Friday, November 10, 2017

Contra Columnis Quintus VII

Regardless of How this Racket Got Here, It Is and Will End Up a Racket

In all this racket that passes for a "world", in this clearinghouse of corruption where the plunder of the innocent and real is trashed and transmuted into a slurry digestible by the evil which dominates these precincts with false authority as their primary front, we have to discuss the contours of this front, in all its forms, and attempt to simply plug in the correct values into the appropriate variables and see if the formal structure of the equations bear true.

As I have said and as history and the present clearly show, the City State has become perfected more and more upon its ancient plan to be an urban imprisonment of the wealth that it feigns to "protect" from plunderers.  It fails to admit that those who administrate this prison are conducting a protection racket, and just focuses on the word "protection" as if that had the magic power to fool even the wisest of men. There are even whole societies, some of them more covert in their operation than others, who are "wise", alright, but who are wise mainly about conducting this protection racket in a "sustainable" way.  Part of how they accomplish entry into this priesthood of evil is by demonstrating a duplicitous intelligence and convincing presumption of sagacity wherein they extend the duration and range of the racketeering process whilst maintaining some minimally sufficient veneer of sustaining the values which act as the front for the racket and which "calms the cattle".

This process is similar to that which is developed in any environment where "cultivation" and "husbandry" are key words.  Temple Grandin is a modern day exponent of enhancing the efficiency of cattle management as the objects of slaughter are brought closer to their destiny.  Her methods of calming the cattle as they must approach the place where they are to be horribly treated, this "bedside manners" of a butcher who wishes to make the victim under his care feel more safe and calm though this simply helps to end his life in the same horrible way, is the sort of method that every form of predator and parasite uses in order to conquer their prey and "host", either way a victim.  Whether anaesthesia by direct compromise of the ability to feel, indirect through the deformation of inputs to the systems which would otherwise feel but lack the impetus, or alterations in how the system processes outputs as a potential to alter experiences it is undergoing, all the methods of manipulation to which I have been and will be referring are simply direct attacks upon the mind and integrity of the being to be devoured.

Whatever the proper constitution and setting of "man", what is going on in this world is a blatant farce with respect to this creature.  The culture presented to him is a lie designed to convince him that his ultimate well-being is being protected by those better than him, when in fact he is simply being milked of his energy and sense by an obese structure of exploitative entities.  These entities have usurped all of the venues of culture, all of its institutions, and have taken over the entire fabric of man's social and individual psychical spaces.  Whatever is in place on a "physical" level is parleyed into a structure of duplicity which enables a double standard, sometimes simply two forms of a false standard, to persist in such a way that those who are in the "dupe" class are herded together with those who will inevitably be further primary victims of this process.  They are herded together, and commonly accept a false normality as true, such as the false premise that they are protected and cared for by their betters.  They are also fooled into thinking that their "betters" are subject to the same sense of right and wrong, the same sense of good and evil, and the same overall flow of sense and significance without which a path in life would be unintelligible.  

The only thing this "upper" class are actually good at is pretending to be good when they are simply exploiting the dupe class into being a means to an end which few of that class will ever understand is even the case.  Whatever the dupes think, the City State Complex is actually simply a large scale live action roleplaying stage, with varied sets and facades, all sorts of logistics necessary for its mainenance, and all with the overall effect that those who control it find that it satisfies their objectives while this includes a consideration of the dupe class which is sufficient only for the mainenance of their utility, which means the maintenance of their dupery.  This is not blatantly said, but one can find evidence of this revealed all throughout culture and in all domains of social and individual human action.

Talk about the tail wagging the dog.  This tail is wagged by mountain lion, and then is wagging a dog, and the dog actually thinks it is in charge of the process.  Nothing closer to a puppet has ever been invented, because this puppet actually thinks that it is not a puppet.  What this accomplishes is setting up an environment which sufficiently engulfs those who have the Divine Energy that this system craves so that they are deformed by the combination of a badly copied version of the body of man, multiplied by the completely disingenuous world of events which are literally paste presented as pearls, all while such are backed up by very blatantly aggressive forms of manipulation and coercion that are the real reason for all the systems of active and passive deception that are arrayed.  Entire countries, cultures, histories, possible pasts and futures, alternatives at every juncture of the present, are all under direct attack by such a setup, and in this "world" they always have been.  The main illusion which is hidden by all this is that this is what is going on.  This "thing" is the entity which devours the persons who are captured within its jaws of deception and coercion.  The facades of deception are simply a grist which helps the chewing process take place more smoothly.  Grandin would be shocked to find that her specious ingenuity was nothing more than a grotesque expression of a "more grand" and ubiquitous form of the same process which her world already is, and always has been.

But we are in the modern form of all this, and whether or not the former epochs of its existence were undergirded by all the same structures and capabilities that exist today, it is traceable over a definite period of time that a certain revelation of method has been coexisting with whatever covert processes they are which have been ongoing throughout this time.  At the very least, history and positive evidence of experience tells the attentive and honest mind that certain technical developments in method of action have been progressing from simpler and cruder forms to more elaborate and more precise forms.  Why these developments have occured can be explained meaningfully whichever way one interprets the history of their development.  Whether the underlying structures have always been a certain given way and these new developments are merely ways they must extrude into the open spaces of the public (with appropriate fanfare and public relations mediation), or whether things were simply of a certain primitive form and were made more elaborate by Promethean generousity turned against those who brought those developments into the world, either way, the results converge on a certain result.

This result is that there is no understanding of the world without understanding how all of its achievements and enhancements toward better and more efficient ways of doing things have all been directed toward the overall strengthening of the enslavement of those it pretends to benefit, and the enhanced benefit of those who pretend to be its benefactors.  All the while, it is openly shown that those who have striven to bring forth such benefits for the sake of the dignity and honor of man have been exploited and disenfranchised of their gifts which have been clearly hoarded away from the "outer public" of dupes and victims and transferred to the strict control of the state racket.  They have also been weaponized to enhance all of the deceptive and manipulative coercions that this racket has always endeavored to sustain and enhance.

Therefore, whatever the sophistication of the "dragon's dens" of the past, the village of dupes have always been sacrificing their best and most virtuous (their "virgins") to those vile monsters.  And whatever the nature of the improvements of technology, science, methodology, and other manifestations of order in the open world of the duped public, the overall result is that the true and major gains are reinvested into sustaining the racket which had always existed.  It may even be that all such technology as we have seen developed, all such science as we have seen discovered, including all methods and practices which have developed in their wake, throughout the history of the world as we know it, have already existed in secret and perhaps to degrees superior to what we know.  Perhaps the purpose in leaking these "forces of magic" as we'd have known them in the past is to bring into a more efficient application those processes which work better when openly administered in naked and open forms.  The only actual "science" to these developments would then have been the promulgation of these methods, formerly deployed only in secret, now to be deployed in ways which make them open to more guided handling and administration into the bodies and minds of the human cattle that they will affect, so that certain forms of processing can be made more efficient.

What is certainly the case is that even if these developments were raw and new deliveries from Prometheus Himself, they have been consistently coopted and integrated into the structures of already-existing rackets which manage them in ways that would invent that condition which I had just now posited as an historical possibility that had been heretofore hidden.  The only difference is that now it would begin to be formed, this covert, scientifically and technologically advanced racket which underlies all the facades of civil society.  If it hadn't always existed until a point where the only new development is a more open and controlled roll out of its materiel and methods so as to enhance efficiency, which is falsely presented as these various scientific, technological, social/cultural/political/economic "revolutions", then the effect dovetails with the effect of it having always been so as such revolutions are subverted into enhancements of the powerful rackets which will inevitably develop into such a condition with respect to the open society of dupes. 

Hugo Drax, in his role as archvillain of the 007 movie "Moonraker", would have liked to destroy the world and repopulate it with humans from his own select "seed vault" who would have become simply the raw material from which a new and ignorant species would be produced.  Drax would have the power to manipulate them with state of the art technology in any way that he wanted, and so would his successors. He could "play god" as he liked, however he chose.  That isn't due merely to his technological superiority to those who would be his subject population, but mainly due to the information asymmetry which would prevent that population from knowing exactly who it is that has determined so much of their circumstances, including what he did to the world which preceded them, how he put them in their place, and even that he exists or what he is and can (and can't) do.

Whether "Hugo Drax" is the actual founder of the "Cult of Nimrod", or whether he is the inevitable result of that cult once it gets up to that level of technological power, the information and power asymmetries between those running the racket and the dupes subject to it are the same.  Whatever happens to be the values at stake will be held in a compromised position which utterly favors the controllers of the racket.  The Pearls of Dignity, Honor, Virtue, Will, Power, Merit, Privilege, Right, Sovereignty, Integrity, Sponaneity, Joy, Health, Imagination, Thought, Knowledge, and any future which can contribute to such or be anticipated by such or be created in a culture of such Pearls will then and from then on be subject to a complete racket which will be able, from then on, simply to explore the science and art of manipulation of the world of dupes so as to augment the purpose of the racket, and to diminish any threats to it.   That is always the first and foremost goal of any racket, any fraud, and any determined injustice.

It is hoped by such fiends who control such rackets and, in their own compartmentalized ways, those who serve such to gain a strong, hyperdimensional superiority over its victims such that the racket is as impossible to see or to avert as it would be for nail to dodge the hammer of an expert carpenter.  Turning people into nails wherever it suits the hammer, turning anything people do and realize into a hammer destined to seek out a nail, is basically the way these hyper-asses want it. That's their "holy grail".  To turn the Divine in Man into a damned battery, and to turn all that can pass for a world into a means of ensuring that process runs smoothly and serves whatever satisfactions are desired by those who have de facto control over it.

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