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The Physiognomic Interstices of Evil

What a laugh.  This very SEMITIC-looking Brahimi, probably of Arab extraction, doesn't really look all that different from a Jew.  No offense to Arabs and Jews, but you do sort of look similar.. I think it is because you are all Semites. No offense, but if that offended any SEMITES, then it should be for some good reason.  After all, if I said "Celts" or "Nords" or any other racial type, or maybe... BLACKS...  oh I see, I see how you do it, you evil ones... You've made taboo words serve as petty impediments to the discussion of an important topic. Isn't that evil!  Behind a taboo word, you can hide anything, like you are performing a MAGIC TRICK.  Very tricky you are!  That means the cry of some form of TRUE EVIL like "racism", is going to stop people from looking further into any facts which happen to be about people of a given race.  Therefore Black-on-White crime in America is severely under-reported and the reverse is severely over-exposed, and this is to stir up people's race-identified egos so they can't think about anything and get all angry and twisted in their minds, and so if there is some issue which IS somehow correlated with race and, while not racial in nature is still statistically correlated to the involvement of a certain race rather than others, then this fact alone means we must edit our consideration of everything IMPORTANT AND ESSENTIAL about the matter.  Cry all you like, but in this case you have "cried wolf" too much by using the A-word to often, although the irony is that this seems absurdly impossible!!

It is a very nasty trick, to cajole someone out of thinking about something.  Too bad the Sicilian Mafia in the U.S. didn't pull the RACE CARD as successfully. If they had it would have protected them from undue harassment from the peon public.  It has protected the Semite Mafia very well.  It is composed of Jews who are influential in politics, culture, and government on all levels, and Arabs who happen to be Oil Sheikhs (or Oil Sheikhs who happen to be Arabs, take your pick of emphasis). Maybe the "The" Mafia could have said "Hey, these people are NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF ANTI-SICILIANS".  Yeah, amazing how that doesn't work as well, but LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME.  All the Sicilian Mafia were... Sicilians...  Therefore, to be anti-Sicilian Mafia, one is in that case, "ant-Sicilian".  Even in a universe full of Sicilians, if you were against anyone, even yourself, you'd by that definition be "an anti-Sicilian".  

Now it is obvious why I shamelessly flout commonplace fantasies about propriety and so forth.  I know that those who are subservient to that are idiots anyway, and I'm speaking to an audience far above them, even while I sometimes "talk at" them or about them. 
Amazing, huh.

I just thought I'd mention all that, because this Brahimi fellow blames a very European-looking Semite, Bashar al-Assad, for the failing of these "peace talks".  Note that this means nothing.  Everyone knows what the "revolution" in Syria is really about.  EVERYONE KNOWS.  They aren't afraid you might COME to know, they know that you know.  They are afraid of the day when you can SEE THROUGH THEIR ACT.  In this case I don't actually think that Assad's physiognomy has anything to tell us.  Instead we may ask the likes of this what he knows about all this revolution business.   But THAT inevitably leads to a discussion of the GIANT ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, which itself is standing on a foundation of LIES, but which lies now form the bedrock mind-programming for those who believe in various isms, religiously or not.  This is their "real" religion (THEY have at least once broken the link, which was to a discussion in metapedia about "Holocaustianity". I suggest reading about this subject).

But look at this evil man talk about "peace process" and sounding off as though he were a SAGE trying to broker the healing of a nation...   This guy is a page right out of the history books on literate baboons.  There is no PEACE PROCESS.

There is only a WAR PROCESS.

And if you look at who has historically been hard at work funding and goading nations' involvement in the WAR process, well, you might find a brief study of physiognomy will help you hone in on certain patterns you might otherwise have missed, like JUST HOW RELATED are many of the people involved in some segments of the conspiracy.  It is as if ONE MAFIA had local franchises, and the Zionist Branch is just one of many.  It seems a farce to think it is not this organized, and this multifaceted.  It  is literally forced upon the mind of those who have Nous to see this evil, overarching mental force and know it is not something they have anything with-which-to-do.  We literally have the Good Sense and Sensibility to "turn up our noses" at evil.  Our bodies, crafted to drag us through the mud, are not our blame.  They are the shackles which assault and insult us, then demand we blame ourselves for this predicament because you see some aftershocks of this evil realm have elicited our DEEP DISGUST, and we have acted through bodies which are PRE-PROGRAMMED for cruelty when needed and upon demand, as instructed programmed through culture and genetic codes and intergenerational psychodynamics by the most sadistic entities imaginable, and BEYOND your imagination of any "demon" or "devil".  We just call this process "embodiment" for short, and the entities major heads are "archons".

They are really more like the confluence of tributaries, and truly they are, because they are "created" by the contribution of lesser beings.  They then all form their councils and elect their greater gods in like manner.  But behind it all, the "final cause", happens also to be the "efficient cause", which is the being that generated the whole illusory world in the first place.  It is waiting at the end, waiting for everyone fooled by Its Falsehoods to bow down to it as if it were the inevitable outcome of their own innermost truth and cause.  In fact, some of us "will not serve".

In this war process (which has a sub-process called a "peace process") sometimes a desirable return to "ORDER" is required and all sides are expected to cooperate in that affair, in return for promises of goodies, or mercies, and with the prospect of the Big Brokers getting a lot of CONTROL out of the deal.  This is BIG BROTHER WORLD (vested interests worldwide, concentrated in power as the Security Council of the UN), and in essence the whole UN.  The UN is just a hand puppet for those interests.  It should have to be repeated, but really people just don't "get" this fact, even though it is a necessary fact of reality, given the nature of the beings involved.  Take for example this Brahini. He is embedded in the power structure of Algeria, which means nothing to you, but it means everything to Algerians.  His daughter is  married just about 8 years ago to some prince in Jordan.  What does that tell you?  It tells you a lot people kiss this mans ass, that's what it tells you.  But most of you can't hear the words, because you kiss the same ass, but through different cheeks, as it were.  You find them in your surroundings now, as your family, your culture, and your "society".  You are parts in a pseudo-cognitive process not at all unlike a machine.  that machine is an irony, because it talks a lot about meaning out of its PA system, but in its behavior it reflects only a deficiency in meaning, since it doesn't behave as if it understood what its own expressions mean.  It didn't just misapply them, it cannot have those ideas at all.  Mary knows from a black and white room what brain state they were in when they mouthed the words corresponding to those meanings.  She will know the "brainstate" but she will not be able to tell you what that brainstate MEANS, and neither will the brain in that state, not even if, all the time and wherever such a meaning exists, it exists in correlation with that brainstate.  That's just dumb, blind coincidence.  For some philosophical discourse on the philosophy of mind which connects to this issue, one couldn't do too much better than to start here and now by performing this thought experiment

In other words, people commonly don't "GET" this, even though it can be logically DRAWN OUT OF THEIR SLACKENED JAWS... by use of the Socratic Method (of which sophists who are not philosophers have no inkling of the meaning).  I can take anyone off the street and by their own confession, with some artful assistance on my part, and he will literally say the same thing I've said about the UN Hegemony, and what is behind it, and he'll say the words out his mouth like a machine, like a mechanical parrot, and I can do it using LOGIC.  But because some well-funded entertainment interests decided to make movies showing bad guys only as rotten apples in a big, otherwise reasonably okay bunch, people just can't fit this worldview into their cramped little headsy weadsies, and so they don't wan't to face the implications either, and so you must now be treated like a dunce or a "crazy person" because you can properly define and identify a hegemony.

No, only those upon whom academia has bestowed a crown of respect, with chairs, offices, stewardships, awards, titles, privileges, biographies, reviews, etc etc etc, only THEY may say such things.  And no matter what the PEONS must go along, or be tragically uncool.

The media leads out mental compliance, not with Logic or Fact.... but by BRIBERY with promises of Eternal GLORY (and by DECEPTION generally)
The government does it also... but by INTIMIDATION and PROMISES OF POWER AND HONOR (or threats of their confiscation or denial)

BY FORCE AND FRAUD, you have been ROBBED before you were even conceived as children.

So by both bribery and intimidation, the human public mental-net has been completely controlled and ordered by one influential force, a.k.a (a form of) Hegemony.

Cultural hegemonies exist, political and economic hegemonies exist, even emotional hegemonies exist (families, friend circles, etc).


But because the ENTIRE WORLD Is this way, where are you going to go?  You could circle the globe over a course of 15 lifetimes, and you would exit the stage of life and enter it again, taking a shower in astral realm between these iterations (got to keep fresh and clean), and find yourself in a downward spiraling consciousness, manifestation after manifestation, because you have not lived up to what a Higher Existence requires.  Because you wouldn't be braver and ask the right questions, and learn to SEE THROUGH LIES.

Because you wouldn't see through the lies, you mouthed them.  Therefore you have implicated yourselves.  This is seen on much HIGHER LEVELS of Reality, and this is very important in your future, because your future is now, in the present, and it is a very LONG present (to Eternity) if you are going to TRULY LIVE.  And if you don't pass the TEST of True Life, then you have failed it.  To have failed it is to:

   FEAR LOSS as the primary motive for evading danger (cowardice)
   SEEK GAIN as the primary method of enduring existence (avarice)
   DESTROY OTHERS as the primary means of assuring one's own survival

These are the things that EGO MINDS do, ALL DAY LONG.  THIS IS YOU, 
ignavi, being talked down to by some monkey in a suit at the UN, telling you a fairy tail about what these are (peace talks) and about what are its causes for failing (it was a joke of a "process" by any standards).  How could it be a process when a process must have as its Goal ETERNITY, but this is nothing more than an attempt at a power settlement that satisfies the need for the HEGEMONY to have its ass kissed properly.  Someone LITERALLY must get in his own plane, fly to the establishment of the person whose ass is to be kissed, and KISS THAT ASS.  They do this, or further conflict must be allowed to go on at present levels, perhaps escalating levels...  and the weaker power must decide whether it is better to die in such a struggle, or do a proper ass kissing.

But we are told that some "concessions" were made.  But people who don't GET this believe that story and go back to eating their nasty processed food.  To them the case is closed right there.  A "conflict" is "being resolved", and life goes on, and their BBQ or whatever needn't be interrupted right this second.  That's the WHOLE SCOPE of their ENTIRE CONSCIOUSNESS.  That's it.  When the news says jump, then in life in general, they say "how high?" and get to it.  But on certain issues in particular, they are willing to take fanatical journeys into the obscene and the absurd that would make demons blush.

It is they who are responsible, as citizens at the gate of hell, to which they are bound.  The ignavi, going back and forth listening to drivel from those who goad them back and forth through false alternatives of existence, full of false values and false truths,  all while zig-zagging them through time toward the abyssal mouth of the demiurgos.

So to those who love the savor of suffering, AND to those who love the fragrance of Righteousness, I say to you all and one, one and all, but only to the latter with Love:


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