Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Contra Columnis Quintus II

Crucial Metaspecifications of Racketeering in Its Modern Form -- Some Specificities of Racketeering

   Metaspecifications:  Racketeering as Such

The way to understand something correctly is to recognize it in relation to that toward which it becomes sensible, and also that toward which it becomes insensible. The latter will be a set of characteristics accidental to the essential properties of our consideration, but those in turn will be only relatively more sensible because they are understood by a principle which coheres them into an intelligible sameness of identity in essentia.

Rackets are essentially goal-directed activities of sentient intelligences wherein some opportunity of misrepresentation is taken as a means toward the end of serving the interests of those agents so engaged, who are called "racketeers".  If you have a fancier name, knock yourself out.  So what rackets have in common is a fraudulent nature, which is that they use deception in order to extort a value undeserved, and do so under the aegis of a guilty shame, viz, if what they did were exposed to the others, if the others involved who are not privy to this deception but are rather under its spell, if they had known what it was, they would have recognized the evil nature of the act no less than does its perpetrator deliberately inflict it.

That is, quite simply, an evil crime to conduct a racket!  The worst rackets aggrandize the worst persons, and punish the best.  This is the ultimate outcome of evil in all possible worlds where it is not impeccably annihilated.  That is the "wheel of karma" to which only dupes and cowards will submit, and in which only the evil flourish and multiply.  This is enabled by the difficult work being done by dupes, and the clever work being done by more talented accessories who are perhaps in small ways virtuous, but who overall are cowards who fear a violent death.  Often, the threat is more powerful than the execution, and this means in many cases, to their shame, the execution would never have happened.  That is how cheaply their virtue was lost.

For a series of petty bribes appealing to the frailties of their self-esteem, their proclivity for vanity, their hubristic ignorance, their ambitious arrogance, these dupes-cum-accessories are on their way to perfect evil.  All they need do is pass through a veil of complete evil-doing.  They will do it by degrees, and in more or less pure forms, but they all get involved in proportion as they are rewarded, and they are rewarded only in proportion as it works out better to the agenda of those handing out such filthy bones to such craven curs.

So it is understood by and large what sort of people are involved, from the dupe, who may even be a mere doofus, to the accessory, who may even be oblivious to his own dupery but a powerfully complicit dupe nevertheless.  In this latter case we must put very adroit mathematicians and information scientists into the mix, and those like them, who whore out their specious intellects to dredge through the work that was done essentially by a few major beings who gifted the world with the advancements of pure science which these modern dupes are busy converting into the machinery of tyranny by their asinine involvement in certain "covert operations".  I've covered many aspects of this situation in my videos and in my earlier writings here.  If the CITs haven't shunted them completely, perhaps I tickled the floppy ears of one or two of these jackasses and they blushed a little.  I doubt it.  However, there are possible worlds where things are what they are only in cases where it happens that I also said so.  There are ways that information can leak beyond the control of frauds who seek to stifle it, and there are "logomantic" aspects of the expression of Truth which haply transcend crude physico-reductive approaches to manipulation and control, even in worlds where it seems as if Cyber-Cerberus controlled information warfare apparatus populated by Information Warfare Cyclopses and Electronic Morlocks of both sentient and artificial intelligences-cum-doofuses have pulled the wool over the eyes of the public, then who knows maybe there'll be a glitch due to one of their antics and as a result "poetic justice", or Justice in the transcendental sense.

For those who are any part of this racket it is also understood, in this vein, how such persons become fools instead of true exponents of the qualities of Prometheus, whose Fire they have stolen and misappropriated.  They are bribed, they are seduced, they are threatened, they are promised opportunties, good fortune is forecast to them by some fifth column tarot reader, whatever the hell it took their silly little specious egg heads were induced into the ranks of fifth column skunk works filthery.  And isn't that a shame!  Playing "Q" to pedomonstrosities doesn't keep them up at night as much as how to maintain social connections and funding sufficient to indulge their delusional lifestyles of duplicity. Ignoble wretches!  They'd have done more good in this world if they had played with their god-damned thumbs on the dole (like a lot of fifth-column street fodder do, incidentally).  They have become almost mythical in their nefarious deeds against Good Faith and Just Law and all Mores and Institutions of Right Authority.  They're greatest fear is that there really is Justice, as they show in their rhetoric that it occurs only rarely enough to seem contrived content for poetry.  True Justice could never become the norm, become mundane.  Rather, it will be mundanely mocked and rarely truly seen, so that to see it at all, ever, is like to see poetry in motion.  That's not necessarily the proper way for a society to exist morally and ethically, let alone when touting institutions of authority meant to decide matters of justice.

But surely the satisfaction and honor of doing what is right, and doing it well should have been more important to these glorified doofuses.  One wouldn't know it by their conduct in public or their work against the Republic.  Either way, it would seem just as much as if these bastards came from another god-damned planet as it would seem they were drained from the pool of less-intellectual dupes out here incidentally doing something useful, such as getting snow off of the sidewalks or whatnot.  Fucking egg-head fifths, licking Nimrod's boots again!  Where have we seen this before?  Ever since the Big Bad subdued the Big Brain and conditioned him to serve as administrator over his realm of cowards and knaves.  Even now, in this modern world, in this "Land of the Free", this entity still formally exists as the dominant force in society, but now more than ever also has its essence been exposed.  Partly due to the double-edged nature of Prometheus' generosity. 

The methods of this development were obviously to use classical conditioning as the means to convey false understandings of values transacted which are proportional to a being's capacity to tell the difference between true and false.  By finding ways to confuse and mislead a person, these fiends have developed a science of pure evil, the very basis of which is deception for the sake of manipulation which aggrandizes the deceiver.  That is their filthy racket.  That is the essence of it, laid bare yet again. So the bottom line is very real and substantive, but it is also dynamic and related rationally to the objectives and goals, rooted in the desires of the deceiver as over and even against those of the deceived.  Sometimes they simply want useful obedience.  Sometimes they are in need of sexual satisfaction.  Sometimes they consider those two to be intimitely related for them and have specialized needs in either category as a result.  All manner of fetish exists for all manner of desires, and these run the gamut of what the common man understands and can understand, as well as what he doesn't and what he can't.  

In the darkness of evil deception and its manipulations, a broader category of "desire" is able to manifest itself and seek satisfaction.  Through such vales of wicked wrongs be careful whom you mock and when and how, as some have said that Justice is the proper Authority of how this world is to be transformed.

So the most fundamental aspects of what is truly Good and what is absolute evil are also at stake in these developments.  The fundamental goal and method of evil are the same in essence, and that is to defraud the Good of their very existence and all attendant qualities thereof, whether as a whole and then through analysis to each part, or as in some part and through a spreading to the synthetic whole or to each part in series, all parts and therefore the whole.  In truth it is always a process of in both directions as to mereology, as reality, as all phenomena in this universe attest, has a fractionated nature which enables the whole and part to relate through a common thread of essence.  The only exception is the antivalence which is the very polarity of the opposition of Good and evil.  Rackets are not just convenient for evil, they are the fundamental essence of evil in expression, and evil as such manifests as the essence of all rackets, all frauds, and all injustices.  Violence is simply the way that evil digests what it has captured.  

The overall calculus of this situation is not complex at first, though it certainly does become as complex as the struggle of the Grand Psychomachia in which you and all else is with me intertwined, for an eternity if necessary, until all evil is extinguished in all forms and the Pure Yang of Impeccable Righteousness is all that is left.  From the cursory examination of this pseudo-world, that means most of it will be annihilated, both inevitably and imminently.  Unlike some out there who are patsies to a manipulation of spiritually epic proportions, would-be "popes" and other charlatans and hierophants, I will not sugar-coat it for you.  This world is doomed, and that is to say "imminently".  To make mockery of "me" is one thing.  What might that imply, however, as to the related matter.  To make mockery of the Truth to which I refer is shameful and stupid, to say nothing of the dishonorable guilt which accrues as well.  To be flippant and flagrant in disrespect is a sign of an ass, but to do so as the pawn of someone too much a coward to confront his better directly, openly and honestly is to be far less dignified than an ass.  That too is a factor in the overall calculus of this matter.

How is it not better to be ironic in one's wit for the cause of a Greater Good?  Why then act in support of an evil racket, however witlessly in whatever way, by being witting in the mockery of a supposed madman?  How is that even consistent with such a presupposition concerning how such are to be treated? Surely the normative behaviors tantamount to gaslighting which vaguely pass for casual expression of antipathy for what is strange are perfectly suitable as masks for covert ostracism, so as to treat the honest as insane and to treat the insane improperly, to say the least. Running a racket that acts as a form of political oppression through convenient means (local corruption, mob mentalities, packs of organized psychopaths in various roles, you name it).  Dirty business this form of mockery.  All the while, it seems at least determined to oblivious to dire nature of what is truly implied by all the evidence and circumstances, that they are at least useful idiots acting as dupes for an evil racket.

That is a tremendous irony, and the operative element is in the utterly incredible, stupendous hypocrisy that acts as its exoskeleton of operation in the world of the culpable dupery it has taken to sustain this metaracket.  It is not as if it wasn't founded on and composed by observable, obvious, well-known, well-attested, historically persistent, presently novel and outrageous rackets which actually exist and are empirical evidence of rackets beyond them in scope and which include them.  It is not as if this were not the case.  It is the case.  The irony is that if the world is so duplicitous and degraded then wouldn't it make more sense to bring the Poetry of Justice into the world before clamoring for titles like "The Honorable"?  It would be better if they had never done a thing and just played with their thumbs instead of that.  That insults the very Spirit and Dignity of the Innocent in all times and places, in all forms.  Further, in this world where the actualities of their persecution, as I said, would stupify and turn to jelly typical men, let alone the slouchy doofuses that pass for such who play patsy for metarackets on the local level.

The magnitude of dimension that these forces of distortion take are not the linear noise that is pretended to be their extent in the pseudo-presentation offered by the cultural status quo.  The magnitudes must be expressed exponentially, and reflect therefore a difference indicative of a dimensional gap.  That's profound.  That makes a mistake in these matters just as profound.  That makes lack of due diligence just as egregious.  That makes the consequences just as dire.  And these developments demonstrate a viciousness atop all else that altogether makes them metaphysical in their power when compared with what are promoted to be the supposed norms of corruption attendent upon the life of man.

And that is demonstration of a metaphysical sort of significance to the evidence of the manifest world, and therefore is part of the limit domain of what this world "is" in defining what counts in it and as it, and therefore of what it does and how it does it, as well as where it is destined to be, when, and for what reason.  In all cases, the dynamic action of the evil racket is to offer what it conceives to be a lesser value for a greater value, and to do so in a way that will not be threatened by any knowledge of this intent on the part of the deceived.  It boils down to this intent.  All that is connected to these occasions of what man is individually and in groups, in terms of roles and culture are affected by this intent.  The result is always an effort to derail the proper realization on the part of the defrauded of an injustice done against them by those who seek that derealization. The goal is always to do this with as little inconvenience to the defrauders as possible, no matter the effect on the defrauded except where that bears relevance to said in convenience.  That means things are best for this racket when the defrauders can maintain a deceptive influence such that the deception is maintained for its own sake.  This is done through false justifications, through dovetailing these deceptions in with other purposes, often quite covertly or supposedly as having a different character than it does.  From the point of view of the racketeer, the purpose is to maintain the secrecy essential to a racket.  To those it tricks or compels, it is to be understood as the discretion which attends the proper exercise of some authority.  That is a grave fraud, a supreme racket.

The nature of the deformity of information is so severe in this deception that it involves hiding from the deceived the nature of something which is its own cause, whilst displaying to them reasons other than that cause as the true cause.  That is a very extreme and qualitatively polarized sort of deception that maintains itself based upon limiting the rightful exercise of faculties of those it demonstrably harms immediately, instantly, and griveously.  It destroys entire realms of possibilities for justice of any degree, let alone of ultimate degrees.  It destroys Justice, in practice if not ultimately.  It demarcates a realm where it will take liberties against Justice, sometimes "for the sake of justice".  How supremely absurd!  The primary purpose is the most fundamental sort of injustice possible, where virtues themselves are systematically murdered.  While bearing emblems of authority, it takes a fiend to then turn a blind eye to extreme wrongs and foul evils, especially in a systematic way!  That raises the stakes to the point where evil is catalyzed in ways it could never otherwise be.  These deceptions aim to limit the expression of man's qualities to exist on levels which sustain or subsist with only worlds that sustain these deceptions.  That is a metacrime, a metaracket, a metafraud, it employs metadeceptions, and it causes metadamage in that entire worlds of possiblity are fraudulently manipulated, entire worlds of evil are necessitated, entire worlds of goodness and justice are murdered.  The fons honorum is tainted at the very root.

Therefore, it is always this way, no matter the size of the venue of its expression, or the quality, or the dimension, or in any other way or characteristic of the manifestation of the fraudulent circumstances.  Fools are sages through this wretched transaction, just as tyrants secure for themselves a protection racket wherein they are "privileged", as they see it, to devour the young and innocent.  Does anyone dare call me a liar?  Let him part ways with me, for his destiny is the same as those fools and tyrants.  Even if he is simply indifferent, all the worse.  To be indifferent to such a grave evil is to condone it, especially in light of the simple fact that all one would have to do to evade that condemnation is raise an eyebrow and lift a finger.  Damn, that's "meta-low".  So of course I have in all this gone from empirical manifestations, found their intensities and relations to reveal a dimensional worsening of the phenomena to the point of being world-defining, and therefore metaphysically deduced implications from these data.  It is in a manner a sort of empirically driven, synthetic a priori in reasoning, from the point of view of the logic employed, as to the ultimate causes and effects attendent to the ultimate nature of what is manifesting these empirical phenomena.  It goes to a metaphysical series of implications that can thereby augment the understanding of those aspects of the matter, and enable one to better understand and cope with a very ill-starred reality. Not just as to ultimate ends in the extreme inversion of moral substance vis-a-vis phenomenal appearances, but also as to means, which are egregiously aggravating in their methodological and technological catalysis of reaching those ends, as well as in their own evil character as "ends in themselves", though instrumental to further ends.

As I said, this process has different levels and grades of manifestation.  In all cases, however, the fraud will proceed so as to reach the goal of exchanging a lesser value for a greater value.  This means something distinct at distinct levels of fraud, and the import changes according to the grade of the fraud's means and ends on scales between petty and severe, on a scale of willingness and wittingness, and in terms of the ultimate polarities of Good and evil.  But no racket is Good, since it is of an evil essence.   Yes, but no evil agent is Good, though they betray possession of corrupted talent and perverted energy formerly derived from some source of virtue, somewhere (probably in a... basement).  Yet they commit their act by having stolen the appearance, the guise, the semblance, even the very "aura"of what they defraud by stolen similitude, that of Virtue and the assurances it brings concerning Justice and Propriety.  It defrauds Good Faith as such, and not just in instances.  It is a "metamurderer".

So one must understand, obviously, that not every dupe or accessory is aware of that "other end" of the monstrosity of which he is an ever-increasingly complicit party.  Yet it exists but for their lack of diligence due any agent to which are even now commonly assigned titles such as "brilliant" and "insightful", let alone "honorable" and "brave".  This doesn't just require thinking types, but charismatic types, physically brave and well-formed types, generous-behaving empathic types, all sorts of ants make up this massive granfalloonery.  Yet they are simply the more humane-appearing aspects of what is a massive, multi-headed and chimerical gryllo of some medieval nightmare.  They are together one thing, and if they ever say "we are all one", that is what they are saying.  That "we" does not include me.  In their involvement in such evil rackets as I have here and elsewhere described, they are no kin or relation to me except as pure anathema.

And while the outer aspects of involvement obviously obey a law of supply and demand that will in itself be fraudulently processed, these are all fools who have thrown their souls in the dirt of this involvement always to their own great cost and without true gain, but yet each to a different degree of apparent enrichment and emolument. Let it be said here that evil works in self-aggrandizing ways that sometimes appear rather "strongly" to be good and beneficent and civic-minded and public-spirited.  All it will end up being is another form of all such values being devoured. Sure, some proceeds are vomited back to the operators who are on the street, in the studio, or just squatting in a certain socio-economic grid coordinate in this massive fraud which passes for a free society.  But that's all that it is, regurgitated remains of all the Good and Innocent that had to be betrayed for this arrangement to be solidified.

With all this set up to fool dupes, it is as much a matter how useful they are as how evil, and they may be very willing to do evil as long as they don't know the dirty details, and they are happy to skate on thin ice as long as only others fall through it.  As to the evil-doers, they are more malleable in ways understood only by evil minds, and are more like specialized tools.  Getting the culpably naive and tacitly complicit dupes to keep up a good front, a good window dressing, is really just a carrot and stick regimen of classical conditioning applied to amoral dogs who gladly roll over, each with only some variation on a degree of resistance, and each with a different return on the effort.  That is the real economy, that of a fundamental form of moral "stupid".  These are kinds of stupidity, especially when the eyes of moral reflection scan their qualities and characteristics.  They are simply highly manipulated events which depend upon a certain amount of intellectual and moral stupidity in various mixtures in a population of dupes so that those who value the proceeds of this process can operate on their own particular tier of permission and expertise.  

The further one climbs up this ladder of "world scaffolding" the more one finds it is structured around a dead tree and that the outer scaffolding has been falsely decorated to seem "tree-like" to whomever will fall for such a ruse.  To the rest there is an ultimatum. "Join or Die".  Yet it is not that one should join one's own kin, but rather that one should submit to a massive fraud which is at bottom an enslavement of those who were either broken upon, or perhaps never even fought on this field of battle, one which is more and more blatant in its evil the deeper into it one goes, where the power of control happens to be concentrated.  Concentrated within a giant entirety, miscalled a world, which appears more false, hideous and heinous the more of it that comes into view of the honest man.

If only this were the end of it, and if only Justice had already brought an end to it.  Instead, the entrails of this monster threaten to digest for an eternity, if possible and necessary, the victims which are wrongly bound within them, for only they have been truly said to have "resisted" this monster in a way meaningful to the term "morality".

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