Saturday, August 19, 2017

To All Lying Fools

I was born at night, but not last night.  I am aware of all the methodologies of deception and coercion under the sun, even though I have not read a single classified document, nor been privy to a single closed room secret meeting.  I have used classical methods of investigation to find out what have been the causes of effects which have been presented at large, not only inflicted upon myself.  I know you were gambling on everyone including myself being idiots.  I know you were gambling on the universe being your little sandbox.  I know you were expecting morality to be a delusion of those meant to be sacrificed to the altar of your arrogant and evil stupidity.  And as a fortunate complement to all the methods available to anyone with a thinking mind, I have been able to find myself in a body sufficiently capable of overcoming external programming and which I was able to submit to the My Will.

It was necessary to present myself as that innocent fool, and to be stained in the ignominy of various sins at an early age, in order to know all and be all to a sufficient degree in all cases, that in the end I would be capable of the most accurate and broad assessment of the world as it truly is.  I would then be required to discover the causes of all phenomena in such a way as to ensure that no partial discoveries were mistaken for being fundamental or complete, and also that no fundamental and complete discoveries were missed for being overlooked as fancies or delusions. It was possible only by accepting the form of this body, in a world of this degeneracy. This was necessary not for the sake of appeasing droll ghouls who pretend at wisdom, but for the Good Sake of offering only the most pristine assurances to the Right Conscience which would obliterate evil in all forms and all places. That would be done to the maximum degree necessary to ensure the obliteration of evil, even if it meant the very obliteration of all forms and places.  Mutable entities would certainly have no means to manifest without some available form and place, now would they?

Demonstration of the already real is certainly an exercise in high strangeness when one considers the terms.  Something is already the case, already real, yet there is some mentality, some norm, which requires demonstration?  That should raise alarm bells, but instead all it did was stir up ignorant dogmatism and desultory dissembling.  The world's minds are asinine, and its supposed leadership is wretched and hypocritical. People ignorantly retreating into artifacts of deception, or else pretentiously posing as radical alternatives to traditional ignorance or illiberal and naive conceptions. Yet all they ever did was fill up the air with noise and confusion when all the evidence and processes of analysis were always available to them for use in reaching the proper conclusions about their world and its condition.  That was their job, to promote confusion and maintain it as the norm.  To struggle with one another and make their contention the center of all attention, and to distract from anything which might be truly fruitful.  Meanwhile the binding of all into blatant forms of slavery was conducted as though people were being made more free and happy.  Naturally, being a part of the farce, they by and large lapped up the horrific slop doled out to them as their due, accepting whatever name or status was attributed to it and them.  The hylic being obeying the psychic being obeying the spiritually evil being.  Nothing new under the sun.

Of course the means of expression which are used to convey ideas in the world have always been controlled by malefactors who wish to dominate all through subversion.  And subversion works best when indirect or at least when undetected.  One honest look at the internet, at the energy grid, and at the way information in all media is accumulated, organized, used, and disseminated by those malicious and domineering pigs would tell anyone with an honest mind that they are living in a prison filled with propaganda and all manner of other influences which are meant to infiltrate and dominate minds before they've even engaged a single free thought, guaranteeing none will take place without great hindrance, and at the very least with a certain inevitable likelihood of detection. That most would just lay low and act like invidious crabs in a cage is already the basic given. So the self-imprisoning population would generally act to deter awareness of its own imprisonment and at the very least detain anyone from escaping who had attained such awareness.

So the great clan of well-organized narcissistic psychopaths could then just relax and play constant gardener over their supply of slaves and victims, feeding them delusions to occupy their feeble minds, and corrupting them into all manner of false awakenings as seemed necessary or appropriate. What a filthy racket.  And it can be shown that no matter what it pretends to be about, it is always simply about maintaining its power over its assets.  It will even emulate the role of Great Liberator of the Imprisoned in order to keep everyone in prison all the more.  It's as if there were some Divine effort to prevent the destruction of the world, attempted in every way possible, but the world just managed to keep on ensuring that all such attempts would fail no matter what, defying even the Divine Will and requiring its own destruction.  So be it.  You've played at being a world, you've pretended at being Good and Right, and you've managed to ensure your bloody and filthy hands can never be clean.  You've managed to prove your blindness and ignorance, your folly and stubbornness, beyond all expectation.  And to top it off you've managed to kid yourselves that you are the masters of the universe.

You have truly stiffened your neck and laid it out on the block!

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