Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Contra Columnis Quintus IV

The Overall Sturucture of Fifth Columnry as a Systematic Metaracket

We must continue by investigating the overall condition by which fraudulent aggrandizement proceeds as if it were infiltrating a condition which had not already been infected by such.  Much in the same way that Plato in the Republic addresses the notion of the ideal state simply as a way to investigate the forms and conditions of any form of state which deviates from his posited ideal.  Normally, one might think in grandiose metaphor and discover a lot, but that will only go so far. One must look into the concrete specifics of methodology, and I've given a few examples already with which educated or even earnest readers should be able to come to grips.  I'll here bridge on to the more critical matter of the development of the structure of the modern form in which I say man is currently embedded and enslaved, within which he is imprisoned, and in His Pure Form, against which He is in antivalent conflict, which is to say war

So what is the basic essence of this situation which takes so many forms that it would require a fabulous encyclopedia to list them? It is a fundamental form of strategy, for our purposes here.  It is a form of strategy which bridges the exchanges of a battlefield with the sort which are supposed to take place in the public square and the market.  This sort of strategy is simply in line with giving up a lesser for a greater value.  It is simply a basic parameter of game theoretic conditions which can be computed by a machine once the initial values are known.  To pore through every crevasse of human knowlege just to pick out further instances would be to beat a horse to death and then keep beating it.  The  point is to get down the road to the further issues that tie in on a level that makes that adventure many times more profitable if this is done in the correct order.  So I will not go into further modes of chicanery or charlatanry here, but save that for a later series.  Suffice it that these modes are similar in all their configurations as they express basically the same essence in varied modes and manners.  But the gist is that in all configurations of social action, a propagandized front enables misdirection of those who would have a stake in the truth thereby suppressed from reaching them, and that this enables certain benefits to immediately accrue to the satisfaction, or at least the benefit, of the enablers of these coercive manipulations of social action and consequences. The first benefit, of course, is to "just do no harm".  How nice.  Don't you dare be unfair or rude to the racket, either.  Don't even "hurt" its feelings.  Don't even let reality trigger them to feel sad or upset concerning the conditions they've imposed, not in any way, unless it is to make light of the importance of such things.  Good little human in the human zoo.

One immediate benefit is that they have control of a knowledge asymmetry concerning how these actions and consequences affect the various parties involved, and in fact this concerns even the existence of some of the parties involved, and even the existence of some of the actions and consequences of actions which are involved.  The entire public domain of rightly accessible knowledge is immediately attacked and usurped and made to belong to precisely the sort of people who would do so in order to gain benefit.  It requires a racket in order to commit crimes of this magnitude.  The only other form of human action that can approximate this is a military takeover of a civilian population.  That's certainly what this situation amounts to anyway, it is just to put on a different glamor to the outer forms to say that it is clandestine operations of a large scale racket which usurps the authority of government, and of the people, simultaneously by forcing all human action in those and any other domains to make way for the racket so that it can function more efficiently.  So that it can make way more efficientlyThey are already long past the issue of it being a racket and are now onto looking at their wristwatchs, err cell phones, so as to microexpress their impatience with all the dupes and accessories, let alone those who utterly throw their filthy fifthery back into their faces as the shit that it really is.

Wherever the potential of man, even in this world's blighted form, threatens to reach a level of development so that actualized attributes are expressed, otherwise to which the tyrants pay lip service and pretend possession, but which attributes threaten to undermine any of these rackets, on any level, then they are defined and targeted as enemies of the state, the people, the public, the republic, the right, good taste, ascension to the 5th dimension, whatever the hell they can throw out there to arouse the torches and pitchforks instead of letting people develop according to the wisdom of better Lights.

Therefore no realm of human action is safe if these sorts of rackets are in operation.  They will not stop until nobody has a shadowbox buried under a rock that these creeps don't know about or can't find out about at the push of a button, literally at the top levels of their hierarchy.  To not understand it or its psychology is not to defy the truth of it, especially when the facts of events collude with it being real.  It is simply to find out in the worst way the sort of damaging effects that such rackets have on people in turning them into cognitively feeble, morally limp, ethically ridiculous dupes.  That is the lacuna they put into the life and mind of a man, when he cannot even conceive the lengths to which such criminals have already gone to put that very lacuna into them.  That leads to a pseudo-culture which advocates meta-deficiencies as though they were cool or at least not starkly inappropriate.  We can all just laugh about lacunas in moral being which express as large scale, dystopia-inducing meta-malaise. But in the end look at them only at oblique angles, through distorted lenses, and with heads ever bowed toward the demiurgic clown that ringleads this circus of inane and abject capitulation to the worst at the expense of the best.

Informed consent is crucial to the matter, so the very denial of due diligence to enable and protect this right for all parties is per se a criminal act of deception, the motive of which is demonstrated by the consequences best understood as being discovered through the answer to the investigative motto "who benefits" or "qui bono"?  All other matters can be fidgeted with and decided within that boundary to the minimal satisfaction of the requirements that the racket which is held up over those events is maintained.  That is the minimum requirement at each level and these are simply hierarchically managed so that eventually, if the system of control is sufficient at higher levels, they can focus on you and your kids and decide what needs to be done with each of you based on perhaps inappropriate contact with you, your possessions, to include your privacy and private information, prearranged twists of fate or acts of god, etc.  That's mighty damned convenient for a racket.  Ultra-convenient.  Hell, that's meta-convenient.

What results in the meantime is passive and/or active cooperation with the racket so as to stay out of known reach of its claws and fangs, yet to pretend that this is right conduct while at the same time knowing that it is a game of musical chairs, and you've just thrown others to the wolves of a racket simply by getting involved (your family and friends and coworkers, constituents, etc), while at the same time removing from the actual world all possible variations of that world which involve you (or whoever) resisting and even combatting the lie, which then is metaduplicty to a metalie.  Instead, you (or whoever) have served to the world and all a statement of your worth until eternity, that in all possible worlds henceforth, you will be at least one sure feature, a stain upon it, ever there, ever black, ever corrupt.  And of course then you meet the Big Stain that rules over all his lesser freaks, slaves, and constructs or emanations.  Now you are ontologically different, and have expressed this by "changing the world" in literally the only way you necessarily can, by becoming some sort of being which is indelible and commited to what it is against or with, but in relation to the entire worldThis is a concept which is in a functional relation to Nietzsche's idea of the eternally commited will.

So this is the literal "abduction" of one sort of being into another category of being.  All that is left to do is "fill out" the tattoo over time, the mark that has already been taken onto the very topmost part of his soul and thereby of a newly-branded slave.  Some may have cold feet, and some may even drag their feet, but they won't be favored in the "new economy" into which they have cashed all their chips, so to speak.  But certainly they won't depreciate as quickly, on a spiritual level, as will those who dive in wholeheartedly, who will be rewarded in proportion as they are serviceable to the evil markets of depravity into which they have so easily sauntered.  They will certainly appreciate having some semi-talented and semi-virtuous accomplices, dupes or not, to help them accomplish their agendas... and will be the managers and handlers of the massive army of dupes and accessories who operate under the aegis of their charlatanry.  In a sort of inverted hierarchy, those who were or might have been Authorities in the realms of Heaven will be ruled over by those in Hell who stole from Heaven, bringing with them certain assets.  But of course there are always imps and lesser devils to serve the traitors so that their slow decomposition in Hell's service, or quick one, will be duly comforted and assisted as long as they are useful and as long as the greater values they offer are traded in dutifully to the lesser ones given in exchange.  The Devil gets his taste, always.  In this context we can see how it matters where you're from when calculating where you end up, and that forms a vector useful for assessing the forms of corruption through inversions of content, form, and their relations.

So since so much of the world exists that may have once expressed the actual spiritual character of beings whose Righteousness accounted them as being genuine contributors to the well-being of a cultural and social status quo that itself supported their good offices, so then so much of the world has been abducted with its lesser stewards, plunderers, and other usurpers, so as to become window dressing upon a large scale and an organically operative fraud over the whole of their world.  The City State Entity is just one basic generic form that this takes.  It takes others.  But this should be a context sufficient to work out the varied aspects of a fully-fledged pseudo-world of inverted moral agency holding the reigns of power not theirs to handle, let alone within their capability to have created.

So the transference of values unjustly, the cooption of institutions and domains of human action, the usurpation of authority in all its forms, the inversion of the polarity of the holder of office with the presented power and obligation of that office, so that an evil character holds Good Office and Good Faith, while the rest must operate under the evil eye of his wrong influence.  That is the overall structure of how rackets of any sort, including those described here, will manifest.  That is the function of each module of the process, that is the structure that develops with it, and that is overall purpose and result.  Everything else is details and gravy, and form will follow function while this is an inverse of how form and function ought to relate.

Since all that would have been is now a subproject of a racket, no matter the overall character of such events nor their constituent agents and causes, there will be a consquence that these previous domains of a world's expression are now going to be used as a front, as window dressing, as propaganda, as vectors of sabotage and poisoning, as vectors of murder and assassination, as modes of further fraud and ever deeper, more pervasive racketerering.  This can be constructed on the bases of staged events and causes, sometimes rendering such barely audible to the just ear, but easily devoured whole hog by the pigs of dupery and easily rationalized by the fifth columnar professionals.  It is the bread and butter specialty of the professional fifth column.  These are like those who are not mere extras on set, nor stage prop handlers or "grips"of this or that.  We are now in the realm of the B to A-list actors, and the directors, producers and other higher-financed and "better off" elements of any given circumstance within range and under the influence of such fraudulent agents/agencies.

Therefore there will exist, for a phase of time and over a stretch of some certain dynamic institutional cultural spaces, along the full spectrum of social action and human action in all forms, an influence that can coexist with real elements of endeavor, to include real conflicts and genuine (pre-manipulated) disturbances of such, whether peaceful and lawful or otherwise.  These can all now be coopted and integrated into a compartmentalized, "patchwork quilt" of maniplation that allows an adulterating of the genuine with the compromised  and with the utterly false.  Along the entire spectrum of human action and phenomena, to include the private life of the mind and whatever is one's own in all essential respects. Since it seeks to deprive anyone of what is their own, and in all essential respects to their life and mind, it is as fundamentally unjust as could be, and by definition.  Though it was discovered after the fact, it could have been known beforehand by anyone with sufficient motive and intent to find out the truth.  It is an ultimate truth, a Truth par excellence, and therefore it is certainly deduced after the fact once sufficient empirical information is forthcoming.  Imagine, in this way of thinking, how the world condition is a product of each person "doing their part", even if that is simply being indifferent.  One cannot be truly indifferent, however, as has already been explained.  This is the sort of diligence that was expected of Man.

At certain spaces in what is a fractally structured system of exchanges of energy and matter taking place under the management of human individual and social cultures and insitutions, at these certain junctures there are going to be entire economies where there are exchanges of such energy and matter which, from both a literal and a moral perspective, are like worlds where there is a certain minimum of paste in the pearl market, and a certain minimum amount of counterfeits in the currency supply.  The distrubuted fact of this can be discerned scientifically and empirically.  One may simply examine the facts in evidence as they are "supposed to be" and compare them with the carefully selected pool of evidence that indicates the way they "actually are".  The disparity found here will be indicative of the state of affairs in a rather immediate way.

The only question is what are the "tenses" of these findings.  What are the other scales of exchange like?  What are the findings in those domains, and how do they square up with one another.  That brings things to a discovery of what is the case in detail only when such details are supplied, but in the meantime we may be sure of one thing:  there will be a supplanting of the nominally declared rate of exchange in favor of those who can connive to commit fraud using it as leverage, and that there will be a structural subordination of the greater to the lesser value in all things which can be connived to take place through a medium of such corrupted exchanges and their systems of support.

Since I've given a sufficiently descriptive general outline, the perspicacious reader can take this fishing pole and go fish for himself and find all that he might expect based upon following the evidence faithfully in a process of discovery which does justice to what should be the case, and doing this by starting with a just discovery of what is the case.  It could be done only by subordinating the world's consideration of quality and merit to the standards which would properly be held up as what is Right and Honorable.  Nevertheless, it bears out something significant if one can find inconsistencies between what is professed and what is the case, what is upheld in word and what is accomplished in deed, what is pretended or presumed to be the sought outcome and what the actual result and purpose turns out actually to be.  Even a disparity in these fields is worthy of further inspection and inquiry, and if any fraudulence is found, any connivery, any systems of criminality (especially any coordinated endeavors), then there are good grounds for further and official, full-scale investigation.  Sort of like doing the honorable opposite of dishonorable fifthery.

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