Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Us and Them

They have used force, and not merely persuasion, to bring your world into its present condition.  And they have intended to keep it this way forever.  They live on their "isles of the blessed" doing every vile, perverse cruelty to others as they see fit, on one side of the curtain. On the visible side of the curtain, they show you a world with "authority" and rules and sticks, and all with some carrot-like period on the end of such a violent run-on sentence!

But there is another "carrot" available to those whose Spirit is enamored with a True Communion.  And only they will receive Heaven, and thereby actualize that they are ALREADY RECEIVED.  So if you Love Truth above all things, because you know this is a Great War and not a family get-together, this world, then you KNOW you are hated by the world!  Then you KNOW why, and you KNOW also what they do NOT, in their petulant ignorance!  

They will NOT be received in Heaven, and a harsh annihilation unto oblivion awaits them, since they made war against the Holy Spirit.  They are NOTHING more than spiritual rapists, and they are cowards at that; wretches, and fools.  They have only complete obliteration to look forward to at the end of this "run" they've had.

Realize you Faithful that you are in Court, under the eyes of Heaven, RIGHT NOW, and then see how you feel about that.   Does it change your attitude?  You'd be better off if it did, and the more of that the better!!!  That's RELIGION, that inward preoccupation on your moral standing, one which needn't conflict with ANY outward action EXCEPT what is known to be wrong. (Your conscience be your guide...) 

People can be convinced of many different things, and this whether those things "make sense" or not.  And they may have nothing to gain in any world, seen or unseen, by their fixation.  Or they may have a partial, temporary gain, which then descends into a total loss.  Any way that goes they will have hell to pay for their evil acts, and for those who could have reformed, for their lack of Penance.   Who do you think made the vessels of wrath and mercy?  The demiurgos!!  But what that thing doesn't realize is that IT ALSO IS A VESSEL, and one of the most PROFOUND WRATH...  But that is nothing but the echo of all its own evil coming crashing back upon it!!  Waves of evil emanating from this evil and putrid, horrible factory of suffering for the sake of feeding it, the demiurgos.  This place is wherefrom all that evil wrath is issued, and issued back to its source!

Separated from this world are Those who have delineated themselves from it in thought, word, and deed.  And they have done it "for its own sake", for their stake is in the True Vinyard.

Keep washing the world off you like Pilate washed his hands, and like those who shake the dust off their feet when leaving behind the decadent, the stubborn, the wretched, the hopeless, the parasites who would drag you down into the pit with them!!

Don't compromise, and don
’t cower

But in what a world you are forced to stand!  It is not because you are hated by your "creators" (or procreators),but  because you are begotten of God and cannot be made from objects of lesser beings' thoughts.  Therefore you have never been a body, but these bodies lie and say that they are your abodes, this merely because they are torture devices attached to your own Holy Spirit, and while they drag you into these hells of “embodiment”, as they would love to do the Holy Spirit!  They are the enemy of God.  They get you to compromise and believe in their "authority" as valid.  If they get that compromise then they can get energy from you and it seems beyond anyone’s power to stop them.  So you must not cede any authority to them.  We are under the law of Conscience, and nothing more. 

With that said, there is nothing in civil law which is truly just that we wish to overthrow.  If there must be an orderly control of those who lash out in violence against others.  But that is also true of those who lash out in violence against others for specific reasons, which have to do with their Spirituality and their Divine Heritage and their Noble Lives.  Let the secular powers know that their actions are being watched by those with Genuine Power, and it is They who will administer over the eternal destinies of both the Good and evil.  Don’t dream that it ends with the body, don’t dream that body will last forever, either…  It will NOT.  Even their own “god” has told them that.

But they must pay for their temporal power to stave off their own being devoured.  That’s the price they pay.  In biology this is seen in that the organism begins to self-devour if starved.  Of course, it will do so in an orderly, top down fashion!!  But the down up fashion of devouring takes place on the microcosmic scale, as our embodied lives and their hierarchical food chains.  But what we lose Spiritually is what we compromise in order to ascend or abscond from that chain of suffering.  We must not compromise our Spiritual Virtues to “get along” or “go along” with others.  Let them get along with people of clean conscience!

The world is bound by a Higher Law to respect this fact.  Yet we must by our own end obey the dictates of our own Consciences!!  You cannot serve NO spirit, but must serve the Holy Spirit.  That is Your Conscience.  You cannot BUT KNOW this.  If there is any doubt, then it is NOT YOUR CONSCIENCE.  Your conscience only makes you doubt something else, it cannot itself be doubted.  If you doubt it, then it wasn’t your True Conscience.  This is the True Christian Religion and it is NOT what is propounded in Christendom/Churchianity.

So what are you going to do, go along with their spirit?  That is the death of YOUR Spirit.  That is how their “machine” works.  That is how they are fed, by the moral decay of Spiritual Beings.  How could it have been ANY other way for Morality, or really, in the end, for ANY Qualia while existing in a “material” universe?  Indeed, how could a “material universe” even exist without this being the case?

So how can any existence for a Spiritual Being be at all meaningful if it is otherwise?  It cannot.  That is hell.  And that is this world.  It tries to take by force what it has no right to receive, AND CANNOT RECEIVE, even if given freely.  It must be dealt Justice, and it will be.  This is INEVITABLE.  No matter what things they say and do, no matter what pathetically false faces they wear, they shall know that our backs are turned toward them, and in a hostile manner.  They cannot win or persuade any of us to view them as in the Fellowship  of Beings.  They are anathema. 

What will become of them at the End of Days should be clear to anyone.  What will become of US is not for profane eyes ever to witness or know! 

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