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Contra Columnis Quintus V

The Cult of Nimrod the Cyborg

The cutting edge in tyranny, slavery, and dupery

There is a critical significance in these studies of what amounts to a rather ugly subject, but within this node of criticial significance there is a gleaming beauty in the discovery of the way things are, the way they truly are.  That is the minimum discovery for the sake of the progress of any form of wisdom, let alone the unique Wisdom that emanates from the Ultimate Truth of Reality, which is specifically, believe it or not, my province of special concern, insofar as I am actually one who is specificially concerned with the subject, which includes Life and death, Good and evil.  It is not for me to be busy clapping and grinning like a fool while charlatans "misrepresent".  While the tail is busy wagging the dog, I'm throwing his handler a dirty bone.  He's yet to complain formally, because he knows it's a ritual to which he is himself beholden.  He doesn't even give his loyal curs good and clean bones, let alone "sweet treats".  Have you seen the handlers of the "dirty fifths"?

Well, an ugly subject with a superficially ornate attribute is still a curiousity just on the plain circumstances of such a combination.  I'm sure if I were to plow through the complete, unredacted works of Aristotle, perhaps getting a shot at his total collection of "Problems", of which we have merely a portion, then this issue would be addressed at some point.  In his Metaphysics it was made clear that an underlying substance is all that permits contraries to manifest in the same being, albeit in alternating ways.  "Alteration" it was called.  There are ways to understand the "matter" as not the underlying substance, but rather as the intersection set between alternate substances, and hence as an epiphenomenon.   Plato was grasping at this idea and we may never know if Aristotle finally made some good use of it, because everyone's enemy, the "Holy See" has decided to sit its big fat lard ass on his complete works and those works of many others.  But I said it is of critical significance.  It is simply that a conjunction cannot properly exist between antivalent domains, as their existence in themselves defines for each the other as a completely incompatible, and therefore inevitably destructive co-factor of any future condition which is to arise between them, specifically such that the essence of one will be destroyed by the essence of the other as the ultimate outcome.  In my earliest videos on the Gnostic Metaphysics I explain that these antivalent domains of "being as such" have a fundamental asymmetry in that one is Being (properly speaking) and the other is a fake!  The other is a lacuna in Being.  This of course is an absurdity except that one has no other way of describing such a thing, but is certainly no more of an absurdity than the distinction between eternity and time to the casual inspector.

The point is that a seeming conjunction does exist.  Note I say it is a seeming conjunction.  That is because it is the only realm where an interaction between Good and evil does and can occur, essence per essence.  It is the realm of appearances, where different substances can be misrepresented, and where the same substance can be falsely differentiated from itself.  These are co-implicated forms of this phenomenon.  For a substance to be misrepresented as a different substance than it is, it must be falsely, per instance (though not properly in its own category), differentiated from itself.  For any given piece of paste to pass for a pearl, somewhere a pearl is being pawned off as paste.  If I can talk you into buying a piece of paste from me for the price of a pearl, then it is not unlikely that I can talk you into giving away a pearl at the price of some paste.  Indeed, if I am clever enough, I can set up an entire institution of such fraud, and even defraud you of the proper investigations of such fraud by making sure that I or an accomplice is executing the duties of the office of the investigation of such fraud.  What a cheeky bastard I'd have to be, but there you go.  To some the Devil, to others a deduced Metabastard.  Follow the strings back to the principle agent, they all lead back to such an Archvillain.

And does this not happen in our world?  It certainly does happen.  One merely need scan the status quo of any social and cultural events which are proffered by the mainstream doofus propaganda platforms disguised as the not-fourth-branch-of government.  Does this happen on a metaphysical level?  It can't not happen at a metaphysical level.  The entire possibility of some given event is predicated upon the power of such events to occur due to the causes which must manifest them.  The causes, whether observable in some circumstance or by some faculty, or not, must necessarily exist.   And at the very least, the human dialectic of seeking explanations which make sense is actually a norm which is advocated by the popular mind, though it is given short shrift in practice (except by the servitors of the racket who are speciously adroit at it, such as those mathematicians who have slaved over and who service the technical infrastructure about which I am soon to speak, and about which elsewhere I have already spoken quite a lot).  One does not conduct metaphysics in a vacuum.  Matter in this realm is not an "underlying substance" of "the" world, but a covectoral product of antivalent forces which is a pseudoworld, a battlefield disguised as a place of Living.  In a True Existence, these forces of action would be cooperative, as one would think nature was not a true "conflict" but rather various forms of harmony, even sometimes having less harmonious forms.  But this sort of violence which "antivalence" describes cannot exist in a truly unified "nature".  It does exist in this world.  Therefore, this "world" is actually a battle-field between two very distinct natures.  There is an asymmetry between these natures or else to speak of them as distinct would be meaningless on the whole.  And we are talking about the whole, albeit through the parts relevant to this discourse. The conflict describes one Nature Proper that has its own Eternal Essence, and one predatory/parasitic "nature" that has as its only determinate attribute being the capacity and willingness, and it would seem the inherent need, to produce a racket which deprives the other, Proper Nature, of its own, whilst this clearly inferior "being" seeks what is not "its own".

And what is the actual, specific cause of such racketeering?  In general it is an evil-minded parasitism which falsely clings to that which is by nature and in fact "not its own".  It is the origin of all consequential injustices, and does hold a sort of authority over them, being their cause and instigator, as well as their primary beneficiary.  Specifically, it is an evil agency, manifesting as forms of agents who have, at their core, evil intent, which is manifested through means they employ toward ends they seek.  Falsification on appearances is the primary means (deception) and achievling plunder of the deceived beings which it targets is the end it has in view, and the goal which it achieves.  What are the modern means at its disposal?  Well, has it not enhanced the already existing means to ends which had always been in place, those in science and technology, those in the arts both practical and fine?  Certainly.  But how does it maintain such a coercive influence over these domains of the "creative human spirit" while passing as a benefactor rather than a malefactor toward them and their actual authors?  By means of a coercive protection racket which has been bolstered by many vectors of covert, that is "clandestine" warfare operations thinly veiled as forms of state protection of the public and this is meant to mean of every private individual who is within the reach of that public, of that state, and hence of that racket.

What are these domains of influence, both as to the cause and the effect?  How about that window dressing of political and street drama which passes for the world of events on a daily basis?  Scripted to such a degree it may as well be a god-damned reality T.V. show.  The problem is that with a show or a movie, the audience is invited to suspend disbelief openly, and is promised a harmless, perhaps edifying experience, some sort of "entertainment" that grants a reprieve from the doldrums of a world of events that are themselves an "uncontrived, if harsher realm of coherent experiences".  It is an amusement at worst, supposedly, to smooth out the rough edges of an otherwise normatively proper (because properly normative) experience of reality.   But if it is deployed upon an unwilling, to say nothing of unwitting audience, then it is charlatanry, and it must surely be a racket if it then also demands the audience endure its charade, and even perhaps forces them to pay something to its demands for sustenance, moral and physical.

All forms of already existing internecine warfare in all forms of already-existing social action are then subsumed into the custody of a racket which will weaponize these so as to maximize its control of them, their outcomes, and all this with a view to its own priority as an entity to persist in existence and to hold some sort of power over its future and the shape of things to come.  What are the motives of such ignoble battles among misguided dupes and knaves who are designated to serve such schemes, such chicanery, such evil conspiring?  The motive to conduct such "dirty work" which enhances the comfort of the rackets that coopt such ready-to-hand knavery, and therefore a systematic division of the common wealth into the coffers of such an operation as its spoils, I mean its "funding", is that it is further incentivized by the very forces which are supposed to put it at risk. That works both to create a problem for some use, and also to steer the outward narrative of the forces of the world's conflicts by controlling both sides up to a point.  This enables further manipulative corruption of the forces which were meant to oppose such "metacrime".  The crime, as metacrime, is now a tamed weapon to be held by the same agent who can also control the way enforcement responds to them, all under whatever sort of mechanism of concealment and subterfuge that is needed. This creates a zone of complete inversion of values and tokens of their expression, while also maximizing control over narratives over certain zones of human action through which the totality of events can be bottlenecked and further manipulated.  Into this sort of anti-world are determined the entire future of the species, starting with the twinkle in every mother's eye, leading out to to all the future generations who will be counted as its wealth and therefore as plunder under these falsified conditions,

What are the systems of order and its promulgation into effect as policy and practice in all fields, so that for example we could move from one form of production which is the eternal office of the craftsman and shift into the mass production assembly line?  There's one right there, which is an application of the notion of the improvement of a process of production through division of labor.  That has been enhanced further by the sciences of management of large scale operations of production, no matter what the field.  Efficiency and reliability are enhanced, not only for the world which was usurped, but for the rackets which usurped it.  War footing against enemies within and without has been the major excuse for creating this aspect of the Military Industrial-Congressional Complex.

What tools are now at their disposal which have made such already now existing processes ever more dynamic and efficient?  How about computing systems that have a logarithmic improvement in their own development as to both materials and processes of calculation?  How about real time data collection, gigantic databases ever-increasing in size and in the organization of their content into ever-more-useful components of other processes, such as elements of information in the Big Data analysis offered by fusion centers and massively-large scale quantum computing mainframe arrays which are themselves augmented by ever-improving heuristics for data mining and collating, as well as in automatized refinements in any sort of modeling of complex behavior, from weather to anticipating the daily agenda of a given human brain?  What about that?  Does that stand a chance at being useful in any sort of racket?

Metatronic circuits themselves are an advanced field of development which pretends that the public consumer doesn't exist as to knowing of it, yet boasts of itself in some of the "leakage" fronts you can find in magazine racks in such titles as "Scientific American" and piece hits like "Your Brain" or other such which can be found in book stores, on magazine/newspaper stand racks, or next to the cashout register at most grocery stores (especially the more "progressive" ones).  Can the study of photonic, magnetic, quantum mechanical, nanostructured smart/memory materials, biophysical, genetic, and other sorts of mediums of information storage, processing and retrieval, could those enhance any of the operations of the world as we know it? Obviously.  Ditto for any racket which has usurped such operations.

Is data collection at the level of the objects which populate such models and their processing, does such collection obtain any boost from nanoparticulates, nanorobotics, artificial life forms (as implements, enhancers, or "adjuvants" to data collection obtained via varied methods such as directed energy arrays), 3-D printing, microdrones, cybernetic enhancements of living organisms (making of cyborgs), advanced studies in cellular automata and abstract mathematics applicable to these subjects such as higher-dimensional algebraic topology and cybernetic equilibria, do these have any utility for gathering and processing data?  For steering outcomes which involve such data?  For steering thought processes in people away from such data or the phenomena to which they correlate?

Does psychotronics contribute its share to these developments?  Does a bear shit in the woods?  Does a bad actor go through an "okay, here it goes" moment before engaging in an act?  Is it visible far enough away to a person diligent enough about observing human behavior so as to notice such nuances?  It's called "psyching up" by the way.  Could psychotronics enhance the performance of such charlatanry?  Does it enhance the impact of all other processes, including their racketeering aspects, wherever a person must engage, in his body and nervous system, with some input, throughput, and output of data, energy, or matter?  Obviously it can and does.  Does scalar inteferometry exist?  Obviously, it does.  Does Silent Sound Subliminal Spectrum exist?  Yes, it does.  So what of all these and their applications to relevant processes?  Literally, by definition, they cannot not catalyze those processes.  Will they be applied to those processes covertly as part of a racket?  Has anything else mentioned already been developed and deployed as part of a racket?  The answer is YES to all these.  How's that Project Bluebeam going? Must be a fun project to nestle one's comfortable body into, especially if it bears a soul beholden to nothing but abject enslavement to a racket as its animating force, and especially if it has no spiritual conscience unless one believes ogres and bugbears typify the pantheon of saintly creatures.

Can instant communications and its development since the telegraph have any bearing on these developments?  Can overt activities, let alone covert activities, get a boost by the constant leapfrogging improvements made in the field of instant communications and their networks?  Can covert internet topologies, arranged upon an internet infrastructure that is already a controlled military apparatus, can that be rigged to favor varied and particular outcomes in which the communication element is a significant factor?  Yes, obviously.  From the payphone to the bluetooth attached to the crew cut, we've got a definite progression in the practicality of rackets in which coordinated efforts are critical, and in which efforts a constant and reliable communication method is a plus.  This obviously includes any operations in the domain of mass communications and propaganda, more specifically.

Concerning rackets as old as is courier mail (going back to before the Persian Empire, for sure at least that far back), those such as have been conducted on the Silk Road since it ever existed (especially on the route through Khazaria), have these advanced in their efficiency, which is a function of their brute power multiplied by their being conformable to deceptive enhancements that further their applicability and returns in the form of making fraud "better"?  Sure, the "third men" of the internet and all other communications networks can affirm that.  They've even done so in my own private communications with others, by literally just dropping a line to let me know that "yes, we can".   Are they assholes?  Yes, they are.  Are they evil?  Yes.  Are they criminals?  Yes.  Are they involved in a racket that has usurped the whole of society and the nation-state under its coercive influence?  Yes, they are.

Did Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Eisenhower and Kennedy, among many other U.S. Presidents and statesmen, have anything to say about such rackets and how they were developing in each their day and age?  Yes.  Did they pay the price for their attempts to warn the public?  They certainly did.  Does the military industrial/congressional complex exist and is it funded by the Federal Reserve System racket?  Yes, or at least it was  before it leapfrogged technologically into something independent of public funding.... that's right, it's too late to wake up and smell that coffee.  We are already well beyond that stage of this racket.  But we have to get to this point in our understanding only by discovering each stage which historically developed into the current state of the art.

Yes, well the "Cult of Nimrod" is much more advanced than most tin-foil heads can even properly understand, though many have partial glimpses of its horrific and ugly glory.  There are new joys for evil now to explore.  There are the projects of a breakaway civilization which can do whatever it wants with a "disposable" civilization which it may coercively manage through a racketeering system which I have already described in essence, and the instruments and implements of which I have just given a decently broad overview so that anyone could springboard from it if they wanted to ferret out more depth or detail.  Now that the social clay is their playdough, they will enjoy the cottage industry of handcrafted patsy-making, clockwork social actions fully scripted from the "director's chair", modular venues and settings for varied "productions" which can all be highly deformable and reformable.  With or without psychotronic control/influence grids, it is happening.  Everywhere, not only in officially "smart" cities and environments.

Indeed, since WWI we have seen an exponential development on the surface of civil society, one which hides beneath it a more radically exponential development which is in the service of a protection racket that has been more and more invasively, covertly, and hence more perniciously deployed against the "open society" and its "individualized persons", and which has been more and more pervasively, intensively and compartmentally deployed, all with enhanced plausible deniability to an ever more mentally and morally hobbled subject population which is anything but "free", unless by that one means "free for the exploiting" by the Cult of Nimrod with his Dr. Goldfinger aspirations.

And that gets into the murky waters of what they want to do now, now that they have these structures and assets at their disposal, and no doubt many more besides.  More on that in the next in this series.

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