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On the Perverse Nature of Human Notions of Nobility and Divinity

:with additional thoughts on how best to understand their distinction from the True Forms

Time to say goodbye_The Hollow Crown

From a Masculine Spirits perspective, what it might mean to live in a world in which all is a stage and we but actors in it playing our roles, some great and some minor, all to exit into the same oblivion, in perfect irony between all the appearance of substance and meaning, and all the reality of emptiness and deflation.  To discover the brute possibility of a world in which its highest ideal form, even if achievable in bare essence, or perhaps even in both essence and in every minor detail, would in the end still be a cosmic FARCE, in which no one, not even the GOD who made it, to say nothing of a mere man in high seat with a high hat, can survive its last moment!  The great farce of this WORLD, which belongs to a god who is NO REAL GOD, and is made in image of a being that in all the Cosmos is UNIQUE ONLY IN ITS DEFORMITY... being neither male nor female, and being a misbegotten, misbirthed MISCREATION, over whom even ONE SPIRITUAL MAN is greater as Light is to darkness its absence.   One single Man could complete the CROSSING between God in the Highest and this world in its utter corruption, and himself stand OVER the false god of this world (Satan, Demiurgos, Yahweh, etc.), and be a Chief among EQUALS, Spiritual beings entrapped wrongly in a deformed human existence in a falsified universe made by an evil mind.  OUR DIGNITY could collective rise up beyond the false hierarchies of this world only if in our SUBLIME UNITY we could interact through an array of symbols sufficiently transcending TIME AND SPACE so as to enable us to weave an image in a form HIGHER than this false world with its false god could EVER achieve, thereby simultaneously manifesting in a HIGHER DIMENSION which overruns this one, and by being visible with and intersecting BACK UNTO that realm with the polarity of  direction OPPOSITE THAT YET ONE WITH IT, we showed our ironic DEVIATION from this world and all it calls "natural".  This perfect IRONY, this HOLY CROSS is known to many Spirits in this world and is understood through archetypal code, in TWO GENDERS (or an intermediate, bipolar coupling of those genders in some proportionality), so as to express IN THE FLESH this conjunct image across both SPACE AND TIME so that it is incontrovertibly universal, completely sincere and unhoaxed, and as to its Authenticity not even the dumb and blind false god of this world could deny it was beyond its ken, but say no more...   

The members of this class who in this world are Male in nature can each and all manifest this Kingly Quality in this world and actually be WORTHY of doing so (as in NOT UNWORTHY, not "especially worthy").  In a REALM OF EQUALS, it would befall one of them to manifest in one Epitome the UNITY OF THAT BROTHERHOOD, so that he is a Spiritual CHIEF AMONG EQUALS (a Big Brother by Election), who can actually and truly represent the entirety in one expression of his own individuality on at least one essential mission, be it a choice of what fate all will share, what action all will take, and with what presence of sincerity all will endure the experiences which lie betwixt that effect and that cause, but by another way that cause and that effect.

This is a metaphysical fact among many which is subtly revealed to those who have the Nous over the course of a lifetime.  And one such Chief among Equals can be elected by this body for each and every aspect of their collective significance in this corrupt physical world.  But this being is not "carnated" but is a transcendent Mind which projects His Divine Grace INTO THE WORLD and calls up as the negative of that image the SUBSTANCE of this illusion world which corresponds to his image (His negative polarized substance, that goes out from His Substance into the world to seek the corresponding "Son" Substance in it, and to draw Him up through SUBLIMATION in SUBLIMITY.  In men in this world this process involves a proper comprehension and employment of philosophic faculties (Mother Sophia in most males, biologically), and direct His passions accordingly, until the false man dies away, and the Holy Transubstantiation is demonstrated  "in the flesh", and God takes a single breath of Light, Inhaling Himself back into Himself.  

In women this entire process has a different form entirely, which is to say in Feminine Spirits this process takes a feminine form.  And in what form IN which it is engendered, those details are themselves altered according to the roles people are scripted to play.  So in this world of men for example there MUST BE a "Real College of Cardinals" with a "Real Pope" (Sons of God and Steward of Christ their King), but these costumed dudes in Rome AIN'T IT.   Moreover, because of their semi-retarded FIXATION on the outer and formal, presentational ACCOUTREMENTS of these roles, they clearly lack the SUBTANTIAL ESSENCE of what it means to be "Men of God".....

I leave it to the reader's discretion to understand what I mean based upon the art I have chosen since long ago for both my youtube channel and google page.  But lets just say I myself DO KNOW what is meant by the RED AND WHITE, and that these beasts you currently see WEARING red robes with white in a secondary role, these Cardinal costumed men, ARE NOT REAL CARDINALS (guiding spirits of the "Type IV" category of which Ana speaks in one of her out standing comments on this page where she says there are four types of humans:  The

And it takes place in all the faculties of a Spiritual Man's consciousness, in forms which manifest archetypically as certain forms, such as kings, wizards, Trees, vertically inclined structures, knights, etc. and these archetypes are themselves simply ideal expressions of certain faculties which have no literal contents in this world, but which if they had some fully expressive power limited to this world, would manifest its contents as a certain ideal of an idealized form of whatever it happened to be.  It would be a form, in its totality as a whole Personality some force so great that it would shatter the ego in order to complete its Breathe Eternal (its Yoga, its Religion), and thereby would Complete its Path, and become an IT, or a form which intersects with Substance Eternal, and not merely substance temporal, or phenomenal finitude.  It is a Transubstantiation of this worlds very substance (illusory in one way, but partly derived from the Original Reality, partly Divine in Origin).   THAT DIVINE PART is reunited (reconnected, bound back) with its Origin!  That is the Great Breath of the Real God, and it is the Vertical line of the Cross which Perfectly in alignment with God's own Will, and that is manifest in this realm as a Single Man for any given issue of essential significance, through any essential faculty, at any time.  It is a sort of Spiritual Mantle that is an uncollapsed probability wave until such time as its manifestation is forced by the circumstances of the Lateral line of the cross, which is the very substance of the Men who are Transubstantiated by sublimating the wretched flesh of this world.  Those who have done this have literally become Gods among mere men.  Among these Real Men (as Daoists refer to Them, or as "Immortals"), one is at any time chosen to be the Chief among Equals in order to shift the pivot of the world so as to bring it closer to its Final Conclusion.  

And these men, guilty of every hypocrisy and falseness, yet covetous of every vain title which claims some preeminence of a saintly virtue, yet possessing no virtues except a perverse cunning, are the only fools dressing like clowns without the merit of even being amusing, but in fact do serious harms to those who trust in them, and worse they do these deeds as are only as monstrous as to be the perfect inverse of any virtue.  They not only are not chaste, but they are sadistically inclined to rape young children.  So what can we honestly say of them except that it is ironic that only they pretend to deserve as a distinction to wear the vestments which for a REAL priest are only worn in PRIVATE ceremonies and only in the eyes of those who are themselves clean enough to be  in sight of such events.

These WHORES in other words, don't even have the goods their leader pimps them out to have (both literally and in the modern sense of "decked fashionably", perhaps beyond the needs of the occasion in order to emphasize one's superior status in some way the expression of which a lack of such attire would fail to properly indulge as to fitness, at least in the aesthetic fantasy of the posers own mind).

And it was this irony that filled the writings of the Gnostics, and which is found in all their True Exemplars in any respect, in that they always rightly held the office, the mere outer accouterments of which were the true fixation of those with NO CLAIM to such offices.  And while in fact there is only ONE office, they have taken it and splintered it up into many offices of varying size so that some petulant ego can at least take the pleasure in being called, if not Pope, "Prelate to the Pope", and other such disgusting vanities and transparent grasping for glory.

And to accentuate Shakespeare's Hotspur to fit the occasion, and with a form/content inversion that suits the occasion and is quite telling, "and but for these guns, they would be pious men"!  For with Shakespeare's telling of Hotspur's vision of Prince Harry, we see that it is really in  his outer appearance and as an expression of what is presumed, perhaps unjustly, to be a deficiency of his character as ill-suited for an office held merely due to fate, whereas he himself could practically EARN his own Kingship outright by his nobility of deeds and character as proven on the field of battle and with merits above and beyond even those conditions' norms.  In this case, the ONLY quality that is saintly about these men IS THEIR COSTUMES, which are inherited from a FALSE LINEAGE and not even a real one (there is no succession of the Keys to the Gates of Heaven that passes between a Christ Being and men in some strange and perverse inversion of a Transubstantiation!, there IS NO temporal office of Steward of Christ available to men, because such an office is a self-contradiction, and also because even if it weren't men would be unworthy of it having and institutional existence except in precisely those cases where it can be embodied in an actual and Divine Man, which is not the case with these devils for certain.  In fact, everything about them that is not these pious costumes is not only insufficient to the task of Spiritually filling them, but is actually the very antithesis of what those accouterments actually are supposed to represent formally.  That is why Jesus the Christ called them "vipers", evil beings who "sit on" the tokens of Truth but cannot even understand what they really mean, and at the same time claim a monopoly not only on these, but on their very meaning as well (which they don't understand or express), while at the same time they deny anyone else not only these vestments as befits their actual dignity, should they even wish to claim right to don them, but they also proclaim all others UNFIT to do so without their approval.  That is because they prefer to keep ALL the power they can so as to keep the people as thoroughly docile in respects to the  meaning of religion as possible, just so that any occasion where a Spiritual Being may spring up he is bound to be chastised for expression of his True Nature starting from early childhood onward.  

This arrangement is completely concordant with their method and motive for creating it, and whenever convenient, enforcing it with violence.  The method being the abuse and sacrifice of children wherever possible, but especially in such a way as to ensure their master over the generations which are so abused, and also to ensure the flow of energy in the direction proper to their evil appetites for exploitation of the vulnerable, and also because of their desire get at the True Seed before it can properly manifest, for by then it has become a much more difficult problem... as they cannot comprehend nor deal with, nor even cope with the Powers of God which emanate from such Saints.  That is why through the history of "Christianity" we find a continuation of the murder of "saints", sometimes worthy of the later appellation, sometimes not really, which took place before Rome "converted" into a Christian entity.  Because it NEVER DID achieve such an impossible transformation, and no temporal power CAN do such a meaningless and empty thing, and they merely stole the imagery they found convenient to steal the thunder of their Theological distinction and drive them further into obscurity by direct debasement of their meaning and lore by coarsely and crudely stretching out the signs and symbols of the Real Religion over the ignorant musings of cults which are merely fronts for the butchery of the innocence of all, but of children most especially.

That is why Jesus the Christ damned these pharisees, these lawyers of nonsense, and not merely the ones before his physical eyes, but their evil spirit and its evil author even as distributed across all the cosmos.  This he had the Real Authority to do and did do, and this Transfigured him fully into Christhood, and this is what condemns those who pretend to be associated with his name ever since.

So it suits their methods to institutionalize such abuse, as it makes it easier to carry out when it is already a bold tradition, even if it must be kept out of the eyes of people (while their evil hearts secretly know what their eyes can only suspect in the imagination)...  and so humanity is proven complicit with this evil hierarchy of false religion, found unfit for future existence in any form but in an unmanifested energy devoid of its own mind.

That is also the fate of those who pretend to rule over others, when no Real Authority was ever exercised that way to begin with, and when they are least fit for it for sure regardless.  And this is the fate of those who claim that "evil and suffering are a necessary counterbalance to goodness and bliss".  These people are nothing but plentiful little imps in service to greater demons under who they toil sometimes in all but name.  Perhaps it is in this that enthusiasm for disdaining the "poins" is "curbed too much" (I think thou dost curb thine disdain TOO MUCH, my Lord).  It turns out that in fact, through ironic inversion, Shakespeare is telling us the reverse, that humanity is HUMAN, and all too much so, and richly deserving of its disdain, even that which is allotted to it by FALSE nobles!

If nothing else were the argumentum ab extrema exemplum, then this would be sufficient and necessary for the demonstration.  As it is, sufficiency will suffice.  But that this form of demonstration is also sufficient to rule out any alternatives, both because the causes of phenomena in our world and the effects we see would be incongruent with each other and internally, both, so it is also necessary  that it is the case, and therefore that we do in fact live in such a world as is slated for that most terrifying fate at the hands of the True God.

This is why even demons who have no hope are not recommended to stretch their necks too boldly before the last day, as if they do their necks will surely snap more painfully when the Great Judge yet commands them to do so, for then they must endure a worse rebuke than if they hadn't.  Even before they lose their being, they will lose and experience the loss of the consistent meaning of the experience being, they will experience directly their own loss of any dignified subject capable of claiming to be the enduring subject of an experience.  Such is the fate of all who snicker and mock and grimace and snort and sniff now, in the comforting illusion of the present, but over them looms the Scythe of a Greater Reality which is destined to fall upon their necks with a resultant spiritual humiliation that cannot be measured as to the intensity of its horrific pain.  Yet this will be even worse in the cases of those who were more excessively blatant in their evil, going all out to arrogantly "up the ante" in the faces of the Righteous and those others who served as their foils in a massive and evil war of deception based upon cowardly and covetous ignorance and ontological deficiency and malignancy.

To the Saints who endured and still endure their persecution it is guaranteed that their Salvation is complete and they are as Good as Restored right now, and that in the immediacy of this Truth is already contained the Real and Living Truth that our Godly Family in the Heavens and we have no need of remembrance of this erroneous epoch of evil's deformed and then erased appearance.  It is already as if it never were.  The very nameless, faceless, and timeless eradication of evil will be the very permanently enshrined, expressive and eternal conscious bliss of the Substantial Existence of the Good.

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