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Contra Columnis Quintus I

I've endeavored to clarify my understanding of the world in which I have passed time in this body.  Up to a point, this is a natural disposition of the human body itself, as it develops and grows in the highly vulnerable states of youth, especially epitomized by the vulnerable and sensitive development of the nervous system and glandular system.  This was a condition of these bodies which would be impossible to understand as being "vulnerable" unless there were a world with environments in which such dangers exist as we know do exist in our world.  It is a world which has til now demonstrated that the need to survive as a body is the strongest drive of any of these forms of "life" which in this world exist.  Individuals, species, entire kingdoms of life are known to be predatorial, parasitic, and sometimes both. Fear is the default condition, surpassed in biological priority only by other problematic conditions, such as lust and hunger, but at the very least, pain.

That demonstrates that this world condition is suffused with suffering punctuated by only illusory states of satisfaction, with at best transient pleasures, and the ever present and aggressive impending death.  That alone raises profoundly important questions about what sort of world it is in which all this takes place.  Is this the inherent nature of this domain of existence?  Is this the nature of existence itself?  Is this the only way things can be?  Should they be this way?  If not, then how have they become the way that they are instead of being what "nature ought to have" intended?

A large host of questions stem from all these, and many other primary questions can also arise just upon initial consideration of the world condition.  What of the gap between the expectations that people have and what becomes the case?  That alone is evident.  That is a spinoff at least of the volatility of the initial conditions of life itself in this domain.  A life form acts "as if" its actions will tend to keep it alive, or even enhance for a longer range of time than the immediate, its living conditions.  For devourers like rabbits, for example, they not only predate upon plant life, devouring them whole or in part, but they must also avoid the predations of omnivores and carnivores, compete (one supposes) for sexual satisfactions, find relatively safe places to hole up to sleep and rear young, and so on.

Even after this, there are parasites that may infest their skin, digestive system, and other systems in their bodies.  Some of these will be more malign than others, and few if any offer any meaningful compensation for whatever it is that they take.  Diseases may arise which are in essence the worst form of these opportunistic life forms which are called parasites.  The disease process which results from infection by bacteria, fungi, viruses, or other organisms could be considered the ultimate form of predator, in that they enter into the creature that they must devour, and they may completely colonize its body and live upon and within it, while it must add to its former burdens of survival now these new ones which attend its being a carrier of a disease.

In this vein the ultimate form of parasite would be that sort which can better deceive the victim, now called a "host", who may not be able to be aware of the parasite at all, may mistake changes in its own experience and condition as being inherent when they are byproducts of that which the parasite requires or causes, and may even become pleased with or enamored by some consequences of the parasite's influence.  This is the way in which a parasite conditions its host to become a better victim.  Predators, on the other hand, can simply devour their victims entirely.  They can also become systematically better capable of that endeavor, and can even develop greater forms of control over their targeted victims.  Temple Grandin can clue us in to some aspects of that process, as presented from the lights of the human predator who devours the forms of life he calls bovine cattle.

I've written about this subject, and discussed it, at least a few times before now.  Why do I again bring it up?  As per my recent videos on youtube in a series I call "The Fifth Column Report", I have been talking about the essentially predatorial and parasitic nature of what is basically systematic and conspecific social aggression within the species of homo sapiens.  Here I describe what I call generally "fifth columnry", which is a form of such aggression, and which develops various systematic methodologies, techniques, sciences and technologies, systems and structures, all of which function to sustain and augment the systematic and conspecific social aggression of the group which develops and deploys such control systems.  In cases where such a process progresses into increasingly efficient grids which function to better and better achieve the goals of aggression, there are some patterns found which help one to see very clear analogies between how other natural predator/parasite entities exist and how this group operates which develops and deploys such control systems, which entity I call a "fifth column" and which systems (and their cultures) I call "fifth columnry".

I wish to be clear about something in this context.  I have absolutely NO connection to such a phenomenon, nor any other form of organized crime.  I instinctively and vehemently despise such disgusting things, though I must obviously temper this response with some adjustments that take into account the overall condition of the world which makes such a process in some sense inevitable, and I must also navigate the issue of how to deal with such a thing in practical ways so as to best prevent such a force from taking any worse of a toll on my life than it must based upon conditions which are out of my control.  Indeed, there are subleties of this phenomenon which raise more than just an intellectual curiousity, but which yet require a strict cognitive discipline in order to navigate the evidence they present and determine what their causes are.  This is the only way to reach an understanding which does justice to the true meaning of the phenomena, and this is the actual survival value of the intellect which can achieve that understanding.

I've talked about the various aspects by which I have developed a broad and in some areas deep and detailed undersanding of the fifth columnar phenomena of which I speak in both a general sense better understood over long periods of time, and more specifically in a sense which can best grasp the modern developments which have ensued for the last five hundred years, especially in the West, and which have reached trans-exponentially altered forms over the last two hundred years, since the forces of electromagnetism, physics generally, chemistry, higher mathematics, logic, computing, and information and systems theory have grown in tandem with a concerted study of biology, neurology, and individual and social psychology and behavior.

I have explained and demonstrated in previous articles and videos what sort of situations and experiences which have happened to me personally which have brought these matters to my attention.  These resulted from the active phenomena of fifth columnry and its forms, but also from simply encountering various forms of information in culture and my varied studies which also indicate the significant potential for such phenomena to be understood structurally as effects proceeding from causes better understood by the science of criminology than by philosophy, at least upon first encounter.  As such events proceeded to intensify, both as to adventitious conditions of fifth columnry itself as well as the shifts and alterations in my interests and in the acquisition of knowledge from both academic and other sources, so also did my sensible need to understand those events intensify, as they increasingly deviated from what a reasonable person in my position might reasonably expect to encounter, especially based upon the typical explanations which no longer seem to apply, sometimes to the point of being better described as blithe, flippant, and apathetic rationalizations.  These were often what issued forth from the input I sometimes encountered from other people whose application of thought and other consideration to these matters could at best be described as uninterested, or perhaps disinterested. 

But when such phenomena cannot be explained by what are the typical suppositions thrown their way by lax and even avoidant minds, then one must simply focus on developing reasonable alternatives.  That's how knowledge grows when matters of explanation are somewhat open to dispute.  It is not as though the phenomena to which I generally refer were really anything new.  Some aspects are as old as "life" in this world as we know it.  Some are as old as thinking man.  Some as old as history.  Some of these phenomena are so decicive in their significance and effects that epochs of history can best be described in terms of them.  Some were somewhat novel to the modern era, yet seemed highly correlated with just a few forms of interpretation, such as the spiritual, the intellectual, and the historical forms of examination, which are respectively based upon the faculties of intuition, analysis and synthesis, and empirical perception and understanding.  These modes can be also understood as being, respectively, Philosophical, Scientific/Artistic, and Bodily/Experiential aspects of what minds do with presentations of information on different bandwidths of response, according to different spectra of the presentation of those phenomena which solicit those responses.

What developed as a result was not only an increase in my understanding of these phenomena which I came to understand as effects of fifth columnry, but also a better understanding of human nature, criminality, morality and ethics, history, and how the world actually works along psychosocial, economic, and in political forms, areas in which I had for a long time been an avid student in all modes of interpretation, but in which I had for a long time been without much success in comprehensive understanding because of what seemed some sort of ineffable resistance to understanding which is contained in the phenomena themselves and how they are typically addressed and studied by people.

No wonder!  There is a serious problem for the understanding when the phenomena to be understood in some way are stifled in their expression of the fullness of their nature, as there is an occulsion of what the full array of evidence would be that should be available for inspection and investigation if such phenomena were to be truly and properly understood.  And such forces are the causes of those phenomena and of certain obstructions presented to one's understanding of them. And when such forces are even observed at all, let alone inspected, then it turns out that they change some of their dynamics in order to compensate against being discovered and so they actively seek to subvert and sabotage any investigation into them.  

This should come as no suprise if the acquisition of power which is blatently involved should involve having a major stake in controlling certain outcomes which are expected to manifest in a certain way but which may develop differently, inconveniently, and therefore undesirably, even if no one were ever to know of their manipulations of means and ends of social action, or human action in any form.  So the secrecy of their act is essential to it because things would certainly go differently as a result of any sort of adequate investigation into them by rightly interested parties!  They might even go inconveniently, or worse very undesirably!  That is their ownly fear, as it is a fear of failure leading always to the dire.  

For theirs is a dire deed to begin with, one which can only have dire consequences.  Even being capable of facing such things, let alone confronting and defying them, will cause changes in life one way or the other.  The main approach of the deceiver is always the same, which is to discredit the senses and sense of those he would beguile, and mislead their motives and intents from certain actions, and even to cloud their minds with unmentionables and unthinkables which pertain to such or other. The primary goal is to occlude their realization of something which would become possible for them if they discovered that they were decieved, and this simply because that might uncover the deception. They will seek to steer the deceived into alternatives that avert that, whether by force or guile.

As a result of these developments over the last eight years of my focused study of these forces of fifth columnry and their effects upon the world, I have changed in my soul and body, and my living conditions have also changed quite a bit.  The world has also changed continuously during that time.  The result has been that empirical evidence and logical rigor have both confirmed and completed the realizations which intuition had clearly foreknown in essence, and revealed the expression of those formerly more occult and essential causes by articulating them into their various modes and manners of expression and of their dynamically cyclical consequences. 

It turns out that this species to which is appended the title "man" is actually much better understood as a result of this process of expression of causes and recapitulation of those causes through an understanding of its relation to its effects in the mind of man.  This is all really a study in anthropology.  This is the real nature of an education in "the humanities", at least if it is to truly reflect an understanding of man and the cultivation of a certain resourcefulness of approach and acuity of perception, as well as of a truly coherent and complete understanding of what man essentially "ought to be" versus the truncated version of his proper form which is found in this so-called world.  This truncated form has developed because the world in which this form of man exists is an expression of an agency of cause which is the enemy of True Man.  And so no wonder it would be the enemy of any proper knowledge of the subject, let alone any philosophically fully engaged forms of such knowledge.  And herein lies an epistemic occulsion which attends upon a metadeception.

That is against knowledge of something which is its own cause, that is because the world is not an actual and proper world, but rather is itself a truncated form of what a world actually should be, and therefore resists and actively thwarts any forms which are not of its own expression, to include knowledge of this fact, which knowledge it therefore suppresses.  That it is rather a pseudo-world, and the form of man within it is rather a pseudo-man.  The form of man which exists within it is cut from the same cloth as the world in which and from the matter of which it was formed, which has issued from an an agent who is best considered here as simply the active imposter of what should have been the actual agent responsible for creating a world and populating it with further expressions of its own being, which is Man "as such".  Such a being is an imposter, its world is a facade, and its "humanity" is a farce.  They possess just enough of the attributes required to facilitate this imitative false construction, and actively seek to maintain a certain equilibrium of these attributes and their resultant forms so as to enable the sustained promulgation of their own actual substantive nature, which requires the form of what is real only up to the point that it enables a predatory and parasitic relation with the properly substantive Beings in whom such forms find their proper origin and from whom alone can such proper forms manifest and be further promoted.

This better fits with the evidence that one can find in the world of what the world is and what man is, becuase it explains in a fundamental and clear way that there is a deviation between what is and what ought to be the case, whereas the false normality of the conditions of knowledge in these areas would falsely have one believe that such an understanding of the world is misguided or deluded.  Yet, this world and its version of man floridly demonstrates a rigid aversion to any proper investigation into their phenomena wherever there seems to be a divide between what is claimed to be the nature of the world and of man versus what the evidence properly indicates after a proper and thoroughgoing examination of it.  This world and its humanity are directly the enemies of philosophy and always have been.  And the only proper development of philosophy is the development of an understanding of the world and of man, and therefore the only proper philosophy is one which understands that this world is actively the enemy of philosophy.

That such a state of affairs could exist is itself "philosophically interesting", and has had varied and many-colored forms of expression and investigation throughout history and the world, though taking certain stable forms.  Those forms encompass a pantheon of paradigmatic differences which, I assert, cannot be coherently understood except by the application of a logic which is proper to those Truths discovered only by Beings who are agents of the Actual Reality and therefore who are actually the only Beings in this pseudo-world who are truly capable of expressing True Humanity.  The other beings are cut-outs who represent only a facile imitation of what a human is, and carry in them only the scope of substance and proclivity which are germane to this world, and therefore are actively enemies of anyone who attempts to develop a complete and coherent understanding of the world, since that implies an understanding which cannot be expressed fully as their world, and which most certainly will undermine it as a racket.  Indeed, just on the possibility of such a situation, for merely appearing to be discovering Truth, just by discovering various truths, one is in the eyes of such a metaracket a potential threat.  The Good and Honest cannot reach the feeling of such an impulse to cringe at such phenomena and prefer to marvel at and gain from such wherever possible and agreeable to all.  Only evil men cringe at such.  Worse, they may feign admiration and yet secretly calumniate.  

They are therefore against anyone who is capable of expressing the nature of Man as He really ought to be in a World which ought to be.  This is the Fundamental Antivalence which exists in this world, which is between the "imposter" and the genuine of all agents and their actions and manifestations.  This is the reason that the history of the world is an absurd fraud involving the power of the strong over the Wisdom of the Good.  Yet, it is also why a mythology embedded in a vast pseudo-culture exists which everywhere pretends to promote that which it opposes and seeks to destroy, which pretends to foster what it simply wishes to emulate into its own guise so as to better deceive what it defines as "abnormal" and "wrong". 

This is the major goal of the deception which makes it a metadeception, as it is beyond the mere details of issues in bodily life which may or may not involve oaths of words and bonds of blood, wherein "normal, run of the mill" deceptions may take place day in and day out. This greater Deception in the fullest and proper sense reaves and perverts entire worlds, whole classes of beings, and that is a subtler and yet more extravagant thing.  Something exquisite to behold even as a writhing meta-monster from another dimension is .  Not only because of the scope obviously, but because of the gravity.  And when scope and gravity are cross-multiplied in such an ultimate manner. How is that not by definition the ultimate evil, leading to the ultimate injustice?  It cannot but be the definition of it par excellence because it exists as the primordial cause of all the phenomena which spring forth as its expressions, to all wrongs and crimes and sins.  And let it be said here that the means are no less hideous than the ends, and proportionate in magnitude and of the same substance.

I have gone into the discussion of this ultimate aspect of the matter, and other directly connected aspects, in other articles, and in many of my YouTube videos on my channel "The Gnostic Truth", which is notoriously "occluded" in search engines.  But here my intention is to focus upon the concrete details of the modes and manners of the expression of the essence of evil, rather than on evil as such.  This series of articles relates strongly in its content to the series of videos I've posted which are titled "The Fifth Column Report" and will parallel them in their content.  This has been the general introduction.  The articles proceeding will focus upon the specific kinds of methods, techniques, and technologies which are employed in order to sustain the massive fraud which constitutes this world, its version of "man", and the pseudo-culture which has developed from them.

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