Friday, November 10, 2017

Contra Columnis Quintus VIII

Before getting into what these various rackets are doing in their modern and ultimate form, before getting into what their whole purpose is in its stark essence, a little context.

What is clear from the foregoing in this series is that the motives of someone conducting a racket are to deceive and manipulate so as to maintain, at a minimum, the compliance of those whom they wish to keep in the dark, or at least to keep them in the dark.  As one amusing dupe rightly said, these racketeers are "mushroom farmers".  They treat the dupes in public like mushrooms, that is, they keep these fools in the dark and shovel manure all over them.  That's just how that goes.  From the very beginning, the primary dimensional difference that the racketeers wish to impose is that of an information asymmetry which will give them a further option for a power asymmetry which can translate a lesser value into a greater value at the expense of the dupes, but primarily the naive and innocent.. Not that most dupes distinguish or even can distinguish those categories, which unfortunately do overlap...

If anyone has ever conducted a racket in any other way, I don't know who they were or what they were doing.  Either a transaction is just and above board, born out of a sympathy and kinship between the beings involved so that mutual assistance is the goal and both are helped in ways each sees as good, or it isn't.  And if it is, then that "seeing of the good" that each does is either unobstructed by the other or any other third party, or it isn't unobstructed.  If the third party is simply circumstances unplanned by either direct party so as to cause such a result, then it is not a fraud on either part.  People can be presumed not to know everything about the value of everything, including the value of anything to anyone, themselves or others, and still be capable of sustaining Good Faith in their interactions and transactions.

When a fraud is perpetrated it is not this sort of Good Faith that is in operation in at least one of the two parties directly involved.  If one of the parties is already a dupe under the influence of a third party, and has not acted with due diligence (Think "unwitting fence"), then at the very least they are not a desirable affiliate of the party which has transacted with them, if only they had known. This is why people should choose their affiliates, their friends, and whom they count as their kin with due care and concern.  It turns out that in this world these are not decisions people are likely to have the luxury of making until far too much conditioning has taken place for such decisions to be possible or anything but somewhat ameliorative.  One is born into a condition which is already the world "as it is" which is predatory, viciously entropic, and basically parasitic upon the essence of the Good Mind, which finds these properties of the world to be absolutely abhorrent.  All of the human conditions that result in the way that a person must develop in a long, drawn out, torturously vulnerable state would be problematic enough if no rackets other than the one which "nature" here conceives were the case.  However, each child finds themselves in the midst of anthropogenic evil which is simply inexcusable, pervasive, and thoroughly pernicious.  

Since Anonymous seem to be some expression of a spirit of abhorrence for at least this core aspect of evil, they have moral currency worth some attention.  Fifth columnry has a negative form of that currency, especially where it directly interferes with the lives of those not involved in fifthery, regardless of petty matters which obtain upon exacting examination of those targeted by fifthery, especially if such should rather be resources directed at the worst effects of their own existence, the abduction/subduction/reduction of children and innocence, as well as the very foundations of social Good Faith. It is certainly no wrong on anyone's part to despise such tactics to begin with , let alone to despise and condemn their worser abuses.  Get the fifthery out of my face.  Fifth Columnists who don't understand what I mean are just showing another layer of duplicity and culpable miscreancy.  You should not exist.  Point of fact.  If you hadn't existed in your root form then the "INTERNET" WOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN a "safe place" for ANY evil or crime, not to mention anything to do with "PIZZA".  Cocaine never should have been smuggled in pizza unless it was a side order legally purchased by an adult.  And it should never have been a "code word" for YOU KNOW WHAT.  But these mechanisms of fifthery to which I refer (CITs, CNAIC and PCGs just to mention a few major ones)* should NOT HAVE EXISTED ANYWAY, AT ALL, PERIOD.  AND THEIR FAILURE TO BE ROOTED IN ANY NON-CORRUPT SYSTEM OF EVIL ABUSES ONLY UNDERSCORES THIS FACT, WHATEVER THEIR LATER REALIZATIONS OR ENDEAVORS.

Even in the "greatest and most free country on Earth" there are scores of evil schemes which directly involve, often as a primary interest, the damaging of children's bodies and minds.  Aside from their conditioning to endure a culture of disdain for nonconformity, there is a tangible surplus of indignation toward children's aspirations to enter into their own minds and seek out after their own interests.  Children are thoroughly attacked for deviations from the expectations of their giant relatives, who feel impelled to constrain the spirits of their offspring from full and genuine expression, and to make their little children more like little appendages to their egos.  And what a fate that will often turn out to be, given the run of the mill which passes for "man" in this world to begin with.  Just off the cuff, the conditions are a nightmare of irrational brainwashing and primitive methods of conditioning in order to result in what amounts to a mutilation rather than a cultivation of a dignified and creative human being.  All this leaves out the sordid mess of what this world and its "crown creation" are.  It is aggravated by those factors, however, and wouldn't be nearly as horrific as it is were it not for them.  Everything bad about this is made worse by the overall condition of the world as I've already said of it, and that bespeaks that even if the added evils were somehow removed, this shoddy foundation would have tended to cultivate their inevitable appearance.  

And let me emphasize here and in all cases, that the byproduct result of any methodologies (and their technological amplifications) which I have Rightly Condemned in my expressions to the "world" are in naturalis and in essentia (two ways of referring to their metaphysical taint) forms of the very core evils which these agencies engaged in such rackets pretend to be the foremost authorities on bringing to justice.  To destroy the platforms and venues of honesty and good faith in the process of supposedly (or in any event partially) attacking certain fundamental forms of evil and "social ill" is to be a fool dressed as a King.  The necessary result is that those who are truly antivalent toward such evils will have to be subducted under this same ruse, and evil will be promulgated on scales far worse than their former forms of opportunism.  Indeed, they will manifest as systematic realities that had duped these would be "knights" of fifthery, condemning them to being knaves who usurp Rightful Authority in order to parade around a guise of Virtue.  Why don't you shove that filth far out of everyone's sight and come out with your crimes and your excuses for conducting them instead of flashing foolish mudras and mantras from your duplicitous cut outs and their handlers?

Yet, what if on some rare occasion the family unit develops in some sort of magical harmony with its environment, the adults are highly sophisticated, hearty and beneficent beings who can ensure the maximum potential development of their children?  That will be something that the world will immediately begin corroding and will seek to destroy, just by the fact that its overall condition contradicts this fantastic rarity.  If such a foundation for a human being could on occasion exist, then it would be like an unnatural occurence, as the world stands.  If such an exceptional foundation could manifest, it would be about as survivable as a snowball in Gehenna.  But let's be realistic, that just doesn't happen.  What does happen is that some people are born with silver spoons in their mouths, no doubt acquired through layers and grades of exploitation that ripped them out of those who might have been their better and proper stewards.  Just look at the "accomplishments" of the wealthy and powerful.  Hideous to behold.  The few actual geniuses and greats who are responsible for the possibility of any and all wealth in the world, in whatever form, are usually the ones who have the least compensation for their gifts and efforts and the least say in how such are developed and distributed in the world.

Children are the most vulnerable and the most attacked in practice.  From abusive parents (and you better damn well believe this is not a rarity), to abusive caretakers, fellow family, bullies, school personnel, and others in the community of harmful human cutouts, there is a minefield of danger and damage for children to look forward to on a daily basis until they finally, if they are lucky, acquire a semblance of bodily and mental strength to begin to stand up for (what's left) of themselves, their sanity and their dignity.  Let's just leave aside for the moment the consequences for their health and happiness, as they will certainly never be what they might have been.  They have usually by this point been bent into some petty shape that minimally contradicts the conditions of the racket that hammered them into the state at which they've finally arrived, and their perspective of what life means and can mean has usually by this point been warped by this wicked place to be a strange deformity, the original form and potential of which has already been wrecked, if not obliterated completely.  If this doesn't work out so efficiently, then FIFTH COLUMNRY will kick in and carry the standard of double-standards and corrupt actions including all forms of wrongdoing and racketeering so as to lead toward some functional equivalent of that effect otherwise obtaining in the general form of corruption.  

There are hosts of evils conducted against children all throughout the world and its malevolent history, let the reader simply expose himself to this when he has the time and stomach.  But certainly there is nothing which seriously affects adults that doesn't either immediate impact children all the worse, or else trickle down to them by various vectors through all the agents and environments in which they are constantly and to their harm, immersed.  It seems that while society and its horrible condition seem to spare children in a relative way in various respects, it is not to be forgotten that the condition of an infant, a toddler, a child is much more vulnerable and sensitive to what comes his way.  And much does come his way directly through "fifthery" which can never be justified.  When I look at the gaunt, ugly, and shameless (yet bugged out paranoid) faces of handlers, their wretched smirks, I have only to look around and I will find shamed and guilty pawns that they are shuffling, ranging from vagabondishly shifty, bum-looking "types" to supposedly high-and-tight upstanding "types" who supposedly lead "decent lives".  And you better believe this sort of "filthery" rolls downhill into the very bottoms of the souls of children who must be conceived and developed in the midst of it.  One must feel sorry for those who are born or goaded into the intersection set of self-righteous fifthery and a penchant for pizza.  Regardless, very low grade evil will be heading his way, and everyone else's.

And boy, what comes his way.  All the abuse that can be imagined.  We'll just focus on what is prevalently known to exist (or should be) and is impacting on children.  War and poverty are two very big consequences of the evil rackets of which I have been speaking which are primarily man-made.  The more advanced are the venues for communication and exhange of ideas, energy, and products of invention and labor, the less excuse there is for this.  The racket of sending people to war simply because it is convenient for a country's "upper" classes is surely a fine example of the relentless disregard, perhaps even outright hatred for the innocence and potential for happiness and greatness which is thought to be in children.  There is the fact that there is no shortage of food based upon current production capabilities, and there hasn't been for quite a long time.  The bullshit pretext that if people don't have to squeeze themselves and their children into all manner of perverted socioeconomic conditions or they will simply become "unproductive and lazy" and magically create many problems due to their reproductive increase and inherently stupid tendencies is not nearly as true as asinine rumors suggest (usually these are ideas promoted by the managers of the rackets which benefit from hobbling people and making them poor in the first place).

There exists and has long existed materials science, engineering principles, availability of resources, and all other manner of relevant agent and object to the process of creating good, reliable shelter in any environment on Earth, and they have existed in sufficient quantity to make such a simple thing possible.  But it it is clear that those who want to control people want to make them scrape by, and so make such basics as food and shelter as expensive and artificially scarce as possible.  They also work to ensure that such things are shoddy, poisonous, or strongly affected by frauds and schemes occuring in other parts of their damned Rube-Goldberg farces which they dare call "free market economies".  People that think this isn't the case are ignorant because these things often take a toll on people's minds, and make it too difficult for them to think through such issues.  They don't know about most of the schemes plotted against them so that their minds will be incapable of even beginning to imagine such schemes in the first place.  They are programmed from cradle to grave to believe in bullshit about how good "society" is, and how it is necessary for them to barely eat to pay the rent, and to eat crappy, poisonous food on top of that.

I am not writing a treatise on these subjects.  Those have been written, and anyone who might give half a damn about the truth of these claims can easily do two things: study the world around them, and read some damned books on the subject.  They are easy to find, and they exist in plenty, and are increasing in number and depth all of the time.  It seems that people's will and wit are being decreased all of the time as well, unless it comes strictly to being obedient to the expectations of amorphous others and fraudulent authority rackets which have existed as long as dupes have, partly due to these very same inept "adults" who are really damaged children who got ensnared further and further into desperate conditions which were, all along, intended to cripple and distract them.  Yet if these same people have time for all of their petty interests and amusements, surely it is a matter of them being dupes and cowing to those who insist that they are 'uncool' for choosing any other priorities than those which are assigned to them by the cultural and social programmers.

Medicine is supposed to keep people healthy, or get them back that way as best as possible, but at least DO NO HARM.  And due diligence of the DOCTOR and the FIELD of MEDICINE is supposed to accomplish this, as well as the discretion of the patient. But in the end, it is no one's right to interfere with this process of cultivating health which is partly supposed to be assisted by the free association of those who seek to keep and further, or at least restore when lost, their health. Yet what does the government and the medical associations and the duped public enable?  Stunting of people's options for maintaining and improving their health.  Aside from the filth which is admitted into food and water (aluminum, fluoride, arscenic, mercury, and on and on and on and on and on and fucking on), there are forms of medicine which seem to be the opposite of medicine.  I can understand that a disease form can be less dangerous to someone with an immune system that has been "educated" on that disease by being exposed to some defunct form of it, and made relatively "immune", and that this can be a great way to help contain epidemics or even just surges in diseases.  But does this justify the sort of biochemistry that goes into the making of these vaccines so that adjuvants which are demonstrably harmful to the child's body, brain and mind are considered so damned important and necessary that it seems the equivalent of a baby being hammer fisted on its back rather than just patted once on the butt so it can start breathing?  (not that I would condone slapping a newborn baby anywhere so as to help it get started breathing).  

I get that there is a rationale for finding ways to help people defend themselves from disease, but this is not the way to do it.  Creating treatments that are more like experimental torture, or torturous experiments, in "helpful harm" and "harmful help" is blatantly stupid and evil.  To permit it and not to defy it is to be a^ dupe, and an accessory, in the most flagrant and obvious way I can imagine.  JUST DO NO HARM.  What part of this idea do people fail to understand?  Every part, apparently.  The same goes for all sorts of "treatments" that are quite dubious, which involve the use of radiation, surgery, or harmful chemicals.  Did you know that Royal Raymond Rife even lived on Earth and did some marvelous things for everyone's health back in the early 1900s, and that this has been shut down and kept from the public, that he was calumniated and professionally destroyed by the AMA and the government of U.S. and its affiliated racketeering interests?  Well, don't be suprised if you didn't.  Those who would do such a thing also want you too damaged and confused to even be curious after I have just mentioned him.  Insteead of Rife and "Rife-like" developments in medicine, we have the demonic shit show that has rudely passed for medicine ever since.  Cannabis is another obvious superstar of medical progress being butchered in favor of stupidity and dupery.  Silver tetraoxide is another.  

Another issue which damages the human domain of the world and fundamentally undercuts its children and dashes their potential and hope is the world of energy and its production.  To think that plants can figure out how to get by quite well just standing their from birth to death, but humans find the production of energy such a challenge for their needs is such a blatant idiocy that it begs belief to the point that I just want to sell people ocean front property in Kansas, because that would hurt them LESS than the fraud perpetrated upon them in this particular sector of their existence.  Nitinol is an alloy of the elements nickel and titanium.  Take it from there, and remember that where there is one ant, there are probably more crawling around nearby, so just keep on looking into it to see more and more ways that people are being artificially kept as wheel hamsters and for no good reason other than that it benefits the desires and needs of those who keep them that way.  I mean mainly most people who will never read this because of covert internet topologies, and not myself, because if "humanity" were populated by beings like me we would have nipped this shit in the bud about 10,000 fucking years ago.  The average soul that passes for a smart and brave defender of the public good in this or that form hasn't even heard of the curer of all microbial disease, nor of the marvelous alloy called Nitinol, nor of the idea of non-damaging vaccines, nor of most of what Tesla invented that has been hoarded away from man and weaponized against him.  NOT GOOD ENOUGH.  You need to read and think and defy peer pressure a whole hell of a lot more to be worthy of your offices and duties.

I could go on forever, I'm afraid, about all the general categories of sabotage that are strategically and intentionally inflicted on man and on his blatant failure to defend himself and his children from them.  But isn't my justifiably pissed introduction here sufficient?  The next time one of your DHS-programmed and funded "professional harassers" (doofuses on patrol) comes by and coughs or yawns, or strolls by staring at his cell phone as it has guided him or her by a GPS-type app that requires him to "be there" and "do that" whatever the hell it is that is supposed to make American and her people safer, think about how fucking retarded that looks to someone who knows what I do, and rethink your strategy, because it is making you all look very pathetic and stupid, and very dangerous to yourselves and your children.

* Obviously I refer to Covert Internet Topologies, Covert Networks Augmented by Instant Communications, and various control grids, here "Psychotronic" Control Grids.  There are many others, sadly.

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