Sunday, November 12, 2017

Contra Columnis Quintus IX

Let's get specific about some of the methods and goals of fifthery.

What is the primary goal?  Control.  Top-down.  Unquestioned.  Unquestionable.  Sound like any forms of authority racket you've heard of traipsing through the world over the last, oh, few thousand years?  Instead of Rife being crowned in glory, "pizza" connoiseurs are treated to everyone's adulation.  "UNLIMITED POWER", IS A BAD IDEA, ISN'T IT?  It doesn't get better in the hands of a would be hierophant to a would be god, either.

From what I can gather from the nature of the American fighting man and the traditional American family unit and its surface culture and customs of the former majority of the populations of the American country, the American Citizen is the "benchmark full-spectrum target".  I suppose some military academy-trained doofuses think that's clever, that's sexy, to figure out what breaks the American fighting man himself so that they can have "full-spectrum dominance", but that's because to a doofus who's just been an oaf for being patted on the back and paid decent, for such a fool anything is "sexy" if it is thrown in front of him by his handlers.

Through various unjust, illegal, and unconstitutional prohibitions, requirements, regulations, and other inducements and tamperings, all through various mechanisms (taxes just and unjust, licences, "laws", codes, economic pressures typical of a racket, deformation of social customs and mores, etc), through these mechanisms society and its public and private spaces have been all converted into a battlefield/laboratory/prison camp/amusement park, depending upon your role within it as a group or individual.  And since the greatest threat to a corrupt government is an American Citizen (properly speaking, not what passes for such wrongly), that is, who is also a thinking and fighting man, especially if he is virtuous in varied ways and without vice, so therefore such beings are subducted into controlled stews of apparent chaos which are actually dynamic levers of covert order, and which are concretized and solidified as false yet apparently reinforced and unchallengable forms of public and even now, private, orders of the mass culture and the "individual mind" (or what is left of it).

The consequence is that the entire fabric of American society is turned into a wax museum of stale facades and stereotypes, overpowered fools and lackeys of evil, ridiculously shoddy facades and episodes of fakery or other manipulations passing for "what's going on", and the mainstream mass media and their suboutlets are like a ticker tape representing all this filth in most of what they pass off as "news".  All the while, in this filthy shit stew, those who stand to be the greatest threat to it are misrepresented in various ways, and attacked in various ways, though in fact they are the best and most just among the lot of people in this mess.  All the while, the most pacified and dupish, and especially the most criminal and immoral, and outright evil, are converted into passive and active controlled assets on this battlefield, which is not only such in the form of a great arena of combat between Good and evil (a Psychomachia), but in plain point of fact that there are military actions taking place against the population, and it is being experimented on at the same time (when has this not been the case on battlefields, anyway?).

Well, the structure of the arena is clear, so let's take a tour through some of the specific forms of carrot and stick manipulation which are employed in the various forms of its strategic mainenance and tactical deployment.  Obviously there is the "war" on "this or that" which has long been the staple of rabble rousers.  In the modern day, they've fine tuned the delivery system of such evil programming to such a degree that minor tweaks of the way that people communicate, or in the way that their communications are jammed and altered, are sufficient to create deformations in their thought and conduct which are commensurate with the desires and goals of fifthery, while still enabling a nice and cozy blanket of plausible deniability (national security, necessary secrecy, big brother loves you, etc), and hence we have arrived at the modern era (not the first era) of mind control.

Psychological profiles on groups and individuals, gathered from all the varied sources which I've already listed and described, are entered into databases.  These are referenced by massively powerful computing systems, probably quantum mechanically augmented, metatronically and in other ways beyond the reach of normal computing machines used by the duped public.  These can model and forecast, from the present, various past and future models of how things actually got to be the way they are, and how they are going to become, respectively.  Those in control of such assets then simply wargame their various options, finding all sorts of refinements to make to their PR campaigns of psywar, their tactical methodologies and targets of choice and opportunity, and their overall progress toward victory as they see it.  All while the dupes in a blanket just lay about blinking gullibly as they are handled by DHS-type cretins who look like they shouldn't even be allowed near children.

Street theater is one of the cheapest and easiest methods of psywar available in any context, but it is especially so when it is part of a very systematic overhaul of social action nationwide which is, at root, simply fifth column action taken on false pretexts, enlisting dupes of various degrees of usefulness (and stupidity).  Such had already existed since the king's "eyes and ears" walked throughout his kingdom acting as manipulators and spies on events, and sometimes as handy assassins. What with instant communication of various forms, various apps which manipulate the fool and oaf into action whilst maintaining plausible deniability as to the consequences of his acts for him or others, yet getting the effect across desired by the handler of him through such apps and the aforementioned databases and their oracular recommendations (often automated, one might expect), so therefore there is a large-scale, increasingly "deniable" weapon system available right there which is surely far cheaper in cost to deploy against the population (or any population) than would be suggested by the trillions "gone missing" (whoops?) which were found out through various elementary means, such as AUDITING (incidentally, why isn't the Federal Reserve System carefully audited, and its credit compared to that of, oh, I don't know, say, the American people and all their industry and invention? I've been discussing that reason, among others).  Oh, most people don't even give a shit about those missing trillions.  Whew...  Disclaimer: I am of no relation to these fools.

Multiply all the above "matrices" of control by the further matrix of adjustments enabled by psychotronic manipulation and it is not a surprise to find people t-boning each other on sidewalks and in streets with absurd frequency, or people coughing like weapon systems of distraction and jarring annoyance, or people doing "driveby yawns" that look so fake that I am expecting an inner set of xenomorph jaws to come shooting out any second now.... any second...  Nope, just another stupid gaping mouth timed just right.  What's the alternative?  That people are so damned spontaneously ill-starred in their timing, or so damned unhealthy and unrested that they can't stop fucking coughing and yawning all the damned time so that such unpleasant encounters cannot help but be so common?  I doubt it. I bet the data would reveal serious discrepancies that would contradict that narrative.  But what is not unlikely is that these people are quite unhealthy, quite ill-starred, and quite bored, boorish, and boring.

Regardless of these tactics' efficacy at doing any given thing, what is always deployed in their support is a thoroughly reinforced system of gaslighting which will ensure that only the target of these weapon systems will be considered "out of order" or "out of line".  Think of that scene in any movie where the alien or monster is about to be found out, or is just the recipient of an uncomfortable amount of exposure through apparent scrutiny directed at him.  He asks the asinine question "are you okay" or "what's your problem" or "do you have a problem".  Asinine to the point of absurdity, it still passes for an authoritative injunction if the circumstance and the supporting cast are all in place.  Some kaleidoscopically-colored imp could be juggling bloody eyeballs and no one notices, but someone just gets "called out" by some particular asshat with a nonsense question and all. motion. stops. and a fucking pin drops.  GTFOH.

But this is reinforced by cooperative dupes and accessories in all available, subducted and coopted roles.  All public places are now psywar and spy-cosplay environments for a veritable army of pompous idiots of varying degrees of effectiveness and utility.  One supposes their roles, their pay grades, their duration in action, are all functions of their utility for this racket.  Many of them are basically evil people anyway, and so their use in these oafish and in some cases quite dangerous activities, even if they are unwitting as to their impact and directedness, are often what leads to some end which they yet do deserve.  They may be finally "taken out" by some exasperated person who has seen one too many of them (and who may be a "Manchurian Candidate"), or else they may be thrown to the wolves to stave off more thoroughgoing investigations into what is behind these lackeys and patsies.  Any role, any endeavor, and any action can be converted into some form of such a racket.  I have alluded to proofs of this elsewhere, and will return to this subject again in the future, very soon.

But what "should have been" normalities (and not "normalcies", mkay) are by various degrees and grades subverted into becoming false normalities which are sustained by some "Gaslight Factor" which I call a subset of the distortion between substance and appearance, essence and accident, which might be understood as a ratio with a constant, similar to Snell's Law in optics.  Call it "Nejat's Law" of the cybernetically controlled distortion of customs and mores, and people's ability to respond intelligently to things which happen to them and through them, to respond, that is, in reference to actual empirical facts and truly principled logical examination, let alone all guided under the lights of a valid spiritual intuition only within the scope of which a "conscience" is truly comprehensible.

These enhanced controls are fed back into the controlled/staged events that are used as the grist for further enhancement of controls, ad infinitum, to create a homeostasis of control which must be some multiple of the "gaslight factor" which will demonstrate itself to reduce to some constant, which we'll here call the Nejat Constant of deceptive manipulation.  This easily incapsulates the phenomenon called "problem-reaction-solution" and explains the fundamental undergirding of it, as well as its actual purpose.  Feel free to throw in your Reptoids, your Martians, your Pizzaphiles in here in the upper echelons of involvement, though they could be distributed anywhere from a local alley to the head of a megachurch to the ridiculously-mustachioed "diplomat" and "statesman" that no one can get rid of nor explain the existence of except by way of my arsenal of analyses.

These operations are effective on all scales and in all environments, and they are certainly operable in them all potentially.  From rank bums to iconic billionaires, from doofuses to rocket scientists, all roles can be and are subsumed under the domain of this racket.  And this is all packaged in ways that clearly demonstrate, through their absurdity and ridiculousness upon even cursory inspection, that a stable commodity is being delivered to a duped consumer.  No wonder the MIC and the Quacks of Shrinkery are able to conduct their rackets under the guise of producing a value which is "consumed" by the party who are in fact the victims of said rackets.  American Citizens are "defense consumers" through their big bro in government, whilst those who are successfully gaslighted or "gaslit" perhaps, are "consumers" of mental health treatments and services....

The existence of "targeted individuals" represent a microcosm of what is taking place to the entire society in this context, and this should be investigated as being epitomal and essential to understanding the larger macrocosmic phenomena which I have been describing and discussing.  These are just symptoms of Old World Rackets reaching modernity, reaching further and deeper toward their goal, and demonstrate the duplicity of those responsible for arming these cosmic asses with the means and methods for enhancing their evil pursuits.  And that's why we have fifth column dupes riding around following gps devices and no doubt following special apps for fifth column action, giving weaponized bums rides in their crapsack uber-mobiles, pursuing fifth columnar objectives in an economy of scarcity which befits a concentration camp spread out over the entire city-state apparatus, instead of intelligent, cultivated, autonomous people using their rightfully free time to do what they like in an economy of True Culture, probably driving around in vehicles with non-polluting, highly efficient and modular engines and drive and control systems, and which are informed by the latest developments in nano-Nitinol devices, electromagnetic dynamos, and quantum mechanically augmented servos and feedback relays for optimal power and control.

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