Friday, November 10, 2017

Contra Columnis Quintus VI

Let the rhetoric follow the logic, and the logic adhere to the grammar.  What is it?  How and why does it exist?  Should it?  Shall it?

What is the Actual Truth of man?  What is the Actual Truth of the world?  One cannot even understand these questions unless there is already an underlying understanding of what might be the various answers.  No question is meaningful unless, in being asked properly, it has already suggested about half of the answer.  In his Organon, a collection of works focused upon knowledge, the kinds of knowing, and what processes underlie the formation of knowledge and what contexts ground the distinctions of its kinds, Aristotle gives a strong affirmation to the idea that there is an aspect of knowledge which is inherent to the knower and not merely a suppostion of information derived from some input and its ways of seeming.  Knowledge has its own substantive being, and this is expressed in a certain form in the world, namely, as the mind of the knower in a certain condition.  That condition, one of actuality, cannot be rightly said to obtain in cases where it merely appears to obtain, such as in opinions not grounded in substantive and real fact.

The substantive and real facts of man and his world are not unclear.  It is a world full of evil activities on the entire spectrum of actors, from subatomic entities annihilating one another all the way up to super-sized black holes and malevolent forces of explosive "creation" and "destruction".  All these transformations are understood to be not "ex nihilio", and therefore modern science truly does contradict certain forms of religion that were formed on the basis of a truncated examination of facts.  Those religions were extortion rackets anyway, seeking to obtain, in the easiest way possible, the assent of minds whose obedience in action would be easier to obtain and maintain due to such a racket, generally a force multiplier for the sake of protection rackets of the city-state (or the tribe, more primitively).  It is unsurprising that the nature of man in this way is an epitomal conglomorate of the forces and events of his world on both the tiniest and largest scales.  Should it be a suprise, then, that his hierophantic traditions and the entities of "divinity" which they claim to respect and serve, or "worship", are in fact simply further elaborations of the same sort of racket within which they have been constructed?  Should it be any surprise that their primary dogma is that obedience is necessary and in itself good?

Therefore, the individual man, his roles, the groups he forms vis-a-vis those roles, and the roles of the group over time in various forms of custom and tradition (culture), and obviously some of the specific forms of culture which arise such as nomadic versus "sedentary", hunter-gatherer versus agrarian city-state, and various other distinctions of the superstructures of those basic elements of individual, role, group, and culture, all manifest as expressions of the nature of the world in which they exist.  Predatory and parasitic hierarchies overbearing the individual as such and his role as such, making those the means to ends which are cemented already into structures which prexist his birth and action in the world, have become the norm of the historical era.  This is simply an extension of the prehistorical era made more clear, concrete, and enduring.  Technology and technique, art and science, all led the way to this intensification of the already and perennially present.  The recapitulation of the past into the future has been the steady state of "the now" throughout time, prehistorical to the "present present".

One cannot reasonably expect to find causes which are not already evidenced in manifest effects, except that one had already noticed those effects or the fine-grained aspects of those effects.  If one finds effects, one will know that a cause produced them.  If one has an inkling of any cause, it must have been understood as the explanation for some already-experienced and known effect.  There is nothing in the "present present" which is not a signification of being the effect of some prior cause, or the cause of some imminent effect.  These have cyclical relations and constantly generate what New Age doofuses like to call "The Now".  But of course, they don't do much more than pay lip service to realization of the "Power of Now", as we can see that they don't much respect the actual powers that generate it, the powers of cause and effect.  That there are many modes and echelons of these cycles as they present to an observer is not a novel concept discovered by spacey dingbats just over the last few decades.  It is an inherent property of how being expresses the intent of the Spirit as a communication within its own realm, a commonwealth of minds all relating to one another on various scales and through various trajectories toward an eternity of enjoyment of the luxury of what people propose to call "Godhead", "Heaven" and "Paradise". 

That lip service is at all paid to such notions, and that some badly mocked up varieties of these notions are presented in order to produce violent and very deceptive cults of people who are nasty and foul to the core, that these things take place can be evidenced not only by people's actions, but even by their very creeds and protocols, apparent whenever such can be found.  That people in the world, or "man", can be so pathetically docile as to take no cognitive or evaluative notice of such things, and so as to yield no meaningful response to them, whether in a dialectic of language or of action, is indicative of their complicity to such evils.  This is the ready stable of dupes, their stock best defined as having varied expressions of a steadfastness to rolling over to the dominance of the evil hierarchies and their consequences which I've already delineated.  It's not that there aren't other ways that people have attempted to understand the nature of "man and his world", but rather it is that this is the clearest-cut and simplest, yet most satisfactory explanation of even the most convoluted phenomena of his history and his modernity.  The only thing that would remain to be explained is how it ever came to be that ideas concerning superior attributes such as courage, wisdom, creative power, and any other virtue could ever have manifested in such a world.  But that is not hard to understand if one understands the world to be a product vector of antivalent forces which pit such virtues against such vices, and which, in the world that we have here, has rather made a complete mockery of the former in spite of it seeming to have had in residence some splendid exponents of virtue.

There is evidence that this world is a subset of a great psychomachia which possesses many worlds, and in this world things have gone quite "south of Heaven".  Let one raise his mind above the petty constraints of the world's absurd, mind-deforming lies and misdirections for a few moments.  Let one in those moments expand the range of thought which can extend only from these grounds of understanding that I have here presented.  Then one can see that, as with the spectra of light and sound and other phenomena, the sorts of things which are going on are far more vast in scope and depth than the limited ranges of awareness that are available to some of the beings which are otherwise in contact and exposure to such phenomena.  Some beings are more adept than are others at perceiving of and thereby cultivating varied forms of awareness of phenomena in a given such spectrum of evidence.  Sometimes such distinctions form the desiderata for distinguishing entire classes of beings, sometimes within a genus, sometimes within a species.  That's why I've found it necessary to categorize people in this world according to their capacity to understand what sort of world they are in, even if only by way of what part of that world they are in.  People aren't just different in quaint ways.  They aren't different just on an axis of this or that attribute which can be more or less discussed in value-neutral terms.  They are different in fundamental ways that correspond to what type of being they each are.  And in a world where beings are distinguished as beings, and not as mere outer expressions of such, one must seek out the most fundamental province in which they can be distinguished.

Most fundamentally, there are beings who are either one or the other of an utterly opposing, antivalent set of two natures.  Given that the predatory/parasitic hierarchy has been busy raising and grooming human cattle for their use, we can say that there is a category of man which is more dupish than the rest.  If they are simply temporarily confused by the state of affairs in this world, but yet overcome the tendency of their temporary form within it so that they throw off the yoke of confusion which being a dupe implies, then they are not fundamentally dupes.  Yet they may still have a "human form".  But what does the majority of those with "human forms" demonstrate?  Dupery, or else the wit and will to exploit it, and most often some scalar shade of both.  Yet there is a form of dupe who is simply circumstantially confused, and who is merely "innocently naive".  That being is antivalent to the world of dupes, accessories, and conspirators of evil.  That is not even close to being the majority of the human population.

Yet if such Beings Proper did not exist at all, that would be a strange situation.  They must have at least once existed, or else it would be that reality is fundamentally an evil stage of absurd abuse onto which it would be better not to appear, especially the better a being one is.  That may be true in this domain which is miscalled a world, but if so then it must not have always been true, or else it might not be true in realms beyond the borders of this one, on whatever dimension of examination.  If instead one were to take the Being Proper, who is the Fountainhead of Virtue, to be the Primary Being, then this world can be understood to be a nearly exhausted battlefield in which the last vestiges of that Being remain simply as very badly altered window-dressing for what is now an ever-increasingly processed mess of gore which is that upon which evil feeds.  The dupes are enslaved for the process, and they seek to groom the Good to be and remain naive so that they can be properly and more and more efficiently harvested by the more active and dominant elements of evil.  This means that the interface between naive victims who possess the Fundamental Energy of Reality are being passively and actively deceived and betrayed by the overwhelming majority of dupes, accessories, and conspirators of their deception and betrayal, and that this feeds the system itself and its primary beneficiaries, who  must surely be the largest and toothiest maws of the entire pantheon of evil agents involved, all of this hinging upon the pressures which bear upon those who are betrayed, to convince them that this is their noble sacrifice and the only way to be truly good.

It seems a stupid notion, frankly, to suggest that such super-predator/super-parasites view the intermediate ranks of their evil hierarchy as anything but means to ends.  But, given that a certain amount of dupery is inherent to being a means to some devourer's ends, it is not unlikely that the dupes will be infatuated with the idea that they are part of some sort of big and happy family.  That's just one of many illusions that keep this evil fabric of a pseudo-world woven together.  It is most of what makes "culture" what it is, a collection of reinforcements toward what is beneficial to the racket that has overtaken it.  It's as simple as two animals growling over the same kill.  The plunder that is divided, which is the energy contained in the innocent, is simply split up with greater proportions going to the greater powers of the hierarchy, and the entire edifice of culture is basically treated as a mechanism of rationalization, justification, evasion, and overall facilitation of this process.  Lip service is paid to whatever is virtuous or good, but that is simply another spell woven over the eyes of the dupes and their groomed sacrifices.  

Duly disgusting and doomed is such a "world".

What all this discovers is that the so-called "dupes" are simply the lesser implements which are involved in the overall process of corruption.  They are the connective tissues, the tooth enamel, the salivary glands, etc.  They are certain basic aspects of the nerves or muscle tissues.  They are passive with respect to the will of their controllers, but inevitably active against whatever the controllers will to devour. Indeed, even they are devoured in the process.  Certainly there is an intermediate form where many who are destined to be lower-level dupes will be used as grist in the meal.  Many who were slated to be pure victims found some sort of extended existence as willing and witting dupes and accessories, selling out all of their virtue and spiritual worth simply to have it easy compared to "victims", that is to say heroes who continued to persist with their integrity though the circumstances revealed that this would cost them anything and everything of value "in the world".

You can put the price of a pearl on a tag, and attach it to some paste, and put the name "pearl" on it, but it will not change the nature or actual price of paste.  It will, if accepted on face value, transfer a value from the dupe to the fraud in a way which pretends to be fair but is not.  What are the pearls of greatest value on which this world fraudulently tramples? What are the specimens of paste that it bandies about as if these were pearls?  I will have to get into those details in the later in this series, but the sentient intelligences are free to extrapolate plenty from an empirical examination of the world on all the dimensions I have mentioned..

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