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Contra Columnis Quintus III

Further Vicissitudes of Fraud : Instances of Method and Practice which Demonstrate Metalogical Templates

Instances of Method: Musical Chairs Conditioning and Entrainment

When control is sought by a racket, it is required of them to steer both the ocean and the ship, both the captain and his oarmen.  All aspects would be controlled, ideally, and this would all be as the pompous pseudo-sages impiously declared when they said "it is all one big dream, inside the mind of one big dreamer".  Of course this is usually in a context of absurd configurations of nonsense which pass for the doctrine and dogma of "enlightenment".  Could there be a more ambitious and grandiose farce?

But this is one of the keys, and it could have a whole bookful of equations describing various psychosocial behavioral equilibria, and which all can be variously converted into manipulable forms within the dynamic spaces of this or that cybernetic scheme by which such are to be understood and, insofar as possible, steered with precision and regimented unity from a single, most authoritative source.  Sounds a lot like Dr. Goldfinger's version of Yahweh, which is the way he'd have had it if it weren't for a determined "psychopath".  But the circuitous convolutions of truth and falsity in cinema, and art more generally, is more the discussion of the varied phenomenology of the matter in which a racket demonstrates its facile and insincere facades, and less in the form of the modes by which it expresses and fulfills an evil essence per se.

But there is an overlap in that certain strategies and tactics, and their tranformations and transductions across one another as means and ends in alternation, which occurs and in which we find a nexus of clarification that redounds upon our more general understanding, and which acts as a proving ground for those realizations which take not only concrete form, but epitomal form that explains distortions otherwise imperceptible and or inexplicable, while at the same time confirming certain synechdochal tokens of the manner in which these modes of expression have accumulated in a usurped and deformed cultural and organized whole.  A whole, as I have already well-explained, is antivalent in its most significant dimension of analysis and comprehension.

Let us take the status quo and understand that it has a fraudulent front which camouflages a sinister and ever more sinister underlying apparatus, which inevitably satisfies evil until finally Justice is brought down upon it with a necessity and authority mistaken for violence only by the delusional and complicit.  Therefore it will have a "layer"of dogma and doctrine which are to the avail of the racket as a whole while, in a specious way, helping to maintain the superficial veneer of whatever appearance or form which satisfies the surely wretched requirements of dupery and accessory.  These "outer court" doofuses have to be kept in a state of compliance to which they have implicitly and explicitly acquiesed and agreed.  They have done so over time, usually, and piecemeal, but that is all part of the compartmentalized nature of the operation anyway, so this is not actually an inconvenience beyond some tolerable amount for the racket.  It's just the cost of doing their kind of "business".

As this magnum culpis monstrosity proceeds, it acquires failures in its facade, which is only partly like a bark growing out from its own essence, and partly a meretricious accumulation of falsified attributes and misappropriated emblems of that which it fancifully pretends to be, and for which it passes with an awkwardness kept at bay only by a steady state of deceptive manipulation, again, over dupes and accessories.  As these faults develop in the outer, extruded forms of the systematic fraud, so there are needed repairs made to it in order to prop it up.  Various methods, techniques, and technologies have been brought together to form a "science" or rather an "art" of such manipulation and its maintenance. 

One such technique is a subset of the method best understood as manipulation through distraction.  There is a metacontext of hegemony which overwatches and underlies all subdurant operations of fraud, and which depends upon their proper execution so that while, on occassion, a part of the monstrosity must be sacrificed to maintain appearances, so also this is an opportunity to shore up the public relations structures needed to maintain the status quo while at the same time preventing any further discovery through the discovery of any given "lower level" exposure of any sort of fraudulent and otherwise evil and unjust actions, events and conditions.  So if "rampant pedophilia" and its extremely disgusting, saddening, and heart-destroying aspects may be a fact of the hegemonic order above publicly consumed realizations which mainly amount to delusions, then sure when this begins to be discovered it will be the case that someone will lose the musical chairs sweepstakes of evil and be thrown into the colosseum. Bread and circuses will collude with cognitive dissonance and ethical duplicity, and lack of due diligence will ground itself in its former turpitude.  In the resuming torper that results, the entire structure is protected whilst a mere bone is thrown to the dogs of willing and faithful enslavement.  The minimum expected of them is to feign indifference, and achieve it in point of fact as to relevant action.  Not an eyebrow is to be raised nor a finger lifted against the racket, and anyone who does so is to be found suspect of some defect, wrong, or evil.

Similar forms exist in other domains of human action.  In economics there is insider trading, price fixing, cooperative usurping of some corner of the market, coordinated technological hoarding (in tandem with fraudulent and distracting overpromotion of lesser and worse technology, leading to further aggrandizements upon the protection rackets which always result), arrangements of truces between major criminal actors under the guise of weeding out bums and oafs in their ranks, or else arranging for the framing of handy scapegoats, whenever and wherever that suits any seeming best dynamic of considerations of any other available tactics and in relation to any prevailing strategic concerns.  In playing chess with the compliant, they sieze upon ways to pervert even something as simple and fundamental as "grounds for suspicion".  The result is that sort of metacrime one would come to expect thrives in such a world, such that people are expected and handled by evil entities to be vigilant against those who are the ones who are the very ones who are actually truly vigilant against evil entities.  What an astounding development.  The most fundamental symptom of such an evil is projected onto those most likely to recognize it for what it is.  It's just like a virus that invades the minds of people which, among its other horrific effects, causes them to see all healthy people, especially if they are doctors, as agents of disease.  How's that for a metacrime?  Both as to magnitude of severity and vileness of its evil damage, it is a true metacrime, and it resembles nothing short of an evil disease which contaminates the very minds of people, who then mis-invent whatever projects their illness onto those who are either free of it or able to free others of it.  That's a biological form of Plato's "perfectly unjust".  Perhaps in this respect it is a meta-disease.

That is a quick and dirty sack of typical tricks that these bloated ranks of "humanity" are apt to employ in their own service at the discretion of their overbosses and super-managerial handlers.  The annals of history, especially in the realms of the art of war and social management, around the entire world, from the ancient past to the present, reveal all of these techniques and many more in many combinations.  The "Art of War" is the strategic manual of choice in regards classical works on the subject, and the entire art of manipulation via Machiavellian methods, rooted in ancient city states of the "Cradle" epoch of civilization, are simply the same methodologies presented more in the form of a Western Lord Shang of politics, while the entire gamut of modern Western psywar since the advent of the science of electromagnetics and its biophysical applications to behavioral modification just over 200 years ago, is the grandly grotesque result of all this sort of philosophy of pragmatic capitulation to the requirements that are placed upon he who would rise with the tides of evil to his benefit, who would do so as one who adapts to its needs rather than as one who would prefer to live up to ideals and principles, even if only on the notion that such are not destined to win out in this world "regardless".  Craven submission to the dominant urges of the evil mind through his manipulated masses of material forms, including what is a base deformation of "man", is the essence upon which these evil doctrines and their refinements are based.  This is no Man, this is no "opposer of evil" who rolls over without the faintest resistance to such a force which reflects only slightly more effort to dominate him through a ridiculous array of absurd farces!  Better if it rolled over and played dead than play psychopomp to its sane superiors who need society with the living, not with the living dead.

And the modern science of this manipulation has exceeded the oldest boasts of magic and miracle.  Literally.  The progress of science and technology, as well as the careful, multigenerational cultivation of the correct sort of preferred stock in each class to be dutifully obedient to the dutifully obedient and manipulative class above it, all the way up to where demons openly consort before their next sacrifice and/or initiate into orders of denser devilry, these modes of human action and complicity with evil, have increased exponentially in these last 200 years in ways that would seem fabulous to someone living in medieval times.  The hunger of evil is perhaps no more virulent, though it probably is more desperate.  Rather, the stupendous part is how much more efficient the process has become, how much less of a struggle any resistence offers, and how much more precise the manipulation, how much baser the evil which can be satisfied and how much more openly as though it were "normal", and how much less outrage men have, even after being made aware of the nature of that into which they have been inducted, and all through veils of deception that have become so thin as to be patently transparent.

Strong grown men in uniforms of honor and duty crying before those who have revealed to them the evidence of these monstrosities in action are increasing in number as some facades unravel.  But for concern that such a process of exposure might be reversed, they had better convert such sadness into appropriately directed rage, or else they will fail to do justice to those whose destruction was the cost of varied forms of complicity with an evil structure built upon and within venues of honor and justice, and which were rotted out by demons, witches and warlocks of depravity for far too long now, so that said venues became mere rubble in substance.  Where there is some tongue of flame rising which sears their minds and hearts with horrific scenes and deeds, down beneath that are hotter embers which are ever embroiled with the tortured innocence of those who have yet to be discovered, and whose fates may even yet still hang in the balance.  Both passive and active failures of moral agency are contributive to those tragedies.  How dare the indifferent pretend that they have justly coughed and yawned through another decent day, masquerading as the good whilst being just the complacent people of the world, who have instead of dignity mere snarkiness, and who in mocking are themselves utter rubbish.

More details on the character of that modern world of ultra-tragedy are to come in the next in this series of what is in essence an application of Gnostic ponerology situated in the context of the circumstance of a world which cannot be better described but by this approach, which says a lot in itself about what sort of world it is, and who they are who would like that I had nothing to say about it, or them.

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