Friday, February 21, 2014

In the World but Not of It

What if you could end the world, would you?  How?  What if that method were to leave the world?  What if it meant just turning your back on that world and living in a forward, Heavenly way?   Let the world collapse and you be indifferent to it?  Would you?  It howls at you, but it also howls in the pain of losing your attention, respect, or admiration...  Yes, it has ways of getting attention, ways of causing fear and glamour by which to steal unearned admiration by way of fraud.  That's for sure.  But it doesn't have AUTHORITY to do so.  It does so because that its very nature of its hellishness, it acts just as it does because it is just as it is.  It cannot and will not change except superficially as a ruse to do more evil in the longer run, that's its "communication dynamic" in all "negotiations", which are all nothing more than compromises in favor of evil.

But, in spite of these evil powers, it is otherwise powerless.  We see it for what it is, we don't admire it, we don't like it, we don't enjoy it, we don't want to live in it, we don't want to suffer in it, and yet to be consoled in that we will surely DIE in it, we must find our own unique paths back to our Source, through Awakening, with all the pain that comes with it.  Some of you have felt those pains, sometimes manifesting for many years and changing in its nature.  Some of these may resemble to you certain archetypes.  Know that those who have the Truth in them can sort out what those are.  They don't need to study mythology, because somewhere in their daily life they have seen some reference to these underlying spiritual conditions in some art gallery, or in some church or temple, or on some facade, or in a statue, or something, and they had SOME experience with it.  So they had a chance at least, to get to know their spiritual nature.

But some had to learn later in life than would have been ideal.  They must go through a period of penitence when they must awaken under a sort of pressure due to conditions they have been in and/or are in.  They must make accommodations they would have normally eschewed as a matter of taste.  Unfortunately we must "brush shoulders" with the evil world as it rips us off day after day.  We know how it is mocking us, yet we have no place of our own to live with other Sincere and Real Beings. So we must go Within Deep in order to retain our Vital Communion, until some form of society can be rekindled.

That is not likely to happen in our current lifetimes, and the world really does seem on the proper brink of its proper destruction.  It only has itself to blame, top to bottom and bottom to top.  The problem is that "the top" has been the private monopoly of evil beings for a very long time, and that has made the bottom a hog pen of evil and a torture chamber and prison for the Good.  This is proven.  And all its guilt it can get, for the evil services IT has rendered in a mockery of Good Faith, and all in the end for only the most ironically nefarious reasons (they SINNED MOST, who murdered most to "punish sin").

What of their god also, who "claims to punish sins".  The sin of using his world as he designed it?  To be a world of devouring all against all, with selfish greed and arrogant hubris the cornerstones of character upon which it builds it's virtues?  Is that what this world amounts to?  Then in that case what is the worth of it?  It has ZERO Spiritual Worth and ZERO Authority!!  And its sins are stacked so high that it crowds out the sins of those it accuses, making their substance and shadow nearly fuse in the mind's eye.  It seems plainly clear that in all cases bodily, civil, fleshly and natural that the world as a whole has more to answer for by far than any individual steward of one of these bodies.  If there is a "higher responsible being" behind this, it has a LOT of explaining to do whether it thinks it does or not.

It is a farce and a sham, a facade behind which demons GLORY IN THE DEVOURING OF OTHERS THROUGH SUFFERING, and it is a proper hell.

I have been honest about how I myself see it.  It is a hell, and if it is heaven to those here, then they are demons, plain and simple.  And if the majority of people feel the same way but just on a lower level of intensity, they are the peasants who reside in their version of heaven, and in view of their world, which is that it is hell, they are nothing but imps.

They are PEASANTS IN THEIR HEAVEN!!  They love being peasants, they don't care about being robbed by the evil pseudo-authorities above them, they LOVE it.  It gives them a "sense of purpose and a feeling of belonging, of being important, or at least not worthless, or at least tolerable as a parasite...  So this is their heaven.  Yet by the looks of it we can make improvements on it, by its own "claimed rules of civilization and civility, or "civitas", that outstrip it as it stands to such a degree that what it would become would make this look like a stinking hell.  Likewise we find that the only REASON why this is not happening is that those who are in charge of this world, who have power over it and authority within it, do make sure it stays this way and gets worse if necessary...  They intentionally keep the peasant class "right where they are" and use many secret means for doing so which work very well.  It turns out that they are in league with beings who can assist these warlord persons with needed influence and technology, both "material" and "metaphysical".

These are the puppets of evil.  If this were a video game THEY were playing, their whole objective is to make Spiritual Beings suffer so that they can be rewarded, both in the flesh and beyond it.   That is the simple Truth of it.  This realm is their evil hunting ground.  That's the world you live in.  And that is why most humans are such spiritual cowards, because they don't actually embody that Light trapped in their bodies.  They have held it prisoner (from when it was in their child bodies), and developed an evil persona, and this has kept the light within them from expressing, and this must be freed from them.  They must lose this "Inner Light" they think they are, but which they only keep prisoner, and it must be set free.  Since their egos won't dissolve to let it free in expression, and permit others to do the same, it is understood that they don't have any Spiritual Personhood in their mental forms about which to worry the Forces of Light may cause harm.  Those forces will therefore begin to act in accordance with the timing of the world, wherever they see fit, for they have True Authority to bring out of bondage the Spirits who suffer unjustly here, and keep in those who suffer justly, or who SHOULD.  That filtering process is going on constantly.  Every thought, word and deed do count, so make them count is probably the best advice anyone can give.

Be distinct from their world and its mores.  That's what my conscience tells me I must do.  I must denounce their values and reverences, for these are the obsession of the unspirited and walking dead.  The "philosophical zombies" of the Spiritual World.

They are all one rot.  It is rejected, dismissed, banished, destroyed and forgotten, forever.  This is the True meaning of "The Truth" according to Religion.  This is also the True Gnostic perspective on the world.  A person cannot pretend to do this, and the Truth is always accurately elicited over the course of every lifetime.  That is a refining process that ensures the annihilation of evil and the Restoration of the Good.  It doesn't matter WHERE evil came from, ethically, for a Good person to be Good and an evil person to be evil.  They do that "naturally" without any need for understanding.  The KNOWLEDGE of this is inherent, and not learned, but remembered.  It was hidden from them in this lower world which obfuscates such things.  It is a lower world, but it is not a Divine World.  This world is lower, but it is perhaps the highest world there is in hell.  It is a place where the Penance of the Hopeful can be rewarded with Grace, and those who have fallen into ignorance can be Awakened (ignorance is Spiritual Death).

YOU are in charge of this aspect of your fate!  So your destiny CANNOT Be decided by the world, even the whole universe and its maker, you are FREE to disobey it at will and in any way you wish.  I disobey it when it commands me to do anything, good or evil.  I simply choose to live a Good life as best I can by my own Sovereign, Awake and Uncoerced Conscience, and that supersedes all worldly laws and conditions of this world which pertain to "sin" as we know it.  Absolved by this because the world, in all its construction, have issued both the conditions and the penalties of sin, and have ensured that the former guarantee the provision for the latter, which is itself administered unfairly by its own rules, and is administered by the lackeys of every sin and crime they never dare profess for fear of being subjected to their own penalties (and they sometimes do when they throw each other to the mob).

I owe not a shred of guilt to that being which designed these evil bodies, so that doing evil is UNAVOIDABLE.  But the Light of Truth melts away all such false accusations, and demands this minimum:  Bare fault for all your sins and evils FIRST, for yours is the great mountain pile of  that which you claim hides under my foot, and its shadow obscures all our moral relations so as to permit me to abscond from any dealings with you concerning justice which you may supervise.  You are not competent to judge.

That is the Truth of the Spirit which Knows Truth.  And it is above this world and not beholden to it not ONE WHIT.

The world is in pain because it cannot coerce by deception what it wants, so it groans on the verge of precipitating violence of every sort, starting with economic and climatological disasters on the evil of a giant war which dwarfs the steady sideshow of war we've had for decades since men threw fists and rocks and women threw curses and rumors, until now that they have, in geometric progression, gotten very efficient at robbing an murdering on a very grand scale.  Such a "professional" world, isn't it?  Just doing what its god made it to do... pilfer the Good and feed the evil.

So reject it and all its institutions as spiritual dross and, act accordingly.

That means to live without fear, anger, resentment, attachment, jealousy, envy, hatred, aggression, gluttony, arrogance, vanity, hubris, pretense, guile, deceit, fraudulence, and so on and so forth.  Wow, you can know a tree by its fruit.  One of the fruits of a "nation" is its language, and the language of the world, there seems so much more variety and intensity of semantic load and specificity of its shape whenever the world refers to the description of something evil, especially as it dwarfs its opposite and contrary Beings and what language passes for describing Them.

But in fact, in the greater cosmos, the Higher Heavens are NOT the minority, and is the True and Vast Macrocosmos of which this tiny habitat is a spurious error being corrected..  It should be viewed accordingly in all one's affiliations of Spirit. to be sure.  If there is the slightest animosity of another, take that as a True Sign of their being beholden to the evil of their ego for sure, as the Conscience is clean and so this must be evil advancing.  If its advances can be rejected, that is sufficient.   But don't be taken in by ill-placed fantasies when in fact it confesses itself openly.  You are seeing what you are seeing.

But this is not the primary mode of a Spiritual Life.  The Spiritual Life is lived everywhere the world ISN'T. So we must strive to put our Spiritual Focus THERE.  Yet this is the only way to face this world, with our whole being turned against it, forcing it by force of this Heavenly Spirit to run behind us like a coward.  We refuse it the pleasure of pretending to us in public to judge us, for we know all such shows are mockeries and a farce.  But then they must like cowards find excuses to do their perfidy, as they use the entire edifice of civilization as their personal all-purpose self-aggrandizement one stop shop for the fulfillment of all urges that strike their fancy, from birth to death, or as close to that as possible (their beds often have short blankets, because the higher devils must get their due).

Either way it is not how we would live.  We would have Sincere relations with everyone, with nothing to hide, nothing seek from one another, but only the conscious dwelling in some Divine World with all the Joy that entails.  We have striven throughout history to advance this Spiritual Agenda wherever we could have any temporary power to do so, and have been behind or at the source, or greatly contributing toward it, of the vast majority of anything that ever improved the lot of man.  And all that could have but was repressed was so done by the archons.  Even what was allowed was yielded only after much suffering...

The price people pay for their "heaven"... Or make OTHERS pay, if they can.

Drawing our Spiritual Energy from the world according to the correct methods of Yoga/Religion/Spirituality/Alchemy is the correct procedure.  That is the minimum.  It involves a lot of devotion, a lot of focus, a lot of energy and results in a lot of sublimation.  An overhaul of the person is often due in several areas, and a dramatic change in perspective as well.  But this is not going to make sense to someone who has not sought it out, to say nothing of having prepared for it.  One cannot serve two masters,  Life that life which is closest to that of a Saint that you humanly can.  It doesn't MEAN that others must stamp you a good or likable person, and in fact they will likely hate you more if you are sincere and a living example which reproves their own natures.   But it is what one must by attempt by the definition of Good Religion.

Only in that Spirit can our detachment from the world be Valid and without reproach.  And so that is what we must cultivate, and how we must live life.  Especially when the Light is strong in a community.  It must not be treated like something to put on or take off.  It is the same face the world sees, subdued only to the necessity of our Highest Purpose.  It is a seriousness they see, a certain purpose into which they must fit or be cast aside.  And this truly incenses them.  It is however any person's prerogative, and that's a fact known by anyone.

If they were commanded by some higher purpose they wouldn't be standing around gawking or looking for ways to make living thwarting what is Good.  So, they wouldn't be miscreants in that case.  They are miscreants, therefore the antecedent is false, and they were not commanded by some higher purpose as WE know it, but only as something "anti-us" knows it, or something by definition evil, since the issue defines the disposition of the parties involved, and one side wants to commit evil freely and the other wants freedom from evil completely.  That means in this matter, the other party is evil by definition, and this is the very definition of evil, also.  The definition fits them perfectly, and in fact they have their picture in the Divine Encyclopedia Cosmologica under the heading "evil", and it is not capitalized because it is not a real entity in the Divine Cosmos, but a doomed illusion.  So they have no excuse, so why bother indulging them?  "Shake the dust from your feet" said some Light Bearer.

This disposition is alone the Religious one, which understands freely and easily these Truths and does not argue against them, even a tiny bit.  Good and evil have been CLEARLY differentiated, and their sources identified, and our obligations all ironed out precisely with no room for confusion allowed.  Anyone who holds another position is spiritually bound to it, and only those who find this already resonates with them, only they have a shot at really understanding it anyway.  That's where the world is now, it is basically sorted out.  We know not the day or the hour, but we DO Know a lot.  Let us act according to our Knowledge, or we will surely act according to our ignorance.  That is the meaning of Wisdom and Courage.

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