Friday, February 23, 2018

Bibliomantic Encounters of the Worst Kind

And some of them are of the "Fifth" kind, and that's the case here, as in "endemic fifth column phenomena" and their "agents and causes". But on to the matter which just jumped off the pages of a book, both literal and metaphorical, as in both the evidences of language and fact in the grand considerations of trivial and non-trivial subjects.

There is a serious problem with entities like the CIA, supposedly answerable to the President, which actually answers to the NSC, and it seems clear to me that the NSC has less to do with "national security" in a proper sense and rather operates in tandem with all manner of criminal agent and agency, in a very organized manner, under the pretext of national security interests, and under color of authority so broad that it seems that the executive branch is in a rather peculiar position of being the dog wagged by the tail, AT BEST.  Everyone was warned on national television by two Presidents, one of whom was assassinated for his efforts.  The tradition of their patriotism goes back to the very origin of the country in its principles and in the enmity held against them by the same enemies of the "Old World".  Just another symptom of the problem of the "invertibility" of that which should not only never be inverted, but should be impossible to invert, such as "perfect justice" and "perfect injustice".  Some of the dynamics of these problems, which constitute the most extreme sort of "conflict of interest" that is possible, even more extreme than open warfare, are discussed in this video, the channel that published it and much other content of similar value being highly recommended for honest non-fools.  So let me bridge the matter into my own consideration.

The CIA also "works with" the FBI, and that alone ends up being a mess just from the get go, knowing the evil and dirty things the CIA has been OFFICIALLY involved in doing, and just look at what COINTELPRO has accomplished, along with NORTHWOODS and many other operations like MOCKINGBIRD and MK-ULTRA.  This whole thing STINKS as if the  evil Demiurge just gave a giant belch, and what he had for dinner is the innocence of the defenseless, especially of children.  The blood is on the hands, the dirty hands, and they have no business holding any sort of shield of honor or emblem of authority, such as a badge or gavel.  Is that too hard for Americans to understand?  Then they don't actually count as Americans, frankly.  They simply are stage props in the background, and the battlefield of Good and evil brooks no neutral parties, therefore they are patsies and accessories of great and evil crimes. 

At least I have some good reason to gather these ideas from combining an examination of basic definitions of this entity, the CIA, in connection especially with real world facts that have captured my attention and affected my life in rather definitive ways.  I don't profess to always be studious or thoroughgoing in my research and have found I prefer a broad and "blitzkrieg" approach to my studies these days, so as to avoid undue overfocus that loses sight of more important dimensions of matters, which are often detected only on some minimum of a larger scope of examination, all this in the context of ability, time, and circumstance. I have even gone as far to investigate many forms of philosophy, mysticism, religion, and even magic, especially divination.

But when I look through books "at random", I don't think I am practicing any minor form of magic, and it is actually a very significant form of divination "in the right hands".  At least in the sense that polydimensional information flows may be variously anisotropic or isotropic to varied modes of conscious and unconscious processing.  But then again so is just looking around your immediate environment and listening with keen ears.  I was just flipping through The Dictionary of Criminal Justice to pass the time for a bit while I gathered my thoughts and let the caffeine sink in, and I opened it right on a page where the first thing I saw among the terms was "Central Intelligence Agency".  After reading its entry of a few succinct and rather profoundly illuminating paragraphs, I felt a bit ill and flipped the page once to the right and landed right on an entry "Career Criminal".  In that entry, there was a list of characteristic which define a career criminal, especially for procedural interests to the system of justice which must deal with them and it is as follows:

: Have an extensive record of arrests and convictions
: Commit crimes over a long period of time
: Commit crimes at a very high rate
: Use crimes as their principle source of income
: Specialize (or are especially expert) in a certain type of crime
: Have some combination of these characteristics

So some astute minds can see immediately what these two randomly examined entries from that rather nice little dictionary auger about the matters here discussed in that video.  No need for my further comment on that note. But there are some niceties which arise beyond the immediate obvious.

1) This dictionary has the amusing feature of defining terms which are, upon close inspection, related to one another in somewhat ironic ways when one thinks simply of "metacriminality", which is to say criminality that can exist beyond the normal parameters of its recognized forms, and even manifest as "ultra" forms of such, especially when the terms which define crime happen to define forms of crime which can exist within institutions meant to be above reproach, and even meant to be the very antithesis of criminal in nature (same sentence can be used by substituting "criminal" with "patriotic" or "moral" and applied to relevant institutions and cultural structures).  And this is a good thing.  Perhaps it is the only actually "good" thing to be mentioned in this article.

2) Looking at the specific entries, it is clear that there is a dry, procedural element in their content.  It is just as if someone were calmly ignoring the more important points that should come to mind when thinking of these entities within the full scope of their import.  The CIA does all these important things for "national security interests", and there are all sorts of ways that their activities are "supposed" to be done, and so on.  Same goes for other such entities, one of which, the FBI, is mentioned in the same entry for the CIA, how convenient and efficient in an ironic way.  But looking at the CONTENT of their ACTUAL activities, both historically and currently, it is ASTOUNDING, this dry set of assertions of what these entities are supposed to be and what they are supposed to be doing, in its contrast with REALITY.  No wonder such a spell is enchanted, it is meant to be consistent with the spell already cast over the masses (more on that in another point). To stress a concrete particular, what is the value in mentioning how the CIA is supposed to possess no internal security function vis-a-vis its collusion with FBI activities when, in a spread of several important points, this is patently irrelevant:

   2a.  The activities may be illegal, and so they act as if advising, and therefore aiding and abetting, criminals.  Sort of like a consigliere for the mob.

   2b.  The nature of their involvement in some given set of activities, validly conducted as legal or not, may be of such a sort as to have the effect of influencing those activities in such a way as to make their involvement TANTAMOUNT to an "internal security function", (analogous, say, to the STASI and KGB  This is especially the case when the nature of their involvement, information gathered, analyzed, and disseminated under such important pretexts as "national security" and with such impacting relevance in that they pertain to FBI matters which have to do with dealing with CAREER CRIMINALS among other serious criminal matters ranging from abductions to treason (all particularly relevant in these amazingly interrelated issues here).  That is the NATURE of information, that is the NATURE of its power, and so these empty suppositions about what these entities are and do is quite secondary to what they actually are and do, in the fullest scope of their potential as well as of the "on the ground actualities" of the world in which we actually live, outside of the dry magic spell of mind controlling rhetoric, whether in a terse dictionary entry or in the way all proceedings of human action are unfolding in the ways people meet, discuss, and act with or against one another in society and in the actual world in general.

3) In a way parallel to the above, and as though orthomodular to it in its nature as a form of rhetoric, the main aspect of the idea of a "career criminal" is stressed so as to consider what it is to be such in a "procedural and pragmatic" sense that is relevant mainly to those who will possess all of the power in those assessments.  Imagine, in that light, all of the stress that is put on the FIRST element listed, whereas the real "meat" is in the remainder of them.  

   3a.  For example, many a "career criminal", and one might stress the more successful of them, simply do not manifest THAT particular item first in the list.  Indeed, they must avoid such all the more, as they specialize in "some combination" of the remainder of them.  Otherwise, the consequences, in the calculus of risk versus reward, would be quite dire, and they would certainly not have a meaningful "career" in the full sense of the term.  

   3b. Likewise, given the gains they obtain in their wicked ventures and schemes, they are quite sensible in managing their risks well so as to reinvest much effort and gain into maintaining their rackets, not only with great stability and interwoven connections to all modes of socio-cultural existence, but also with great polish and aplomb.  Just business, all in the family.  A community with common interests, if you will.  So what of that list?  It is about mainly those who conduct crime OUTSIDE of the organized crime which deems them unworthy of its protection, and finds it in their interest to process their actions differently.  Sometimes they even throw some white collared bones to the dogs of perfunctorily nominal justice systems under their control, to keep things well managed and "above board"-looking.

   3c. More even than these, there is clearly the matter of who has to lose in this zero sum game (besides the peasantry-at-large, who are happy being "people cutouts" , "dupes", and "accessories" in all the above proceedings, and at best second rate extras on set).  Who are those?  Anyone who doesn't go along and get along with this system, once it begins to exist, and until it ceases to exist.  Just ask Jackson, Lincoln, Patton, Eisenhower, JFK and several of his kin, and that's just a high-profile sample. Ask the many, many, many who were knocked out of commission in all manner and mode, by all means and method, so as to ensure that the evil machine operate unperturbed... Anyone who ever was falsely or speciously or spuriously or by any means improperly arrested and/or convicted (some are convicted before being arrested in today's "secret stasi courts" system of DHS handled foolishness, and that especially includes "local community" type ventures).  They might be considered "as if" career criminals, simply for being treated that way by the typical suspects, and yet they are the least deserving of that status, whatever their peccadilloes if any.  They certainly don't compare with the likes involved in the many scandalous and outrageously evil major crimes and rackets and their syndicates which are manifest in the world seemingly with the blessing of those "career criminals" which have all the elements of that list, but seem to have quite rarely the very first one which is emphasized most in the definition, since that is basically a process of labeling and its misapplication will be sufficient in order to conduct fraudulent justice, thank you (leaving aside "free range" criminals, who are kept higher in the pecking order than the falsely accused good men, or at least "insufficiently evil" men). Certainly, there will be a stark dearth of the first element's "combination" with the portfolios of the upper tiers of this metacriminal entity of multiplicitous facets and organs. Basically, "career criminals" are more "de dicto" than "de re" the further down this inversion of justice one goes, and more de re and more robust the further up. Especially furthest up, on each tier, where the masks of justice and honor are handed out as a special perk to go along with the worst of injustice and dishonor.  So the first and most important aspect of "career criminal" is inverted in that it is mainly a handle on the least of such by the worst of such.  That well-depicts the scalar relations between the "winners" and "losers" in this zero-sum game.  Should anyone be reminded of Dante's Infierno or Plato's Tyranny/Anarchy polity, then they shouldn't be surprised.  IT IS.

4) Now look how the culpable public fits into this context. Drenched in guilt.  How humanity has drown itself in delusion and insulted the very notion of Truth, Justice, and Liberty.  But look at the land in this realm where this is pontificated about most, and demonstrated least, and think about the implications concerning the spiritual nature, the real world conditions of inversion and debasement, and the ultimate destiny of these entities and their managerial and supervisory classes of beings (personal and institutional), and consider accordingly all the rest of what I and many others have said, and I say have said Rightly, about this world, this realm, in which all this ugly gulag has manifested, not even fit to be called a proper battlefield, let alone in any of its parts a "country of good men".  For all of these and many more I have not mentioned who are thoroughly connect on metaphysical and mundane levels, have all warred openly and secretly against those Principles I just declared in bold blue, white and red above, and they are the furthest from being my kin or my fellows, let alone my judges.  Rather it is quite the reverse.  I am not only beset by alien enemies who are scurrilous cowards, but I AM THEIR JUDGE.  And Rightly I have cursed, condemned, and damned them for their crimes which they know all too well, and their "god" with them, who is not MY creator, and not MY judge by any stretch of the imagination.

It just so happens that in that list, there is a proviso at the end which is purely formal, reminding us that it is, aside from being non-exhaustive, certainly that it is also not necessarily any particular combination of those. So there are possible extremes ranging from someone who is merely a de dicto career criminal, to someone who is merely a de re career criminal, to any degree in any admixture.  So someone may be a career criminal "in name only", someone else may be a career criminal deluxe in all areas except the first element which is in name, and of course someone may be any combination of those in between, and most are, by the looks of things.  It would seem that this world, in one of these permutations, literally everyone is a "career criminal".  How pathetic.  Now I will get back to my personal interests, which do not include pretending to be crazy, messianic, or anything else.  More than I can say for the most who will never read this, and probably the majority who will. Good day.


pointpremiss said...

Have you read or familiarized yourself with the works of Aleister Crowley, Noble Drew Ali. Moreso in the scope of psychosocial manipulation there were a set of books published around the late twentieth century by Valdamar Valerian, on technology and power manipulation, biol-chemical alterations etc. The warning and research is broad, although this cuts out further the exegetical research of the like; David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Bobby Hemmitt, Joseph Chapalone etc. There are those published works also found on the book market, Gurdjieff, Crrowley, etc. There is a broad chamber of knowledge and research circulated, these are the 'occult circles' of the modern age, etymologically taken as "secret, hidden". The hidden and unknown dimensions of human consciousness. Though I am not entirely certain if it is only occultism is all its forms, as that generally takes the scope of that synthesis into that category.

Primum Novitate said...

Yes, I am aware of those aspects of the phenomenon. I know what it looks like "at the scene of the crime", not only after the fact, but when it is happening. I know the minds of the agents involved, all the way back to their creator, who has done these things throughout all realms under his creation and influence, because he is in error and cannot face the fact that the is a false god, and cannot admit that he is evil and in need of being corrected. And that this correction will come in the form of his complete annihilation. This is why he can't stop blabbing about how he is only god and the origin of existence. He's nothing but the origin of misfeasance of every kind, and his agents often like to dress up as honorable men in suits and ties. I haven't read those works for the most part, but I am aware of the gists of most of them, and have read a few of them.