Thursday, February 27, 2014

An Evil Lineage Uncovered

Synagogue of Satan  Whatever your views on it in the end, you owe it to yourself to get all its information, which those who oppose this information getting out can be shown to have an interest in your ignorance, or at the very least, in your gullibility. 

Wow, that John Swinton SPEECH!!  That is the LIGHT!  He was telling you all EXACTLY what was the Truth, and you failed to see it then!  And still to this day! 

And GARFIELD!!  They outright tried to help their country when they had the chance.  And the masses just walked off a long, 100 year cliff...

No DOUBT that Christ Jesus said the same things, and so was punished then, for saying it TOO LOUDLY, and TOO CLEARLY;  Not for lying, not for defrauding, not for slandering, but for TELLING THE TRUTH.

These Zionists didn't invent having someone else's cake and eating it to, but they sure are its high priests!

That Phillipe de Rothschild died only in 1988, carrying on this evil that whole time as soon as he was free to wail into the world.  That's how "in your face" history is, it lives right in your presence, like a long, overlapping rug going back "to The Beginning".  On the other side of this force is your dna, and in the middle are these manipulated falsehoods that the right and honorable Swinston spoke about.  Living it to this very day.  Well, don't expect to be taken seriously by those who know better!

When you see these manipulations laid out, all in a series, you see clearly a "force of intent" that stretches across millenia!  It is a "state of mind" for sure, and it is taken care of by its god, mammon!

And wow, having an elongated male member is shameful?  When did that happen?  Noah invented that?  Wow!

In any event, they've shown you just how twisted their cultural grip is on people's minds with stories like that.  And all the influence through the NAACP, and now with AIPAC.  It's all in your face, the ARCHONS are right there, in shamefully bold letters.  Well, this is nothing new in a way, but at least before a King's own deeds on the battlefield made a difference, because chieftains didn't fight under fools or weaklings.  At least not at first.  It took about 4 generations for a plain coward to take the inheritance of a throne and have not the requisite virtues to justify it's stewardship.

These days, there is a perpetual leech which rules over the fates of men.  After the empire builders got a scientific lead on their competitors elsewhere in the world, they took full advantage of it.  In the end, the other side was being played as well, via different mechanisms (imperialism usually, but also religious hegemony, and militarism as well).  These conglomerates all dominate through ego and its demonic children, anger, desire, and fear.  Finally, toward the end, they are all brought together under one crop, and the controller wants to feed on his one feast, but it will be denied him at last.

They used the same methods on political rulers throughout the history of their existence, and were known as "sorcerers" before they were known as "Jews".  Gypsies had a similar history in ancient India.  In the end, it is a corruption that has sources outside of the stage of human perception, taking place behind the metaphysical scenes as an awful and demonic influence on the minds of people.  They had more or less the same poisonous influence in ancient Iran during the time when they wrote their perverse book of "Esther".  Such  perversity lives on to this day in a hightened form.

Do not be surprised if nothing is written out of this stranger than fiction existence.  Alien life forms, arcane high technology, otherdimensional wildlife, forces of cosmic significance which even all these fear...  All coalescing to some final destination in time and space... with the fate of all souls bound therein.

Your particular religion will not matter when Truth collapses all illusions.  Your beliefs, worldviews, etc, will not matter.  It is not what you profess in public, but what you CONFESS in PRIVATE.  Realize this before that Great End forces the realization upon you.

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