a powerful thing when going against the grain of all that fawning upon the absurd people like to play the fools and do.

Is Israhell wagging the dog again?  Then when others want to ignore that, just remind them.  It ruins their day.  I'm all for doing that when it comes to the Truth.  Say the Truth which they least want to hear.  That's the magic formula.  Also, say the Truth that YOU least want to hear, and make sure YOU are on track.  More than half the time it was doubt imposed on you by demonic forces and it can be shrugged off without a second thought, or even much of a first one.

Never explain yourself to a sharknado.

Nevertheless, sometimes one must UNDERSTAND the sharknado, analyze it in spite of it being incoherent!  It is a demanding, but perhaps necessary entanglement from time to time.  Take the issue of the nature of existence and consciousness' role within it.  Consciousness itself, and its quality are, in the end, ALL THAT MATTER.  Matter, in and of itself, CANNOT MATTER.  So it all hinges on consciousness.  When commercials take up the mantle of influencing consciousness in consumer society of artificial scarcity economics created by the forcible degrading of technological evolution, we have to raise important questions about the images they put in front of us.  It has been 18 years since I sat in front of television specifically to watch something, and all that was was Star Trek TNG, or maybe some "Rockford Files".  That means that if I start watching it again, now, it will seem like a totally different world just popped out at me, because this TV is as different to me as Japanese TV to the average American who spends a great deal of time getting used to American TV.  TO ME, it seems as if TV doesn't even exist, except that I can't get away from them in that they are everywhere.  I have no in depth relationship to THEIR CONTENTS (their "programming").  I'm OUTSIDE the sharknado... 

The rest of humanity... is INSIDE the sharknado... looking out at me like I'm acting strangely.  First of all, I'm seeing them having a WHALE OF A TIME in that there sharknado they've gotten themselves into...  Second of all, I'm stuck in it, but that doesn't mean I have to pretend that a sharknado situation is "normal" just because we are in a perpetual "sharkicane" that has lasted for the last few thousand years, and has gotten a huge magifying glass put on it in the last few hundred.  Get real. You are into this, then YOU do the sharknado.  "You do you" as the sharknado enthusiasts have been caught savoring in saying to others when creating their own reality as a bubble inside their own imagination...

I AM doing me.  I am mocking your damn sharknado world you live in.  You are whiney because I see your sharknado world for what it is and don't pretend with you that this is normal weather in any way.  When you contradict yourselves, MAKE NOTE OF IT.

Now as part of this consciousness that we have, which rises above the sharknado and analyzes it in its absurdity, I am aware that the real shark of the sharknado is TIME and the inevitability of DECAY.  So if I see something glamorous in the world I am awed by it (if it is beautiful and not just some flimsy facade of flash), and yet I am also saddened, for I know it will not last.  I am making note of this "Spiritual Aesthetic" of the Gnostic sort, when I am attacked by a sharknado!!  But the look of it was like it came out at random.  So, who knows, it could have been directed at anyone. It was a reply to a comment I made about how a certain rock star who once pulled a lot of action  "in his day" is not only no longer in his day (the lead singer of Great White or one of those bands, oh yeah, "Whitesnake".  May as well throw in "White Lion" also).  Well, he didn't just age out of his role as rockstar hunk, but he was dropkicked by a jackbooted father time so that he sailed of stage at a 90 degree angle and crashed through a brick wall and then was hit by a garbage truck pulling 95 miles per hour sailing down the alleyway outside and then crashing into a building at the dead end of time itself.  I mean, in my heart I'm feeling a bit sad for the guy, because I thought it was a cruel transformation.  No pleasure was taken by me in this cruel fate, but nevertheless, the "world of sharknado" threw a shark my way, in the form of a woman who had to point out to me that she'd rather screw him than me any day even if he were a corpse and I were "over-educated"...  

The sharknado effect of this woman is SHARKNADO woman was duly noted...  I am writing this only to others who are not orphans of some passing tornado of insanity full of sharks who assume I want to lay them or that it matters who they want to lay as if this added any sort of weight to any consideration they already haven't earned, in a discussion about which they have no clue what it means, but assume that someone is competing with old former rock stars for their sexual favor?

In  many, many forms comes the sharknado!!!

But sharknados do have their support groups!  Just look at this reception the movie "Sharknado" got:

   Sharknado received positive reviews. It currently has an 82% "fresh" score at Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 6.1/10 based on 17 reviews.[28] The consensus states: "Proudly, shamelessly, and gloriously brainless, Sharknado redefines "so bad it's good" for a new generation." Reviewer Mary McNamara, writing for the Los Angeles Times, mentioned that the plot holes are "the whole point of movies like this" and that they are "fabulous in-home commentary. Often accompanied by the consumption of many alcoholic beverages."[4] David Hinckley of the New York Daily News said "Sharknado is an hour and a half of your life that you'll never get back. And you won't want to."[28]
However, Kim Newman of Empire called the film "cynical rubbish, with an attention-getting title and just enough footage of terrible CG sharks in a terrible CG tornado chomping on people to fill out a trailer suitable for attracting YouTube hits."[29]
Sharknado has become a cult film.[30]

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